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24 jan 2010




The forum's software is malfunctioning again, for me

It's January 24, 04.00 PM GMT... and just now the forum software is showing again some of the tricks it showed a couple of days ago. Specifically:

(1) "What's new?" and "New Posts" when I AM logged in show 1, 2 or 14 posts while
(2) "What's new?" and "New Posts" when I am NOT logged in show 42 posts

Presumably the last is correct, and this is likely (at least: like) the old bug. So there is a workaround, but this software is no good. (Unless it is due to my using Firefox + NoScript, but I don't believe this).

I think somebody who is techsavvy should look into this or mail with the foks who programmed this, for it seems bugged to me.


P.S. Unfortunately, I suppose this is not open source software - and since I know a bit about programming, maybe I shoud mention that to my knowledge there are free open source forums.


Maarten Maartensz

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