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11 jan 2010




Hello Sing and Knackered,

Here are some brief replies.

Sing: Thanks - and I see - or seem to remember I saw - you are called Cecilia. And I agree with you, possibly with the exception that now and then I can be quite argumentative - but I don't intend to be so with people with ME.

Knackered: You asked

Originally Posted by Knackered

Why do you think so?

Because of what I have read about what may happen in England with people with ME and because of the prevalence and power of Wessely's notions about ME.

But this is a statistical or probabilistic sort of judgment - as in: "What are one's chances on decent help and treatment, in country X?" - and as I also wrote before (minus a surplus i) I am "without firm relevant knowledge" here. And I don't think I have the relevant knowledge to make a better founded judgment here, other than the reasons I gave.


Maarten Maartensz

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