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10 jan 2010




 Originally Posted by teejkay 
I use Firefox and I just tried it in IE and had the same results, when enlarging to huge font half the page disappears.

What browser are you using Maarten and are you scrolling up really far so the text is HUGE?

Also the "Find All Posts" button in our Profiles is broken. It only takes you to the beginning of a thread which is a real pain in the l o n g threads.

Hello Teejkay,

Not quite as big as what you show, and I take it you refer to the SIZE as can be set in this editing gizmo I write this in, that comes with the forum. On my fairly vanilla 32 bits Windows the Ctrl-Scroll-trick shows the fonts up to 36 points, as installed, and as displayed in Firefox. And the actual size displayed again varies again with the font used. In Verdana it may be close to or even the same as what you showed, but not larger.

Best regards, Maarten.

Maarten Maartensz

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