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10 jan 2010




 Originally Posted by _Kim_
Hi tee. That's a good tip about the scroll wheel. Didn't know.

Can you try something. If you scroll to make the font maximally large, does it obscure (overlap) the headers and post reply buttons? That's the problem samuel is having and I would really like to find a solution.

Well... I have a HP mouse connected by steam i.e. wire. It also has a scroll wheel with that behavior, which I understand to be standard for such mice. (I think it is. Not 100% sure, but > 75%. It may depend on one's keyboard though, and Windows-version. The one I use has a US keyboard with US setting and I am on XP Pro Service-Pack 3.)

And the scroll up-down i.e. enlarge-diminish even works here, as I am writing this, and it shows (on my computer, of course) that scrolling maintains left-side and upper-left. This means that "the headers and post reply buttons" are kept visible, here for me and I suppose on most computers. I hope this answers at least part of your question. (I can send a picture i.e. screengrab, if that helps.)

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Maarten Maartensz

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