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I first learned about ME in 1989, when I had it for 10 years. Before that I had not heard of it, which is not odd, since there was no real internet, and since I have not studied medicine (but philosophy and psychology).

What's more disconcerting, is that the medical people who had investigated me and my common law wife, who also fell ill in january 1979, with the same disease, also had not heard from it, apparently, even though it turned out in 1989 that I had very clearly listed the typical symptoms of ME in letters to medical doctors in 1980.

In 1989 and 1990 I have read several books about ME. Some were by medical people; some were by patients. Not one of them was really good, though the reasons why differed, and some of my reasons are probably personal: I am myself rather in favor of real science, and know a considerable amount about it.

The problem I have with views of patients with ME is that many patients with ME have less scientific knowledge than I have, and similar bad experiences with medical doctors as I have had. The result is that they tend to be far more dismissive of science and ordinary medicine than I am.

The problem I have with books by medical doctors about ME is that those I have read were addressed to patients with less knowledge of science and medicine than I have.

In earlier versions of my site I have listed some books, but in the present version I have avoided them, because those I have read I was not much impressed by, and they are now out of date, and because if you have access to the internet it is more helpful to find out what is currently on the net. Here is a link to a file containing some Sites concerned with ME that I found helpful, and where you may find many more links.

Postscript from Sep 10, 2016: This is as it was in 2005, except that I redid the font and the background color.
I have read more books about ME (often called "CFS") but none was enlightening. Also, for those who know a little about medicine, I think the Canadian ME-Overview or the shorter summary CG Overview are probably still the best.
(There also is a later one, but they restyled Post-Extertional Malaise (PEM) to something else, which I think was a mistake.)

Maarten Maartensz
last update: Nov 6 2005