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All that we are is founded upon our thoughts, and formed on our thoughts." (Dhammapadda, 1.1)

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Some reasons why logic is of fundamental human(e) importance

It is at the foundations of all human inferences, and therewith of human survival.

It is at the foundations of peaceful, rational and reasonable social change and all argumentation.

Together with language, logic is what makes human beings really different from other animals: only human beings can seek peaceful agreement on what may be the case and what may be done by rational discussion.

Without mathematical logic, computers are hard to think of, design, built or maintain.

Note that some of the most intelligent men there have been - Socrates, Aristotle, Abélard, Ockham, Newton, Leibniz, Babbage, Boole, Peirce, Frege, Russell, Gödel, Turing, Von Neumann, Smullyan - have spend much of their intellectual efforts at clarifying logical questions, and note also that there is more to logic than mathematics (as you will find when you investigate its history, and non-Western traditions, such as the schools of Buddhist and Hindustic logic).

And as I indicated in the above table, one of the triumphs of modern mathematical logic is the computer - that derives from ideas and ideals of Leibniz, Babbage, Boole, Turing and Von Neumann, and that has radically changed and increased the abilities of man since the second half of the 20th Century.
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