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Jan  1, 2018 Nederlog 2018: Updates for the new year
Jan  2, 2018 Crisis: Visionless Society, Duty To Warn, Fake News, Russia & Trump, "Russia-gate" (2018)
Jan  3, 2018 Crisis: Silicon Valley, Spy Agencies, Seven Forbidden Words, Public Warnings, Climate Change
Jan  4, 2018 Crisis: On Steve Bannon, "Russia-gate", North Korea, 60 Years Of CIA, Buying With Cash
Jan  5, 2018 Crisis: On Dissent, Dissidence in the USA, Trump's Businesses, World From Hell, Totalitarianism
Jan  6, 2018 Crisis: On James Risen, Mass Exodus(?), Trump's Dangers, Google & Facebook, On Journalism
Jan  7, 2018 Crisis: "A Very Stable Genius"*2, Paper Libraries, Neoliberalism, Fuckbook Etc.
Jan  8, 2018 Crisis: Sick Souls, ¨Stable Genius¨, Dangerous Trump, Overthrow Our Rulers, On Corporations
Jan  9, 2018 Crisis: ´Fire and Fury´, On Trump´s Mind *2, An Obvious Madman, Is Trump Certifiable?
Jan 10, 2018 Crisis: NSA Spying, On Steve Bannon, Trump´s Skills, Nader on Trump, Wars & Propaganda
Jan 11, 2018 Crisis: On Trump´s Insanity, Washington Post, Monarchism,´Stable Genius´,  Nuclear Arms
Jan 12, 2018 Crisis: Exit Privacy, Julian Assange, #MeToo, Watergate Moment?, ¨Russia-gate¨
Jan 13, 2018 Crisis: Spying Powers, Nuclear Threats, Trump's Interview, Six Euphemisms, Goldwater Rule
Jan 14, 2018 Crisis: "Fire and Fury" *3, Progress for Merkel, Challenging Trump's Language
Jan 15, 2018 Crisis: Shithole Country, MLK Jr, Antarctic Trouble, Empathy, Whitehouse Liars
Jan 16, 2018 Crisis: Pope Frances, Chelsea Manning, Net Neutrality, Assault on Reason, Nuclear Arms
Jan 17, 2018 Crisis: USA's Many Wars, "Alternative Facts", Net Neutrality, Shithole States, Trump
Jan 18, 2018 Crisis: Trump's Qualities, Middle Class, Ethics Experts, On Surveillance, Twitter Rock Stars
Jan 19, 2018 Crisis: Trumpian Decline, FISA Reauthorization *2, Testability, A Fungus
Jan 20, 2018 Crisis: Horrible Surveillance Law * 3,  Dictator Trump, The Morons of Facebook
Jan 21, 2018 Crisis: Presidential Etiquette, Government Shut Down*2, Facebook & Google, Marijuana
Jan 22, 2018 Crisis: Thought Police, Allen Frances, Cable News, Voice Reports, Destroying the GOP
Jan 23, 2018 Crisis: On Dr. King, On Surveillance, On The Super Rich, On Apple, On Privacy
Jan 24, 2018 Crisis: Impeaching Trump, Killer Drones, Amazon, Trump Not Trusted, Facebook´s Fakeries
Jan 25, 2018 Crisis: Conservatism, Apple & China, Pope Frances, Michael Wolff, Mainstream Media
Jan 26, 2018 Crisis: Supreme Court, On ¨Neoliberalism¨, Doomsday Clock, Conservatives, Rise of Fascism
Jan 27, 2018 Crisis: Amazon, Dutch Spies, Sex and Violence, Facebook & Google, ¨Tribal¨ America
Jan 28, 2018 Crisis:  Trump´s First Year,  Marijuana,  The Environment, Wall Street, Germany & Wealth

Crisis: A Summary Of ¨The Century of the Self¨
Jan 29, 2018 Crisis: Trump´s Idiocy,  American "Defense", On Obama, On Robert Parry, Trump´s America
Jan 30, 2018 Crisis: The US War Machine, Multiverse Mania, ¨The Art of the Lie¨, The Worst, US Elections
Jan 31, 2018 Crisis: Bernie Saders, Progressives, ¨Christian Evangelicals¨,  Democracy, Deep State


Feb 1, 2018
Crisis:  Nuclear War, State of the Union, Mass Surveilance, Big Fight, Trump Not Normal
Feb 2, 2018 Crisis:  Strongmen, Lead-Crimes, On Twitter, On Trump's Mind, Trump's Financial Arsonists
Feb 3, 2018 Crisis:  Nunes Memo, On Mueller, Trump vs. Deep State, Net Neutrality, "Equal Justice"
Feb 4, 2018 Crisis:  Law Enforcement, Surveillance State, War & Crash, 20 False Promises, Guantánamo
Feb 5, 2018 Crisis:  Constitutional Crisis, Kennedy III, Trump's Strategy, On Privatization, On Robert Parry
Feb 6, 2018 Crisis:  On the "left", Dow Jones Fell, On Paul Ryan, U.S. War Machine, Deep State Veterans
Feb 7, 2018 Crisis:  Mass murderers, Trumpocalypse, A New OS (?), Low-quality News, Nuclear Age
Feb 8, 2018 Crisis:  GOP & Retirements, Endless Wars, Trump A Plutocrat, On Nunes' Memo, Bernie Sanders
Feb 9, 2018 Crisis: The Western "Left", Drug Prices, Dow Jones Drops, Trump's Wars, Buybacks
Feb 10, 2018 Crisis:  Secret Negotiations, Memo Blocked, War with Iran (?), Trump & Reading, Democrats
Feb 11, 2018 Crisis:  The Republicans, Higher Education, Facebook & Youtube, NSA Agents, China
Feb 12, 2018 Crisis:  On Oligarchs, Spies as "Journalists", U.S. Intelligence, Trump vs Deep State, Sinclair
Feb 13, 2018 Crisis:  Trump's Budget, About Trump, Gift To Rich, Stealing, On Russian Hacking
Feb 14, 2018 Crisis:  South Africa, Julian Assange, Financial Crises, Sanders on Trump, The Worst
Feb 15, 2018 Crisis:  South Africa, Prognosis, American Sub-Humans, Intel-for-Hire, Trump's Budget
Feb 16, 2018 Crisis:  Scoundrel, Trump's Mind, Korean Diplomacy, Facebook & Google, On Julian Assange
Feb 17, 2018 Wat over mijn communistische achtergrond

Crisis:  On Traitors, On Ramaphosa, On Wall Street, On Nuclear Arms, Mueller Charges
Feb 18, 2018 Crisis:  Wikileaks, Classified Intelligence, Paranoid USA, Mueller, America's Meaning
Feb 19, 2018 Crisis:  On Fascism, About Trump, A Fairer World, On U.S. Intel (3), No Justice
Feb 20, 2018 Crisis: The Corrupt USA, Trump Supporters, Trump's Economy, 4th Worst, Mueller Indictments
Feb 21, 2018 Crisis: On "The Media", The Common Good, U.S. Hegemony, Trumpian Theology, U.S. Empire
Feb 22, 2018 Crisis: Trump´s War (?), Spying On Millions, US Elections, Nunes´ Opinions, Bombing Syria
Feb 23, 2018 Crisis: On ¨Russia-gate¨, CIA-Director, Biggest Watergate Story, Common Good, Opioids
Feb 24, 2018 Crisis: On Opioids, On Russia-gate, On Trump's Murders, On American "Education"*2
Feb 25, 2018 Crisis: On "Russia-gate", On Trump, On Mueller, On U.S. Mental Health, The Coming War(s)
Feb 26, 2018 Crisis: Guns & Liberty, Xi Jinping, Feinstein, Selective Justice, Computerized Worker Controls
Feb 27, 2018 Crisis: Castro's Cuba, Koch Brothers, From Russia, U.S.-Iran Hostilities, A Moral Movement
Feb 28, 2018 Crisis: Kushner, Xi Jinping's Powers, USA's Secret Services, U.S. Unions, Asylum Seekers


Mar  1, 2018
Crisis: Chinese Censors, Indefinite Detention, The NYT, On Economics, On Healthy Bees
Mar  2, 2018 Crisis: Snowden Documents, SIGINT Seniors, On Kushner, Big Pharma, Totalitarian China
Mar  3, 2018 Crisis: The Kushners, Activist C.E.O.s, Trade Wars, More Billionaires, Missile-gate
Mar  4, 2018 Crisis: Chinese Censorship, Putin's Speech, Trump's Presidency*2, McGovern on Putin
Mar  5, 2018 Crisis: On Legal Tyranny, Merkel, USA Ignorant, Kushner's Conflicts, On The Guardian
Mar  6, 2018 Crisis: Xi Jinping, Trump & Ayn Rand, MSNBCs Failures, Medicaid, Wall Street "Democrats"
Mar  7, 2018 Crisis: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Crisis: Gary Cohn, US Health Care, Democrats' Shamming, The "Resistance", Daniel Ellsberg
Mar  8, 2018 Crisis: Gary Cohn, Businesses = People, Blowback, US Infrastructure, ¨Russia-gate¨
Mar  9, 2018 Crisis: On Korea, Ellsberg & Gun, ¨Democracy¨, Printed Newspapers, Killing Democracies
Mar 10, 2018 Crisis: On Women, The Koreas, Democrats & Trump, War Minus Casualties, Deregulations
Mar 11, 2018 Crisis: Criticism in China, Michael Cohen, Arms Talks, Shkreli Problem, Trump´s (In)capacities
Mar 12, 2018 Crisis: American Press, USA & Peace, Google, War on Terror, Deregulating Wall Street
Mar 13, 2018 Crisis: Drug Dealers, U.S. Meddling, Stormy Daniels, ¨Social Media¨, Destruction Of Education
Mar 14, 2018 Crisis: Exit Tillerson, Torturer Haspels, Senate Democrats, TSA Practices, Some Philosophy
Mar 15, 2018 Crisis: ¨Bloody Gina¨, Torture Crimes, CIA As Torturers, The Millennials, Warren´s Opposition
Mar 16, 2018 Crisis: Nazi Defense, Armageddon, Haspel´s Torturing, Billionaires, The Big Five
Mar 17, 2018 Crisis: Iraq Death Toll, ¨Social Media¨, Trumpian Corruptions, Haspels, Torture
Mar 18, 2018 Crisis: Trump+Facebook, John Bolton, Corporations As Persons, Facebook Spies, Madman
Mar 19, 2018 Crisis: Facebook, Exit Freedom, Cambridge Analytica, Muddying Elections, Jared Kushner
Mar 20, 2018 Crisis: Facebook + Surveillance + Privacies + Manipulation, Buybacks, CLOUD
Mar 21, 2018 Crisis+More: Facebook, Scahill, Democracy, Retirements, Cambridge, More: ME/CFS + 22.III.68
Mar 22, 2018 Crisis+More: On Facebook *4, On Fox News, Trump As Dictator, $32 Million Per Hour, May ´68
Mar 23, 2018 Crisis: Big Data Psy-Ops, 15 Years Iraq, #DeleteFacebook, Maximum Wage, On Facebook
Mar 24, 2018 Crisis: Bernie Sanders, Bolton, ¨Democracy¨, Psychographics, Facebook+Hartmann
Mar 25, 2018 Crisis: Facebook & Google, Torturers, John Bolton, Journalism + ¨Elites¨, Karl Marx
Mar 26, 2018 Crisis: The New Serfdom, Facebook, Stormy Daniels, Gina Haspel, "The Media"
Mar 27, 2018 On ME/CFS in 2018 - 1: After 40 YEARS (!!!) my ex and I are really ill, in Holland
Mar 28, 2018 Crisis: Facebook & Brexit, Piketty, Stormy Daniels, Trump´s Wars, Facebook Thefts
Mar 29, 2018 Crisis: Big Brother, Julian Assange, Rigged Census, John Bolton, Military Control of USA
Mar 30, 2018 Crisis: Inverted Justice, Facebook Regulated?, Trump Is The Worst, On John Bolton*2
Mar 31, 2018 Crisis: Stephen Hawking, Malpractice, Criminal Trump, Jimmy Carter, Elections


Apr   1, 2018 Crisis: Trumpian Cult, On John Bolton*2, On Julian Assange, The GOP Tax Law
Apr   2, 2018 Crisis: "Basic Income", Snyder, "Jobs-for-All", Europe & "Privacy", War Criminals
Apr   3, 2018 Crisis: Chinese Communism, Bernie Sanders, Facebook Etc., On The Climate, Dr. King Jr.
Apr   4, 2018 Crisis: John Bolton, Martin Luther King*2, Bayer- Monsanto Merger, High Finance: No Ethics
Apr   5, 2018 Crisis: Facebook, Russia Madness, Martin Luther King, Zuckerberg, Clinton's Propaganda
Apr   6, 2018 Crisis: On "Authoritarianism", Cellphones Unsafe, "Christians", Shell & Climate, Facebook
Apr   7, 2018 Crisis: Stopping Trump, Lula da Silva, Facebook & Twitter, Mueller's Path, Lunatic Bolton
Apr   8, 2018 Crisis: Trump & Bolton, The Corporations, The Drug Dealers, The Democrats, On Facebook
Apr   9, 2018 Crisis: Exterminating Muslims, Fox & Friends, North Korea, John Bolton, Trump´s Madness
Apr 10, 2018 Crisis: Greenwald On Lula, Wozniak, Assange, Stormy Daniels, Wealth-Deprived Americans
Apr 11, 2018 Crisis: On Facebook * 3, On Trump, On Doomsday Machines
Apr 12, 2018 Crisis: On Zuckerberg and Facebook * 4,  On 21st  C  Tech and Media Monopolies
Apr 13, 2018 Crisis: James Comey, Paul Ryan, Facebook & Rohingya, What´s ¨A Fascist¨, Big Data´s Robbers
Apr 14, 2018 Crisis: Facebook*2, Cambridge Analytica, Massive Evictions, On US Oligarchs
Apr 15, 2018 Crisis: Trump & Syria, Russia-gate, Norman Finkelstein, Holocaust in USA, Attacking Syria
Apr 16, 2018 Crisis: On War, Comey´s Interview *2, China vs. Trump, Congress and Facebook
Apr 17, 2018 Crisis: Michael Cohen, Democrats & Wars, Public Schools, Trump´s Mob Rule, Comey´s Talk
Apr 18, 2018 Crisis: Killing The Left, Trump & Cohen, Comey, Climate Crisis, Big Pharma´s Impunities
Apr 19, 2018 Crisis: Internet Apologizes, Trump & War, U.S. Oligarchs, Doomsday, The Kochtopus
Apr 20, 2018 Crisis: Clinton Prosecuted, Dumb Americans, Trump´s End?, Third Party? Agaist Torture
Apr 21, 2018 Crisis: On Brazil, Carbon Poisoning, National Renewal (?), ¨Monsters¨ & ¨Animals¨, Corruption
Apr 22, 2018 Crisis: War Powers, Plastic Pollution, Interest Rates, Robert Mueller, Comey Interviewed
Apr 23, 2018 Crisis: Ecology & Power, More Wars, The American CEOs, On May ´68, Plastic Pollution
Apr 24, 2018 Over Elise

Crisis: Privacy Regulations, Big Brother, Trump, Net Neutrality, On May ´68
Apr 25, 2018 Crisis: On The DNC, Wall Street & Profits, Trump A Traitor, Melting Ice, Chomsky Interviewed
Apr 26, 2018 Crisis: GOP & Senate, Nondisclosure Agreements, Plutocracy, Trump & The Press, On Sadism
Apr 27, 2018 Crisis: On The Democrats, On Psychology, The AUMF, Next Big Crash, Humanity Doomed
Apr 28, 2018 Crisis: PAC Money, Chinese Journalism, Korean News, Trump's Manias, The JFK Files, The Press
Apr 29, 2018 Crisis: About Facebook, Hacking Laptops, Plastic Particles, Internet for Corporations, Trump
Apr 30, 2018 Crisis: Poor & Black, Gaza, Next Crash, "Fake News!", About 9/11, The Trap


May  1, 2018 Crisis: On Marx, The Koreas, Central Bankers, On Fascism 1, On Fascism 2
May  2, 2018 Crisis: Big Pharma Etc., US Military Detention, Boosting Wall Street, On Aslan, On Mueller
May  3, 2018 Crisis: Cambridge Analytica, ¨Human Rights¨, Trump As God, Zuckerberg, Nader, Corbett
May  4, 2018 Crisis: A New Internet, Eugene Debs, The Kochs, Hannah Arendt, On The USA, DeleteFacebook
May  5, 2018 Crisis: On Truth, ¨New Democrats¨, Global War, On Amazon, On The British Press Liars
May  6, 2018 Crisis: Eyeglasses, Marx in Trier, Marx & the Gig Economy, Marx Unreadable, Marx´s Relevance
May  7, 2018 Crisis: Leadership Cults, ´Bloody Gina´, Illiberal Britain, Monopolization, On Marx
May  8, 2018 Crisis: On Haspels, Trump´s Riches, Trump´s Friends, On News Suppression, On Dying
May  9, 2018 Crisis: The Media & Trump, Iran Nuclear Deal *2, The Torturing CIA, 1968: Counter-Revolution
May 10, 2018 Crisis: Gina Haspel *2, Facebook´s Surveillance, Iran Nuclear Deal, Trump´s Caliphate
May 11, 2018 Crisis: Scahill, Nader on War, Haspel & McGovern, The Coming War, On Net Neutrality
May 12, 2018 Crisis: Amazon's Alexa, Following Orders, Haspel, Gangsters of the CIA, Europe & Resistance

On The San Francisco Diggers - 3
May 13, 2018 Crisis: Spies & Journalism, On Sen. McCain, Net Neutrality, ´Bloody Gina´, Noam Chomsky
May 14, 2018 Crisis: On Gaza, Billionaires & Doomsday, The GOP, Idiocy, ¨Making American Great Again¨
May 15, 2018 Crisis: More Haspel, On Gaza, On The Pentagon, Legalize All Drugs, Central Banks
May 16, 2018 Crisis: On Feminism, ¨Personal Data¨, Gaza, On Nazism, The USA and War
May 17, 2018 Crisis: On Julian Assange, Sadist Gina Haspel, Gaza, Net Neutrality, U.S. Imperialism
May 18, 2018 Crisis: U.S. Sadist Haspel, On Gaza, American Poverty, Haspel A Criminal, Nader
May 19, 2018 Crisis: Daniel Ellsberg, Advice to ¨the left¨, Facebook, Trump´s Chances, On Haspel
May 20, 2018 Crisis: On Corporations, Trump´s Foreign Help, Exit Democracy, Trump´s Crimes, On Gaza
May 21, 2018 Crisis: Coming Collapse, Finkelstein on Gaza, Trump´s Idiocies, Steve Bannon, Clinton, Extra
May 22, 2018 Crisis: Bankers´ Desires, Re-electing Trump, ¨Evil Is Great¨, Facebook´s Lies, Supreme Court
May 23, 2018 Crisis: Pompeo & Iran, Trump vs. The Law, World Temperature, Jeff Bezos, Real Corruption
May 24, 2018 Crisis: U.S. Plutocracy, Mike Pompeo, Federal Jobs, Dying Democracy, Amazon, On Drugs
May 25, 2018 Crisis: U.S. Propaganda, On Amazon, On Anti-Psychiatry, On Ayn Rand, Italian Reforms
May 26, 2018 Crisis: Trumpian Degeneracies, Economic Neofascism, U.S. Torturers, Racist Trump, Pentagon
May 27, 2018 Crisis: Edward Snowden, Neofascist ¨Democrats¨, Exit Insects, On Gina Haspel, Privacy
May 28, 2018 Crisis: On Neoliberalism, Chomsky, The Koreas, On Facebook, America´s Chaos
May 29, 2018 Crisis: Allan Nairn, 1968, Hedges, Trump´s Tax Cuts, America´s Megalomaniac, Extra Bit
May 30, 2018 Crisis: Trump Resistance, Authoritarianism, Dealmaking, Paris: May ´68, Conservatism, Feynman
May 31, 2018 Crisis: A Radical Left, Greenwald on Assange & Barr, DNC Lawsuit, On The Death of Truth


Jun 1, 2018
Crisis: Jeremy Scahill, American Tariffs, On ¨Vietnam War¨, Big Pharma + Medics, Congress
Jun 2, 2018 Crisis: Opioid Epidemic, Wall Street, Facebook´s Corruptions *2, Starving the USA´s Poor
Jun 3, 2018 Crisis: Deep State, Hersh´s Memoir, Big Pharma, Maher & Sanders, Emperor Trump, ME/CFS
Jun 4, 2018 Crisis: W.E.B. Du Bois, Facebook´s Lies, Trump IS insane, More Civil War (?), Economic Meltdown
Jun 5, 2018 Crisis: Ceasar Trump *2, Deregulations, US Ambassadors, Lying Zuckerberg, Defeated Reason
Jun 6, 2018 Crisis: On Facebook, Dictator Trump, Two-Party Scam, Police Killings, Plastic Pollution
Jun 7, 2018 Crisis: On Kim Jong-un, Family Separations, The Census, Chomsky & Neoliberalism, Slogan Voters
Jun 8, 2018 Crisis: Chemicals, Guantánamo, Ecuador & Assange, "Russia-gate", On The Nature of Reality
Jun 9, 2018 Crisis: Elizabeth Warren, On Corporations, Wars, Trump Dictator?, Corporate Apologies
Jun 10, 2018 Over Anna

Crisis: US Bail, Exit G-7, Armaggedon, Torturer Haspel, The Assange Case, Edward Snowden
Jun 11, 2018 Crisis: On Iran, Trump's Destructions, Trump's States, Golden Age of Spying, Constitutional Crisis
Jun 12, 2018 Crisis: Neoliberal Fascism, Nuclear War, Trump-Kim Summit, Financial Elite, On U.S. Politics
Jun 13, 2018 Crisis: The Summit, What Happened, War Games, Hopes for Peace, The War Industries
Jun 14, 2018 Crisis: On The Koreas, Chomsky Challenge, The Kushners, Dishonest Fake Belief, Psychiatry
Jun 15, 2018 Crisis: The Koreas, Constitutional Crisis, American Greed, The Singapore Summit, Costs of War
Jun 16, 2018 Crisis: USA´s Nukes, Trade War, Poverty In USA, 18 Months Of Trump, Singapore
Jun 17, 2018 Crisis: The U.S. Economy, Domestic Violence, Poor People, Trump´s Tariffs, Utter Secrecy
Jun 18, 2018 Crisis: On Bernie Sanders, Children In Cages, Mental Health, Trump Cult, ¨Vietnam War¨
Jun 19, 2018 Crisis: Nomi Prins, Trump´s Lies, Six Dictators & Children, Julian Assange, On Trump
Jun 20, 2018 Crisis: 100,000 Lobbyists, Caged Children, 1 Bomb Each 12 Minutes, Dictator Trump,  Nuclear War
Jun 21, 2018 Crisis: $5.4 Trillion Attack, Family Separation, Hersh, Chomsky, Internet=neofascism
Jun 22, 2018 Crisis: On Facebook, Separated Children, Trump & Nazis, The U.S. Courts, Starving U.S. Kids
Jun 23, 2018 Crisis: Immigrant Children, On Cellphone Records *2, Psychiatric Drugs, On Trump's Failings
Jun 24, 2018 Crisis: The Climate, EU & Migration, American Inequalities, Trump's Sadism*2
Jun 25, 2018 Crisis: The Soldier's Tale, Deportations, Erdogan, Trump IS a Liar, GOP Farm Bill

Pity the Nation (by Lawrence Ferlinghetti)
Jun 26, 2018 Crisis: Wiretapping, Surveillance, Militarizations, 4th of July, Detained Children, George Orwell
Jun 27, 2018 Crisis: Google + Facebook, Travel Ban, On Psychology, Killings on Killings, The Democrats
Jun 28, 2018 Crisis: Disappeared Children, Ocasio-Cortez, Working, Mick Mulvaney, On The Democrats
Jun 29, 2018 Crisis: Seymour Hersh, Trump A Psychopath?, Judge Kennedy, Psychiatrists, Robert Reich

Paris: May 1968
Jun 30, 2018 Crisis: On Trumpocracy, US Regime Changes, Ocasio-Cortez, Medicaid, Wars On Credit


Jul 1, 2018 Crisis: The "Democrats", "Fascism", "Socialism", The Supreme Court, The WTO
Jul 2, 2018 Crisis: Failed State, "Dr. Strangelove", On Trump, Nomi Prins, The No-Deal President
Jul 3, 2018 Crisis: On Mexico, U.S.'s 2000 kidnappings, On "Fascism", On Geithner, On U.S. Poverty
Jul 4, 2018 Crisis: Asylum Seekers, U.S. Embassador, Future Trumps, On Tear Gas, German Politics
Jul 5, 2018 Crisis: Democracy Dies, On Conservatism, On Trump, On Corporate Rule, On The U.S. Voters
Jul 6, 2018 Crisis: Scott Pruitt, Detained Mothers, Trump's Anti-Journalism, Corrupt Computers, The ECU
Jul 7, 2018 Crisis: On Trump, On The Supreme Court, On Privacy, On The Rich, On The Surveillance State
Jul 8, 2018 Crisis: Poor People, Family Reunifications?, Nuclear Disarmament, Protesters, An Email
Jul 9, 2018 Crisis: On "Diversity", On Medical Corruption, No Deals, On Dodd-Frank, "Democratic Socialism"
Jul 10, 2018 Crisis: MSNBC´s Lies, China´s Surveillance, Children´s Rights *2, ¨Liberal Partisan Politics¨
Jul 11, 2018 Crisis: On Kavanaugh *2, Three ¨Addictions¨, Trump´s Many Lies, On Trump´s Failure
Jul 12, 2018 Crisis: On NATO, Sick Sadism, Scheer´s Objections, On Nuclear War, The Rich Benefitted
Jul 13, 2018 Crisis: A Judicial Coup, Rich Ex-Obama Officials, The New Deal, Wall Street, On The BBC
Jul 14, 2018 Crisis: Trump vs. May, Martin Luther King, Ray McGovern, Normalizing the Abnormal, Scoldings
Jul 15, 2018 Crisis: On Dissent, The NYT, Trump´s Mendacity, Nationwide U.K. Protests, Evidence & Russia
Jul 16, 2018 Crisis: War on Assange, De León, Indictment of Russians, Narcissist Trump, Jimmy Carter
Jul 17, 2018 Crisis: US Media, Greenwald vs. Circincione, New York´s Totaliarian Intolerance, Roundup
Jul 18, 2018 Crisis: Robust Debates, Facebook Etc., Trial Runs, U.S. Special Forces, Trump-Putin Summit
Jul 19, 2018 Crisis: Death of Truth, Trump´s Costs, Net Neutrality, On Propaganda, On Medicare
Jul 20, 2018 Crisis: 8 1/2 Million Starving, Mainstream Media, Wikileaks & Assange, Traitor?,  $10 Trillion
Jul 21, 2018 Crisis: Migrant Children, Trump on Tape, On¨Social Media¨, On Trump, War on the Poor
Jul 22, 2018 Crisis: On Julian Assange, Europe, "Democracy" & CIA, Seymour Hersh, Liberals, ME/CFS
Jul 23, 2018 Crisis: On Julian Assange, Private Messages, Israel, Social Media, Neoliberalism(?)
Jul 24, 2018 Crisis: U.S. vs. Iran, Israeli Injustice, Neofascism in USA, Corporate Democrats, Limit Wealth
Jul 25, 2018 On Philosophical Assumptions

Crisis: Medicaid in Maine, NY Daily News, People's Budget, Democratic Socialism, On Crisis
Jul 26, 2018 Crisis: Ending Money Bail, On 8 Myths, On Non-voters, Security Clearances, War with Iran
Jul 27, 2018 Crisis: Facebook's Profits, 900 Migrant Children, "Socialism", The NYT & Assange, Bullies
Jul 28, 2018 Crisis: Political Intelligence, Chomsky on "Family Separation"*2, No More Privacy, Assange
Jul 29, 2018 Crisis: Chomsky on Russia, The "Socialist Left", Hope, The Temperature, Failing Experiments
Jul 30, 2018 Crisis: Michael Cohen, Rentier Capitalism, Permanent Lie, New York Times, Ahed Tamimi
Jul 31, 2018 Crisis: Amazon & War, Afghanistan, Human Survival, Tortures + Kidnappings, U.S. Wages


Aug 1, 2018 Crisis: On Israel, Surveillance State, The Constitution, On Assange, Trump In Trouble, Prozac
Aug 2, 2018 Crisis: Google in China, Trump, Facebook & Surveillance, On Manipulation, VIPS on Iran
Aug 3, 2018 Crisis: Climate Change *2, ¨Neoliberal Fascism¨, Trump´s Lies, More on Trump
Aug 4, 2018 Crisis: Google & China, On Rich & The NYT, Mexican Journalist, U.S. Pensions, Neonicotinoids
Aug 5, 2018 Crisis: Google & Neofascism, Noam Chomsky, Nomi Prins, Elections in U.S., Health Matters
Aug 6, 2018 Crisis: Idiotic Trump, Sea of Deception, Extreme Views, On Julian Assange, U.S. Democracy
Aug 7, 2018 Crisis: Ahed Tamimi, Reich & Trump, Neofascist Facebook, Infinite Wars, Trump & Hitler
Aug 8, 2018 Crisis: On Legal Immigrants, Threatening Catastrophy, Trumpism, Julian Assange, On Apple
Aug 9, 2018 Crisis: Totalitarian Google, Justice in U.S., Trump & Wars, Children´s Detention, Monopoly
Aug 10, 2018 Crisis: ¨Harmless Torturers¨, A.P.A., Iran Sanctions, ¨Democracy¨ in USA, Facebook Censors
Aug 11, 2018 Crisis: Google Censorship, A Trillion Dollars, Watergate, Haspel, One Question, ME/CFS
Aug 12, 2018 Crisis: Financial Crisis, Profits & Media, Trump´s Gift, Corporatist Government, Ray McGovern
Aug 13, 2018 Crisis: US Democracy, Two US Parties, New Serfdom, Climate Change, Republican Powers
Aug 14, 2018 Crisis: ¨The Best People¨, Mass Graves, Iran & the USA, Deregulations, Facebook´s Threats
Aug 15, 2018 On the most serious mistake I've made in my life

Crisis: Neoliberal Economics, On Google, ¨Russia-gate¨, On Social Security, Propaganda
Aug 16, 2018 Crisis: Security Clearances, Separating Families, On Austerity, Warren's Plan, Affordable Care
Aug 17, 2018 Crisis: Google in China, On Catholicism, On Brennan, The Constitution, No More Cash
Aug 18, 2018 Crisis: Google & China, Manipulators, Trade Wars, McCain, 565 Kidnapped Children, ME/CFS
Aug 19, 2018 Crisis: Truth-Testing Trump, Supermen, British Hacking EU, Netanyahu & Corbyn, U.S. Unions
Aug 20, 2018 Crisis: Planet Earth, Dutch Memorial Day, CEO's Incomes, More Carbon, Feminism & Revolution
Aug 21, 2018 Crisis: On Privacy, Catholic Sex Abuse, On Censorship, On The Climate, 10 Years Of Crisis
Aug 22, 2018 Crisis: Anti-Corruption, Cohen Guilty, Manafort Guilty, On The Press, On U.S. Politics, ME/CFS
Aug 23, 2018 Crisis: A Comparison, Warren & Anti-Corruption, Trump´s Survival, Money & Politics, A Good Day
Aug 24, 2018 Crisis: Mainstream Media, Sanders vs. Bezos, Mueller & Cohen, Irresponsible GOP, 500 Children
Aug 25, 2018 Crisis: James Risen, ¨Anti-Semitism¨, Annulling Trump, American Fascism, Noam Chomsky
Aug 26, 2018 Crisis: Trump & Justice, Bannon & Morris, James Risen, Facial Recognition, Bernie Sanders´ Tax
Aug 27, 2018 Crisis: Becoming Serfs, Trump & The Mob, The Climate, The Democrats, Julian Assange, ME/CFS
Aug 28, 2018 Crisis: New Socialists, On John McCain, On Privacy, Surveillance Capitalism, Corporate Media
Aug 29, 2018 Crisis: Google & China, GOP & Violence, From 1968, On Narcissists, On Trump As Narcissist
Aug 30, 2018 Crisis: Trump & Deluge, U.S. War Crimes, Fake Videos, Russian Hacking Deception, U.S. Censors
Aug 31, 2018 Crisis: German Neo-Nazis, Kidnapped Children, Fraud & Tax Cuts, VIPS & Brennan, Spirit of '68

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