Aug 27, 2016

A change to my site(s)
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1. A change to my site
2. The other changes

This is a Nederlog of Saturday, August 27, 2016.

This is not a crisis log. It is about a change to my site(s) - which are written thus because there are two, one in Holland and one in Denmark, although they have the same contents.

There is an earlier crisis log of today.

1.  A change to my site

This concerns a change in my site:

It is my plan to remove all uses of the blueback.gif that I have used so far, I think since 2003, and replace them by a file of the same title and looks, but that is larger than the previous one.

The reason is that my monitor failed today (it is probably dead, and in any case it served me very well for over 10 years), after which I replaced it with a
new one, which is also a square (I have problems with my eyes and anyway like square screens a lot better than wide rectangles), but which is a bit larger than the previous one.

And this new monitor showed me immediately that the blue graphical rectangle that I have been using as a background since circa 2003 is too small for the new monitor. (The old one was about height*breadth=30*23; the new one is
height*breadth=34*27, both in centimeters [1]).

I don't like this and decided that I will replace them all, as indicated above.
(This also is the simplest change. There are other possibilities, but these take a lot more work.)

It is already there in the present file; in the opening of the site; and in all files in Nederlog from 2004-2016.

So far these are all the changes I made.

It does make things look neater on my new monitor (no dark blue background anymore below the graphical background [2]), at least on the normal square monitor I am using now.

It also may load a bit slower, for the new background image is twice as large (in pixels, not in size) as the previous one, and is a bit over 133 Kb.

2.  The other changes

Actually, what I did today amounted to repairing about half of my site, and I want to change this everywhere on my site (for it is the background almost everywhere, and I like this to look OK on ordinary square monitors).

I do not know how long this will take, though it will probably be done over the course of the next week. If it takes longer, I will let you know in Nederlog, and I will also say so if it has been done.

And as I said, this improves the looks of the site, at the price of a somewhat bigger load. I do not think the price is serious, for most files on the site are below 100 Kb text, and few more than 300 Kb.
[1] I liked the previous monitor a lot, in part because it was very good and in part because it wasn't big, for while my eyes are a lot better than they were, they still are not OK. Then again, the old monitor worked well for at least 10 years, and I think for over 14 years (I am pretty sure I bought it in 2002, second hand also) day in, day out, so it did serve me very well.

Indeed, if I can get it repaired, I will return to it, especially because of my eyes, though this will make no difference to the backgrounds.

There is one exception (that I saw): The yearly index of 2005 does not display well. The probable reason is a mistake in the html. Everything else I checked was OK (on my normal square monitor). I'll see whether I can straighten this out, but not today.

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