Aug 25, 2016

me+ME: Update about my vitamins
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Update about my vitamins

This is a Nederlog of Thursday, August 25, 2016.

This is not a crisis log but is an update about my vitamins, which I take against ME. I also provided for a while updates about my computer, but stopped with that last month. (It is relatively OK.)

1. Update about my vitamins

This continues last month's update about vitamins and ME, which is here.

As you might recall, I told last month that I had stopped taking vitamins for a month, because I wanted to do an experiment. The experiment more or less succeeded (more last month) and on July 28 I started taking vitamins again, namely these, which is as it was, except that I took them every other day:

- 3 grams of vitamin C, 2 Kalium 100, 1 Magnesium, 1
  Calcium+Magnesium +vit D, 1 Folic acid (5000 mcg), 1 Zinc,
  1 VM-75 (with lots of B and many minerals)
- 1 mB12 5000
- 1 mB12 1000

This seems to have improved my condition a little, but not much. I continued with this until August 14, when I decided to do another experiment, because I
had read that day that several persons with ME or Fibromyalgia (FM) had considerable improvement in energy when they took around 1500 mg of vitamin B1 (and the best medical diagnosis of me is that I have ME/FM).

What I am taking now since about ten days (which included building up, that I
nearly completed, for this is a whole lot of B1, and more than I ever took on
any day) is this - and I am giving what I took the last days:
- 4 vitamin B1 "500 mg" (see below for the quotes)
- 2 Magnesium (the daily recommended dosage)
- 1 VM-75
First about the "500 mg". Most of the persons tested (all but one) started to feel the effects of doing this once they took 1500 mg of B1, each day, and one
started to feel the effects when reaching 600 mg, and none felt any difference
at lower dosages.

Since I have taken a lot of megavitamins since 1983 [1], I was willing to try this, because I know one can take a great amount of B1, and in part also because I wanted to find out whether this might explain the very good results with megavitamins I had between 1984 and 1988 (which did occur, but which I can't explain other than in very broad terms).

And therefore I ordered a pot of pills with "500 mg" of B1 from my regular supplier, which I started taking, after which I found out that these pills contain
373,15 mg of vitamin B1, plus X (which may be other forms of B1, but that I
do not know, and also do not want for this experiment) that makes it 500 mg.

I take it that it is certain I have now taken 3 days almost 1400 mg of vitamin
B1. What did I learn?

Not much, so far, except that having appreciably more energy did not start at 600 mg in my case.

Otherwise, I don't know, for I only took - so far - these
nearly 1400 mgs for 3 days now, and as yet this does not do much, but (i) this is not 1500 mg and (ii) I am a male of 6 ft 4 (1.94), whereas the protocol I am using was tested on females only, who are on average considerably smaller and lighter than I am.

I should add that I am reasonably well anyway, comparatively, and indeed have been so since the beginning of 2012, apart from my eyes, and without getting better. (And my eyes, although they haven't healed yet, are this year a lot better and less painful than they were from 2012-2015).

The sum-up is that I will probably know in a month's time whether this works for me, and I will then also write about it. I just do not know enough now to
conclude more than I did.


[1] This is an aside, which is relevant for me, but - it appears - for extremely few others:

(which helped me a lot from 1984-1988, after which everything was destroyed because mayor Van Thijn wanted to protect the illegal drugsdealers that he had given his personal permission to deal in illegal drugs from the bottom floor of the house where I lived, without asking me or my neighbors anything: these illegal drugsdealers were allowed to threaten me with murder; to gas me (nearly successfully); and to keep me from sleeping from 1988 till 1992 when I finally succeeded in fleeing, for the Amsterdam mayor, the Amsterdam aldermen, the Amsterdam bureaucrats, and the Amsterdam police all refused to do anything for me all the time: Dutch morals, that also helped murdering over 100.000 Dutch Jews during WW II)

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