Jul 25, 2016

me+ME: Update about my vitamins and computer problems



This is a Nederlog of Monday July 25, 2016.

This is not a crisis log but is an update about my vitamins (against ME) and my computer problems. There will be a later Nederlog today.

I start with two repeats:

First this. I reported in May that I had repaired some links in the index for Nederlog of 2016, and then said that the item of
April 24, 2016 was special in containing an English argument why I am in favor of orthomolecular medicine, and a rather large Dutch update with careful statistics plus results. The whole file is 64.3 Kb. Also note there are now two files in Dutch (partially) about the vitamins I took from 1984-1988. [1]

These are recommended, for they are careful, are based on thirty years of experience, are written by a psychologist, and are better tested than most of the medicines psychiatrists prescribe. I am sorry part of it is in Dutch, but I will not translate that without being paid for it.

And second this. I did write my monthly bit on vitamins and ME in June, but did not put it into a special file, but kept it in a crisis file. It is here, and it is not spectacular (but I do give the amounts of the vitamins I take, and even  that is more than most do).

1. Update about my vitamins

This continues the last monthly update about vitamins and ME, which is here.

The present update is rather new, and may be a surprise:
  • I took no vitamins for a month, today, except for once a VM-75 and once one B6 100 mg pill. Both did not lead to an appreciable difference.
Note that this is a whole lot less than I have taken for several years, although I have also not taken any supplements in the second half of 2012 and the first half of 2013, to find out whether they were related to the serious and constant pain in my eyes that started in May/June of 2012.

The answer was: No, they were not, and so I started retaking my vitamins again in the second half of 2013. It is rather noteworthy that my condition without vitamins was not much worse than with vitamins, although it did seem to get slowly a bit worse, especially as regards pains (less so with energy), which also moved me to start taking vitamins again, which then made me a little better. (Also, I am quite relieved to note that in the beginning of 2016
my eyes got rather a lot better. They are not healed yet, but a lot less painful.)

Now for the reasons why I stopped with supplements a month ago. There are two.

First, I wanted to test whether I could stop (suddenly also) as I had done in 2012, without serious consequences for my health (for it was counter-intuitive that I did not collapse in 2013, which I indeed didn't). I think the result is that I can. And I think the main reason applies as in 2012/2013: I am still quite high on mB12.

Second, I wanted to test whether itchings I got, especially in my head and feet, and which I have had - off and on, more or less serious - for quite a few
years now, were related to my vitamin use. I think the result is twofold (though not quite certain): Yes, they are to some extent, for they grew less, but I don't believe they are only caused by the vitamins I take. (It is also due to M.E.)

So this was mostly a success. There also was another finding: I did do a reasonable amount in July (always: for me, who has signficantly less energy than healthy people), and I could do it fairly easily and without collapsing.

I do not know how I will continue on the moment. I will probably restart the schema I used in June, but every other day, instead of every day, simply to see whether that makes any difference.

There will be more information in a month's time.

2. Update about my computer problems

For the moment my computer mostly works and is expected to keep working, which means that in case I stop updating Nederlog it may be because of health-problems (rather than computer problems).

It is not OK yet, but I will not give more explanations. I can live with it as it is, and proper updating will be troublesome (and certainly when it is too warm).



[1] In fact, they are these:
  • April 24, 2016: This contains an English argument of mine about orthomolecular medicine (from 2016) together with a Dutch description of my use of vitamins in 1986 and 1987 and their consequences;
  • October 30, 2014: The same (with some duplications) but with a Dutch description of my use of vitamins in 1986 and 1987 and their consequences
I have given this in the inverse order of publication because the Dutch information about my vitamins is different: About 1986-1987 in the first file, and about 1987-1988 in the second file, that is a continuation of the first one.

Note that this is quite a lot of information (in Dutch) about the supplements I took in these three years, which also helped me very well then (until I was kept from sufficient sleep between 1988 and 1992 (!!) by the mayor of Amsterdam because I was not an illegal drugsdealing friend of his).

Also (and this is a repetition): Having found out how profit-oriented, lazy and dishonest most medical people I have met (plenty, and hardly anyone helped, but almost everyone was an extremely pretentious speaker of baloney) are, I am quite sure that the only reasonable explanation for the quite radical improvements in my health from 1984-1988 was my taking orthomolecular doses of the vitamins and minerals. (These were again totally undone from 1988-1992, because I could not sleep enough for four years, because I was kept awake by 3 caf├ęs and 1 illegal drugs shop, protected by mayor Ed van Thijn).

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