February 6, 2016

Crisis: Crisis-index for 2016 - 1079 and further
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Crisis: Index file: 1079 and further

This is a Nederlog of Saturday, February 6, 2016.

This is a crisis index file for 2016. It is new and it is an experiment, basically because KompoZer adds thousands of redundant html font commands (if you don't watch the source code, from which you have to remove them).

It is pretty horrible and depressing, but the present index is of a decent size, after having gone through another editor, and after removing tons of redundant font prescriptions...

1. Crisis: Index file: 1079 and further

This continues the following six indexes of files in the crisis series:
The present file is the continuation of the above indexes and starts with 1079 for January 1, 2016. The
last index (from Oct 11, 2015 etc) is shortened to 78 files because of the excessive amount of font
commands inserted by KompoZer (which is the only WYSIWYG html editor on Ubuntu).

The present crisis index is compiled from the Nederlog index by deleting non-crisis items. This works so far and these are the files I wrote in January of 2016 on the crisis. The rest of the index will be compiled monthly in the same way.

January 2016


Nederlog 2016: Updates for the new year
1080. Crisis: On Obama, On Progressive Gains, On TTP, TTIP, TiSA and CETA
Crisis: Major Power Grab, Big Banks, Wealth & Power, Changing Things
Crisis: Murder Inc, Great Malaise, Terrorism & False Flags
1083. Crisis: American Economy, NSA & Encryption, Democracy, Narcotics in USA
1084. Crisis: American Deep State, TPP, Sanders on Greed, Corrupt USA
1085. Crisis: China, Terrorism, Sanders' Program, Chomsky, Moore, M.E.
1086 Crisis: TPP, War Crimes, Snyder, US Billionaires, Corrupt Empires, My Site(s) - 1
1087. Crisis: Encryption, "Free Speech", Catastrophe, Anthropocene, Germany, Obama
1088. Crisis: On Trump, Bill Maher, Historic Photos, On My Site(s) - 2
1089. Crisis: Civilization, Sanders & Clinton, Ordinary People, Perestroika & Medicine
Crisis: "Neoliberalism", Police State, Encryption, Reich, Terrorists
1091. Crisis: Encryption, Obama *2, Isis & REAL Terrorism, Hillary vs Bernie
1092. Crisis: Al Jazeera, Corbyn Effect, Socialism, Corporations, My Computer
1093. Crisis: Big Oil, Sanders, Oil Prices, Cameron, Banks,  American Elections
1094. Crisis: "Truth", Trump, Sanders, Middle Class, TPP, Rich Egoistic Greed
1095. Crisis: Deceptive Numbers, Reich, Sanders, Trump, Intermezzo
1096. Crisis: 62 exploiters, "justice", apocalypse, MLK speech, TTIP, pharmaceutical rape
1097. Crisis: Clintons, Journalism, Repucrat Schultz, Oxfam, Reich, Merkel
1098. Crisis: "Terrorism", The Kochs, Banning Trump, Internet, TTIP Explained
1099. Crisis: Political "Experts", NSA, New Alliance, Trump, Nader, Freedom
1100. Crisis: Lying Media, Guant�namo, SCOTUS, Iraq, Bernie v. Media
1101. Crisis: Postmodern Bullshit, Dump Trump, Reich, Wealth & Power
1102. Crisis: Liberal Church, Cruz, Trump, Sanders, Apple & Jobs
1103. Crisis: Oxfam, Switzerland and Europe, Warren, Reich * 2
1104. Crisis: Chomsky, Denmark, Wall Street, Supreme Court, Global Threats
1105. Crisis: Bernie, Human Rights, China & Ji Xianling, US politics, Scruton
1106. Crisis: Krugman, US Poor, Moore on Flint, Democracy & Norway, Electronic Voting
1107. Crisis: Transparency, Bezos' Post, Elizabeth Warren, Nader on Sanders, Flint
1108. Crisis: France, Clintons, Bill Black, Germany, Bernie Sanders


Crisis: Criminals, Political Correctness, War, Jefferson Airplane
1110. Crisis: Encryption, Zika Virus, Krugman, Military-Industrial Complex, Trump
1111. Crisis: Sanders*2, Corporate Media, Economic Ruin, False Flag Attacks
1112. Crisis: EU-US 'Data Sharing', Carter, Sanders, Endless War, The Press
1113. Crisis: Clinton, Fraud, Julian Assange, Trump, TPP signed, Freedom
1114. Crisis: Crisis-index for 2016 - 1079 and further
1115. Crisis: Julian Assange*2, Jeremy Corbyn, US Republicans, Very Sick Britain
1116. Crisis: Torture, Racism, Koch Brothers, Bill Maher, Clintons' Payments
1117. Crisis: Moral failures, Reich, Albright, Being Hooked, Sanders Economically
1118. Crisis: Blankfein, Trump & Torture, Clinton, Free Speech, Pharmaceutical Rape
1119. Crisis: Sanders, Reich, War Crimes, Climate Change, Netanyahu, Internet
1120. Crisis: Superdelegates, Obama's Changes, Cell Phones, TTIP, Democracy
1121. Crisis: Kissinger, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, MLK Jr., The American Deep State
1122. Crisis: Kasich & Clinton, Scalia's Death, Clinton's Disastrous Record
1123. Crisis: Sanders+Hedges, Wall Street, Toxic Crisis, GOP&Torture, Germany
1124. Crisis: 9/11, Paranoid Israel, Pentagon, Republicans, Evil TTIP
1125. Crisis: Free Speech, France, Populist Revolution (?), USA, Minimum Wage
1126. Crisis: Russia, Apple & Security, CIA, Clinton vs Sanders, US Economy
1127. Crisis: FBI Disruptions, Apple, Pro-Israelis, Reich, Sanders, Zombie ISD
1128. Crisis: Democracy Now!, Hillary Clinton, Democratic Corruption, Scalia
1129. Crisis: Privacy & Apple, Exxon & Science, Bullshit in Science
1130. Crisis: Hedges, Reich, Chomsky, Crash, U.S. Deep State, Pentagon's Spying
1131. Crisis: Wikileaks, Amy Goodman, Wall Street, Establishment, Scalia & Truth
1132. Crisis: Guantánamo*2, Voting Machines, TTIP, Age of Authoritarianism
1133. Crisis: Trump, Obama, Jill Stein, Sanders, Apple vs FBI
1134. Crisis: Pundits, CIA, Climate Science, US Mass Media, Sanders' Economy
1135. Crisis: FBI vs Apple, On VIPS, Bees, "Left-leaning" Propagandists
1136. Crisis: Scalia, "Trade", The Clintons, Fourth Amendment, iPhones, Bill Maher
1137. Crisis: About Elites, Chomsky, Republican Establishment, Fukushima Crisis


Crisis: Apple, California, Hillary Clinton, Israel,  CETA
Crisis: Stupidity, Reich, Super Tuesday, Apple vs. FBI, Private "Trade" "Courts"
Crisis: American Fascism, "Non-Profits", Reich, Stiglitz, TPP etc.
1141. Crisis: Depression, Hillary, FBI & Stasi, American Evangelicals, Drugmakers
1142. Crisis: "Consent", Trump & Nazis, Grayson, "Our Kids", Apple vs FBI
1143. Crisis: Trump Explained, Right-Wing Populists, Scary Trump, Germany
1144. Crisis: GOP Debate, Reich, European Military Actions, Maher & Silverman
1145. Crisis: Trump & Berlusconi, American Wars, Sanders, Trump, Corporate Media
1146. Crisis: Somalians, Snowden, Mexico & NAFTA, Trump as Fascist, Sanders Won
1147. Crisis: Stopping Trump, Polls, Encryption, Democracy, Chomsky
1148. Crisis: Clinton, Bacevich, Gordon Gekko, Fair Banks, Three Candidates
1149. Crisis: American "Justice", Scheer & Binney, Germany, Trump Is Mussolini
1150. Crisis: Republicans, American Military, Chomsky, Sanders & TPP, FBI & NSA
1151. Crisis: Trump's Threats, Hillary's Finances, Libya, Fascism, Clinton's Presidency
1152. Crisis: Neoliberalism, "Journalism", "Free Trade", Free Press, The Climate
1153. Crisis: Fascism, Greenwald, Clintons' Earnings, Trump's Lies, The U.S. Military
1154. Crisis: Trump, Fascism, GOP Establishment, Mussolini, Average Moral Qualities
1155. Crisis: NSA's Spying, "Democracy", Sanders, Pentagon Unaudited, American Fascism
1156. Crisis: TTIP (etc.), "Insider Threat", Climate Change
1157. Crisis: Trump & Fascism, Apple vs FBI, Bill of Rights, Current USA
1158. Crisis: (Non-)voting, 90%, Super Pacs, 'Humanitarian' War, Transparency
1159. Crisis: Women & Trump, FBI, Iraq: More Troops, Chomsky, GOP Tax Plans
1160. Crisis: Brussels *2, America's Miltary, American Fascism (?), Terror
1161. Crisis: GOP, Apple vs FBI, Stop Freedoms, On Terrorism, Economics
1162. Crisis: Karadzic, Greenwald, Hedges, 2 Trade Deals, Terrorism, Sanders
1163. Crisis: Greenwald, Groupthinking, Live Blog, Progressives, Spiegel
1164. Crisis: Bernie Sanders, Warren on Trump, War on Drugs, Maher on Truth
1165. Crisis: Violence, Nader & Sanders, Democrats, Trump & Bullshit, TTP
1166. Crisis: CIA, FBI, Sueing Trump, Uncharted Territory, USA
1167. Crisis: Greenwald, Stingrays, Freedom, Wall Street, Chomsky
1168. Crisis: "Ban Muslims", Opioids in U.S., Abortions, Major Media, Obama's Promises

Crisis: Elections, Trump, Stingrays, Republicans, Corporate Debt, Trump's Failure
Crisis: Sanders vs Clinton *2,  Michael Hudson, Oliver Stone, Superdelegates
1171. Crisis: Islamic Extremism, Sarandon, Torture, China, Secret Rights
1172. Crisis: Patriotism, Panama Papers, Israel, Refugees, Dark Money
1173. Crisis: Legal vs. Good, Guardian, Corruption, Voter Suppression, Wealth
1174. Crisis: Iceland, Panama Papers, Clinton's Corruptions, (Partial) Explanations
1175. Crisis: Obama & Trump, Iceland, Sanders, Panama Papers, Rich vs Poor
1176. Crisis: Rights, Panama Papers, Marijuana, Holland, Wall Street, Economy, Progress
1177. Crisis: Clinton, Bacevich, Encryption, Sanders, Blind Media, New Bill
1178. Crisis: Sick Bill, Sick FBI, Panama Papers, Bernie & Banks, On the USA
1179. Crisis: Sin, Panama Papers *2, Too Many Humans, Horrible Encryption Bill
1180. Crisis: Bad military, bad banking, bad Americans, bad writing, bad democracy
1181. Crisis: Veterans, Panama Papers, Feminism & Payments, Big Frauds
1182. Crisis: Cybersecurity, Kerry & Atomic Bombs, "Nuit Debout", Big Banks Fail Tests
1183. Crisis: Microsoft, Clinton, Oxfam, Nuclear Obama, Black on Krugman
1184. Crisis: Press Freedom, Trump, Torture "Normalized", Chomsky & Propaganda
1185. Crisis: Revolution, Hillary vs Bertie, Sanders, Uygur, European Parliament
1186. Crisis: Saudi Arabia, Sanders, "Our Stone-Age Brains", Clinton, "The News"
1187. Crisis: Tax Havens, Sanders, Broken System, Taxing Finance, All-powerful

1188. Crisis: U.S. Elections, Clinton Wins *2, Guantánamo, Surveillance  State
1189. Crisis: Climate, EU Undemocratic * 2, On Despair, Voting in New York
1190. Crisis: Climate, Guantánamo, TTIP, Press Freedom, Degenerate GCHQ
1191. Crisis: Google, Torture, Left-Wing (?), Hypocrisy, Sanders, Poverty, Abby Martin
1192. Crisis: GOP, Apple vs FBI, Stop Freedoms, On Terrorism, Economics
1193. Crisis: Karadzic, Greenwald, Hedges, 2 Trade Deals, Terrorism, Sanders
1194. Crisis: Clapper, Hersh, Hillary Clinton, Sanders, Burning River, Fourth Amendment
1195. Crisis: Snowden, Power & Reality, Sanders, iPhones, About Trump
1196. Crisis: Email Privacy (?), Luxembourg, Trump's Qualities, Trump's Mind, Snowden
1197. Crisis: On Neoliberalism, Mass Surveillance, FBI Fascism, Refugees
1198. Crisis: Kunduz, Wealth Gap, Clinton & Sanders, FBI More Hacking Pow


1199. Crisis: Clinton, Trump, Clinton vs Sanders, On Trump and Clinton 
Crisis: Socialism, May Day, FBI, Gop Nihilism(?), Democracies & democracy
1201. Crisis: FBI, Reich on Capitalism, TTIP, Revolution, Austrian Malady
1202. Crisis: Drone Wars, Snowden, Illegal Acts, Sanders Wins + Position, Fine Carlin
1203. Crisis: RIP TTIP?, Pundit Failures, Trump *2, Fracking
1204. Crisis: U.S. Elections, FBI Illegal, On Trump, The Rich Major Thieves, Ugly
1205. Crisis: BernieOrBust, Panama Papers *2, TTIP, The Modern Press
1206. Crisis: Poverty, Obama, TTIP, BBC
1207. Crisis: The Cross, On Chomsky, Bill Maher
1208. Crisis: The USA, Facebook, Panama Papers, Secret Services, 20 Times Per Day
1209. Crisis: NSA Programs, Nader, Chomsky, Pentagon's Powers, American Horrors
1210. Crisis+ME: Power, Labor Leaders, TTIP, Propaganda & Chomsky, About M.E.
1211. Crisis: Rousseff Suspended, Assange & Ratner, TPP, Middle Class Exit *2
1212 Crisis: Welcome to 1984, On
1213. Crisis: The serial liar Donald Trump, On
1214. Crisis: Snowden Archive, Noam Chomsky Interviews, Corrupt U.S. Government
1215. Crisis: NSA, Chomsky, Sanders, Obama, American "democracy"
1216. Crisis: American "Democracy", Bill Clinton, Endless War, Endless Propaganda
1217. Crisis: TTIP=neofascism, Brazil, Pentagon, Stingrays
1218. Crisis: Surveillance State, Facebook, Nazi Hunters, Business CEO, Maher & Moore
1219. Crisis: Revolution, Chomsky, Reich on Trump, Pentagon * 2
1220. Crisis: Snowden, Crane & Hertsgaard, US Medicare, Middle East Refugees
1221. Crisis: American Troops, Trump's Questions, Wall Street, Obama, Pentagon
1222. Crisis: Saudis & 9/11, Brazil, Corporate Media, Corporate Propaganda, CEO's Pay
1223. Crisis: FBI's Terrorism, U.S. Writers, Clinton, Reich, "Bern: The Movie"
1224. Crisis: Obama, Cellphones, New World War, USA & TTIP, TISA=Neofascism
1225. Crisis: On Trump; Sanders, Clinton & Trump; TPP; IMF and "neoliberalism"
1226. Crisis+Psy: Poverty in USA; Sanders on Trump; The Empty Brain
1227. Crisis: Capitalism & Fascism, Trump *2, Holder, Democrats, Bill Kristol


Crisis: Corrupt Law, Middle Class, Elections, Opioids and Heroin, Decline of Medicine           
1229. Crisis: FBI & State Terrorism, Trump, Sanders, Brand Name Trump
1230. Crisis: Illegal FBI, Obama, Big Pharma, TPP, Corbyn on TTIP
1231. Crisis: Brazil, Clinton on Trump, Scheer & Prins, Chomsky, Wall Street
1232. Crisis: On Politics
1233. Crisis: Bernie Sanders, Clinton, Reich, 9/11 Evidence
1234. Crisis: Totalitarianism, Bill Clinton, US Spies, Sanders, Maher on Capitalism
1235. Crisis: Sanders' Revolution, Europe's Floods, The Clintons, Snowden
1236. Crisis: FBI, Superdelegates, Trump & Media, Chomsky, Sanders
1237. Crisis: Operation Condor, Bernie Sanders, Drone Wars, Philosophy & Banking
1238. Crisis: After 3 Years of Daily Crisis Writing
1239. Reich on Trump + What happened to "the left"?
1240. Crisis: Hedges on Corporate Power + Chomsky on The World
1241. Crisis: Fascism, FBI Director, Left vs. Right, Trump Diagnosed
1242. Crisis: Net Neutrality, Trump, Fighting Fascists, Sanders
1243. Crisis: Trump's "Truths", Assange, Dying Bees, Bush's Torture Program
1244. Crisis: Trump & Republicans, & Predecessors, & Business Tactics, Pentagon
1245. Crisis: "Terrorism", 1.1 Million Documents, CIA Tortures, Commercialized Elections
1246. Crisis: Trump, Neoliberalism, Republicans, Drug War, NSA and 9/11
1247. Crisis: Hedges on two cons, Chomsky on various themes
1248. Crisis: Guantánamo *2, Hillary, Medicine Has Grown Quite Corrupt
1249. Crisis: "Terrorism", FBI, USA Prison State, Neoliberalism in EU, On Propaganda
1250. Crisis: Democratic Party, Surveillance, Pentagon, Government vs Privacy
1251. Crisis: Brexit, Clinton vs Trump, Eight Important Social  Changes Since 1975
1252. Crisis: Brexit and 2008, Sanders on his wants, Brexit and Crisis
1253. Crisis: Brexit and Failures, FBI's Secrets, A possible test for M.E.
1254. Crisis: Trump and The Greens, Democratic Leaders, ME & vitamins, Jefferson Airplane
1255. Crisis: Brexit and: Britain, Trump, Class War
1256. Crisis: Rigged Economy, Brexit, Neocons, American Patriotisms, Fourth Amendment
1257. Crisis: Political Corruption, Student Debts, Trump, Common Dreams


A film ALL smart persons OUGHT to see, Disintegration, Division
1259. Crisis: FBI, "Journalism" vs. Journalism * 3
1260. Crisis: Obama's Drones, Genetic Engineering, Military-Industrial Complex, Democrats
1261. Crisis: July 4th, Brexit, US Imperialism, EU anti-democratic
1262. Crisis: Trump, Bush Biographed, Fredrick Douglass, Extinct US Democracy
1263. Crisis: Hillary Clinton *2, "Liberalism", Exit Direct Democacy (?!), Martin & Jay
1264. Crisis: American Surveillance, Chilcot * 2, "Advertising", Trump
1265. Crisis: Chilcot Report *2, Lobbyists, Elites
1266. Crisis: On "Neoliberalism", Iraq War, NATO & WW III, Ironies (TTIP etc)
1267. Crisis: Sanders, Kiriakou, Anti-TPP Fails, Non-democratic "Democrats"
1268. Crisis: Legalized Murder, Iraq War, Obama's Lies, "Democratic" Platform
1269. Crisis: Trump & Police State, Abu Zubadyah, Chilcot, Trump's Sanity
1270. Crisis: Eric Holder, Scheer on Bernie, Abu Zubaydah, Reich on Bernie
1271. Crisis: Disemboweling, Cameron & May, Crazy AUMF, Gestapo America
1272. Crisis: Cleveland, iCensor, Hillary, ACLU vs Trump, Norman Lear
1273. Crisis: Nice *2, Maher, Bernie Sanders, Microsoft, Politics in Great Britain
1274. Crisis: Arianna Huffington, "Free Trade", Periods, What to expect?
1275. Crisis: Hedges on Writing as Resistance, Israel, FBI, Chomsky on Anarchism etc.
1276. Crisis: Scheer on Trump, Drones, Warren on Trump, Schwarz on Trump
1277. Crisis: Youssef, Melania Trump, Reich, Upward Mobility, Volkswagen, GOP's sin
1278. Crisis: Roger Ailes, Charlatan Trump, Extreme Right-Wing, Melania, Barosso
1279. Crisis: Trump's acceptance, Clinton, Moore, Alarm Bells, Bill Maher
1280. Crisis: Trump *3, Clinton & Kaine, Erdogan's Putsch
1281. Crisis: Police, Hillary-Kaine, Reich on Hillary, Trump Psychopath, Trump Danger
1282. Crisis: European Fascists, "Democrats", Superpowers, Neofascism, Trump Sociopath
1283. Crisis: Turkey, Assange, Big Pharma's Corruptions, Hillary-Kaine, ECB
1284. Crisis: Jealous vs Stein, Hedges vs Reich, Useful Idiots, Progressive SCOTUS
1285. Crisis: Scheer & Summers, U.S. Arms, Trump & Reagan, Smartphone Addiction
1286. Crisis: Anti-semitism, Clinton & TPP, Supreme Court, Trump & DNC, Greenwald
1287. Crisis: Democratic Riches, Jill Stein, Ripped Off, Trump's Character
1288. Crisis: Assange, Demagogues, Representative Democray, Sanders, Clinton


Crisis: Trump's Psychopathology, Greenwald & Media, Chomsky on Computers
Crisis: Scheer on Clinton, Reich, Germany & Terrorism, Economic Crash
1291. Crisis: U.S. Wars, Pope Francis, Economy, Exponential Growth, Trump Is Mad
1292. Crisis: Cornel West, Trump Presidency, DNC, Democrats & Super-Rich
1293. Crisis: Corbyn, Faces Recognized, Hedges vs Reich, On "Terrorism", Trump
1294. Crisis: On Sanders & By Sanders, Datamining, "Intellectuals are Freaks"
1295. Crisis: Pentagon, Chomsky, Trump's Dangers, Voting, ACLU, "New Deal"
1296. Crisis: Access, Jill Stein, Trump's Numbers, Trump's Insanity, Bill Maher
1297. Crisis: Fascism, Assange*2, National Security, Sovereignty, Trump Is Mad
1298. Crisis: Brazil, USA's Economic Elite, Think Tanks, Dirtier Campaign, Kissinger
1299. Crisis: Medical Spying, Trump & Mafia, Murder (?), Carlin, Tax Wall Street
1300. Crisis: FEC, Ivanka Trump, John Paulson, Marijuana, Universities
1301. Crisis: Arab World, Sanders & TPP, Climate Science, Postmodernism
1302. Crisis: Money, Congress, Pentagon 1, Germany, Pentagon 2
1303. Crisis: Trump's Nemesis, Trump's Damage, Clinton's Presidency
1304. Crisis: Con vs. con, On Lewis Powell Jr., CIA Censorship, Clinton Turning Right (?)
1305. Crisis: Apple's C(r)ook, On Trumpism, Turkey Explained, NSA Hacked (?)
1306. Crisis: NSA Hack, American Media, Obvious Socialism (?), Syrian Horrors
1307. Crisis: Illusion Of Freedom, Private Prisons, Sanders On Inequality
1308. Crisis: Scheer & Hedges, On Deindustrialization, NSA Leak Is Real
1309. Crisis: Approaching neofascism: Five major changes in the USA since 1970
1310. Crisis: Clinton & Trump, GOP Destroyed?, Syrian War, TiSA Explained
1311. Crisis: Bill Clinton & Welfare, Trump & Racism, Hillary, Bernie Backer
1312. Crisis: US Democracy, Welfare, Humanitarian Wars, Twitter, Whistleblowers
1313. Crisis: Bikinis vs Burkinis, Alt-Right, Trump Is Anti-Media, Stiglitz on TPP
1314. Crisis: "Our Revolution", American Veterans, Israel, Clinton Wins (??)
1315. Crisis: War Economy (1 & 2), "Our Revolution", TPP, Brazil, NSA Whisleblower
1316. Crisis: "The Euro", Transformed Politics, Science and "Science"
1317. Crisis: On The Deep State in the USA, TTIP Has 'De Facto Failed'
1318. Crisis: Greenwald on Brazil and Clinton, Burkinis In France, After Trump
1319. Crisis+ME/CFS: Hacked Elections, Unions, Brazil, ME/CFS Unriddled


Crisis: Illiterate USA, McCarthyism Lives, Brazil, Neofascism, Apple Inc
1321. Crisis: Spy Gear, Rousseff, US Army Inaccountable, "Leftist" Lies, Chomsky
1322. Crisis: Corporate Fascism, Trump & Hitler Compared, Clean Energy, Common Dreams
1323. Crisis: Intellectuals, "Free Trade", Democracy, Labor Question, Terrorism, ISDSs
1324. Crisis: Hedges vs Reich, Future Catastrophies, Workers, Communism & NSA
1325. Crisis: Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Math Destruction, "Moral Idiocy"
1326. Crisis: Legal Neofascism, Trump, New York Times, TTP
1327. Crisis: Obama, TPP, Mass Surveillance, Libertarians, Exit Wilderness
1328. Crisis: Trump, Obama, Facebook, Krugman On Trump, American Police State
1329. Crisis: Endless War, Murray, Everything War, Israel & Martin, Restoration  Site
1330. Crisis: Fooled Again, CIA & Torture, War Crimes, Terror and "Law"
1331. Crisis: Bill Moyers, Secret Stingrays, Corporate Wealth, Facebook & Israel
1332. Crisis: $5 Trillions For War, Snowden, China & Russia, Deregulations
1333. Crisis: On Capitalism, Against TPP, Human Slaves, Olbermann on Trump
1334. Crisis: About the USA, Frauding Banksters, Trump & "the left", Trump & Europe
1335. Crisis: On "Snowden", Powell on Media, CIA Cover-up, Economics, Sanders
1336. Crisis: Disinforming Media, CEOs Often Psychopaths, Privacy, TTIP Etc.
1337. Crisis: "Liberalism", Washington Post, "Narcissism"(?), (Neo-)Fascism, Pro Hillary
1338. Crisis: Nader on Trump, Trump Presidency, Surveillance, CETA
Crisis: Totalitarian USA, Apple's Exploitations, TISA & Neofascism
1340. Crisis: 50 Million Children, Stolen Elections, Trolls, Climate & Science
1341. Crisis: Violence, "Stop-And-Frisk", "Climate Math", Trump in Germany
1342. Crisis: "Fascism is NOT coming" (Vote Stein!) , Prins on Obama, On Syrian Refugees
1343. Crisis: On Psychiatry, GOP Sadists, Obama's Wars, Corbyn, Chomsky
1344. Crisis: A Pathological Liar, On Profit, Clinton Vs Trump, On State Terrorism
1345. Crisis: Police Killings, The Left and Trump, Olbermann on Trump, USA and Vidal
1346. Crisis+me: Ẁar on Truth, Trump as Tyrant, Seditious Libel, My Autobiography
1347. Crisis+me: On Justice, On The USA, On Trump, On Philosophy
1348. Crisis: Aleppo, Undermining Democracy, Health Crisis, Anti-War Films, Trolls


Crisis: Human Rights, Power Grabs, Paris Accords, "Free Trade", Assange
1350. Crisis: Trump Supporters, Anti-Trump, Bees, Internet, TTIP
1351. Crisis: Imperialism, Trump Looser & No Taxpayer,  Clinton Dovish, Fake "News"
1352. Crisis: Obama, CIA Detainees, Donald Trump, Nuclear War, TTIP and Medicines
1353. Crisis: Trump Presidency, Assange, Media Manipulation, Yahoo Spied, Sanders
1354. Crisis: Nuclear War, Yahoo's Spying, NSA Contractor, German Hate "Explained"
1355 Crisis: On Israel, Hitler & Trump, Inequality, Bacevich, Obama & Nuremberg
1356. Crisis: Hillary Clinton, Ex-Yahoo Employee, Election Fraud, Fascist Fuckbook
1357. Crisis: Pussy-grabbing Trump, Rules Dead, WikiLeaks, Democracy & Debts
1358. Crisis: Prisons & Slavery, Trump Is Insane (*3)
1359. Crisis: Trump's Quote, On Economics, Trumpian Gutter, Clinton Leads, Trumpian Insanity
1360. Crisis: Hillary, Panama Papers, Big Pharma, US & UK Terrorism, Misogynists
1361. Crisis: Trump: At War, Sexually Assaulting, Imprison Clinton, Pro-Rich Tax Plans
1362. Crisis: Fo & Dylan, Trump "Nazi-Like", "Neoliberalism" Failed, Wikileaks & Principles
1363. Crisis: Crosby, Trumpian Sexual Assaults (14 now), Chomsky, TISA, Child Labor USA
1364. Crisis: Trump & "Pussygate", WikiLeaks, "End of Growth", On "Neoliberalism"
1365. Crisis: Trump & Fascism, Clinton's Emails, TISA = Neofascism
1366. Crisis: Trump, Mass Spying, Amy Goodman, Circuses, American Capitalism
1367. Crisis: Secret "Laws", $5 Trillion War, Julian Assange Censored, Face Recognition
1368. Crisis: Presidential Debate, Revolutionary Trump, Senate, Missing, Unhinged Trump
1369. Crisis: Trump vs. Democracy, Sensible Springsteen, Hedges & Glaude
1370. Crisis: Freedoms, CETA Dead?, Torture Unlawful, Neo-Fascism, Capitalism
1371. Crisis: Trump's Ends, Julian Assange, Trust, Republicans, Noam Chomsky
1372. Crisis: Power, Spying, Inequality, On Trump
1373. Crisis: Trump's "Reality", CETA, Corporate Tax-Breaks, Total Dictatorship
1374. Crisis: Narcissistic Trump, AT&T Spies, Google Spies, Norman Lear
1375. Crisis: Frank & Scheer, Trump's Nonsense, AT&T, Snowden on Journalism
1376. On Fascism and Neofascism: Definitions
1377. Crisis: Elections, CIA & NSA Uncontrolled, Privacy Rules, Violence, Ralph Nader
1378. Crisis: Propaganda, AT&T, Progressive Powers (?), Trump, Goodbye GOP
1379. Crisis: Truth & War, AT&T, Obama & Hillary, Gorbachev & Nuclear War
1380. Crisis: Irrationalism, Iraq War, Vote!, "Hate spin", Hillary Clinton


1381. Crisis: On Psychopaths, CETA, Weiner Mails, Podesta Mails, On Democrats
1382. Crisis: Surveillance, Pirate Party, Rich Exploiters, Neofascism for the Rich
1383. Crisis: Reinventing Democracy (?), Neo-Nazis, American Imperialism, Theresa May
1384. Crisis: Save America, 3,5° C, "Privacy", Security State, Noam Chomsky
1385. Crisis: Snowden Vindicated, Koch Brothers, Michael Moore, Turkey
1386. Crisis: Julian Assange, James Comey, Hitler & Trump, Common Dreams
1387. Crisis: Politics, November 9, Chris Hedges, Trump's Enablers, Common Dreams
1388. Crisis: Michael Moore, Chris Hedges, Cenk Uygur, Paul Buchheit, Bill Curry
1389. Crisis: America Abyss, Democracy's Last Stop, 10 Threats
1390. Crisis: Greenwald, Schwarz, Frank, Scheer, Fulton
1391. Crisis: Greenwald, Reich, Sanders, Gessen, My P.S.
1392. Crisis: Chris Hedges, Alex Emmons, Izzy Stone, William Pitts
1393. Crisis: The Intercept, Surveillance, Greenwald, Rigging, TPP, Trump Dangerous
1394. Crisis: Fascism, Coen, Reich, Lauria, Germanos, Greenwald
1395. Crisis: Greenwald, Chomsky, Goodman, Engelhardt, Fulton, Whitehead
1396. Crisis: Sherman, McCauley, Wallach, Cole
1397. Crisis: Constitution, Drones, Sachs, Palast, Pilger, Rigged Economy
1398. Crisis: "Social Media", iPhones, Climate, Totalitarian "Law", Merkel, Euro, Olbermann
1399. Crisis: Greenwald, Harrison, Ford, Parry, State Terrorism, Truth-out, Snowden
1400. Crisis: Davis, McLennan, McGovern, Reich, Simic
1401. Crisis: Hedges, Niles, Winship, Parry, McCauley
1402. Crisis: Schahill, "Working-Class Party", Newspeak, Mega-Mergers, Seditous Libel
1403. Crisis: Rosenfeld, Gallagher, González, Fulton, Tristam
1404. Crisis: Greenwald, Hoofnagle, Wilansky, Net Neutrality, Gessen
1405. Crisis: Trump's "fascism", Aleppo, Greens Question Trump's Victory
1406. Crisis: Chomsky, Street, Nader, Washington's Blog, Castro, Vitamins
1407. Crisis: Pentagon Rising, Fake News, About Fidel Castro
1408. Crisis: Barbarians, Non-mainstream, Trump, Free Speech, Media, Neofascism
1409. Crisis: Noam Chomsky, Trump & Times, Democratic Party, Annie Machon
1410. Crisis: Church Committee, Sanders, Olbermann, Warren, Yves Smith


Crisis: Greenwald, Sanders, Reich, Martin & Jay, Gabler
1412. Crisis: Holloway, Prupis, Kahle, West, Truthdig, Orwell
1413. Crisis: "Terrorism", Twitter, Engelhardt, Reich
1414. Crisis: Kiriakou, Municipalities, Parry, Danner, Remnick
1415. Crisis: Hedges, Kohn, Trump's Emoluments, Austria, Democratic Party
1416. Crisis: Pilger, Chatterjee, Lennon, DeVega, Frank P. Ramsey
1417. Crisis: Noam Chomsky, War Powers, "Terrorism", Anti-Trump Protests
1418. Crisis: NSA Revelations, Chomsky & Belafonte, Trump's fascism, Trump's megalomania
1419. Crisis: "Populism", Ignorance, Parry, Reich, McCauley
1420. Crisis: Goldman won *2, Fake News *2, Warrantless Secret Surveillance
1421. Crisis: Evidence, Media & Morality, Americans, Michael Hudson on Economy
1422. Crisis: Demagogery, Trump the Great, Snowden, Liberties, Internet Archive
1423. Crisis: Noam Chomky, Trump Pro Rich, Trump Anti Government, Jill Stein
1424. Crisis: Gag Orders, Michigan, No Russian Hacking, On Trump *2
1425. Crisis: American Totalitarianism, Corruption *2, Economy, Ayn Rand's Hypocrisy
1426. Crisis: Trump's Right Wing, Clapper, Ayn Rand, Russia, Pending Tyranny
1427. Crisis: Multi-Millionaires, Arctic Warming, CEOs, Poverty, Health Care Warning
1428. Crisis: Torture & Trump, Kiriakou, US Economy Explained, Trump Nominees
1429. Crisis: "Fake News", "Kakistocracy" (?!), Spy Coup (?), On Trump's Rallies
1430. Crisis: Psychiatry & Trump, Energy, Russia-Hack, UK Police State, Bullshit
1431. Crisis: American Fascism (?), State Department, Bill Maher, Reich Interviewed
1433. Crisis: European Privacy (?), Global Warming, Trump's Fraud, Chomsky, Krugman
1433. Crisis: Tyranny, Italy, Blaming Russia, Freedom, Participatory Economics
1434. Crisis: "Virtual Reality", Greenpeace USA, Economy, USA More Neofascistic
1435. Crisis: Is Donald Trump Mentally Ill?
1436. Crisis: Donald Trump is a megalomaniac neofascist (I think)
1437. Crisis: Trumpian Times, Noam Chomsky, Truthdig & Hedges, Polychroniou
1438. Crisis: Bernie Sanders, US Censorship, On Economists, Trump's Tweets
1439. Crisis: Fake News (2), Drone War, National Security, US Arms Sales
1440. Crisis: Trump & Trade, On Obama, Facebook, Putin & Trump, Lessons From History
1441. Crisis: "Russian Hacking", The Guardian, Internet Archive, Nuclear, Theresa May
1442. Crisis: "Russian Hacking", Climate Research, Trump, Fake News, No End-Of-Year
1443. Crisis: The summaries of 2016 - Part A
1444. Crisis: The summaries of 2016 - Part B
1445. me+ME: End of year notice: The world, the people, the disease


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