December 6, 2015
I have at present an unstable but mostly working computer, till I say this is over



This is a Nederlog of Sunday, December 6, 2015.

It is here to tell you I have got computer problems. I do not know how serious they are right now, though I think the system will continue to work. (This is Linux, not Windows.) Also, they really are my own doing: It has nothing to do with Ubuntu or Linux, but only with my own careless stupidity.

This file is merely to tell you about the problems. There may be a later Nederlog file today.

1. I have at present an unstable but mostly working computer, till I say this is over

This file is here to inform you that I have computer problems, in fact since November 24, 2015.

The problems relate to the crash I made - because of my own stupidity, related to my eyes - on November 24 last. (I updated to the next version of Ubuntu, but had not checked it has the High Contrast Inverse option: It doesn't, and that makes it useless as long as my eyes are bad, which they still are, though they have improved.)

What I did was the only thing available to me on November 24 (I said I was stupidly careless):

I installed a version of Ubuntu that was on my hard disk since June or July 2012; then I copied all my data (that were preserved on other disks); and then I did several backups.

These seemed to haved worked, but on December 4 my complete internet connection was lost. Now I have it back, but only by going back over three years with Ubuntu (though I still have most my data).

Yesterday - December 5 - I restored a working system, included internet. I also made a back-up so I can return to it if I must.

It is something of a relief that I am back with internet connection, but the system I have on the moment is not stable though it is mostly working.

I do not know how long this will last. I will go on with my site, both in Nederlog and elsewhere, but in case there are no more Nederlogs, you may infer the system broke down again.

But I think that will be increasingly unlikely if it is still working in a month's time, that is by January 6, 2016: Until then, at least, there is a risk that the system I
am currently running may stop.

As I said yesterday, I will try to sort this rapidly, but that may take some time simply because I need a stable system again, and that will take several weeks at least, and does not only depend on me (but also on Ubuntu's updates).

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