11, 2015
Crisis: Index file: 1001 - 1078 (end of 2015)
   "They who can give up essential 
   liberty to obtain a little temporary
   safety, deserve neither liberty
   nor safety."
   -- Benjamin Franklin [1]
   "All governments lie and nothing
   they say should be believed.
   -- I.F. Stone.
   "Power tends to corrupt, and   
   absolute power corrupts
   absolutely. Great men are        
   almost always bad men."
   -- Lord Acton

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1. Crisis: 1001 and further 
About ME/CFS


This is the sixth index file in the crisis series. Note there are now and since September 1 2008 over 1000 files in this crisis series.

Also, since I am reviewing on average 5 files in every crisis log, and since I can't make adequate titles for each of the items, you may be interested to know that for 2015 there
are fairly good summaries, as there are for
2014 (this is reachable from the top of the summaries file).

There will be another Nederlog file later today.

1. Crisis: Index file: 1001 and further

This continues the following five indexes of files in the crisis series
The present file is the continuation and starts with 1001 for October 11, 2015.

The two main reasons there were 200 crisis files from September 2008 till June 2013 and 600 since June 2013, are that I was preoccupied with M.E. and the (false) XMRV-hypothesis to account for it from October 2009 till October 2011 (see Oct 8, 2011 if you are interested), and I also did not know of Snowden's Revelations until June 10, 2013 (though these were foreseen by me, but only speculatively, in December 2012).

Except for the first 81 files of the more than 800 at present, that are in Dutch, the rest of the presently 1000 files are in English. Otherwise, the present file has the same style as the previous one.


1001. Crisis: Index file: 1001 and further (this file)
1002. Crisis: Financial Crash, TTIP Protests, Good Privacy Bill, Progressives, TPP

1003. Crisis: Poor Black Americans, Spies, The Economy, Rich vs Poor, TiSA

1004. Crisis: China, American Hypocrisies, 158 Families, Democrats, GOP
1005. Crisis: Authoritarian USA, Lawsuit, Labour, Australia, Citizens United
1006. Crisis: Democratic Candidates *3, Canada, Wealth vs Poverty, "Techno-
1007. Crisis: Drone Papers, Assange, Gaza, Bureaucracy, AI, Austerity
1008. Crisis: Holder, Snowden, Scahill on Drone Papers, Sanders, TTIP, Euro
1009. Crisis: Democratic Presidential Debates, Whistleblowers' Fates
1010. Crisis: Newspapers, Stalin, Canada, Fracking, Drone Papers, Fascist TTIP
1011. Crisis: Assange, Trudeau, US Inequality Worst, Krugman, Blair, Maher
1012. Crisis: Citizens United, Cooper, Socialism, Hersh on Bin Laden, Kunduz
1013. Crisis: Germany, Rebellions, Managerialism, CISA, USA Not Democratic
1014. Crisis: CISA, Drones, Clinton vs Snowden, Netanyahu, Bush Jr.
1015. Crisis: TTIP & Environment, Protests, Snowden, Germany, Obama Explained
1016. Crisis: Prostitution, Drones, CISA, NSA & Truth, Wyoming "Law"
1017. Crisis: Pentagon, Penguin, Netanyahu, Energy, Osborne, Internet,
            Education, Stingray, Vidal
1018. Crisis: "Liberté!", Stiglitz, CISA approved *2, Exit European Net Neutrality
1019. Crisis: English Malnutrition, CISA, Censorship Increases, Socialism, TTIP in
1020. Crisis: Snowden & EU, Gates & Climate, Aamer Released, How Many
1021. Crisis: APA & Torture, Aamer, Obama's Promises, Brits Loose Privacy,

November 2015

Crisis: Amazon, Small Banks, Netanyahu "Corrects", Rubio & Ryan as Frauds
1023. Crisis: Sheldon Wolin, China, Guardian on Turkey, Crash, American Markets
1024. Crisis: Secret Services, Deaths, VW Scandal, Failing Tech Companies,
            Wallace, Merkel
1025. Crisis: Europese Spying, CISA Success, Corporate Power, MSF,
            Mussolini-style Corporatism          
1026. Crisis: UK Turns Right, Privacy, Jenkins On May, Obama, CIA Ethics-Free
1027. Crisis: TPP Disaster, Kunduz, Dead Magna Charta, Mega-Rich, Reality Check
1028. Crisis: Fascist TTP*2, Kunduz Attack, German BND, End of crisis series
1029. Crisis: About the crisis series - November 2015
1030. Crisis: Medical Research, Kissinger, Western Media, The Guardian
1031. Crisis: MSF Battles On, TPP & Internet, Quasi Journalism, Judge Leon's
1032. Crisis: My site exists 19 years + On Inverted Totalitarianism
1033. Crisis: Internet, Politics, Torture, TPP, TiSA
1034. Crisis: Snowden, Securus Insecure, Stiglitz On Obama, Stingrays, American
1035. Crisis: France, "New Democrats", American Conservatism, Outer Space, TPP
1036. Crisis: France, US Democrats, Reich, Terrorism, The West's Responsibility
1037. Crisis: Paris and Snowden, Religion, and more Paris * 3
1038. Crisis: Muslims, NSA, Isis, USA, Bill Maher, Circus Politics, Scapegoating
1039. Crisis: Mass Surveillance, Media, Revolution (?), Monopolies, Stopping Isis
1040. Crisis: Greenwald, Drone Operators, Trump, Kiriakou, Encryption
1041. Crisis: Whistleblowers, Paris, Sanders & Socialism, "War on Terrror", NSA &
1042. Crisis: Roosevelt's 2nd Bill of Rights, Cash, United Nations, Isis
1043. Crisis: Terror, Trudeau, Jihadism NOT Nihilism, Brussels, Savageries
1044. Crisis: Terror vs Gun Deaths, France Unfrees Itself, Pfizer Scam, World War
1045. About the crisis, Nederlog and the crisis series
1046. Crisis: Nader & Hedges, TTIP, Authoritarian France, Warming, "Free
1047. Crisis: Demagogues, TTIP, Corbyn Undermined, Hedges-video

December 2015

Crisis: The Real News Interview with Chris Hedges (2013) - part 1/7
1049. Crisis: Life in the Electronic Concentration Camp
1050. Crisis: France, Terrorism, American Constitution, Socialism in the USA
1051. Crisis: TiSA, France: Emergency, Republicans, Chris Hedges 2/7
1052. Crisis: Apocalyptic Capitalism, Basic Income, Dangers Terrorism, The "News"
1053. Crisis: Trump, Hedges on democracy, More Trump, The Rich SUCCEEDED
1054. Crisis: Capitalism (Two Kinds), Fascism, Torture Report, Trump             
1055. Crisis: Exit Middle Class, Trump & Hitler, TPP+TTIP+TISA, Scientific
1056. Crisis: Russia, Big Merger, Ex-Cep-Tio-Nal-Ism, Oligarchy, Germany
1057. Crisis: French Emergency, Climate Accord, Google Spies, Whistleblowers
Crisis: Deadly Capitalism, Poland, Hansen vs Paris, Sanders' Media Blackout  
Crisis: Environment, Trump & Stupidity, Middle Class, Kill Chain, CISA      
Crisis: Hirsi Ali, Internet, No Real News, No Real Campaigns, Terror
1061. Crisis: Exit Democracy US, Norway, Sanders, Black, Killed Children & GOP
1062. Crisis: Illegal Spying, $629 Billion Corporate Tax Cuts, "Uncle Bob", Dark
1063. Crisis: CISA Passed, Sanders, Krugman, Scruton on "The Left", Pete Seeger
1064. Crisis: CISA & Patriot Act, Obama's "mistakes", Moyers on Democracy,
            The Fed
1065. Crisis: Political Villainy, Many Lies, Police State, "Socialism"
1066. Crisis: Sanders vs Clinton, Climate, Rotten All Through, MSF & Kunduz
1067. Crisis: US Military vs. US Gov'ment, Rays of Light, Big Oil Knew,
            Plutocrats Won
1068. Crisis: Nader, Atheism, Sanders vs Trump, Revolt, Bill Black
1069. Crisis: Robert Reich, Socialism, 11 hypotheses about the causes of the crisis
1070. Crisis: It's the deregulation, stupid!
1071. Crisis: TPP Scam, Investigative Reports, Apple Steals Billions, Moore, Maher
1072. Crisis: On Freedom, Cold War Terrorism, TPP, Review of 2015
1073. Crisis: Windows, Markets & Climate, Pentagon & Guantánamo, Drake,
            Suzy Chapman
1074. Crisis: On Ideologies
1075. Crisis: Spying on Congress, Orwellian Gop, Stealing Banks, End-Of-Year
1076. Crisis: The summaries of 2015 - part A
1077. Crisis: The summaries of 2015 - part B
1078. me+ME: End of year notice: The world, the people, the disease

The last file 1078 is the last file of 2015. The next index is in 2016, because it
is EXTREMELY difficult to make an index in KompoZer without 10 times too many


[1] Here it is necessary to insist, with Aristotle, that the governors do not rule, or at least, should not rule: The laws rule, and the government, if good, is part of its executive power. Here I quote Aristotle from my More on stupidity, the rule of law, and Glenn Greenwald:
It is more proper that law should govern than any one of the citizens: upon the same principle, if it is advantageous to place the supreme power in some particular persons, they should be appointed to be only guardians, and the servants of the laws.
(And I note the whole file I quote from is quite pertinent.)

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