October 10, 2015
Crisis: This is the 1000-th article in the crisis series
 "They who can give up essential 
   liberty to obtain a little temporary
   safety, deserve neither liberty
   nor safety."
   -- Benjamin Franklin
   "All governments lie and nothing
   they say should be believed.
   -- I.F. Stone
   "Power tends to corrupt, and   
   absolute power corrupts
   absolutely. Great men are        
   almost always bad men."
   -- Lord Acton

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The 1000-th item in the crisis series
2. Now what? 

This is a Nederlog of Saturday, October 10, 2015.

This is a crisis blog. There is an earlier crisis log today, under the link, that reviews 5 articles, but this blog is a bit extra-ordinary: It is the 1000-th (thousandth) blog in the crisis series.

It contains two sections: An explanation of my site, Nederlog and the crisis series, followed by a partial answer to "now what?".

1. The 1000-th item in the crisis series

This Nederlog is the 1000-th log in the crisis series, which I will explain in this section, in three steps.

First my site.

I have an internet connection since late 1996, which is almost 19 years ago now. I think I uploaded my first site in January 1997. I had written it myself in html but the first months it remained quite small, and also got changed several times.

By 1998 it got considerably extended, and then I also uploaded my long review - 2.5 MB, 65 files - of Leibniz's "Nouveaux Essays", which I still think is very fine, but it took until 2003 for the site to look - more or less - as it does presently: With a blue graphical background, and written in Verdana.

Also between 2002 and 2009 the site got much extended by me, and by 2010 most items that are still on it (presently over 500 MB) were in place.

Second, Nederlog.

Initially and until the summer of 2009, the site was maintained by a telephone- modem, that was both quite slow (maximally 28 Kb per second, usually less) and quite expensive, for I had to pay each and every telephone tick.

So in fact I surfed little (which anyway was quite slow, and not fit for videos), and mostly just uploaded to my site and checked for mail.

Also, by the end of August of 2004 I decided that the e-mails I was sending regularly to my brother about Holland (he doesn't live in Holland since the 1980ies) could as well be made into a kind of log on my site, and that is how Nedernieuws got started in 2004, briefly after I had gotten a second site.

This was all in Dutch, and was limited to news about Holland. By the end of 2005 I had decided I wanted to write about more than just Holland, and changed Nedernieuws to Nederlog, which I recast as being about news, ideas, comments  and remarks of any kind that interested me, including about M.E. that I had half of my life in 2006, and thus Nederlog remained, in Dutch also, until the beginnining of 2010.

In the end of 2009 I was informed that something had been discovered about M.E.: It was - supposedly - caused by XMRV, which is a substance that had been found in the blood of patients with M.E. by dr. Judy Mikovits in a highly significant proportion, as was claimed in an article that was considered good enough to be printed in Science.

I thought the news quite interesting, although as a philosopher of science I knew that one could not (yet) say this caused M.E. without further confirmation and further research, and I also was interested enough to become a member of Phoenix Rising, which was (and is) an English site for people with M.E.

This also caused me to change the language of Nederlog to English, which anyway is the language for the greater part of the rest of my site, and also to write mostly about ME (as I tend to write M.E.) and sometimes also about me.

Then again, I left Phoenix Rising in May of 2010 and was removed from another site for patients with ME in July, in the end - I think, but am fairly certain of this - simply because I was too intelligent. (I am fairly certain of this because precisely the same happened to several other intelligent persons, who I also hardly knew: I merely witnessed their harassment.)

I should say that I didn't mind much, for I had learned one thing on Phoenix Rising: The ordinary patient can't write, and doesn't think too well - which is no shame at all (they are all ill, have cognitive problems, and few have a university education), but which gets pretty upsetting when bands of such persons join together to blame the few who can write and argue - for being abled to write and argue better than they can themselves (which did happen, and not to me, but which caused me to give up the patients, who indeed also have on average some 50 IQ-points less than I have, which does make a difference, for me).

Also, by October 8, 2011 - after Science had announced problems with Mikovits and others' published article, and more - I had decided I didn't believe in XMRV anymore, which turned out to be the correct decision in the following months, and from then on I wrote a whole lot less about ME and hardly anything about XMRV. (XMRV was mere contamination, it seems, and ME is still mostly a riddle,
though any good medical doctor knows it is a real disease, presently without a good explanation).

Third, the crisis logs.

In the summer of 2008 the American banks nearly collapsed and were - except for Lehmann Brothers - saved by gigantic amounts of tax money. It was nearly immediately obvious to me that this was a huge economic crisis, and I started a crisis series on September 1, 2008, in Dutch, because until 2010 I wrote Nederlog in Dutch. (Incidentally, according to the Dutch government nothing was the matter in the beginning of September, and indeed until well into October.)

I continued with the crisis logs, mixed with various other matters, including much about ME+me in 2010 and 2011, and wrote from 2008 till June 9 2013 189 crisis logs altogether, of which the first 81 are in Dutch and - from 2010 onwards - the rest is in English.

Then on June 10, 2013 I learned two things: There was a man called Edward Snowden, who had risked very much to make it known that - especially - the American NSA and the British GCHQ were collecting absolutely everything - mails, sites, telephone conversations - of absolutely everyone on the pretext (I think, in fact since 2005) that "this would help against terrorism".

From then till now I have produced over 800 crisis logs in the last 2 years and 4 months, and nearly all have the same format: They are based on checking some 40 sites every day; finding out what I think is worthwile and about the crisis; and reviewing that, with quotations from the articles.

Normally, I review around 5 articles per Nederlog, but this can get as low as 3 or as high as 10, though both are rare.

This means that I did review more than 4000 articles that relate to various aspects of the crisis - and see December 25, 2012 for a general analysis of the crisis, which incidentally predates my discovery of Edward Snowden - which (it seems to me) very few other persons did. (Note that 1000 files is a considerable amount of text!)

2. Now what?

Having explained my site, Nederlog and the crisis series, there rises the question now what?

Here I must start with mentioning two other things that are quite relevant to me:

First, I have really painful eyes since June 2012, which is still the case, and still requires dripping every two hours, though it is less painful now than it was in 2012 and 2013.

This effected me considerably, because I have had to adjust my computer (I still can't watch ordinary white sites for a long time), and also have had to adjust my reading habits (I read a lot less, and with more difficulties) and also some of my writing habits (I write a lot fewer notes since 2012, while I did write a great amount of them - over 30 MB - from 1983-2012.

Second, having become 65 this year - a bit amazing, for I don't look like it at all, and also don't feel like it at all - I got my pension, which is just a little bit higher than the dole I got, but which liberates me in quite a few ways from the degenerates and sadists that run the Amsterdam dole, who refused for 31 years to admit that I was ill; who could sanction me in many ways; who also rarely answered my letters and mails; and who never addressed me by my title ("drs", abbreviated the Dutch way)

Next, I have lately and since the previous year repeatedly mentioned that I might stop or alter the crisis series.

The reasons for stopping or altering it are mainly that I am not a journalist, whereas most I review is by journalists, and that I find it myself pretty difficult to make sense of the titles, which need to be limited to a few key-words (since I review on average 5 articles per Nederlog - and yes, this year I coped in part by starting the crisis logs with a summary, that is also in summaries, every day

The reasons for going on are mostly that I read most of the sites I consult for the crisis series anyway, regardless of whether I write about them, and also it has become rather habitual the last 28 months: I get up; scan and read around 40
sites; and write the NL, sometimes very quickly, other times more slowly, but generally my mornings and the early afternoon are filled this way.

Both kinds of reasons still hold, but having reached a thousand Nederlogs about the crisis, I take it I will write more crisis files the coming year, but less than the last 28 months. That is, not every day, at least as long as things remain
more or less as they have been since 2013.

I can't be more specific on the moment, except for this:

I will try to write a number of crisis logs with some general conclusions I reached on various aspects of the crisis. These will also be more theoretical than the mostly journalistic files I write when reviewing journalistic work of others.


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