July 3, 2015
Why no uploads (3) + Crisis Materials + Conclusion
  "They who can give up essential 
   liberty to obtain a little temporary
   safety, deserve neither liberty
   nor safety."
   -- Benjamin Franklin
   "All governments lie and nothing
   they say should be believed.
   -- I.F. Stone
   "Power tends to corrupt, and   
   absolute power corrupts
   absolutely. Great men are        
   almost always bad men."
   -- Lord Acton

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1. Why there are no uploads on my site since June 29
2. Crisis materials (links, mostly without reviews)
3. Conclusion

This is a Nederlog of Friday July 3, 2015. It is mostly like yesterday's NL, and (also) cannot be uploaded today:

This is not a normal crisis file or Nederlog because while I can write it, I can't upload it, and this also may take some days to sort out.

I explain this in a little more detail in item 1.

Indeed I also plan to continue the present schema until after I can upload again, that is - since I do read the about 40 sites I read every day for NL - I will keep
selecting articles from sites, and upload the links, as in item 2 below, but I will not review them, or only a small selection, simply because this saves time and saves health, and for the moment I have little of either.

Here are the items for today: item 1 is a brief statement on why there are no uploads to my site; item 2 consists of 9 articles (with links and authors etc. but with very little comments); and item 3 is a brief conclusion that - again - explains why I cannot upload at present.

There are no reviews with comments today (for it is very hot where I live, I am quite tired, and this will anyway not be read by anyone till next week, I fear).
1. Why there are no uploads on my site since June 29, 2015

The first item today is an explanation of its title: Why there are no uploads on my site since June 29, 2015.

The basic reason is this: The programs I use for uploading the sites, which happens with FTP (<-Wikipedia) stopped suddenly and unaccountably on June
29, and since then I have not been able to start them again.

I don't think it is a fault with the computer; it may be a fault in Ubuntu though this is less likely; and all I do know on the moment is that the two programs I
use on Ubuntu to get FTP-uploading to my sites done, that worked quite well for over three years, stopped working and refuse to start.

I will have to sort this out, and eventually I will, but I do not know how long this will last (passwords, extremely slow help from providers, bad health, tropical temperatures, other work I must do etc. etc.)

There is some more text explaining this from July 1. Here is the summary:
  • I can't upload on the moment, and will try to sort this out the coming days or week, which will - eventually, I am afraid - succeed.
  • Until then I will continue Nederlog (without uploading, until I can, again) but while I will keep listing crisis-related articles I will only review a few of them, because this is easier and I have to do other things as well.
  • I will also try to write out some of my general conclusions about the crisis.

2. Crisis materials (links, mostly without reviews)

The next item today is a list of articles with links. As I said in the previous item,
I will keep looking every morning at around 40 sites and collect interesting articles, but for the moment I will not review most of them: I merely list them.

This has two advantages: Less work for me, but possibly more articles for my readers. Indeed today is another such a day, for I found nine articles.

Here are the articles: Titles + links + author(s) + site:

  • A Look at the Inner Workings of NSA’s XKEYSCORE

This is by Micah Lee, Glenn Greenwald and Morgan Marquis-Boire on The Intercept. (It continues yesterday's article about XKEYSCORE.)

  • Amnesty International Responds to U.K. Government Surveillance

This is by Sherif Elsayed-Ali on The Intercept.

  • Prince Charles: rewire the global economy to stop climate change

This is by Damian Carrington on The Guardian.

  • David Cameron abolishes poverty, just like that

This is by Polly Toynbee on The Guardian.

  • Norman Lamb: more than half of Tory ministers have taken drugs

This is by Frances Perraudin on The Guardian.

  • Breaking With Europe, IMF Calls Greek Debt Program ‘Unsustainable’

This is by Alexander Reed Kelly on Truthdig (with a link to The Guardian).

  • EU Bailout Terms Are Designed to Force Syriza From Power

This is by Alexander Reed Kelly on Truthdig (and seems to state the real
end of the leaders of the European Union).

  • TISA Leaks Part Deux: More Evidence of Concerted Attack on Democracy

This is by Deirdre Fulton on Common Dreams. (Quite interesting!)

  • The 75 Trillion Dollar Shadow Banking System Is In Danger Of Collapsing
This is by Washington's Blog on his blog.

3. Conclusion

Since I can't upload this today, and I don't yet know how long that will last, there is also this: I will try to keep up writing Nederlogs for later publication, that depends on my being able to upload them, but they probably will be briefer.

For as I said, while the main reason that you cannot read this since June 30, 2015, is that I can't upload, it is also a fact that I need to do quite a few other things than computing, while my health is currently - and since 2 months - worse than it was since 2012, and also there has started a period with tropical temperatures in Amsterdam, which I tend not to cope well with.


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