ugust 25, 2013
Crisis: Index file: 201 and further
  "Those who sacrifice liberty for
   security deserve neither."
   -- Benjamin Franklin [1]
    "All governments lie and nothing
    they say should be believed.
   -- I.F. Stone.

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1. Crisis: 201 and further 
About ME/CFS


As the title says, this is nr 249 in the series about the crisis, that I started on Sep 1 2008, in Dutch, and continued in Dutch until nr 82. This is the new index file for the files that I wrote about the crisis. The first index file is here, and the second one here. The reason for a new file is that the former grew big and untractable.

1. Crisis: Index file: 201 and further

This continues the following index of files in the crisis series
that was started on Sep 1, 2008 and contains 200 files.

The present file is the continuation and starts with 201 for June 21, 2013.

Also, because the previous index got two times destroyed by the disappearance of 90 items I have been forced to partially redo them on December 23, 2013. And
since I had taken some extra items, that I did write, but did not give the "Crisis" prefix in the crisis series, I had to add them to item 226, that accordingly has
226.A - 226.K.

All in all: Nothing was added except that the two index files were changed, and
10 more files were added to the index, and no other file in the crisis series was deleted or changed by me.

Finally, the reason that since June 10, 2013 some 170 files were added is that
on that date I became aware of Edward Snowden, while the reason that few files were added in 2010 and 2011 is that I mostly wrote about ME/CFS those years,
propelled by the illusion a psychologist could make a difference in a world owned by anonymous meatheads. (I have been cured of that illusion, to the extent that I now think that the intellectual qualities of the average anonymous patient with ME/CFS, which is exactly zilch, is an important reason for the continued lack of funds. And yes, there also are other reasons.)



Crisis: Videos, US spying, US rights, US blackmail, psychiatry
202. Crisis: GHCQ taps,  mastering the net, mastering everyone
203. Crisis: scanner, Wozniak, German, England, US, Greenwald, media
204. Crisis: Obama, Greenwald, the Dutch don't mind, Juvenal, teaching

205. Crisis: Varia + pictures of Statue of Liberty
206. Crisis: Stapel arranges, Senators accuse, US army blocks
207. Crisis: New slides; German protests; Dutch inquiries


208. Crisis: Greenwald, NSA, journalist, Drake, Binney, Hayes, Europeans,

209. Crisis: Snowden, Drake, Maher, Banerjee, Van Buren
210. Crisis + Varia: Dictionary, Stasi, Totalitarian, Journalists, Sturgeon,

211. Crisis: Fourth Amendment, NSA + Phone Surveillance, Stasi vs NSA
212. Crisis: Top managers, Stone, asylum, truth, Russian opposition
213. Crisis: NSA & Brazil, political lies, jobs report
214. Crisis: Snowden, Ellsberg, MSNBC, CEOs, mainstream, Carlin
215. Crisis: Modern man, Century of Self, Snowden, Greenwald, Rosen
216. Crisis: Stone, Secret Courts redefine "relevant", Reich
217. Crisis: Varia - The Snowden Effects - 1
218. Crisis: Varia - The Snowden Effects - 2
219. Crisis: Varia - The Snowden Effects - 3
220. Crisis: Varia - The Snowden Effects - 4
221. Crisis: Varia - The Snowden Effects - 5
222. Crisis: Varia - The Snowden Effects - 6
223. Crisis: The Snowden Effects 7 + more
224. Crisis: The Snowden Effects 8
225. Crisis: Greenwald, Risen, Hedges, Washington's Blog
226.  A. Crisis: Reich, Corporations, Failure of Austerity, personal (Hazlitt)
226.  B. Crisis: Secret Courts, Bank of America, Moyers+Kaplan, No
            Rights, Swarmwise

226.  C. Crisis: Snowden, Pharmaceuticals, Borgs, No Rights, Sanity
226.  D. Crisis: Hedges, Warren, Alexander, "Terrorism", DSM requiem
226.  E. Crisis: American "Democracy"?, Chart, Congress, Hudson
226.  F. Crisis: Fantasies, (Non-)Authoritarians?, Snowden, 4th
            Amendment, NSA

226.  G. Crisis: Hedges, Wyden, subversives, health care, Black, Smith
226.  H. Crisis: U.S. Journalism, Consumerism, Snowden, Hypocrisy
226.  I.  Crisis: Opinion shifts, reforms, classified, many poor
226.  J. Crisis: Snowden, NSA critics before Congress, Big Banks, Szasz
226.  K. Crisis: Xkeyscore, Obama fuck up, NSA spying, shrinking human


Crisis: The Snowden Effects - 9  
Crisis: Stopping, Shocking, Elbow, Whistleblower!      
Crisis: Principles, Whistleblowing, Congress, Lies, Chomsky, Wray       
230. Crisis: Krugman on chaos, Greenwald on ignorance, Cox on
Crisis: XKeyscore, Post-Constitution America, NSA helping the police
232. Crisis: Obama as McCarthy; DEA and NSA; NSA Surveillance; Hale       
Crisis: Two months of Snowden's Revelations      
234. Crisis: Henrietta Lacks recognized, Obama 2x      
Crisis: Spying and lying, email service shut down, plan      
236. Crisis: Obama "reforms"; NSA "reforms"; Wyden doubts; 9/11 
          commission doubts  
Crisis: Varia on "terrorism"     
238. Crisis: The case against Obama (and more)    
Crisis: More about Obama and some Snowden       
240. Crisis: Manning, Congress, Google, Obama's Security State     
Crisis: 'War on Terror', Chomsky, 'Jaw-Dropping' NSA violations     
242. Crisis: Government spying, Clapper, tip of iceberg, corruption,
Crisis: Greenwald, Poitras, Snowden, Assange, Marino       
244. Crisis: Rusbridger, Miranda, Drum, ClCrisis: Manning, Miranda,
          Levinson, U.S. economic policy    
Crisis: Greenwald, Madden, Borger, Uygur, Manning, Democracy 
246. Crisis: Manning, Miranda, Levinson, U.S. economic policy         
Crisis: Harvard - Pharmacy and corruption, Jarvis, Reich       
248. Math+Crisis: Mathematical Mystery Tour, NSA payments, Summer's
Crisis: Index file: 201 and further  (THIS file)    
250. Crisis: NSA 3x, Summers, parasites and personal        
Crisis: Poitras, Banks, Obama             
252. Crisis: Politicians, Q & A, NSA, Constitution, Greenwald, Prozac
Crisis: Middle class, Guardian, Manning and Snowden
54. Crisis: Obama alone, Obama and Constitution, Chemical Weapons
255. Crisis: Obama, 3 weeks, MS & Google, Inhumane War, Ellsberg            


256. Crisis: Obama and Syria, Kerry says 'Obama has the right',
257. Crisis: Last chance, NSA revealed, true test, uncritical theorists           
258. Crisis: heroes, degrees, what's at stake, arrest leaders, one    
259. Crisis: War Drums, Chomsky, Slippery Slope, Kerry, allegory            
260. Crisis: TYT on Syria, lack of evidence, obscene payments, genius,
          [email protected]#k
261. Crisis: NSA revealed again, no encryption, Schneier, Grayson,   

262. Crisis: NSA, Greenwald interview, decline USA, Syria, Barry
         O'Bomber, Falkvinge, Greenberg
263. Crisis: Greenwald, Porter, Parry, general Clark            
264. Crisis: democracy, libertarianism, net neutrality, open software          
265. Crisis: corporations, obama, marketing war, lehman brothers,

266. Crisis: violations, coup, timeline, cowboy Alexander, analysis,
267. Crisis: Putin, Yahoo CEO, Israel shares, math, trial, Dennett           
268. Crisis: Syria 4x, Fisa, Internet S.O.S., Obama, NIST, WW III           
269. Crisis: Alexander, NSA, Payments, Market failures, bottom line,
          Stewart, Colbert
270. Crisis: Summers, Occupy, "Free Markets", Because Obama, Banality
          of Evil

271. Crisis: Snowden, Lehman Brothers, more crisis 
272. Crisis: Snowden, Obama 2x, Holder, American soldier    
273. Crisis: Greenwald, Summers, phone companies, Reich, personal 
274. Crisis: Jenkins, Gnaulati, Washington's Blog            
275. Crisis: RIP Middle Class, Republican Malady, On what is "the crisis"
276. Crisis: Destroying, Killing, Reading, Joking, Leaking, Dreaming,
277. Crisis: NSA*5, Obama's friends, Senate creating totalitarianism
278. Crisis: Obama * 2, Brazil, Surveillance State, Rich as rich, alternative
279. Crisis: Drones, Brazil, Scahill, Monsanto, NSA, Sebelius            
280. Crisis: Wyden, costly mistakes, poverty, privileged, senators, Hersh
281. Varia: 2 anniversaries, 3rd anniversary, NSA chief, NSA employee,
         Hersh, Chomsky
282. Crisis + Varia: N.S.A. + Hazlitt on good and bad            
283. Crisis: Dream Team, Privacy, US government * 2, M.S.

284. Crisis: Hedges, Boyarsky, Scheer, NSA, Sibelius            
285. Crisis: Greenwald, Reich, Shutdown * 2, Snowden            
286. Crisis: Q-and-A * 2, Chaos, Obama, Leahy, Whittemore            
287. Crisis: Greenwald, Lavabit, Hayden, NSA, US psychiatry           
288. Crisis: NSA & GCHQ, Schneier, German, Lanchester, TPP            
289. Crisis: Congress, Russia, Broken Media, Deregulated U.S. Meat
290. Crisis: British Cabinet, Feinstein, American Fascism, Rich, American
291. Crisis: NSA * 2, Data Collection, Surveillance State, Economic Limbo,

292. Crisis: Four months, MI5 chief, Yellen, Cruelty, 16 Ways, Tea Party
293. Crisis: Committee, Snowden, Tea Party, Examiner fired, Lesus Christ
294. Crisis:  Committee, Secrecy State, Obama vs Nixon, fracking, Reich,
         Snowden, Miller

295. Crisis: Johnson, NYT, who judges, GHCQ * 2, NSA, 500, Empire,
       Truthdiggers, feminism

296. Crisis: epitaph, Snowden, NSA collecting, Lord McDonald, Lord

297. Crisis: Greenwald * 2, Cameron, Brown, Congress, Navalny, TYT
298. Crisis:  Shutdown, Alexander, Snowden, Greenwald, Obama,
         Constitution, Simic

299. Crisis+me+ME: Snowden, EU-rules, science, me + ME
300. Crisis: Snowden, top prosecutor, drones, Democrats, sleep
301. Crisis: Snowden and indifference, NSA+FBI, NSA+Mexico,

302. Crisis: class war, communism, universities, war, right-wing ideology,

303. Crisis: Snowden, Obama, Alexander, Washington's Blog, Kriss
304. Crisis: Human rights, universities, spies, the Right, torture
305. Crisis: leaks, top web firms, NSA, Merkel * 2
306. Crisis: NSA, Germany & France, Stop Watching, "terrorism",

307. Crisis: Greenwald, GCHQ, NSA, Stop Watching Us, Countries
308. Crisis: Washington rally, Congressional oversight, NSA surveillance,

309. Crisis: Revolution, Embassy, Spain, Uruguay, reform, Stasi, NSA,

310. Crisis: A long list of unquoted uncommented links
311. Crisis: A long list of unquoted uncommented links - 2
312. Crisis: Feinstein, Yahoo & Google, Jarvis, Johnson, Alexander, Dark
         Mail, collaboration etc.


Crisis: Stewart, Greenwald, Snowden, Kerry, Alexander etc.
314.  Crisis: students, Snowden, NSA - 16 files I can't cram into the title
315.  Crisis: Taxes, NSA, Snowden, Terrorism and more
316.  Crisis: NSA, CIA, UK, Open Letter, Jenkins, Israel
317.  Crisis: Obama * 3, Google, Snowden, NIST, British spying,

318.  Crisis: Kerry, TTIP, De Blasio, Annan+Cardoso, Obama, disabled,

319.  Crisis: Berners-Lee, European law, questions, Google, Gore
320.  Crisis: Warning, party, NSA/GCHQ * 3, science, Hazlitt, Twain
Crisis: Rusbridger, Britain, Hillary, Health, Dutch very INegalitarian
322.  Crisis: NSA, McCain, Hazlitt
323.  Crisis: Schechter, Patriots (U.S.), NSA, Cameron, Media, Monbiot
324.  Crisis: Hartmann, PEN, Engelhardt, Spying rejected, Trade Deal
325.  Crisis: NSA, health-insurance, Sanders, Guantánamo, TPP * 3
Crisis: British Press Freedoms, TPP, Hayian, Google, CIA, Rusbridger,
bills, Germany
327.  Crisis: Markets, Drones, Capitalism, Internet, Quotation-marks
328.  Crisis: UK, TPP, Holder, Geithner, Magee
329.  Crisis: Hedges, Falconer, Snowden * 2, Greenwald, Sanders, Reding
Crisis: Ashdown, court order, Scheer, personal
331.  Crisis:  Jenkins, Fisa courts,  Swiss, NSA,  personal
332.  Crisis: Secret spy-deals * 2, gangsterism, succesful frauds
333.  Crisis: Berners-Lee, NSA * 3, Skunk Party, Nader on health-care
334.  Crisis: GCHQ+NSA, dangerous government, Huxley
335.  Crisis: Hedges, Swiss initiative, Healy
336.  Crisis: Deaths, phones, Snowden, lost generation, economy, NYT, kill

337. Crisis: NSA, Justice, Assange, Pope Francis, Snowden, Corporations,

338. Crisis+me+ME: Greenwald, Bezoeking, Translation, Stephanie

339. Crisis+me+ME: Hazlitt's "On corporate bodies"
340. Crisis: UN, NSA uses porn, Netherlands, Apple etc., Obama admin


341. Crisis: AIVD+NRC, NSA's sex research, NSA's mess, less trust, less

342. Crisis: Rusbridger, Anderson, British care, Saboteurs, Excuses,

343. Crisis: Snowden+Rusbridger+Greenwald * 8, TIPP, the pope
344. Crisis: Rusbridger * 3 + Snowden * 2
345. Crisis: 'Radicalizers', 5 billion 'terrorists', memory hole, human rights,
         Snowden & Greenwald

346. Crisis: US Conservatives, Japanese fascism, rational philosophy &

347. Crisis: Johnson & Johnson * 2, American economy, Mandela * 2,

348. Crisis: David Simon, TYT-graphic, personal
349. Crisis: Greenwald, Big Media, Snowden, Hedges, Reich, Digby, Illusion
350. Crisis: Digital Rights, Surveillance, Snowden, Kim Jong-un,
         Corporations, 6 months

350. Crisis: Hedges, Uruguay, Mandela, Obama, Snowden, NSA
351. Crisis: Whistleblowers, Clapper, Alexander, France, Budget Deal,
352. Crisis: Twice Snowden, Moyers, personal
353. Crisis: NSA * 3, Pfizer corrupt racketeers, Pentagon, personal
354. Crisis: Dutch courage, NSA's ignorance * 2, mass surveillance,

355. Crisis+me+ME:  Chomsky, All in the Family, Miller, 20 years, rest
356. Crisis:  NSA * 2, Snowden * 3, May, Folic acid, vitamins, Angell
357. Crisis:  NSA * 4, Snowden * 2, medicine, personal
358. Crisis:  Berners-Lee, Obama's panel, Greenwald's testimony
359. Crisis:  Obama, Clapper, Reich, Corporatism, Th. Roosevelt, webcams
360. Crisis+me+ME: Eleven crisis items, philosophy, psychiatry, Magee,
361. Crisis: NSA * 7, lists, French soldiers
362. Crisis: 4 crisis items + I redid the indexes for the crisis series
363. Crisis: Snowden * 3, False Fear, personal
364. Crisis: Christmas: All in the Family + George Carlin, personal
365. Crisis: Snowden * 4, Einstein, UN, personalCrisis: NSA insiders, NSA as King George, Greenwald about 1971 break-in
366. Crisis: Greenwald+Omidyar * 4, internet giants, Rakoff & financial
          crisis, personal

367. Crisis+me+ME: Crisis + Dear Budeier - Notes on social
       philosophy (1/2)

368. Crisis+me+ME: Crisis + Dear Budeier - Notes on social
          philosophy (2/2)

369. Crisis: Charting Obama, Lawsuit NSA, American psychiatry



Crisis: Two videos
371.  Crisis: Assange, Snowden, Congress, 2014, News, Judge,
           Sleep, Suicide

372.  Crisis: Academics, Speculators, Cameron, Drug companies,
          Nader to Bush

373.  Crisis: Sanders, Johnson, DSM-5, TYT
374.  Crisis: NSA * 2, Greenwald * 2, Pauly vs Leon, Born to Buy,

375.  Crisis: Exit US democracy, NSA*3, the left, drugs trials
376.  Crisis: NSS, NSA, Great Britain, Europe, Medicine, Phoenix Rising
377.  Crisis: NSA insiders, NSA as King George, Greenwald about 1971

378.  Crisis: Great Britain, Obama and NSA, whistleblower, Norway
379.  Crisis: NSA, Wyden, Ellsberg, EU on spying, Chomsky, TPP, Personal
380.  Crisis+me+ME: NSA, Reich, Lessig, being alone, dieticians
          pseudoscientists, FBI, Obama

381. Crisis: NSA & Metadata, NSA & Myths, NSA & fools, personal
382. Crisis: Internet, Germans, Krugman, Obama, NSA
383. Crisis: British press, Ai Weiwei, NSA & metadata
384. Crisis: Rusbridger, NSA * 2, Obama & NSA * 4, Special Ops, US
          Judges, Obama's claims

385. Crisis: Totalitarian NSA + Obama * 5 + Personal
386. Crisis: Greenwald, Obama * 4, Whistleblowers, Snowden, Brooks
387. Crisis: Hedges, NYT, Nakedcapitalism, ME/CFS marker, Personal
388. Crisis: All slaves, undeserving rich, blackmail not security, Gore Vidal,

389.  Crisis: NSA * 3, Snowden * 2, journalism, enormous inequality,
          psychiatry* 2

390.  Crisis: Watchdog report * 2,  "evidence based medicine",  personal
391.  Crisis: Snowden * 3, US gov. privacy board, international plan
392.  Crisis: Hedges repeat, economics, Fukushima, Obama, NSA,

393.   Crisis: No Outcry, GOP against NSA, Law, "Citizens United", Dr.

394.  Crisis: Snowden, Obama's failures, US torture, NSA, income

395.  Crisis: Russia & Snowden, interview Snowden, spying * 2, stopping
           NSA, personal
395.  Crisis: GCHQ * 2, Angry Birds, open source, SOTU * 2, Philips,
          Schechter, personal

396.  Crisis: "Accomplices" * 2, Snowden, Merkel, TPP, BDD, personal
397.  Crisis: Hypotheses about the causes of the crisis
396.  Crisis+me+ME: SOTU - lies; NSA & climate; open net; probability;

397.  Crisis+me+ME: SOTU - lies; NSA & climate; open net; probability;

398.   Crisis+me+ME: Military, History, Truth, "CFS", me+ME
399.   Crisis: Social Justice, NSA * 2, Global Recession, Digital
           Independence, Beatles

400.   Crisis: Surveillance, Deception, Schröder,  inequality US,  power to
           the people,  60ies

This file is updated until February 6, 2014.

I'll probably stop trying to maintain this index because doing so is sheer torture because of the many bugs in KompoZer that is the only WYSIWYG editor on Ubuntu, and has been bugged extremely since at least three years now: It does not even keep the cursor position in a file (!!); it doesn't keep the right files attached to its keys; and it doesn't copy well: the same file can end up ten times anywhere, before it ends up where it should - and I am using this shit now for 3 years because there isn't anything better on Linux.

In any case, this was the last for this file.


[1] Here it is necessary to insist, with Aristotle, that the governors do not rule, or at least, should not rule: The laws rule, and the government, if good, is part of its executive power. Here I quote Aristotle from my More on stupidity, the rule of law, and Glenn Greenwald:
It is more proper that law should govern than any one of the citizens: upon the same principle, if it is advantageous to place the supreme power in some particular persons, they should be appointed to be only guardians, and the servants of the laws.
(And I note the whole file I quote from is quite pertinent.)

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