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  Aug 4, 2012                        
DSM-5: 100 Nederlogs  about and around the APA and the DSM-5


This continues  Medicine is a very sick business in the US that continued Medicine is a very sick business in the US - 2 by providing a list of the files I wrote since 2010 in Nederlog about psychiatry, mostly in connection with the DSM-5:


On the DSM-5TM
Brit. Jn. Psychiatry: 78% of the British are not sane
More about psychiatry + some good NIH-news
Light relief: JC on brains and scientists, me on science
A Norwegian about LP
Morningstar shines a bright light on postmodernism
Fine skeptical diagnosis of LP + info on bogus therapies
The human (all too human) tragi-comedy
Psychiatry, psychology, CBT, GET, DSM-5 and XMRV
A realistic numerical look at human morality + 12 references

33rd year of ME, summary 2010, DSM-5
Causal explanation: It's malevolence, stupid!
Bagwan in Nijmegen + APA makes mockery out of medicine and morality
More on the APA's mockery of medicine and morality
More on the APA and the DSM-5
On natural philosophy, philosophy of science, and psychiatry
More on Freud and psychiatry
The gentle art of bullshitting the public for money
19 More on bullshitting
Quite good article on ME/CFS by a psychologist
21 What to do + More on the DSM-5
22 Suzy Chapman clarifies the DSM-5
23 Body AND mind?
24 On medical sadism - 1
25 On medical sadism - 2
26 Varia - Firefox, KompoZer, JavaScript, DSM-5+ICD-11
27 Psychiatric Sadism Disorder - definition + examples
28 Russell  Tribunal on Psychiatry
29 Russell  Tribunal on Psychiatry - Verdict + DSM-5
30 Submission to the DSM-5 Task Force of the APA
31 Submission to the DSM-5 Task Force of the APA - P.S.
32 Rich van Konynenburg's submission to the APA
33 Whither psychiatry? What is the DSM-5 for?
34 MECFS Alert 2 + psychiatrist with ME (?!) + forums + B12
35 More on the DSM-5
36 More about the DSM-5 and psychiatry
37 Telling the truth like it is...
38 On confusions and misunderstandings concerning the DSM-5
39 A bit more on psychiatry - Niall McLaren
A bit more on psychiatry - Niall McLaren -2
41 Two years of XMRV + recent personal e-mails
42 Varia: More on the DSM-5 etc. + More quotes
43 And more on the DSM-5 + dr. Allen Frances
44 Why philosophy is important
45 Up to the knees in woo
46 Recommended Reading: Marks of pseudoscience, fraud and bullshit
47 ME by the Official Rules (as is and to be)

48 Is the American Psychiatric Association a terrorist organization?
49 Corporate psychopaths - part A
Good news: "DSM-5-censorship fails"
51 Kate Kelland vs the American Psychiatric Association
52 Allen Frances vs the American Psychiatric Association (1/3)
53 Allen Frances vs the American Psychiatric Association (2/3)
54 DSM-5: Alzheimer's Disease
55 Some sensible ideas about the DSM-5
56 Some sensible ideas about the DSM-5 - P.S.
57 Allen Frances vs the American Psychiatric Association 3/3
58 A good report on XMRV
59 A good plan for the DSM-5
50 reasons to stop the DSM-5
61 The trailer for the DSM-5 of the APA, a full subsidiary of Uranus Corp
64 Thomas Szasz's ideas about psychiatry
65 Thomas Szasz's ideas about psychiatry: P.S - editing problems
66 Corporate psychopaths - part B
67 DSM-5+ME: PsychoSpeak - version 0.0 (JavaScript needed)
68 DSM-5: Is dr. Allen Frances a dangerous man?
69 Good article in The Guardian about ME/CFS
Some good videos relating to ME and the DSM-5
71 Some good videos relating to ME and the DSM-5 - part 2
72 DSM-5: What is "evidence-based medicine"?
73 Varia: Propaganda + DSM-5 + Mikovits vs Whittemore
74 DSM-5: The six most essential questions in psychiatric diagnosis - 0
75 DSM-5: Intro 'six questions': Scientific Realism versusPostmodernism
76 Site news: Edward Bernays' "Propaganda" on the site
77 There is at least one sane psychiatrist (it seems)
78 DSM-5: Busy on Question 1 about psychiatry
79 DSM-5: Announcing my answers to Question 1 about psychiatry
DSM-5: Question 1 of "The six most essential questions in psychiatric diagnosis"
81 DSM-5: P.S. to my answers to Question 1 about psychiatry
82 DSM-5 and a real philosopher: George Carlin
83 DSM-5: PsychoSpeak II (Epic Fail of DSM-5 "field trials")
84 Excellent article about ME/CFS in Daily Mail
85 ME+DSM5: Phoenix Falling + Dr Frances Rising
86 ME and Human Rights
87 DSM-5: On Dr Frances' article on the DSM-5 in the NYT
88 Varia: Linux + DSM-5 + Carlin + Phoenix + logical philosophy
89 ME + DSM-5
90 DSM-5 + Linux
91 Varia: DSM-5 + philosophy + quotations + Ubuntu + mB12
92 Editor-blues + drone-news + DSM-5 docu
93 me+ME: Some DSM-5 updates
94 Logic + philosophy: On the logic of propositional attitudes
95 Varia: Gerrit Komrij, Gwen Olsen, Sarah Myhill
96 Crisis: Kohlberg on moral stages
97 DSM-5: Psychiatry as pharmacological fraudulence
98 DSM-5: Medicine is a very sick business in the US
99 DSM-5: Medicine is a very sick business in the US - 2
100 DSM-5: Readings about and around the APA and the DSM-5

continued 2012

DSM-5 & psychiatry
DSM-5: The sick comedy continues
DSM-5: Rejoicing about the BMJ
DSM-5: More on a sow's ears and a pig's lipstick
105 DSM-5: A few videos about the failings of psychiatry


106 Correlations: DSM & Madness, Lead & Crime
107 DSM-5: The Marketing of Madness
108 DSM-5: The Marketing of Madness - P.S.
109 The Marketing of Medicines
110 Crisis + DSM-5: It's deregulation, stupid!
111 Crisis + DSM-5: About "The Trap - part 1: F**k your buddy"
112 Varia: DSM-5 and SSD | Triple dip  | ZIM
113 DSM-5: call on the American physicians to reject the DSM-5 
114 DSM-5: A few details
115 me+ME:  More about VERY good news about the DSM-5
116 me+ME:  On a statement by David Kupfer, MD
117 me+ME: NOT so good news about DSM-5
118 me+ME: About the DSM-5
119 me+ME: Over geestelijke gezondheid en gestoordheid - I
120 DSM-5: Why the DSM-5 is TOTALLY DEAD (yes, it IS)
121 DSM-5: A good video + what's wrong with dr Frances (and others)
122 DSM-5: Some DSM-related varia
123 DSM-5: Dr Healy
124 Crisis: Grayson, DSM-5 and M.E.
125 Crisis: Hedges, Warren, Alexander, "Terrorism", DSM requiem


126 Crisis: Sanders, Johnson, DSM-5, TYT
127 Crisis: Cycling, Women, Europe, Tracking, California, Economics, DSM rewrite
128 On Psychiatry 1: On natural philosophy, philosophy of science, and psychiatry
129 On Psychiatry 2: On confusions and misunderstandings concerning the DSM-5
130 me+M.E.: Over geestelijke gezondheid en gestoordheid - II
131 me+ME: Over geestelijke gezondheid en gestoordheid - III

Note on the above list: This has been updated on August 24, 2014. (And yes, a few files are in Dutch.)

And here is some background information:
  • I am a philosopher and psychologist, in terms of academic degrees, and my philosophical specializations are in philosophy of science and logic and the foundations of mathematics, while my psychological specialisms are in cognitive psychology and human reasoning. My degree in psychology was the best possible, that in philosophy very good. On the basis of my degrees I should have been quite easily capable of making an academic career.
  • I fell ill on January 1, 1979, as did my ex-wife 9 days later, in the first year of our university studies, that we both started later than normal, with Epstein-Barr - an illness that since never disappeared, and that was medically diagnosed as ME/FM in my case for the first time in 1989 by my GP (my wife and I separated in 1985, being both ill and fearing to go both to pieces that way) and repeatedly later by medical specialists. It may have helped that neither my ex nor myself had any personal, financial, social or financial benefits from being ill, and have only had major disadvantages through being ill.
  • In spite of the diagnosis, and in spite of my disease having grown much more serious between 1988 and 1991 and since, I have gotten no help whatsoever all these years - while being polite, intelligent, outspoken, well spoken, and a psychologist: All I have been entitled to, all these years in order to survive, were study loans and minimal dole. I have survived only by chronically forcing myself to live on the limits of my very restricted physical abilities, thus keeping me chronically ill and chronically in pain, and living for over 40 years now on the most minimal income that is legal in the country I live (study loans or minimal dole). I get no help cleaning my house, shopping, cooking, washing or whatever: Ich bin ja nur ein Untermensch in  Amsterdam, given my (extra-ordinary) background, my (uncommon) intelligence, my values and my ideas.
  • I learned in October 2009 that an important reason for the last point - getting no help whatsoever apart from dole, while having been diagnosed medically as having a serious neurological illness - is that US psychiatrists Reeves, Jones and Holmes, English psychiatrists Wessely, Sharpe and White, and Dutch clinical psychologist Bleijenberg and internist Van der Meer have insisted for some 24 years, with some 25 colleagues of similar background, that the disease ME that they insisted from the start on calling CFS, is not a physical but psychiatric disease - in spite of the WHO's classification of ME as a serious neurological disease (in 1969) that is not psychiatric (in 1991), and also systematically refusing to mention that the WHO classified thus, and without discussing the great amounts of evidence that ME is a physical and not a psychiatric disease: See e.g. below at the end of this file and ME - Resources for lots of evidence these psychiatrists have been lying ever since 1988
  • I learned in the course of 2010 that what was said in the previous point may well have been an experimental run of a group of psychiatrists that, at least since ca. 2000, has been trying to redefine psychiatry as the end all and be all of medicine and of diagnosing, which the group also succeeded by taking over the making of the DSM-5, that is completely set up to diagnose any complaint whatsoever as a psychiatric disease and/or a comorbidity of a physical disease - which means in effect for the patient and his insurance that the patient will be denied real medical research into the possible causes or co-factors of his or her disease, and will be denied almost all forms of help that ill people get (or got prior to the DSm-5), and may well be forced to work and/or forced to exercise physically, because "evidence based medical science" - which is how the psychiatrists want their pseudoscience be seen and described - is claimed to have their disease is between the ears, and its patients must be either malingerers or seriously insane.
  • For me that is criminal fraudulence based on consciously contrrived pseudoscience, that has been designed on purpose to allow psychiatrists to get away with anything, and to prescribe anything remunerative to any patient with any disease in the name of their pseudoscience, covered by their bullshit DSM, that is intentionally designed to be unreadable, to be not properly scientifically testable, and to allow any possible prescription of any remunerative drugs, that will be and are being prescribed not because there is any real evidence of efficacy but because those prescribing them share in the profits.
  • Also, the DSM-5 is intentionally designed to allow health bureaucrats and insurance companies to exclude virtually any kind of patient from any kind of social help, assistance or support, and to force ill people to work or die without income, on the ground that all that is wrong with them is that they are mad or malingering, which may happen to millions in these times of economical crisis, where bankmanagers are of far greater desert than ill people See Gwen Olsen and DSM-5: Medicine is a very sick business in the US - 2 and ME: On 'exercise as therapy for ME' : The patients' evidence and ME - Resources for information about ME/CFS.
  • Note though that this will effect FAR more patients than these 17 million peope: Even now persons with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and cancer are manipulated by psychiatrists into accepting Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, on the ground that this will help them "cope with their problems", while the truth is that this is prescribed because it enriches hordes of psychiatrists and clinical psychologists enormously, at the tune of 100-200 dollar an hour, while simultaneously plundering the financial resources of patients or their insurances, and simultaneously denying these same patients the benefits of real medical science or real help that benefits them rather than psychiatric and psychological frauds, and simultaneously slandering them with lies about the causes of their condition. (The DSM-5 also has "diagnoses" that allows calling any patient who protests too much insane - "Oppositional Defient Disorder" - and "diagmoses" that declare their family or friends that helps them as criminal or insane causes of their illness: If a mother helps an ill patient, from 2013 onwards, the DSM-5 will allow the diagnosis that the mother is the cause of the illness, because she cares too much.)
  • For backgrounds: Both dr. Bob Spitzer, the chief editor of the DSM-III and dr. Allen Frances, the chief editor of the DSM-IV, are opponents of the DSM-5, because they object (dr. Spitzer) to its completely secret nature: Nobody is allowed access to the notes or gatherings of the secret committees that design the DSM-5, and object (dr. Frances) to both its secrecy (completely incompatible with how real science is done: open, public and honest) and the lack of scientific content or support for the DSM (it has NONE: all "diagnoses" are labels voted into being by secret cabbals of shrinks, on grounds that have nothing to do with real science, and everything with financial profitability for psychiatrists and pharmaceutical companies:

              Dr Allen Frances (ongoing series of columns in Psychololgy Today):
              DSM-5 in distress          

    Suzy Chapman (best site about the DSM-5: clear, unbiased, very well informed)
    Dx Revision Watch (was: DSM5watch - which was SLAPPed by the APA: See my

    Is the American Psychiatric Association a terrorist organization?

    The following diagnosis of psychiatry seems to me fair, moral and mostly true (and in so far as I disagree still far more honest and scientific than the corrupt and sadistic pseudoscience the APA furthers for the financial benefit of its members and the pharmaceutical corporations, who sell many billions worth of harmful or useless
    drugs in the name of their sick pseudoscience:

                2001 Russell  Tribunal on Psychiatry

The Accusation will be led by
Prof. Thomas Szasz, USA, and Prof. George Alexander, USA.

A summary of the Accusation of the Russell Tribunal
                         Human Rights in Psychiatry

in the Urania-Haus, An der Urania 17, 10787 Berlin - June/July, 2001


1. Mental illness is a legal-psychiatric fiction. If the term refers to brain diseases, then the patients' legal status and medical care ought to conform to the status and care of other patients with diseases of the central nervous system; and the specialists caring for them ought to be (be called) "neurologists."
2. Psychiatric practices rest on the twin pillars of civil commitment and the insanity defense. Neither intervention serves the best interests of the patient. Both interventions serve the interests of the patient's adversaries and/or of the family or society.
3. The fiction of mental illness inexorably generates its corollary, the fiction of psychiatric treatment. Combined with coercion (civil commitment), the concept of psychiatric treatment thus becomes a ready weapon, in the hands of the family or the state, for controlling, punishing, and destroying individuals unwanted by those in control of the psychiatric vocabulary, especially those in political authority. But for the fiction of treatment of illness, such conduct would be recognized as torture.
4. Article 18 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights guarantees the right to freedom of thought to everyone. This guarantee is not restricted to thoughts deemed by the state to be sane and not contingent on the person's having to prove he is not suffering from "mental illness." Psychiatry's basic principles and practices constitute a massive, ongoing violation of this Article of the UN Declaration of Human Rights.
5. The role of psychiatrists as medical judges and executioners in Nazi Germany, and their role as medical judges, jailers, and torturers in the Soviet Union, Communist China, and so-called democratic countries illustrate the inexorable consequences of currently accepted psychiatric principles and practices.


Psychiatry claims that there is a scientific basis for treating conduct, deemed abnormal by psychiatrists, as a medical illness; and to "diagnose" and "treat" persons so identified without their consent and against their express wishes. Accordingly, we charge psychiatry as a profession, and psychiatrists as persons and physicians, with the following outrages against humanity:

a) makes the psychiatric profession the final arbiter of normalcy, converting societal normative judgments into pseudo-medical ones that psychiatrists are uniquely qualified to impose;
b) creates the status condition called "mental illness" that can be ascribed for malevolent, negligent, or paternalistic reasons; moreover, since there are no physical markers to examine, the so-called "diagnosis" cannot be disproved by those accused; psychiatry thus creates a status of human subservience to those legitimized with identifying who is mentally ill;
c) dehumanizes and delegimizes individuals characterized as "mentally ill," by attributing to them non-responsibility for their illegal or immoral acts;
d) distorts the concept of individual responsibility, depriving some persons accused of crimes even of the protections of the criminal process, substituting for it an inquisitorial examination of their "mental health," aimed at defining them as mentally ill;
e) supports the psychiatric incarceration of those found mentally irresponsible for crime, a disposition often harsher and longer than punishment for the acts the defendants are accused of having committed;
f) encourages preventive detention by casting a wide net of future dangerousness in the guise of mental health diagnosis, under the pretext that it is an effective method for preventing some persons from doing harm;
g) stigmatizes those identified as mentally ill, providing opportunity to those who would discredit their political views, deny them employment, or mistreat them in other ways;
h) forcibly imposes interventions, euphemized as "treatments," on those identified as mentally ill, despite their refusal to be treated, and encourages drugging persons not incarcerated in so called "out patient" status, to re-inforce the psychiatric view that their (mis)behavior is an illness and to make them more docile;
i) supports, through the diagnosis of mental illness, the legal mechanism of imposed guardianship, thus expropriating the property of some persons so diagnosed. As a direct result of these premises, psychiatrists initiated the extermination of "undesirables" in Germany in the 1930s. Psychiatric principles and practices helped the Soviet Union, and now help the Chinese Communist government, hide, as medical treatment, a system of incarcerating, torturing, and discrediting dissidents. The same psychiatric principles and practices have encouraged, and continue to encourage the deprivation of human rights in the United States and many other countries.

For these atrocities, past and ongoing, we demand that psychiatrists acknowledge their collective and individual responsibility and take immediate steps to end the profession's support of and participation in them.

24/2/2001 Thomas Szasz and George Alexander



P.S. August 24, 2014: I have switched the list and the introduction. The introduction is now at the end. I only prefixed
the introduction by "And here is" but otherwise changed nothing. I will later add some more files, for there are some more, from 2012, 2013 and 2014, but basically I have done with psychiatry.

Corrections, if any are necessary, have to be made later.


As to ME/CFS (that I prefer to call ME):

1.  Anthony Komaroff Ten discoveries about the biology of CFS (pdf)
3.  Hillary Johnson The Why
4.  Consensus of M.D.s Canadian Consensus Government Report on ME (pdf)
5.  Eleanor Stein Clinical Guidelines for Psychiatrists (pdf)
6.  William Clifford The Ethics of Belief
7.  Paul Lutus

Is Psychology a Science?

8.  Malcolm Hooper Magical Medicine (pdf)
 Maarten Maartensz
ME in Amsterdam - surviving in Amsterdam with ME (Dutch)
 Maarten Maartensz Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

Short descriptions of the above:                

1. Ten reasons why ME/CFS is a real disease by a professor of medicine of Harvard.
2. Long essay by a professor emeritus of medical chemistry about maltreatment of ME.
3. Explanation of what's happening around ME by an investigative journalist.
4. Report to Canadian Government on ME, by many medical experts.
5. Advice to psychiatrist by a psychiatrist who understands ME is an organic disease
6. English mathematical genius on one's responsibilities in the matter of one's beliefs:

7. A  space- and computer-scientist takes a look at psychology.
8. Malcolm Hooper puts things together status 2010.
9. I tell my story of surviving (so far) in Amsterdam/ with ME.
10. The directory on my site about ME.

See also: ME -Documentation and ME - Resources
The last has many files, all on my site to keep them accessible.

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