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  Mar 9, 2012                  

me+ME: Patricia Carter vs Annette Whittemore


If you have followed the events around ME/CFS, chances are you have seen a lot of news about litigation. Here is a link to the last Nederlog concerned with such news:

me+ME: Mikovits vs Whittemores vs Deckoff-Jones

And below is a little more, to be displayed in its full glory.

It reached me yesterday by e-mail and is a petition "Created By Patricia Carter" on something called change.org, that seems to be for petitioning. You'll find the text under the last link - or perhaps you do not, since my browser only allowed a very brief glimpse of the petition, and then replaced it by a box asking whether the viewer wanted to sign it.

I will not worry about that - my guess is that it's a bug - and simply reproduce what I received by e-mail, except that I indented the text of the petition and made it blue, and inserted some brief not indented remarks in black in between its paragraphs.

It is as follows, between the two horizontal lines, with the blue text the brainchild of Patricia Carter, the owner of the forum that is widely known as the forum of the loonies, who decided in July 2010 that a browser with my normal IP is not allowed to even view it: I might satirize her or her forum.

Or perhaps it was because I didn't fondly embrace Ms Carter's ideas about poisoning bloodbanks:

ME + me : On infecting and storming blood banks

I don't know. Here is her latest effort, with my comments:


I am not a US citizen and I do not know much about petitioning its government. But I agree in principle that the citizens of a country should be able to petition its government and I also agree in principle that it may be a reasonable demand to have the WPI investigated for possible misuse of taxpayer money.

  1. The President of the United States (+ 3 others)


    • The President of the United States
    • The U.S. Senate
    • The U.S. House of Representatives
    • Acting Dir., ASTHMA, ALLERGY & INFLAMMATION BRANCH , NIAID (NIAID and the United States Congress)
  • Created By

    Patricia Carter
    Orlando, FL

The Creator does not mention her law degrees, that she has claimed repeatedly, I suppose quite truly. Then again, there is no need to put in the full glory of her having been Esquire, so I just notice it in passing.

Why This Is Important

This Petition is sponsored by the International M.E. Association.

So that's why it's "Important"? It looks like a fallacy, but then most of what I've read by Ms Carter looks fallacious, and she must have a special talent for writing fallacies, unless she has a motive for doing so.

Anyway: Ms Carter holds this to be "Important" because it is by Ms Carter and forgot that if one looks up that famed "International M.E. Association" all one finds is a very amateurish looking website that was last updated July 2011.

We come to the subject of the petition:

Petition to Investigate Possible Misuse of Taxpayer Funds by the Whittemore Peterson Insitute/University of Nevada, Reno

I am a bit puzzled by "the Whittemore Peterson Insitute/University of Nevada, Reno"? Both of them? Or only the former as a subsidiary of the latter? It is not clear to me.

And now we fall immediately in the midst of legalese, which I have no taste for myself, but that may be part of the sort of language that is deemed "appropriate" and "correct" for this manner of soliciting or petitioning:

WHEREAS, taxpayer funds have been awarded to the Whittemore Peterson Institute/University of Nevada, Reno (WPI/UNR); and

WHEREAS, the Founder and CEO of theWPI/UNR, Annette Whittemore, is being investigated  by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for financial misdeeds; and

WHEREAS, many people who suffer from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) and other US taxpayers and other interested individuals are concerned that their taxpayer funds may be misused by this Institute; and

WHEREAS, WPI/UNR has already received taxpayer funds since firing their scientist competent to serve as Principle Investigator for a grant, for which funds no public accounting has been given; and

I say: "a grant, for which funds no public accounting has been given"? Ms Carter speaks in riddles, and that whole last paragraph is far from clear. Those who have never heard of the WPI and hardly know what "M.E." might refer to are probably quite befuddled.

WHEREAS, Founder and CEO Annette Whittemore and all other employees of the WPI/UNR have refused to answer any taxpayer questions as to the whereabouts and uses to which said taxpayer funds have been and are being spent

WE, United States taxpayers and other concerned individuals, hereby request the

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and

Matthew J Fenton, Ph.D.; Acting Director; Asthma, Allergy and Inflammation Branch, NIAID;


the United States Congress to

I say: All of them? Then again, I do suppose one may ask or petition all kinds of things.


by Annette Whittemore, Founder and CEO of the WPI/UNR, including all taxpayer funds received by the WPI /UNR after the firing of its only scientist competent to serve as a Principle Investigator, Dr. Judy Mikovits, on Sept. 29, 2011, for attempting to prevent misappropriation of funds under NIH/NIAID grant project number 5R01AI078234-03: "New Strategies to Decipher the Pathophysiology of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome."

For those who are quite informed about the WPI, ME/CFS and dr. Mikovits this ought to be interesting, but again I suppose that for those not burdened by such knowledge this is again far from clear.

But for those who are informed, it contains some interesting points and - reading between the lines - these seem to be related to Ms Carter's having information from dr. Mikovits, whose interests Ms Carter tries to defend.

1. This is directed against "Annette Whittemore" then.

Ms Carter seems quite obsessed with what she sees as Mrs Whittemore's failures - see e.g. me+ME: Patricia Carter explains everything! - while I admit that there are some reasons for her being thus obsessed and admit also that one may petition the US government with the demand that they investigate the uses of government funding there. But - it seems to me - if this is directed against "Annette Whittemore" it is not really clear to me why the "University of Nevada" would be involved.

2. Why "
after the firing"?

If Mrs Whittemore is accused of misusing taxpayer funds, and if indeed she did do so, then it seems likely she did it also before firing dr. Mikovits. Is this phrased as it is to protect dr. Mikovits from being accused of having acted in collusion with mrs. Whittemore until the latter fired the former, late in September 2011?

I ask this also in view of a completely new perspective on dr. Mikovits's  doings, since  Ms Carter plainly alledges dr. Mikovits was fired

3. "for attempting to prevent misappropriation of funds under NIH/NIAID grant project "?!

So it was not about dr. Mikovits refusing to hand over cell lines addressed to dr. Lombardi? As the public was told? It's about something quite different, namely dr. Mikovits "attempting to prevent misappropriation of funds"?

Is this dr. Mikovits's defense? New perspectives open, namely on dr. Mikovits as fighting for patients and also as fighting for US taxpayers, which might  make the coming court case against her quite sensational.

Then again, Ms. Carter's prose is far from being clear or convincing.

4. "
"New Strategies
" etc.

As far as I know, these are otherwise unknown and unpublished, but then I may be mistaken, and I don't know whether this is interesting.

Now it gets odd:

This investigation must include those funds allocated to NIH/NIAID grant project number 5R01AI078234-03: "New Strategies to Decipher the Pathophysiology of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" .

This investigation must include, but is not limited to, all funds received from the U.S. government which were used by WPI and/or the University of Nevada, Reno, for the purchase of scientific equipment.

No reasons are supplied for these particular and specific demands, which will probably strike readers who are not well informed about the WPI, dr. Mikovits and ME/CFS as quite unreasonable.

Perhaps Ms. Carter has some information from Ms. Mikovits and therefore includes this? Why "those funds" and "scientific equipment"?

It gets more odd:

FURTHER, WE, United States taxpayers and other concerned individuals, hereby request the

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and

Matthew J Fenton, Ph.D.; Acting Director; Asthma, Allergy and Inflammation Branch, NIAID; and

the United States Congress to


Why "THOROUGHLY"? Would "the United States Congress" not do it "THOROUGHLY" without Ms Carter's insistence that they do it "THOROUGHLY"?

This sounds decidedly odd - and next there is this:

including but not limited to Dr. Lombardi's education, experience and skill in biomedical research. and Dr. Lombardiís conflict of interest as a co-owner of VIP Dx commercial laboratory. In addition, we ask that every instance of Dr. Lombardiís contribution to to NIH/NIAID grant project number 5R01AI078234-03: "New Strategies to Decipher the Pathophysiology of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" be investigated and proof of such contribution be given to us in public including any notes from each and every experiment in which he participated, in addition to every page of any notebooks of Dr. Lombardi which refer to any experiments performed pursuant to the referenced grant.

It starts to sound - I am being kind - as being in bonkers-hyperspace.

That is: The thesis that 'The WPI abuse funds' is something you can reasonably submit to the US government as a worthy topic of investigation, I suppose, in abstract legal or moral principle, but what is the point of demanding that the FBI (I suppose, in effect) must - "
THOROUGHLY" - investigate "any notes from each and every experiment" and must also - "THOROUGHLY", mind you - investigate "every page of any notebooks" of poor Dr. Lombardi?!

I suppose - and must guess - that this is part of an effort to support dr. Mikovits and also that it states part of the defense of dr. Mikovits in court,  namely that she acted "to prevent misappropriation of funds under NIH/NIAID grant project", and I also guess this is why "scientific equipment" and "every page of any notebooks" of Dr. Lombardi are being explicitly raised in a petition to the President, the Senate, and the House about misuse of funds. (And Mr President, don't you forget: "each and every experiment" and "every page of any notebooks", did you hear? "THOROUGHLY"?!)

Here is the final part of Ms Carter's creation:


WE THE UNDERSIGNED US taxpayers and other interested individuals, hereby request

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and

Matthew J Fenton, Ph.D.; Acting Director; Asthma, Allergy and Inflammation Branch, NIAID; and

the United States Congress to


This is also neither reasonable nor sensible: What the US Congress etc. receive is an accusation and they hardly can act upon it without investigation or evidence.

But that was it: A Patricia Carter Production, guaranteed to be daft.
Here is a link with some background and more links:

me+ME: Patricia Carter explains everything!

I don't see how the quoted petition helps anyone with ME/CFS in any way.

Corrections, if any are necessary, have to be made later.
-- Mar 10, 2012: Straightened out some typos and unclarities.


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