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  Mar 5, 2012                  

Crisis: Corporations taking over the state + Machiavelli reformatted

Previous crisis

This is just a brief Nederlog, but with rather a lot of boring work behind it. There are two brief


1. Corporations taking over the state: Stratfor
2. Machiavelli reformatted

1. Corporations taking over the state: Stratfor

I started the series on the still ongoing and now - probably radically deepening - crisis, as per this illustration

in September 2008 on three themes

  • The incompetence of "our Western leaders", in finance, in banking, in government, in education, in anything except in lying plausibly and friendly to a camera and getting promotion, bonuses, and media-exposure.
  • The extra-ordinary quite sudden prominence almost everywhere of corporatism.  In Holland the corporations, the media, the parliament, and high political functions such as mayors and aldermen all are governed by the same class of the same persons - now professor (Job Cohen), now mayor (Job Cohen), now public spokesman of a major corporation, now parliamentary leader (Job Cohen), now legal leader (Job Cohen) - all in the name of the same sort of totally false totalitarian waffle ("Job Cohen is a great and a good and also a very  kind man, who deeply loves the ordinary people - all of them: honestly! - yes, truly, and soccer also, of course: He is a doubleplusgood man!"), that is not even meant to be believed by the intelligent minority, just as long as it moves "the democratic majorities" of the clueless, the talentless, and the thoughtless, which is all that matters to the postmodern political degenerates that first created the crisis and then refused to solve it, since that might have cost money to the members of the ruling elites, and now try to squeeze all its costs from the ordinary people - as I predicted already in September 2008.
  • The utter lack of all relevant political, moral, social, philosophical or economical knowledge in any of these political (corporate, journalistic, educational, legal, parliamentary and civil: Job Cohen) "leaders", all totally corrupt, and only interested in power, money, status and appearing in the media.

Then again, I believed at that time that a stiff dose of Keynesian economical insights (do not deregulate: it leads to economical crisis - regulate!), remedies (investments) and Rooseveltian leadership might save the Western economical ship, but the chances for this have all been squandered, lost or destroyed, and the debts and deficits are greater than ever.

Now the crisis deepens, and it seems that soon there will be forced labour camps for everybody who is out of work and does not belong to the combined political-corporate-media-educational-governmental-parliamentarian elite, of a few thousands of prominent parasites in most countries, who generally also are of my own babyboom generation, and who destroyed education, destroyed the economy, destroyed the legal system, and who keep claiming and receiving many millions each year, because they all are, in their own ever repeated words such "humble servants of Our Community", and "would leave for better paying jobs elsewhere" if their attempts at extortion of many millions per year of their personal benefits are not thankfully satisfied.

I will return to much of this (if I find the health and the energy), but meanwhile I just provide two links to items on The Young Turks about a strange company called Stratfor, that embodies postmodern corporatism in a multinational form, and "gathers intelligence" (English: spies) for governments, corporations and states everywhere, for pay:

  • Wikileaks Stratfor Emails Devastating   (Youtube ca. 9 min)
  • Who Stratfor Is Selling Intelligence To  (Youtube ca. 5 min)

It is all quite strange. There is quite a lot more about this secretive company on the internet, indeed also by the folks of Stratfor, who deny all allegations of any wrongdoing, in case you thought otherwise, but it is clearly something quite new: An American corporation - "Corporations are people, my friend": Mitt Romney - that spies for anyone anywhere, for pay, and does it better than the CIA, FBI or the US Marines do, apparently in part because it has bought the best of the folks who formerly spied for these governmental organizations to do the same for them, for better pay.

For the moment I have linked the above items especially because it is something new and strange (*), as indeed are the laws Obama signed into law that makes it possible for the leaders of the US government to arrest anyone and make him or her disappear forever, without any trial and without leaving any trace, merely because someone in or around the US government, possibly keyed by a Stratfor-employee, thinks the arrested and since disappeared person has some information the government, or some leading official in Stratfor, likes to squeeze out of that person, without interference of such inconvenient things like courts, such outmoded legal principles as habeas corpus, and also without any unwelcome media-attention for water-boarding or "corrective tasering" (500 Americans have been killed by tasering, since this was introduced, I just read on the net).

2. Machiavelli reformatted

Then again the above set me thinking, which quickly move me to Machiavelli and his "The Prince", since many years on my site with my notes, and to the realization that I have been wanting for a long time to do some reformatting (fix the backgrounds, for example, and insert part of the passages I have notes on in my notes, so that these can be read independently).

So I have the done the reformatting and inserting, and there now is effectively a new and better second edition of

It may still need some more reformatting and corrections, but it is at least a bit better than it was (and my earlier text was hardly changed: I only added some, and repaired a few typos).

Previous crisis

(*) That's my main reason to mention and link it: It definitely is new and strange, and it stinks, but I do not have much information, and if indeed Stratfor is what it seems to be, it will be difficult to find any reliable information about it, just as there also is little reliable information about the KGB or the CIA: Secret companies doing secretively what Stalin called "black work".

Corrections, if any are necessary, have to be made later.
-- Mar 7: Undid some typos.


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