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  Feb 6, 2012                  

me+ME: X-Rx + Whittemores

Today I am again concerned with ME(/CFS) and also with the law.

Before turning to the two subjects, a brief note and link to yesterday's NL, in which I spoke - among other things - of CoffeeScript: If you are really interested in programming, especially if you are at least somewhat acquainted with JavaScript, do read up on CoffeeScript. (And if you are not really interested in programming or mathematics, don't bother: It's a new programming language with great potential, but you do need some sort of basis for understanding these things.)

Now for the subjects of this Nederlog (less interesting than mathematical things, for me, so I started with these):

1. X-Rx has a new policy for users of its forum
2. The Whittemores strike back at the Seenos

1. X-Rx has a new policy for users of its forum

"X-Rx" was the name of a blog by Jamie Deckoff-Jones MD (who also may be a Ph.D. but as I don't know this I don't attribute the title to her) and is the name of a new site of her, that she started this year.

As I have mentioned her and her blog repeatedly in Nederlog, I will only say that she is a personal friend of dr. Mikovits (who is not an MD but does have a Ph.D. in virology) and has ME/CFS herself, as does Deckoff-Jones's daughter.

The new site also has its own blog, that replaces the old X-Rx blog, and seems ready to open its own forum - but for the moment there seem to be some tech-problems that are being sorted out.

I do not know whether Deckoff-Jones MD has been reading some of my site or some of Nederlog, but I must suppose she has, since she has arrived at a new policy for her own new forum-to-be, which is very much like the one outlined repeatedly by me, indeed for over two years, after being harassed myself repeatedly by folks who are totally anonymous, almost totally ignorant of what they pontificate about, and who must have an IQ that's some 50 points lower than mine - and here I am an optimist, about the talents of others, that I was forced to bump into, willy nilly, while writing on patients' forums, because I am a patient with ME/CFS for over 33 years now.

I quote - by indentation - from Deckoff-Jones's blog titled "Blowin' in the wind" (a Bob Dylan song, that's also present in the blog as a video based on footage from The Sixties - and incidentally, here is my own rendition of another well-known Dylan song: The times they are a'changin' - 1964/2012):

I am committed to making the forum a safe place. When we are up and running, this time with explicit instructions of what to do to be activated to full user, you will be asked to fill out a profile. Your username will be your first name, but you are required to enter a full name in the profile. I strongly encourage everyone to use their real names, but if you must use an alias, tell me who you are, and please pick a name, not a handle, so people think of a person with an identity, rather than a word or acronym. I’ll keep track of who is using an alias, and keep those identities confidential, but a profile is still required with your real information, a few words about why you want to participate, and something about your background, including advanced degrees, if any.

The point is for participants to establish a real, or at least quasi-real stable persona, so that comments have a more complete context than the usual internet discussion. My experience with the blog has taught me that the anonymous nature of the internet allows people to say things that they would never say to anyone’s face. Much of that would never happen if people had to reveal who they really are. That said, I understand the various reasons why someone might feel the need to use an alias.

As my regular readers may not be amazed, I quite agree with all of this: If you want something like a rational discussion between more or less rational persons - regardless of their convictions, and anybody may be mistaken, and undoubtedly is, about many matters - you'll have to weed out the nutters and the trolls and the ignoramuses, even in their own interests, at least if the subject is ME/CFS and those weeded from such a forum are real patients: You may be quite legitimately ill, but that doesn't qualify you automatically for butting in on any public discussion of the disease, anonymously, while tacitly pretending that you are scientifically qualified, and carefully leaving out any information by which you may be found out or by which your claims and your level of education, intelligence, and state of relevant knowledge, and indeed also your own motives to take part in the discussion, or to derail it intentionally, may be tested or at least given some background.

Incidentally: While I do not think a plumber must be a worse person than a professor in virology or philosophy, on matters of virology or philosophy the latter must be regarded as qualified, and on matters of plumbing the former, and I, for one, do not want to spend what little health and energy I have on verbal fights about "the scientific method" or about philosophy or about science or medicine with totally anonymous folks who have as much knowledge of science or philosophy as I have of plumbing. Besides, plumbers also want the best medical doctors if they fall ill, and do not go to plumbers for medical advice, and wisely so.

So... as far as I am concerned, this is a good idea, and once the tech problems are solved, this may turn into a useful forum, and if so, then at least in part because it has what seems like quite sensible policies on its members, and because it then will be a forum that is owned by someone who is medically qualified and has ME herself.

Neither may make much of a difference in practice (in the end, it's mostly the intellectual, moral and writing abilities of the members of a written "social forum" that determine its qualities), but at least it has a good set-up, including an owner who knows both medicine and what it is like to have ME/CFS.

2. The Whittemores strike back at the Seenos

I wrote about the

a week ago, to the effect that father and sons Seeno, who are three extremely rich American business-tycoons of some sort, have sued Harvey and Annette Whittemore for 40 million dollars. You'll find some summarized in the last link, but only a little: The documents in the case that I have read are rather lengthy and quite legalese.

The Whittemores have now struck back at the Seenos, namely with a law suit of their own, demanding 60 million dollars, or perhaps three times that amount. (See below for this "perhaps".)

Here are, for your edification, e.g. as a patient with ME/CFS, a few points as they appear in the legal case brought by the Whittemores, again with the help of lawyer Ann Hall. I got the pdf from the US, and I quote by copy/paste, exactly as I found it textually, but not necessarily in full, so if you want to be sure, you'll have to get the pdf. "The defendants" are three named Seenos, who are remarkably wealthy, and the numbers appear in the original, as numbers of paragraphs or points:

8. The defendants collectively through various business entities own companies worth in excess of four billion dollars ($4,000,000,000.00). The collective net worth of the individual defendants is between one hundred million dollars ($100,000,000.00) and two billion dollars

33. On or about February 5, 2011, Albert Seeno, III, instructed an employee of WNG, Brad Mamer (“Mamer”), to call Mr. Whittemore and tell him that, if the Seenos didn’t get their money from an entity called BrightSource Energy, that he (Albert Seeno III) was going to personally fly to Reno and “break Harvey’s fucking legs.”

53. On information and belief the Seenos are billionaire developers from Northern California who have been accused of having organized crime connections as well a close relationship with the California motorcycle gang known as the Hell’s Angels.

56. For over a full year now, the Whittemores have been living under the threat of death, serious bodily injury and/or criminal and civil prosecution because of actions threatened by the Seenos. The Whittemores have lived in fear for their lives and their well-being.

57. Mr. and Mrs. Whittemore have suffered severe mental and emotional distress because of the threats and other actions taken by the Seenos and Mrs. Whittemore’s health has been
adversely impacted. She presently suffers from loss of appetite, loss of sleep, loss of energy and general anxiety, because of the threats and actions of the Seenos.

70. Defendants’ misappropriation of the assets of the Whittemores through the use of threats and fraud and the further investment of those monies in an enterprise affecting interstate commerce has been the direct and proximate cause of damage to the Whittemores in its property and business in a sum in excess of $60 million.

107. Annette Whittemore has been unable to sleep and has suffered emotional and physical distress, negatively impacting her health and her ability to enjoy life, due to the actions
and threats of the Seenos.

108. Harvey Whittemore has likewise been unable to sleep, overly distressed and unable to enjoy life because of the acts of the Seenos and their threats against his family.

131. The Whittemores have been damaged in excess of $60 million.

132. The Seenos’ actions were done with fraud, malice and oppressions and the Whittemores are entitled to punitive damages in an amount sufficient to punish and deter the
Seenos from taking such actions in the future.

133. The Whittemores have been forced to hire counsel to prosecute this action and are entitled to an award of their reasonable attorney’s fees.

WHEREFORE, Plaintiffs, F. HARVEY WHITTEMORE and ANNETTE WHITTEMORE, pray for judgment against Defendants, as follows:

1. That the Whittemores be awarded judgment and general damages against Defendants in an amount in excess of $60,000,000.00, to be determined at trial, plus interest
thereon at the legal rate;

2. That the Whittemores be awarded in excess of $60,000,000.00 for special damages, according to proof;

3. That the Whittemores be awarded in excess of $60,000,000.00 for punitive and exemplary damages;

It's not clear to me whether this asks for (at least) thrice 60 million dollars, but logically speaking it does. (Then again, it may be a sort of legalese or: "I want the amount of X for either A or B or C".)

The document from which I quoted is dated February 1, 2012.

One reason for me to quote this is that I myself have been living but hardly sleeping for nearly four years above an Amsterdam "coffeeshop" that the mayor - Ed van Thijn, Dutch Labour - had "tolerated" to deal in illegal drugs from the house where I lived, and not he, because that is how it has been organized in Amsterdam and Holland since ca. 1969:

The Dutch laws - did and do - forbid the public legal dealing in marihuana and hashish, but Dutch mayors may, in a practice that arose ca.  1969 in Amsterdam, and that since then has been extended as standing practice all over Holland, personally give so called "special permission", to evident criminals,  and for completely unknown percentages, or for reason of whatever abiding love - for money, for equity, for mafiosi, for drugs, for illegalities, for a quiet life: you may guess - that motivates them (and they themselves, all of them, always speak fondly and proudly of their persons "serving The People"), to publicly deal in these illegal drugs, also while the very same mayors and their local police all  very carefully abstain from controlling how much is turned over, and of what quality, or who gets the truly enormous profits, all - since over 40 years now, and all these years - to allow the Dutch mafia to grow incredibly rich and powerful, no doubt while simultaneously spreading many personal favours and/or much cash to mayors, aldermen, policemen, district attorneys and judges. (The Dutch mafia turns over some 25-50 billion dollars a year, at least, and has done so for decades. Holland is the Colombia or Mexico of Europe, mostly thanks to ex-mayor Ed van Thijn, who judged that a man like me, with my personal background, deserves to be threatened with murder, to be gassed, and to live in pain for decades, in dire poverty, and without any medical help. So that he and his family may be - secret - billionaires, or so I presume, having degrees that allow me to judge motives and morals of men.)

But then at the time this happened I was already an invalid with ME/CFS (*), and while nobody denied I very well might have been threatened with murder, and might have been the victim of an attempt to gas me, the mayors, the aldermen, the policemen, the district attorneys and the judges I asked to investigate the matter - and I asked all of these worthies, and more, and did so many times, for over 15 years - refused to answer my letters, my phone calls, or my mails, for the last 24 years, and also allowed the threats to continue for four years, and also since, which is why I have an alias. (For readers of Dutch: ME in Amsterdam tells the story, and no one ever denied any of it.)

Also, I have a little over 1000 dollars in the bank, through careful saving and much abstinence, reserved for a computer, and I have no debts, and have lived and did live for these 24 years without medical or legal help of any kind, apart from sleeping pills, which I have to pay for myself, on a budget of ca. 10 dollars a day for all my needs - food, clothes, books, computers, sofware, going out, transport, you name it - except rent, gas, electricity and medical insurance (that doesn't even pay my sleeping pills), and with continuous pain, all these 24 years,  because of what happened to me, while having ME/CFS, and also living in fear of the Amsterdam drugs mafia who promised to get me, eventually.

So what am I to say? I am amused and disgusted, not so much because of what seem to me criminal practices, probably of both parties, precisely because "Alas, I am an Amsterdammer", nor because I know rather a lot about human degeneracy and corruption, having seen so many corrupt and lying human degenerates in Holland, in all walks of life, but especially in political or bureaucratic functions, but because of the brazen greed with which some people enrich themselves to many millions or billions. (On my life, all in all, considerably less than a 500.000 dollar was spent, in the course of the last 61 years. That's my "personal worth" in US legalese terms.)

Here follows one summary by me of my case in English, that also has the merit of explaining the likelihood that I am not - genetically not, not through willpower - as cowardly and immoral as many Dutchmen are and have been, nor as corrupt and degenerate as the last three mayors of Amsterdam are (Van Thijn, Patijn and Cohen: Three major protectors of the Amsterdam drugs mafia, whom I personally suspect to be each and all mega-rich, in secret, of course, and indeed maybe as rich as the Seenos, although the mayors surely will deny it. Then again: "It is hard to believe that a man is telling the truth when you know that you would lie if you were in his place" (Mencken), and they were each placed just perfectly to demand protection money for giving their personal permission to mafiosi to deal illegal drugs, and they certainly are not persons with anything like a personal conscience):

ME + me: Three documents: My father's story + my story + my Human Rights

"So it goes..." - and no: I don't lie, but the Dutch, whether mayor, alderman, policeman, district attorney, bureaucrat, professor of law or criminology, judge, ombudsman, both local and national, journalist or city council member, ALL refused and refuse to lift even as little as a finger for me: After all - Dutchmen reason - the mayors had personally approved the dealing of illegal drugs from the bottom floor in the house where I lived, with my illness, and then any decent and moral ordinary Dutchman thinks, feels and talks like the authorities do, and pretends it must be all very moral, and decent, for else the mayors would not have allowed it, and does so quite faithfully, morally and proudly, also in the certain-sure knowledge of doing like almost every other Dutchman would do, also if the authorities are evidently corrupt and criminal.

Thus it was and so it went in World War II, and thus it has been ever since - but if I as much as hint at such things on English language forums for patients with ME, Dutchmen, posing as patients, will ask the owners to remove me or shut me up, and then the owners will comply gladly and proudly.

The reason? Clearly, like my parents and grandparents, I am not like the ordinary Dutchman, indeed not through wishful thinking but through genes.

Besides, dear reader:

What protection does a man deserve who is ill and protested against the postmodern moronification of education in Holland, that provided 90% of those who presently hold academic degrees in Holland while personally being morons, or little different from them, with real "academic degrees"?

What protection does a man deserve who is ill and and protested against the local drugsmafia, protected by the local mayor, aldermen, police, judges and district attorneys, for threatening to murder him if he didn't stop complaining about the noise and threats they made?

In the narco-nazi Netherlands, where invalids are gassed and threatened with murder by the drugsmafia, who are in turn very proudly protected by mayor and aldermen "in the name of the February Strike", a man like I am deserves no protection whatsoever.

In Holland, I ought to be glad to be alive with my guts still inside.

So it goes... (**)

(*) Which is the only reason I live and lived where I live and lived: Had I been healthy I would and could have left Holland decades ago, having seen it had gone to pieces - morally, intellectually, educationally, humanly - in the sixties, seventies and eighties. (I have academic degrees in philosophy and psychology; I have diplomas as a cattle farmer; I read ten languages more or less easily; I am good at maths: Surely, almost anywhere I could have lived better and safer and more pleasantly than in Amsterdam, which in effect has been a liege of the Dutch Labour Party to its most prominent bastards, in nearly all of Amsterdam's public functions: Judges, district attorneys, aldermen, bureaucrats, university professors... wherever there is or was a well-paying public position in Amsterdam in politics, with very few exceptions, and for over 60 years now, it has been occupied by some member of Dutch Labour, the party of the narco-nazis, who gas invalids and let them be threatened with murder so as to be of service to the local drugs mafia.)

(**) Since it is relevant: I am MUCH in favour of legalizing drugs like marihuana and hashish, and also others, because it is - or should be - patently obvious that not legalizing so called "recreational drugs" is in the interests of two parties and two parties only: The criminals who deal in them and the politicians who keep them illegal, either for a percentage or to play to the public.

Legalize the drugs, and the quality, price and profit-margins can all be settled quite legally, and indeed also quite profitably for the state - which in Holland, the last 40 years, has sided with the mafia, and against the interests of its population.

The only reason criminals deal in drugs is that their being illegal makes them both untaxed and very profitable. The only reason I can see why Amsterdam mayors, aldermen and council-members refuse to see it this way - after "tolerating" illegal drugs for over 40 years as a privilege of the mayor to decide who deals them and in which locations - is that they personally profit or hope to profit from the present situation in Holland. Indeed, this is probably the richest and most profitable and most powerful "industry" in Holland: Selling and trafficking illegal but "tolerated" drugs.

Corrections, if any are necessary, have to be made later.


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