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Jan 28, 2012                   

Crisis: George Soros warns

Previous crisis

The last two  Nederlogs were on voting, mainly because I think many of the ills of the Western world - Europe, the US, Canada - are due to way democratic voting has been organized there.

My problems with it are not that I am against democratic voting, but against a system in which the undereducated and ignorant average, much propagandized by the media, by political parties, by religious institutions, get the main say in who governs them.

This does not seem sensible to me in principle, because one does not solve other important problems though some procedure of majority voting of the mostly ignorant, all voters who weigh in with one vote each, all wholly regardless of their (lack of) relevant knowledge.

There is more in

Democracy-plan: Mark Twain was there first (and better)
Democracy-plan: Educated democratic voting

There is a plan, indeed with the - basic - mathematics spelled out in the latter, but it is mostly to make you think on the values of education and rational decision making, and not presented as the system of my choice.

It's important, because democracies helped to bring horrible dictators, such as Mussolini and Hitler, to power, and the rise of another dictator or two, also in the US or Western Europe, is presently a real possibility.

Or some think. Here are The Young Turks, who think so, and who explain why the billionaire and investment-genius George Soros thinks so:

Soros on Deflationary Debt Spiral Due To Austerity In Europe (Youtube 5 min 17 sec)

Quotes from George Soros in it:

[European leaders] "had little understanding of how financial matters really work and did everything wrong."

See my Crisis series, that has been ongoing since September 1 2008, in which the present Nederlog is the 99th in the series.

More from George Soros:

Without a clear game plan, Europe will remain mired in a larger vicious circle, in which economic decline and political deterioration continue to reinforce one another.

Well, yes... but the main problem is that the political and bureaucratic leaders (both from the same political elite in modern "parliamentary democracies) are incompetent, so what's actually involved is - at least - a three factor model of mutually enforcing tendencies:

It usually starts at the bottom, with political and bureaucratic incompetents. What happens if it really gets bad? Some Mussolini or Hitler happens, especially if the democratic majority may vote on it, as was the case in Italy and Germany.

Indeed, here's more from George Soros on what economic decline or political deterioration may enable the political and bureaucratic incompetents to do, will-nilly or from choice:

It will be an excuse for cracking down and using strong-arm tactics to maintain law and order, which, carried to an extreme, could bring about a repressive political system.

This is what has been happening in Europe and the US, since 9/11/2001, and the basic reason is again in the diagram at the bottom.

Anyway... more later, as I will update the Crisis series for the new year, in its 100th element of the series.

Previous crisis

Corrections, if any are necessary, have to be made later.


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