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Jan 1, 2012               

Nederlog 2011: Overview and analytical index


  "Enjoy and give pleasure, without doing harm to yourself or to anyone else - that, I think, is the whole of morality."
  "If mankind had wished for what is right, they might have had it long ago. The theory is plain enough; but they are prone to mischief, 'to every good work reprobate.'"
   -- Hazlitt + Heidelberger Katechismus

It's the first of January; the ninth year of Nederlog; the fifteenth of my site;' and usually I prepare this time of year a sort of analytical index of the subjects I treated the year before.

Here is the link to the similar file a year ago (I like the quotes, so I copied them) with a similar entry

First a little overview of how this site fared in terms of numbers:

Nederlog 2011:

more than 315 files (apart from images etc. that is)
more than 14 MB html

Site 2011:


- over 750,000 hits
- over 600,000 pages
- more than 155,000 visitors
- more than 15 Gb downloaded (15036781 Kb)

Day (average over the year)

- over 2000 hits each day
- 425 visitors each day
- over 40 MB mostly text download each day

This is roughly the same as last year, with 21 less visitors on average per day, but 5 MB more downloads each day.

And one relevant difference is that I have not been a member of any patients-forum in 2011 (not under any name, indeed: not at all), which very probably cost me in visitors and in hits.

Also, my Site in Nederland certainly does a lot better, but it is difficult to say by how much, because ever since Dutch Telecom KPN bought what was once a fine provider called "xs4all" there is hardly any decent access there for me, and many things that are a matter of course for other providers do not exist at all for the hardly human idiots - I learned from the KPN "xs4all" staff - who are their clients with home sites.

Anyway.... for one man with one site - with a mirror - and that man ill, poor and with no real help, that is not bad, especially if you also reckon with the facts that my ideas and subjects are neither easy nor popular, nor is my language, and that I do not try to please anyone but myself.

Nederlog 2011 overview: analytical index

This comes from Recent Changes file (also linked on the opening pages) and is a reworking of it as an analytical index with the following subjects. There is some overlap but not much


    Logic etc.






  • Mar 29:  Three philosophical interviews: Kuhn, Searle, Gardner: Some comments and links relating to these three. Also undid a typo that appeared since months - if one really looks close, with good eyes, which I didn't and haven't - next to the globe in the upper right part of the Nederlogs (that on the day itself is called NL, but later has the date on which it appeared in its title, that also is in the index for Nederlog). Also, I improved the references to Jung Chang at the end of the Nederlogs to what is now under that link: A reference to a brief review I wrote, rather than to just a title).

  • Apr 4: On Searle's "The Storm Over The University" - 1: The first part of a series on the subject, that follows up my diagnosis of yesterday.

  • Apr 6: On Searle's "The Storm Over The University" - 2: The second part, following the first on Apr 4. A third and final part is coming soon.

  • Apr 8: Added The ideological ape to the Spiegeloog-columns in ME in Amsterdam. All columns except one containing an interview with Theo van Gogh now have been translated into English, most with comments. (They still may require some formatting and editing and commenting, but most has been done.) Also corrected some more in the last Nederlog, and uploaded a new entry in my Philosophical Dictionary: Lie. And there now is the third part: On Searle's "The Storm Over The University" - 3 following the second on April 6. There probably will be a follow up, but with another title, though "postmodernism" will be part of the title.

  • May 11:  me: Varia - Nederlog, higher education, html: About why there is no Dutch in Nederlog since a long time, higher education in the US, and a good free html-editor.

  • May 22: Hofstra University honors the Dutch protector of the Dutch drugs mafia: I never
    heard of Hofstra University, but they gave former Dutch PM Balkenende a doctorate, for
    honour's sake. I hope they did not know what they did, as I kindly explain.

  • Nov 1:     The excellence of Dutch science & psychology: Diederik Stapel: Mr. Stapel was
    until three weeks ago "an excellent Dutch scientist in the science of social
    psychology", who has now been found out to be a major fraud. One reason for me
    to write about it is that his almost equally corrupt colleagues are busy pretending
    he is the only one to blame, and they, by contrast, are dedicated, honest, real
    scientists. Not so, but the stinking truth will be difficult to understand for foreigners,
    because the Dutch university-system has been thoroughly corrupt since 1971,
    when the universities were, by law, "democratized" to be run on the model of
    the Sorbonne in May 1968: By plenary meetings with one man, one vote for all.

  • Nov 2:     The excellence of Dutch science & psychology: Diederik Stapel - 2: A follow up
    of yesterday, not that Nature, Science and other non-Dutch journals are reporting
    the news on professor Stapel's approach to the science of psychology.

    I have also removed the link to BitsAndPieces from the opening page, because
    I did not add to it for two years now.

  • Nov 3:     The excellence of Dutch science & psychology: Diederik Stapel - 3: Again a
    follow-up, but probably the last for the moment in the series. This contains some
    more about Stapel's present whereabouts; about why he did commit fraud; and
    about a New York Time article that quite reasonably raised the question what
    can be done against fraud in the social sciences (where it is easier to do and
    get away with than in the physical sciences).

  • Nov 4:     Some bits about Stapel, science, "science" and fraud in science: Just what
    the title says and including a link to the English translation of the Dutch report
    (interim) on Stapel's fraud.


Programming | Logic | Mathematics:

  • Apr 5: me: More and better WoW-quotes: A new-and-improved-version of WoW, that shows quotes, and was programmed by me in assembly.

  • Apr 12: me+ME: Why Assembly is good for ME: More assembly, for the few who might be interested, with an application to ME.

  • Apr 19: me: Some good open or free programs and documentation: Something different from the foregoing Nederlogs of this year, but about two of my interests (open source and programming). This is mostly for techies, but contains some that may be useful for many MS Windows users. There also are some new entries in my Philosophical Dictionary.

  • Apr 21: I removed the files relating to RosAsm from my site, and only have kept the following new file standing for the moment, with the old link, as a service to those who want a list of assembly opcodes, since I also removed the opcode-files:
    where the links to my site have been removed, but a link to a site that is only about assembly and which has a similar list, that also is not primarily intended for one specific assembler, replaces the old list of opcodes on my site. See me: Sitenews - assembly section mostly removed.

  • Apr 23: me: Logic and the Classics: About just that, and more specifically about Bocheński, Livius and LaiusCurtius.

  • May 11:  me: Varia - Nederlog, higher education, html: About why there is no Dutch in Nederlog since a long time, higher education in the US, and a good free html-editor. 

  • May 15:   On Feynman and "Genius": Some strange problems and puzzles relating to a very well
    regarded biography of Richard Feynman, and the first Nederlog written in KompoZer - free
    software and a very pleasant html-editor.

  • May 16: On the sham called "Facebook": What the title says, with some information that fond
    Facebook users may not know, or indeed care to know. You should, I think, which is why I
    wrote it, with some help from articles in The Guardian and on the Free Software Foundation.
    As to Free Software: Another day without Frontpage and with KompoZer. Phew! Nice!

  • May 18: On the sham called "Facebook" - P.S. : I explain a few things, and correct a mistake I
    made, and also: More on XMRV (and viruses): On an article in and an interesting chat with
    professor Racaniello in the Chicago Tribune

  • May 20: me+ME: Varia - Firefox, KompoZer, JavaScript, DSM-5+ICD-11 :  What  the  title  says.

  • Jul  19:  A note on probability and confirmation: This is a solution of a problem of
    confirmation that I do not know that anyone else saw. If this does not sound
    too interesting: It is related to how one learns from experience, and deals
    with the probabilities of many theories. (If that sounds not too interesting either
    I give up.)

  • Aug 4:  Quotations: I resurfaced briefly, since I am still in holiday mood & mode, buttoday's Nederlog contains a Quotations-server I wrote in Javascript. I tested it
    in Firefox, Seamonkey and MS IE and it should work unless you have your
    browser switched off for Javascript or you use Noscript, as I normally do.
    All of the quotes and code are in the file Quotations and also should work
    if you download it and start it from your harddisk. Enjoy!

  • Aug 5:  Crisis: Quotations and crisis A slightly improved and extended quotations
    server, now also in the Philosophical Dictionary here: Quotations. The
    Nederlog is the last in the series Crisis, seeing the stock exchanges go down,
    this time without any hope to bail out the banks or bank managers.

  • Aug 6:  Just a bit more on Quotations and JavaScript: What the title says - the
    Quotations are now in the Philosophical Dictionary and I say a little about
    it's intended use (for oneself, on one's own computer, rather than as "a web app")
    and I also give links to tutorials, videos and books about JavaScript. 

  • Aug 8:  No Nederlog today (still planning to mostly holiday until Aug 15), but a
    a small update of
    Quotations (now in the Philosophical Dictionary),

  • Sep 1:     C.S. Peirce: A theory of probable inference: The text in my html-edition (with
    quite a few graphics for the more mathematical bits) of an excellent text by
    Peirce on the subject, with an excellent appendix on his logic of relations. The
    present version needs probably a bit more editing, and will end up in the
    Philosophy and Logic sections when done, but is good enough for the moment
    to show anyone why Peirce is a great philosopher and logician.

  • Sep 17:  Probability and Harold Jeffreys: Quite a few fine links in case you are interested
    in the subjects in the title, or indeed in mathematics, Bayesian Reasoning, Scientific
    Inference or philosophy of science, and with a brief moral sermon on the dangerous
    fraud Wessely and his pseudoscience.

  • Nov 13:    Computing and JavaScript: About computing and the programming language
    JavaScript, with links to some interesting videos with lectures by Douglas
    Crockford, but very probably not for you if you are not interested in the subject.



  • Jan 3: Medicine in the US: Weiner on first responders + medical experiments: Links + comments about two of Congressman Weiner's speeches and other commentators, and a link to a rather astonishing list of US medical experiments on people.

  • Jan 11: me + ME: Political philosophy 101 - A: A collections of commented links, to comedians mostly: I live in a sort of "civilization" where only the comedians may hope to speak the truth, be heard, and get away with it.

  • Feb 25: Commemorating the February Strike: Amsterdam Narco-Nazi Town: Mostly a repeat of a repeat of October 25, 2010, which is my thankful testimonial as a son and grandson of persons convicted because of the the February Strike for being gassed, threatened with murder and have what little health I had with ME destroyed for the benefit of the Amsterdam mafia, with the active connivance - "toleration" - of the Amsterdam mayors, aldermen, police, and municipal bureaucracy. 

  • Feb 27: About the site and commemorating the February Strike ("Fuck drugs!"): What the title says: Yesterday's Wittgenstein-upload didn't work out as expected, and the Dutch version of Feb 25 has been uploaded, also with a picture that illustrates the VOC-mentality of Dutch PMs.

  • Mar 2: Multatuli = 191 + Dutch elections: About the Dutch author Multatuli, today 190 and about Dutch elections, with a nice quotation on the subject from 1495 AD.

  • Mar 12: me: Notes on Politics: More precisely, a selection of ten points in twelve quoted notes selected from 106 I wrote to book III of Aristotle's Politics, ended with a list of links to works related to politics on my site. Also have edited the first 12 of Hazlitt's Political Essays and corrected some formatting in said notes to Book III. 

  • May 17: GW: On power, freedom, good and evil and bureaucracy  : More words of wisdom,
     on the subjects in the title, and in Norwegian (that I translate), because I felt like it.

  • May 22: Hofstra University honors the Dutch protector of the Dutch drugs mafia: I never
     heard of Hofstra University, but they gave former Dutch PM Balkenende a doctorate, for
     honour's sake. I hope they did not know what they did, as I kindly explain.\

  • Jun 8:  Crisis: US Politics: I take up the theme of crisis again and discuss US Congressman
    Weiner, who was shot in his own underpants, indeed by himself, it seems, and also the US
    Patriot Act, which is so secret US Senators cannot reveal its contents, it is claimed.


  •   Aug 7:  Crisis: "Yes, we can!": The stock markets collapsed again, so I am indulgingin some general explanations, with links. 

  •  Aug 10:  Crisis: "What happened to Obama?": Links about and discussion of an
    interesting piece in the New York Times:
    "What happened to Obama?".

  • Aug 11:  Crisis: The audacity of nope: A little more abo/t Obama, also with
    interesting links to videos featuring Bill Maher and Jesse Ventura.

  • Aug 12:  No Nederlog today, but some corrections to yesterday's Nederlog, with
    an extended note on torture. I was yesterday forced to write with a failing
    keyboard, and then could not properly correct what I had written.

  • Aug 16:  Crisis: Warren Buffett agrees: More taxes on the US rich: On an article by
    Warren Buffett in the New York Times, with a note on the many excellencies of
    of professor Wessely and the whorenalistic sisterhood that sings his praise, much
    beyond their level of abilities and education.

  • Aug 17:  Crisis: Will Rogers: On an American humorist who died in 1935 and his
    opinions about the crisis of his days, with footage from 1931 and a handful
    of nice quotations.

  • Aug 24:  Distracted from something else I was writing for the site, instead I write
    about Professor Rummel's website about democide and genocide that
    I may return to, as it is quite interesting in re man's inhumanity to man
    and how this may be rationally explained.

  • Aug 25:  Crisis: On some of the roots of the crisis:  Indeed a deep topic, handled
    in my own way. Neither complete nor definite, but it should help some to reason
    a bit more clearly, at least - or so one hopes. ("The power of instruction is
    seldom of much efficacy except in those happy dispositions where it is almost
    superfluous." - Gibbon.) Also updated "Ordinary men" in the Philosophical Dictionary.

  • Sep 3:    About "Evil Genes" A review of a review of a book I haven't read, but that
     sounds well worth reading, with some applications to politics, religion and

  • Sep 4:    More about evil genes and politics:   A continuation of yesterday's theme, with
     some interesting book references and precisifications

  • Sep 8:    Browsers and security: There is a major security leak that arose in Holland, where
     a security firm used and trusted by the Dutch government hot hacked, probably by
     Iranian hackers, and also tried to keep that secret. I give some background and
     reflect a little on the Dutch moral ideal of being a moron who is proud of being a moron
     since intelligent folks are elitarian, and elitarian folks are fascists (think millions of
     Dutch morons, as they also learned in school and university, for four decades now).
     And added Crisis: Why it is difficult to improve things for the better on the

  • Oct 29:   And now for a stiff dosis of - statistical - optimism: This is mostly about the
    human world and history at large, when considered statistically, as to its tendencies
    for violence or free cooperation, as discussed by the Harvard professor of psychology
    Steven Pinker in a recent lecture, with links, quotations and comments.

  • Oct 30:   And a stiff dosis of - satirical - realism: This continues - in a way - yesterday's
    Nederlog, with a bit of George Orwell with a few introductory and concluding
    comments by me and various interesting links.

    I also straightened out the format of this index a bit, though I should make a better
    version, using tables. (I suppose, in view of my mostly missing held that this will have
    to wait till the end of the year.)


  • Nov 12:    Crisis:  The legal corruption in the US and Europe: About an interesting item
    on US TV, that goes far towards explaining why the legislation adopted in the US
    and Europe stinks, and is very profitable for the rich few: Your parliamentarians
    run for office so as to get bought by corporations.

  • Dec 5:     Crisis: Sixth Amendment in coma: A little about the Sixth Amendment to the
    U.S. Constitution that the U.S. Senate holds must be ditched for the benefits of
    interminable waterboarding without any judicial interference whatsoever, of course
    only of people fit for it, U.S. or not, with an illustration from Holland, where the
    citizens are not allowed to bear arms,  because that may undermine the power of the
    mafia to deal drugs with help of the Dutch bureaucrats, police, politicians and judges,
    just as it helped in WW II to gas more than 1% of the unarmed Dutch population,
    for being "racially inferor", also with extensive proud willing help of the Dutch bureaucrats,
    police, politicians and judges.

  • Dec 19:  The grim reaper's gatherings (Kim, Hitchens, Havel): Some about three men
    who recently died, with a relation to Marxism, and some on my own Marxist





  • Jan 12: Made this new file for 2011, and extended the ME in Amsterdam opening with ME-2010 and Columns namely resp to the present index for Nederlog and the to the index for the columns I wrote and published in Spiegeloog, including English translations of most made in 2010.

  • Apr 10: me+ME: Site news & some ME news: The site news is that the opening page is changed a bit and has now Explanations although these have been started but not yet finished, and the ME news is about the conference mentioned April 5 and the PACE trials mentioned before. And I improved the Hazlitt section's opening page somewhat.

  • Apr 11: me+ME: Site news - more explanations & more WoW: There are more Explanations and there is an updated WoW (see Apr 5 of this year). Both are relatively small changes, on top of a lot of work, as it happens.|

  • May 13: **    This site is best seen in Firefox    **: Feeling a bit better I tried to make some very simple changes to my site, that should be a piece of cake, but are not, as Microsoft makes this extremely difficult. I give up on this, and will no longer attempt to keep things more or less the same in Firefox and MS IE, since MS IE makes this intentionally impossible, and I do not want to put up with these antics: I lack the taste and the health. I am sorry if you use MS IE, but then again you shouldn't, regardless of my site, since Firefox is much safer and much better anyway.

  • May 14: me+ME: ** This site is best seen in Firefox  ** - P.S: I had to undo this, because it doesn't work on some computers and lack the health and have too much pain to sort it out.

  • May 23: Changed the backgrounds to "fixed" in Nederlog for the month of May: It should work
    now in both Firefox and MS IE (but I don't want to use MS IE anymore). It has not been
    rectified elsewhere on the site yet.

  • May 24: me: Improved formatting of Nederlog: What the title says - I changed the
    formatting of Nederlog a bit, and explain briefly what and why.

  • May 26: me: Improved formatting of Nederlog - 2 : What the title says and actually for
    the most part the same as May 24, but this time minus 25% html-formatting.

  • May 29:  me+ME: Improved formatting of Nederlog - 3: Another issue on the subject,
    with illustrations, that show some of the difficulties.


  • Jun 7: I also changed today the affix of NL, which is the name of the last Nederlog in any case,
     from "NL.htm" to "NL.html". My reasons to say so are that it may cause a few problems
     in links to my pages, and because anyway the NL.html file is overwritten by any next
     latest Nederlog, that are permanently saved with their dates, as the above one:
     NL110607a.html and always can be found by means of the NL index.





And so much for the analytical index of what I wrote in Nederlog and on the site for 2011. It is probably not quite complete, but it is as good as I can do with what health I have.


Corrections, if any are necessary, have to be made later. 
-- Jan 2, 2012: Undid a Dutchism.


As to ME/CFS (that I prefer to call ME):
1.  Anthony Komaroff Ten discoveries about the biology of CFS (pdf)
3.  Hillary Johnson The Why
4.  Consensus of M.D.s Canadian Consensus Government Report on ME (pdf)
5.  Eleanor Stein Clinical Guidelines for Psychiatrists (pdf)
6.  William Clifford The Ethics of Belief
7.  Paul Lutus

Is Psychology a Science?

8.  Malcolm Hooper Magical Medicine (pdf)
 Maarten Maartensz
ME in Amsterdam - surviving in Amsterdam with ME (Dutch)
 Maarten Maartensz Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

Short descriptions of the above:                

1. Ten reasons why ME/CFS is a real disease by a professor of medicine of Harvard.
2. Long essay by a professor emeritus of medical chemistry about maltreatment of ME.
3. Explanation of what's happening around ME by an investigative journalist.
4. Report to Canadian Government on ME, by many medical experts.
5. Advice to psychiatrist by a psychiatrist who understands ME is an organic disease
6. English mathematical genius on one's responsibilities in the matter of one's beliefs:

7. A space- and computer-scientist takes a look at psychology.
8. Malcolm Hooper puts things together status 2010.
9. I tell my story of surviving (so far) in Amsterdam/ with ME.
10. The directory on my site about ME.

See also: ME -Documentation and ME - Resources
The last has many files, all on my site to keep them accessible.

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