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Dec 20, 2011               

me+ME: WPI vs Mikovits = 1 : 0 + ME-varia

Here are two brief bits about the civil case of the WPI vs Mikovits and some clarifications of ME-related issues:

1. WPI vs Mikovits = 1 : 0
2. ME-varia

1. WPI vs Mikovits = 1 : 0

There was a civil court case against dr. Mikovits yesterday, and the outcome is that the WPI won. This is from MyNews4.com in Nevada:

     - Whittemore Peterson Institute prevails over civil lawsuit

As far as I understood, Mikovits lost the civil case for this reason (*):

A Washoe District Court judge has ruled that because Mikovitz failed to follow a court order to return the materials, WPI has prevailed in the civil lawsuit and can now seek damages.

This means logically speaking, I would say, that the judge holds it was theft as well, and that indeed dr. Mikovits or her husband possessed the stuff effectively. Also, I suppose - having not much relevant knowledge of U.S. law - this is legally a fast track, by which I mean that this presumably was the fastest way to come to a legal verdict. ("We ordered you to return it. You denied having it. You were arrested. You or your husband returned it. So you had it, stole it, lied about it, and didn't follow a court's order until shown the court's powers." - and I use quotation- marks because I summarize a guess, not because I quote anyone.)

It would seem to me that this also makes it rather probable that dr. Mikovits will loose the other case, on January 10. (Similar reasoning - and so far none of her lawyers that I have read have come up with another defense than that (i) she is a "world-renowned" scientist (ii) who is totally ignorant about the law, which won't wash legally, because if real or pretended legal ignorance pleads one free, one can as well stop doing court cases.)

Personally, I am not much interested nor much learned in the law, and I'm most interested in the Science-paper of 2009: Was it intentionally falsified or was it an honest mistake? I don't know whether this can be established in court, but if I were the judge in the case, I'd want to know more from Mr Pfost. Then again, legally speaking - unless Science were to start a court case - it may not at all be a judicial concern in what is nominally a case about conspiracy and theft.

As I am writing this - afternoon Dutch time - I don't know of any media commenting, other than the above, but that may be because there is not much posted about it in the forums for pwME I have access to, though there is a thread on Phoenix Rising that starts here (with another name):

- WPI thread

2. ME-varia

Then there are some small points to clarify:

(1) Mikovits = Mikovits ≠ Mikovitz

This is the answer to a question I posed here, that was kindly answered by a correspondent who had the pleasure, like many ME-patients it seems, of having e-mailed with dr. Mikovits: She spells her name ending with "s". (I'd seen it spelled with "z", and I know in several languages both spellings are used, for this manner of ending a name.)

(2) V99 = Tango = It's a mouse

This is the answer to a question I have seen - I believe - on ERV's blog, to the effect of "Where is V99?": She (it seems it is of the female persuasion) changed her alias to "Tango"; got - temporally and briefly - removed from the MECFS-forum that evil meanies like myself have been cast out from forever and can't even see, presumably for fear of what I might then think and write; and she now writes on the peoplewithme forum as "It's a mouse", where the many retrovirological and other scientific admirers of fine, civilized and learned prose may also find Gerwyn, Jace, Angela, Flex, Dr Yes, and some 90 or so other bright scientific minds who do not speak for me about ME, or indeed for anything else, although - in fairness - most seem to mean well, and most are not formidable dimwitted scolds like V99. See this, from 1 1/2 years ago:

      - ME + me : On a sad misunderstanding of me

This was - of course - never answered by the leaders of the MECFS-forum, indeed since in fact I may not be dealing with fine civilized and learned persons at all, but with people with little understanding of real science and with tiny or brainfogged intellects, who have been much discriminated, like I have been, and who may be in considerable pain, like I am, and who have tried to "solve" that by wishful thinking and, in V99's case and spme others, by resorting to verbal terrorism covered by anonymity against anyone who dared to protest or question their ignorant delusions.

It's not nice, but there have been very many ignorant delusions in the world wholly apart from those about me or ME. (**)

(*) Being openminded, I should fairly add another explanation why the judge failed to see dr. Mikovits's utter innocence and great goodness: It may be that this time Gerwyn, Jace, It's a mouse and other bright minds have failed to concentrate their full meditative powers to send Bright Lights to the courtroom:

- me+ME: Bright Mystical Lights and Geroupies

How could you be so remiss, good mystical folks?! 

(**) My parents were discriminated all their adult lives because they were communists; I have been discriminated and thrown from the University of Amsterdam because I was not a communist and because I insisted that truth exists and that real science is important, and had been, therefore, called "a fascist" for years by (Dutch link:) the communist loonies who did get to be  professors in the University of Amsterdam because they were communists, so I do have a fairly thick hide.

Then again, persons like V99 = Tango = It's a mouse have diminished the chances of very many people with ME/CFS of getting a cure while they live, by helping making real scientists take a serious interest in trying to understand the cause(s) of ME/CFS, namely because V99 (etc.) and some others seem(s) to take a perverse joy in persecuting people with - stupid, ill written, ignorant - verbal abuse simply because they fail to satisfy V99's ignorant wacko prejudices. So I do think it is a minor public service to keep track of the dear demented one's aliases: Beware, a zealot.

Corrections, if any are necessary, have to be made later.


As to ME/CFS (that I prefer to call ME):
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Short descriptions of the above:                

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The last has many files, all on my site to keep them accessible.

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