May 4, 2010

me: On Dutch Hypocrisies about Dutch National Excellencies - May 4

   "There are no good men. There are no bad men. Mladic is my colleague. Please don't shoot the piano player."
-- Dutch Troopleader Lt.-col. Karremans
    to general Mladic in front of Srebrenica
    Result: Many thousands cruelly murdered
    - who Karremans was sent to protect:
  "If we believe absurdities,         
    we shall commit atrocities."    

Note: Bold links in English

A Great Tribute To Dutch Heroism
For The National Commemoration of Those Who Fell In World War II.

I have to continue the previous Nederlog on Dutch hypocrisy and Dutch chauvinism, for the text of the previous Nederlog has been... removed from the Phoenix Forums, in view of "complaints from anonymous members".

Well... I know my Dutchies... ...

... and I don't mind, as I wrote on the Phoenix Forums, that I do not want to upset - and who knows how upset it might be if it were invaded by Dutch hordes of sons and daughters of Genuine Dutch Resistance Heroes!

Anyway - I don't blame the Phoenix Forums, but I am glad I can say what I please on my own sites, and what I please to say and reproduce now is the rest of the written conversation, that came directly after my text in the previous Nederlog:

MM Note: 4 May 2010 - Explanation

Moderator Note: Post was deleted because parts of it were felt to be offensive to Dutch forum members.

offensive to Dutch

Default Lansbergen:

The Dutch, after all, with the notable exception of my parents and grandparents, were and are a nation of born collaborators.

Maarten, do you realise that includes all dutch members of this forum and their ancestors?

What about all the other dutch people that suffered in concentrationcamps?

I have no idea who this is - it seems a woman, not young, certainly Dutch - and I also don't know what she meant to say, but I don't like to be publicly qyestioned by someone who is totally unknown to me about

"all the other dutch people that suffered in concentrationcamps?"

Let me just say they were very shabbily treated, nearly all, when they returned to Holland; that many of them were driven to suicide (Dutch text, that Dutch who feel chauvinistic should read carefully; as usual, this too was not answered, because presumably someone like me is functionally and Untermensch who ought to get GET till he has learned morality, as in "Arbeit Macht Frei" and see "Aan het werk, op welke manier ook" (very sharp, but the Dutch authorities don't dare to take it down).

My father was again one of the few who dared to resist that, and was again bitterly discriminated for it: A "Resistance Pension" just a little more than the dole - o, and a knighthood just before he died.

Anyway... I answered thus:


Originally Posted by lansbergen View Post
The Dutch, after all, with the notable exception of my parents and grandparents, were and are a nation of born collaborators.

Maarten, do you realise that includes all dutch members of this forum and their ancestors?

What about all the other dutch people that suffered in concentrationcamps?

Those I know from the generation of my parents VERY likely agree with me (and note I speak of "a nation of") - and I have known more of them than any or almost any Dutchmen of my generation; my parents after the war were systematically discriminated for being 'dirty communists'; they got 'a resistance pension' the size of the dole, for being being 'dirty communists'; and I just dislike the ordinary Dutch hypocrisies I get these days on the radio, e.g. in the voices of the collaborators of my generation like the sickening political whore, journalist, professor, and professional liar and poser Elsbeth Etty., communist careerist since 40 years, always lying, always posing, these days as an animal-rightist.

If there are excuses to be made by me for what I say, it is not to Dutchmen younger than 90, and not to Dutchmen who did a promillage from a promillage from what I or my parents did and dared. (And not to worry, Lansbergen: No doubt it is genetical - but I have been called 'a fascist' many a time in the University of Amsterdam, Psychology Faculty, for saying things like 'I believe intelligence is innate for at least 2/3rds', at a time and a place one just could not say this in this Dutch Temple of mock Science.)

Since you read Dutch, consider this, about the Dutch sadistic psychiatric charlatan Bastiaans, again a creep I was the only one who publicly dared to question - while in fact ex-concentrationcamp inmates I have known, who tried to, where threatened with murder by Bastiaans' patients, apparently for life flipped out on the LSD he handed out to them, with wide support from Dutch parliamentarians, including sick assholes like the Labour Parliamentarian Meesters, who did a lot of free tripping by way of Bastiaans, and lied a whole book of 'Resistance-Heroics' together to further his career:


The guy who "supervised" the inquiry by the NIOD (the Duch War Documentary Centre, a very fraudulent set of liars) is .... professor Van Heerden for whose morals and intelligence see


He is the same who told a secretary to tell me that

We from The Scientific Staff love to see
Maarten Maartensz dead

and who for decades taught that

* There is no truth
* All morals are relative
* Everybody is equal

and who seems to have collaborated with his ex Renate Rubinstein on the Weinreb-scam.

Even after Van Heerden was fully informed by a colleague of his who knew me well, he never ever as much as excused himself, knowing my background, my brilliance, my illness...

Now he is professor in Maastricht: Such is the material "the Dutch intellectual elite" is made of, if it didn't emigrate, or is not a physicist or mathematician. See

https://maartensz.org/meinadam/spyahoos.htm (mostly English, quite true if satirical)

The egregious NIOD-liar Withuis wrote my father totally from her lying history of the Dutch resistance after the war, and refuses to answer my mails, while telling me in the only mail she deigned answer, probably on order, that I do not know what I am talking about:


The Amsterdam alderman Oudkerk, who protects the Amsterdam drug mafia, snorts cocaine and fucks junkie teenagers for kicks, as is well known now, is the grandson of one of the major collaborators with the Nazis in WW-II, as is less well-known, unfortunately; the Amsterdam alderman Asscher, is the greatgrandson of the other of the two major collaborators with the Nazis in WW-II, and tries becoming mayor of Amsterdam; the last three mayors of Amsterdam, knowing my background, even having known my parents, refused to receive me since 21 years now because I had the courage to say their mafia-drugsdealers had tried to gas me and threatened me with murder for protesting against their noise, that caused 2 decades of pain now for me.

But every year BILLIONS of Euros are turned over in illegal drugs the dealing of which is furthered, protected, helped ("gedoogd" in Dutch, now as in WW II) by the mayors, aldermen and city-council of Amsterdam since 4 decades now, no doubt for a percentage, although this can be proved only by methods of questioning the present Dutch PM finds it very difficult to question if his American allies use them.

Finally "all the other dutch people that suffered in concentrationcamps" are nearly all dead; those who aren't dead no doubt agree with me about Holland; and anyway they have been abused, slandered, maltreated, lied to, manipulated and driven to suicide - and AGAIN I was the only one to protest rationally and cogently, and was scolded and lampooned for my efforts:


And frankly, you being Dutch: Unless you have read ALL that's linked here


AND have a background like I have (which you don't) I am just not going to discuss this on this forum, but am willing to do it with you on my site, where my above contribution in this thread has been made part of Nederlog now, where you can defend the reputation of Holland in Dutch against my aspersions.

me + ME: Ziek & misselijk van de Neerlandse laffe liegende doorsnee


P.S. May I also kindly point out that NONE of what I've said in ANY way contradicts what the Dutch Calvinists have been saying and singing about the Dutch human excellencies in droves for centuries now?! Viz.: Humanly speaking, nearly all of you are a bad, lying, posturing lot only interested in money, and thriving on hypocrisy?

And that the Dutch managed to help over 100.000 to be gassed, in under 4 years? Over 1% of the Dutch population, while the remaining 99% claimed after the war to have been Genuine Resistance Heroes? And that Anne Frank and her family were gassed or otherwise murdered because they were betrayed, for money, that most potent of Dutchie values?

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"The object of the superior man is truth." -- Confucius
"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." -- Orwell
"If we believe absurdities, we shall commit atrocities." -- Voltaire

The last three quotes, in fact, are my so called signature in my posts I mostly suppress when I repeat them here, but which are material, as my starting quote illustrates so well, so attrociously for many thousands were murdered because Dutch troops did not due their duties around Srebrenica. (Some lins in this post were added in Nederlog, so as to give references, proofs and evidence.)

And you can bet your life lt-col. Karremans is MUCH better pensioned of then my father was, or than I am, in the dole, without help.

That is Dutch morality, in practice.

Then there was this:

Mark: Moderator note: Maarten these last few posts about Holland have nothing to do with the CAA, which is the subject of this thread of course, and the majority of them have nothing to do with ME/CFS. The part that does concern ME/CFS, referring to your website, doesn't seem to have anything to do with this thread either. Some of the comments are also clearly offensive to Dutch people and the posts are in breach of several forum rules. Please would you remove these two posts, you may post them on your own site of course but it isn't appropriate here. If you don't remove the inappropriate material soon I will delete both posts in their entirety, this material just isn't appropriate here.

To which I responded as follows:

Hi Mark,

Originally Posted by Mark
Maarten I do understand that these issues are all connected one to another for all of us, and that your own story connects all these issues, but I can't really see how this is anything other than off topic re: the CAA, and there's no question that this material was offensive for at least some dutch readers, even if not to yourself, since it has been reported as such.

I'm sure you understand that I must aim to be objective, and having received a complaint I considered the forum rules, and it's quite clear to me that at least some of the content is in breach of those rules. I therefore feel I have no alternative but to ask you to remove the content. As you rightly say you can post this on your website.

I will edit out the sections I mentioned and leave the ME part and the links, and hope that what remains is OK. I will have to just remove the lot of the Dutch section because it isn't practical to go through and attempt to edit it in detail. Of course if you are able to edit the original so as to maike your point without causing offence, then do so, however it still does seem to me to have no connection with the subject of this thread so it does seem that it belongs elsewhere.

Best wishes to you also,


Do as you please, Mark - as far as I am concerned you may delete them completely: I don't know what complaints you've gotten and the moderators have to do their difficult job as they see fit for the interests of the PR Forums.

So I really don't mind, though I think my text is itself quite fair and justified for me - but perhaps indeed not for this forum. Also, I have no energy or taste to edit my post myself to please (possible) anonymous Dutch sensibilities - they may be deleted, though they will stand, quite proudly also, on my site.

I see meanwhile there is a PM of yours, which I will answer asap.

Best wishes,


P.S. Personally, I have had no complaints whatsoever, by the way...

And thus it is and there it stands...

.... A Great Tribute To Dutch Heroism For The National Commemoration of Those Who Fell In World War II.

And I quote, for the instruction of those with ME, with bolding by Amsterdam's loco mayor L.F. Asscher personally, it may fairly be guess (financial man, after all, hunting for mayorship) from the City of Amsterdam's website:

De waarnemend burgemeester van Amsterdam, de heer L.F. Asscher, loopt aan het hoofd van de stoet die voert langs een indrukwekkende reeks gedenktekens die herinneren aan de strijd, het verzet en de schrijnende verliezen die de Tweede Wereldoorlog kenmerken. Diverse autoriteiten, organisaties en individuele burgers eren de slachtoffers met bloemen en kransen. Gezamenlijk staat men, letterlijk, stil bij wat oorlog betekent voor mensen van toen en nu.

Aanleveren kransen en bloemstukken

Kransen en bloemstukken kunnen op 4 mei vr 09.00 uur worden afgegeven bij de wachtruimte van de Nieuwe Ooster. U wordt vriendelijk verzocht uw krans of bloemen zelf af te halen en mee te dragen tijdens de herdenking.

The bold means this, in English and for the rare survivor of 95 or so, in a wheel-chair and anyway old, who knows afflicted by ME, but anyway frail, very frail...


You are kindly required to come and get your flowers and flower crowns yourself and carry them yourself during the commemoration.

Dutch treat...style d'Amsterdam

signed: Diogenes of Amsterdam
(found none in Amsterdam)

P.S. The last link - - is to Multatuli's Idee 276:

Kranke, Volk, Mensheid... sta op naar den geest! Ruk af den halsband die u hindert. Weg met dat gewicht op uw hart. Ge zyt niet ziek, ge zoudt niet ziek wezen althans wanneer ge slechts den moed hadt uzelf te zyn.  [1]

Mensch, wees mensch ! 

"Human, be humane". indeed but the Dutch are much rather menschlih-all-zu-menschlich in large majority:

Multatuli's Idee 136:

De roeping van den mensch is mensch te zijn.

"The vocation of being human is to be humane."

But the Dutch - in majority: there are individual fine Dutchmen - rather have invalids like me gassed by drugsdealers, and rather collaborate with Nazis or drugsdealers for money.

It is explained here, in principle:

Happy Commemoration, o Dutchies...

P.P.S. Mark - who is a moderator on the forums has deleted some of my text with his note:

Moderator Note: Some content here was deleted because parts of it were felt to be offensive to Dutch forum members.

... OK with me, for the stated reasons... enjoy the originals!

P.P.S. I have nicely framed the parts that are

offensive to Dutch

Amsterdam, May 4, 2010: Maarten Maartensz son of his father...

As Her Royal Majesty Queen Beatrix famously and truly said:

In Nederland regeert de leugen
In The Netherlands the lie rules

00.35 5-4-10

P.P.P.S. Not going to the Dam on May 4th, and in fact in bed most of the day with pain, there is news on the Dutch on the Dam: Scandal on the Dam:

http://www.nrc.nl/: Wounded after chaos on the Dam

NIEUWS - Een incident met een luidruchtige man heeft tijdens de twee minuten stilte een paniekreactie veroorzaakt onder bezoekers op de Dam. Tientallen mensen raakten gewond, een 39-jarige man is opgepakt. (+video)


NEWS - An incident with a noiseous man during the two minutes silence has caused a panic reaction among visitors on the Dam. Tens of person were wounded, a 39-year pld male has been arrested. (+video)

It seems Queen Beatrix has behaved heroically, like a true queen, and continued the commemoration on her own initative. The video I saw looks pretty panicky...

23.40 5-4-10

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"Ah me! alas, pain, pain ever, forever!

No change, no pause, no hope! Yet I endure.
I ask the Earth, have not the mountains felt?
I ask yon Heaven, the all-beholding Sun,
Has it not seen? The Sea, in storm or calm,
Heaven's ever-changing Shadow, spread below,
Have its deaf waves not heard my agony?
Ah me! alas, pain, pain ever, forever!
     - (Shelley, "Prometheus Unbound") 

    "It was from this time that I developed my way of judging the Chinese by dividing them into two kinds: one humane and one not. "
     - (Jung Chang)


An actual Valid Scientific Hypothesis for what happened to me and 17 million others, and especially to patients with ME/CFS in England, the United States and The Netherlands:

(**) In ME: Unsere Doktoren - Ohne Wrter - P.S. 1: English you'll find doctors Strangelove, Mengele, Bleijenberg and Van der Meer, all equals, as I've been taught in the University of Amsterdam.

Maarten Maartensz

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