May 3, 2010

me + ME: Ziek & misselijk van de Neerlandse laffe liegende doorsnee


This is a copy of an entry to today's Phoenix Forums /w title for Dutchies but English:
Dit is een kopie van een bijdrage aan de Phoenix Forums van vandaag met een titel voor de kaaskoppen, maar in het Engels:

Exercise-evidence + ME-RESOURCES

Hello all,

As many readers of this thread may know I own a large website or two since 1996 (>250 MB now, mostly text) of which the main one is

maartensz.org (and the other one a mirror in another country)

Likewise, since I happen to have ME since 1.1.1979 there is some material on ME there, though most that is there is in Dutch, goes by the title ME in Amsterdam and can be found here

ME in Amsterdam

that in fact deals with having ME and being me myself in the context of university, Amsterdam and Dutch politics, and the steep decline of education and the standards of education in Holland (and the West) since some 40 years.

MM Note: 4 May 2010 - Explanation

Moderator Note: Some content here was deleted because parts of it were felt to be offensive to Dutch forum members.

offensive to Dutch

Incidentally, this part is most impopular with Dutchmen, because it writes the truth about Holland and (most reprehensibly) named Dutch Political Leaders - or so it seems to me, for much of it is well-written, proved to have been completely right long after the facts, both about ME/CFS and about the decline of education (as testified also by the Dutch Parliamentarian Committeee Dijsselbloem - the latter a rich Labour politician who gets the credit for what I have been writing for 30 years, which I find myself both typically Dutch and quite nauseating).

The Dutch, after all, with the notable exception of my parents and grandparents, were and are a nation of born collaborators, also in WWII with the Nazis, for which reason more than 1% of the then Dutch population, was sent to be gassed with considerable amounts of help of the other 99%, and indeed some resistance e.g. by my parents and grandparents - but to show the average Dutch genetical humanity, in the following order of moral priorities and Dutchness: In WW II for every one Dutch member of some resistance organisation, there were six Dutch members of Dutch SS-batallions.

[ And now you know why the Dutch do not love me: I often cite facts the Dutch Politically Correct just LOVE to "forget", such as the massive Dutch collaboration in finding Jews for gassing in WW II (the fact that this was known to happen then in Holland also is even in Anne Frank's diaries):

In Nederland regeert de leugen (= "In Holland the lie rules": said by Queen Beatrix, truly also)

https://maartensz.org/log/2006/NL060615.htm (%)

O, and since the vast majority of Dutchies publicly regards everyone "his or her equal", as they proudly declaim publicly wherever they can (equals of Einstein and Eichmann as they all evidently must be) and LOVE to scream in my face that I am 'a fascist' for saying I think other than they do, for this too has been a Dutch very widely practised moral habit since 1945, here is some testimony why I have - I think - more right to speak of these things than most collaborating Dutchies of little brain also, first through the voice of my father in Dutch

My father' testimony of his being in German concentration-camps as convicted 'political terrorist'

and next through my own voice translated in English: For this prose, I was removed from the University of Amsterdam briefly before taking my M.A. in philosophy and scolded publicly, loud, ferociously as 'a fascist' and 'a terrorist' by a horde of students and at least 16 members of the so-called 'scientific staff' of the University of Amsterdam's philosophy department, all evidently much less gifted than I am:

39 Questions about the qualities of education and government in the Netherlands

Of course, no one else in 16 million self-declared equals of Einstein and Mandela did something similar, said something similar, wrote something similar or even conceived of the possibuility of himself or herself doing such a career-risking thing - and besides: I was and am clearly extra-ordinary, 'therefore' bad by the standard Dutch moral conscience, 'therefore' "a fascist", idem, and anyway also inferior for being ill, for that too is typically Dutch: If you are in any way not normal in Holland, you are 'therefore' humanly speaking inferior, and in fact shouldn't be in the Dutch Polder Paradise at all....

....'Apartheid' is not for nothing the one Dutch term all the world knows). ]

Anyway... here is some brief news about two of my projects: (%%)

1. Exercise-evidence:

There is a looooong thread to a good extennt related to material of the CAA on exercise and psychoptherapy for persons with ME (GET and CBT, in particular) that starts here

Time for the Big Talk. How's the CAA doing?

and today has 1714 posts, whence my earlier "looooong".

This thread contains a whole lot of well-articulated personal evidence and empirical, logical and scientific argument by persons with ME about the claimed benefits of 'exercise' for persons with ME; about what it is like to have ME/CFS; about the effects on and theories of GET and CBT for persons with ME, and also about much more.

In April of this year _Kim_ has taken the trouble to read through much of this thread so as to collect the evidence of the patients with ME (on Phoenix Rising - but then this is a LARGE forum with very many well educated, well writing persons with ME) and started a thread to do just that, that starts here

Excerpts: Exercise quotes from the Big Talk

What I have done is rework the three pages that _Kim_ collected into one file of reasonably well-formatted html. The result is here for the moment (and will soon also be in my ME-section, since I regard such honest and unformatted well-informed evidence by patients with ME important):

ME: On 'exercise as therapy for ME' : The patients' evidence

Note this is 490 Kb of html (so it loads sloooowly if one has a slow connection), but it has the merit of having the evidence _Kim_ collected from the evidence and arguments the members of the PR-forums wrote in ONE file of tolerably clear html, that also probably prints better on paper than do the files on this site that contain quotes.

2. ME-Resources

In the beginning of April I proposed effectively that the PR-forums should try to collect its own RESOURCES:


There was some PMing and private EMing involved, but for various reasons this did not turn into a group effort. Reconsidering it, it seems now to me that I better do it myself on my own site, and then propose that to PR once it is in tolerable shape, e.g. for copying or reworking for the purposes of the PR-sites.

I now have made a beginning here:


This is only a small part of what I have in mind, but it does already provide a fair collection of good pdf-files about ME/CS, and seems to serve the needs of some, since there were quite a few downloads from it.

Best wishes,


P.S. Who hopes to be doing the same sort of thing as done with the Exercise-thread by _Kim_ for the Liverpool_Shrinks-thread by Orla the coming days or week, depending on my energy.

MM Note: 4 May 2010 - Explanation

Moderator Note: Some content here was deleted because parts of it were felt to be offensive to Dutch forum members.

offensive to Dutch

(%) It seems probable to me, knowing the Dutch, that as soon as I am safely dead, it is likely there will be posthumous fame for me next to exploitation of my writings. The reason I am saying this is not that I have a thirst for fame (if that were so, I'd behaved quite differently, also having been 'A Student Leader', no less), but the last 30 years of my life have made it very clear, quite objectively also, that I am unique in Holland, for absolutely no one wrote, spoke, thought and acted like I do and did - even though ALL Dutch academics in the same 30 years, judged by their own public pretentions about their own morality and individual excellence, should have.

But instead of science or morality, they served themselves, lied, bowed, scraped, licked ass, and got to be extra-ordinarily bad professors or lecturers in some inane social science or staff members of Dutch media-companies were they continued for decades to serve forth their lies and self-aggrandizements....(%%)

My reason to write about this in, perhaps, excessively long terms is that these days the liberation of Holland is commemorated (May 4 and 5), which entails that one cannot switch on the radio to list to the news and avoid being inundated by very nauseating, very false, very phoney, also in very upper class accents (by an actor who normally does The Medical Voice in ads for pseudo-cures...) about How Noble The Dutch Are, Were, and Always Will Be.

Sorrie, Dutchies: If you weren't excused by your massive stupidity, ignorance, and slave-traders and colonialists' genes, it should be said you are simply lying 16-million-fold during commemmorations of WW II, and so on purpose. And if Holland goes to pieces the next 50 years, as it well deserves, it will very probably have a lot to do with the massive stupification started by my generation of babybooming quasi-revolutionaries in the name of 'equality' and 'democracy', but in fact for their own promotion, careers and incomes.

Postscript: I'll also upload this to today's Nederlog. Maybe it invites some Dutch e-mails to the effect that I am an arrogant fascist... which is what I've been told for a decade at the University of Amsterdam that I am, while that university was run by Stalinist apparatchiks from the Dutch communist party, none of whom knew my communist background or of the heroism of my parents and grandparents. See also:

The Real ME

Also, to this very day NO ONE of these human horrors in Hollandish shape and form is even capable of understanding why I did not even mention my proletarian or family-background, for had I done so, at the time it would have been sufficient, also for one far lesser gifted than I am, to have been made a professor at the University of Amsterdam automatically.

The reason, Dutch babybooming left-fascist liars and careerists is with a university 'education' is ... contempt mixed with nausea and the unhealable feeling you and I are from different species - as you yourself have been drumming into me for decades now:

"La meilleure Philosophie, rélativement au monde, est d'allier, ŕ son régard, le sarcasme de gaité avec l'indulgence du mépris."
-- Chamfort

You are nearly all, to a man, phonies, cheats, liars and assholes - and you know it, you take pride in it, you select each other for just these qualities to promote to positions of power and influence in Holland, and by and large most of you, living in relative freedom without any threats on your collaborating small persons, are in my eyes far more contemptible than Nazis or Soviet-apparatchiks, for these all-too-human worthies at least could claim ignorance or totalitarianism or war in defense of their personal choices.

All my generation of Dutch baby-boomers - the sickening Fortuyn included - were after were personal riches, acclaim for being a normal collaborator, and media-fame. Had it been different, the state of Dutch education and the Dutch universities would not have been as horrid as it is - and will remain for a long time, for lack of properly educated Dutchmen to undo it.

And it is this very widespread lack of effective, real commonsensical common humanity, honesty, courage, character and real morals and intelligence that tend to make me quite pessimistic about the 21st C in general:

On a fundamental problem in ethics and morals

(As it happens, the above is the most popular file on my site since years.)

MM Note: 4 May 2010 - Explanation

Moderator Note: Some content here was deleted because parts of it were felt to be offensive to Dutch forum members.

offensive to Dutch

Nederlog 3 mei 2010:
The original is here

  • Exercise-evidence + ME-RESOURCES

And much of this is addressed to "my dutch fellow-men", although that is effectively useless, which is why I wrote it in English: The Dutch are a contemptible lot of rotters, by and large, just as there Calvinist theology tells them they are.

For more on this see


See also

  • Yodeling for Beginners (<- page 25 - presently at -> 31)
    (latest issue - one: ME humor - The Laughter Process (tm) CoFIBS  at work).

And some of the evidence that Herr Professor & Frau Doctor Wessely vom Weasel zum Weisel are mentally sane if and only if (iff) I am not - as they wholly agree, miraculously almost!

But see here which of the two logical alternatives a true iff comprehends applies:

1. Anthony Komaroff

Ten discoveries about the biology of CFS (pdf)

3. Hillary Johnson

The Why

4. Consensus (many M.D.s) Canadian Consensus Government Report on ME (pdf)
5. Eleanor Stein

Clinical Guidelines for Psychiatrists (pdf)

6. William Clifford The Ethics of Belief
7. Paul Lutus

Is Psychology a Science?

8. Malcolm Hooper Magical Medicine (pdf)

Short descriptions:

1. Ten reasons why ME is a real disease by a professor of medicine of Harvard.
2. Long essay by a professor emeritus of medical chemistry about maltreatment of ME.
3. Explanation of what's happening around ME by an investigative journalist.
4. Report to Canadian Government on ME, by many medical experts.
5. Advice to psychiatrist by a psychiatrist who understands ME is an organic disease
6. English mathematical genius on one's responsibilities in the matter of one's beliefs:
   "it is wrong always, everywhere, and for anyone, to believe anything upon
     insufficient evidence
7. A space- and computer-scientist takes a look at psychology.
8. Malcolm Hooper puts things together status 2010.

"Ah me! alas, pain, pain ever, forever!

No change, no pause, no hope! Yet I endure.
I ask the Earth, have not the mountains felt?
I ask yon Heaven, the all-beholding Sun,
Has it not seen? The Sea, in storm or calm,
Heaven's ever-changing Shadow, spread below,
Have its deaf waves not heard my agony?
Ah me! alas, pain, pain ever, forever!
     - (Shelley, "Prometheus Unbound") 

    "It was from this time that I developed my way of judging the Chinese by dividing them into two kinds: one humane and one not. "
     - (Jung Chang)


(*) An actual Valid Scientific Hypothesis for what happened to me and 17 million others, and especially to patients with ME/CFS in England, the United States and The Netherlands:

(**) In ME: Unsere Doktoren - Ohne Wörter - P.S. 1: English you'll find doctors Strangelove, Mengele, Bleijenberg and Van der Meer, all equals, as I've been taught in the University of Amsterdam.

Maarten Maartensz

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