13 april 2010


ME: The danger Dr. Myhill is in


"The greatness of man      
consists in saying what is true,    
and in acting according to Nature."

   "If we believe absurdities,         
     we shall commit atrocities."    

Dr. Sarah Myhill, whose website is here

  • The Website of Dr Sarah Myhill MB BS

has currently on her website this:

I, Dr Myhill, am about to be struck off the medical register - please help!

I responded as follows - and see also, in case you're interested

  • My GMC Hearing

and here in case you protest that she is about to be struck off the medical register

  • Petition for Dr Myhill



Dear Sir/Madam,

Dr Myhill is an excellent medical doctor, who has a fine rational scientific hypothesis about the cause of ME/CFS, and who has an excellent site that is very helpful for any patient with ME/CFS and for anyone seriously interested in this serious, debilitating disease.

I have learned much from her, all to my own benefit, and am medically diagnosed by medical specialists with ME/CFS since 1.1.1979, after EBV, and receive special (experimental) medical treatment for it at the Dutch CFS-Centrum since years.

In my view, Dr Myhill deserves admiration, support, protection and funding for her research, because she is and does like a good medical doctor should - unlike a part of England's psychiatrists centred around KCL, whose theories about ME/CFS are both pseudo-science and in contradiction with the World Health Organisation's rulings on ME/CFS:

CFS, along with PVFS and ME, are listed by the WHO since 1992 under the ICD-10 G93.3 as an organic brain disease and are specifically excluded from a psychiatric listing under F48

Dr. Myhill has the courage, wit and medical dedication to treat patients with ME according to the rulings of the World Health Organisation. She does like a good medical doctor should do.

She needs your protection, not persecution.


drs. Maarten Maartensz, psychologist.


It's also on a very strange ground that she is persecuted: one anonymous mail.

And it shows that British medical science is not in good shape, alas. It wouldn't amaze me if this is KCL(*)-manufactured or Wessely-inspired, but such things tend to be not easily established.

One can hope that those who are to decide this issue are rational and reasonable in majority, as they should be, if good medical doctors.


(*) KCL = King's College London, an English university where Wessely teaches.

Maarten Maartensz

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