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Well said, Orla.

+1 Orla & Gracenote - and 'kinesophobia' is of the order of 'homophobia': Designed for public consumption, for what is in fact (medico-)political campaigning. It is a pseudo-scientifc term designed to smear, defame and denigrate people with ME and to manipulate the public.

It's sick manipulative point is simply:

"If you protest against GET you are suffering from typical clinical kinesophobia, which proves you need CBT to have your dysfunctional beliefs sorted out by us psycho-pros."

It is TOTAL BS and very dangerous.

Also, this is sort of sick behavior on the part of medical and psychological professionals fishing for pay from insurance companies to give people GET or CBT while denigrating and insulting them, now also in mock Greek medicalese, is one of the many reasons I really believe

MEdical sadism is a real and very dangerous condition (for people with ME) many promininent medical and psychological players around ME (Reeves, Wessely, Sharpe, Bleijenberg and Van der Meer) should be diagnosed with

which I shall be doing on my own site, i.a. because I do have the requisite academic degrees and wide experience with public controversy, and am ill for 32 years now. (It must be a clear proof of my 'dysfunctional belief systems' that my excellent degrees were all acquired while I was suffering from and with ME. )

I am sick of medical sickos who indulge their sick sadism on people who are ill and cannot defend themselves and who do so, very perversely, very consciously also, 'in the name of science', qualitate qua 'medical doctor' or 'doctor of psychology'.

And I am quite willing and able to explain in a Dutch or Danish court, dressed in the concentration-camp clothing my father and grandfather were dressed in (who were heroes of the Dutch Resistance against nazism) that in fact my position is now for decades much worse than that of my father was, who survived almost 4 years of nazi concentration-camps as a convicted 'political terrorist', because he could and did found a family, in which I am the oldest son, and who could work for two decades as a house-painter.

I can and could do none of these things. For more on these lines - and this is just the VERY friendly beginning see

ME: Unsere Doktoren - Ohne Wörter

drs. Maarten Maartensz - Dutch psychologist age 60 ill 32 years

P.S. I do NOT recommend this to others, especially if they have ME, and so this a bit off topic, but I DO think I can do it in Holland, because of my background, for as Hillary Johnson said in

"The Why"
-- http://oslersweb.com/work3.htm

CDC science is not legitimate science. It is the science of defamation, of marginalization, of disenfranchisement. It’s Nazi science (...)

It's MEdical sadism.