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Uh Roy, I appreciate your input but IMO that picture needs to carry more of a warning with it, okay? Thank you.

Perhaps a horror-warning is indicated, but it seems to me we are seeing professor Wessely empirically, scientifically, by a deep Fraudian Analytical Process also, investigating the true causes of the BS about CFS and searching for more somatoformic BS, PYCtorially Correct speaking, acccording to strict CoFIBs doctrine, IMHO, with your permission:

Horror-warning: Doctoral and Pastoral Guidance strongly adviced:

professor Wessely empirically & analytically investigating the true cause of the BS about CFS:


although it may be feared by some optimists his sight and mind are so dark that he can't see it for what it really is. (Fraudian Analysis, BS-powered+CBT-ified & GET-activated!)

But such is the truth, painful for this ass as it may be, and the truth deserves to be known and seen for what it is, PYCtorially speaking also.

And for my part, though asinely moved by professor Wessely's investigation (by dorsal lateral thinking, KCL-required for all shrinks in training & office!), I was FAR more shocked by the True Vision of Frau Dr. Wessely giving GET to her heart's content, when seen properly by deep PYCtorial vision (after skinning of BS, of course)

(horror-warning for the PYCtorially unenlightened: Dr. and Pastor strongly adviced!)

Frau dr. Wessely actively giving GET (kicking feet out of bounds of PYC) to her heart's content, while smiling a true doctors humanistic encouraging smile:

(Saving this for my site maartensz.org for full horrific details for the strong of heart desiring the FULL truth about the TRUE causes of CFS - Chronically Feeling Shat - and the causers of it with GET, with heartfel thanks to (fr)DS(en)DB = (mathematically speaking & p = 0.0001) PYCtorial Goddess Dreambirdie (and helpmeet Roy a.k.a. Batboy (it's rumoured))

The truth IS awful and painful to see, I am afraid, but thus it is (for the Truly Enlightened from the Laughter Process of the Church of False Illness Beliefs, at least).

(Moderately approved, may be seen, with parental guidance)


P.S. The full horrors of then situation (albeit minus dr. Reeves, dr. Jones, dr. Van der Meer, dr. Bleijenberg etc.) is now here:

-- https://maartensz.org/log/2010/NL100330a.htm
(the juridical & medical facts)
-- https://maartensz.org/log/2010/NL100330b.htm
(the personal backgrounds)

(@KIM: will you please be moderate in your pole dancing and PC in your yodeling?! I know you have to, but there are limits to doing to oneself as one would wish to do to others! (Sister Helga Is Watching You, as you well know, in the BEST of YOUR interests....)