1 maart 2010


Studies in MEdical Sadism - 1: "Die Mörder sind unter uns"


To continue my Dutch entry of yesterday, that I wrote in Dutch because it mostly concerns Dutch MEdical sadists, here follows a quotation from the excellent site

  • InvestInMe

where you can find a lot of information about ME. This also continues my Studies in MEdical Sadism - 0. The link to where what follows is cited from is this:

  • ME Story 19

which forms part of the earlier linked site.

Person with ME: Jonathan

Dear Eileen Shoosmith/Reading M.E. Group,

I was very disturbed and saddened to learn of the death of Sophia Mirza, and the circumstances in which she died. Such a story is all too familiar to me and my own experience. I have for 20 years been a severe M.E. sufferer. For a whole two and a half years between 1989 and 1992 I was completely, totally and utterly bedridden. I could not do any weight bearing at all and was cared for at home by my mother, and was washed by District Nurses. Most expected me to die.

During that time I was taken captive by psychiatrists and taken to The xxxxxxxx Psychiatric Unit, xxxxxxxx Hospital, xxxxxx. For six months I was subjected to severe and terrible psychological abuses in what I term their `interrogation chambers'. I was subjected to a regime of the threat of physical torture, bullying, intimidation, scorn, derision, lies, deception, malice, and above all hatred. The stress and emotional torment induced in my mind was extreme beyond description. At the end of their `treatment' the psychiatrists claimed to have done wonders for me, and to have transformed me into a wonderful whole new person who'd progressed greatly in mental health and well-being. But the truth was that the psychological damage inflicted into my vulnerable mind was colossal, and has so far lasted the rest of my lifetime.

For the past 14 years I have been trying emotionally to recover and rebuild myself out of their efforts and achievements in destroying my mind and destroying me as a person, according to their ambitions. One of the greatest and most long lasting of the many adverse psychological effects was my "cursing",-my inability to prevent waves of `curses' rising up in my emotions from my subconscious, the very first moment of my waking from sleep each morning, and then on throughout the day. I have battled with this `cursing the psychiatrists' ever since then, as I battle the inward struggle to forgive them. (I am a believer in complete forgiving, but find it hard and not easy to do). Really, at least two of my abusers should have been jailed.

A few years ago while in a period of remission, I became involved with a well attended Pentecostal church. One in the congregation was a man who told me that his wife had been a severe M.E. sufferer, but that she had tragically committed suicide. I learned that he wasn't much of a believer in the physicality of the illness, and she had gone into a psychiatric unit in which both he and the staff had behaved coercively towards her. It wasn't hard to piece together what the rest of the story was. I thought to myself, "Uh no, not another sufferer murdered by them ". (I call them the `psychiatric secret police', or the `psychiatric Gestapo', knowing for myself from all my personal inside experience of how they operate). I considered `stirring up a hornet's nest' in the fellowship by telling the elders and leaders of the church that I believed he'd taken part in the `murdering of his wife'. But due to my always fatiguing mentally, and needing to get home to rest after services, I never did start that row.

After I myself had been captive to psychiatrists, both my parents sided with them, and they dismissed and rejected whatever I tried to explain to them about myself. Their doing so detrimentally affected my relationships with both of them. For a number of reasons (but of which this has been a major part) I haven't been in contact with my mother for years, even at Christmas or birthdays. But my relationship with my Dad has survived, just about, at a struggle over the years. It just goes to show that psychiatrists don't just destroy individuals, but families too!

Currently I am acutely affected by M.E. I am completely housebound and live alone in extreme social isolation, being incapable of more than just a few minutes of conversation with anybody each day. I can stand just a little but can scarcely walk at all. Most of my existence takes place on my bed. I don't have Home care but my food shopping comes in from Tesco online.

I live with a constant fear that `they', the psychiatrists, may one day come for me again - that they may come and break down my door and "Section" me and take me. (In other words, an `arrest'). I know that they would do anything to gain power over me a second time. And then I too would be forced to my death. The inducement of relapse and physical symptoms which would occur in me would be beyond what I believe I would be capable of surviving. For this reason I always have a supply of sedative medication tablets, a `stash' hidden in my bedroom drawer, which if they came for me I would grab quickly and hide in my socks or underwear to `smuggle' with me into the psychiatric unit. And then I would look for an opportunity to end my life by suicide. I do so hope that my life will not ever end in such a way, and yet, I am constantly aware that it is a very real possibility that it may at any time in the future come to pass, that I will be forced to my death, another hidden murder statistic.

Perhaps it is time for us to stop politely calling such deaths `tragic accidents' or `awful misunderstandings', and call them what they really are - murders!

Please feel free to use this letter in whatever way/s that you wish. I am perfectly happy for it to be quoted, printed, reproduced or circulated in whatever way.

Kindest Regards,


There are many similar reports in InvestInMe, and who can't see that if the above is true this is obvious MEdical sadism deserves full well to be subjected to it himself or herself, preferably while being ill, for it is so very much easier and more pleasant for modern medical sadists of the Wessely-Van der Meer school to indulge their perversions against people who are too ill to defend themselves, and who can't hit back.

For a story about somebody murdered in this way in England see

  • the death of Sophia Mirza (on InvestInMe)
  • Sophia and me (internet site made by her mother)

To speak with Simon Wiesenthal about messrs. Wessely and Van der Meer:

"Die Mörder sind unter uns" = "The murderers are among us"

The named gentlemen may test my relevant knowledge of doctor Mengele and his modern ME MEdical specialists by inviting me to court. This is a Dutch link, in which my father describes a little of what it is like to survive 3 years and 9 months as a political prisoner in German concentration-camps, because he was a member of the Dutch communist resistance against the Nazi occupiers of Holland.

My father and grandfather were arrested for this in June 1941, by Dutch police-agents; convicted by Dutch judges as "political terrorists"; my grandfather was murdered in the Dutch Concentration Camp Amersfoort (released just before dying in order to cow the Dutch population); and my father was knighted in 1980, just before his death, in Amsterdam's town hall, for organizing the Dutch National Exhibition about Fascism and Resistance during the previous twenty years.

I have ME now for the 32nd year, and have all these years got no help whatsoever, other than minimal dole and much discrimination by civil servants and the medical "doctors" employed by these, for I am clearly an Untermensch - a sub-human - as I am evidently treated as one.

Also, in these 32 years I got an M.A. in psychology with the best possible marks; I got a B.A. in philosophy with excellent marks; I was removed briefly before being able to take my M.A. in philosophy, wrote the Board of Directors to me in 1988, after I publicly protested against postmodernism and the degeneration of Dutch education, and after having been a student-leader (with ME) for some years on the same program, also elected in the University-Council, because of:

"your outspoken opinions", "in spite of your serious illness"

Those who want to judge my intellectual capacities and read Dutch are invited to read this, by a professor of mathematical psychology and statistics who knew me well, who tried to help me raise something like 15 euros a week for me to have and keep my house more or less decently cleaned, and allow me to write a thesis for the degree of Ph.D. in psychology, on the logic of propositional attitudes.

This right also was expressly and on purpose denied me by the Board and Directors of the University of Amsterdam; by Mayor Job Cohen and Aldermen of Amsterdam ("City of the February Strike", as they themselves like to scream in from of media-cameras); and by the Amsterdam Municipal Medical Service (that for decades has provided even German heroin-junkies with money, cloths, medical help, new teeth, a new house, and lately free heroin), because of:

 "your outspoken opinions", "in spite of your serious illness"

and because I was - according to my professors of philosophy, and the Board and Directors of the University of Amsterdam, who did not know my personal background, that I am

"a dirty fascist" and "a terrorist"

because I publicly posed 39 Questions on the decline of Dutch education and civilization in May 1988. (<= This is an English version and this => the Dutch original).

Also, since I am an invalid and can get no help whatsoever whatever I argue or ask in Amsterdam ("City of the February Strike", according to Mayor and Aldermen of Amsterdam), I ended up in a very bad house with very bad health myself, in which the then Amsterdam Mayor Ed van Thijn choose to host his personal dealers in illegal drugs (*), who chose to threaten me five times with murder (having guns, fighting dogs, and full mayorial and police protection: I am a poor invalid) in the following words, when I complained about the awful noise they made, that made it impossible for me to sleep except between 3 and 7 in the night, that

"If you do anything we don't like, we will kill you".

The Amsterdam Municipal Police - drugscorrupted - laughed in my face when I complained, and told me

"to fuck off to a foreign country if you don't like it here"

and that

"We, the Amsterdam police will not do anything for you in this matter. You can throw bombs as far as we are concerned: you can fuck off."

I kept protesting, and the dealers made my chimmney collapse so that I and my then girl-friend were gassed with carbon-monoxide in September 1988, but the Amsterdam Municipal Authorities refused to investigate the matter for nearly four years, when I finally could flee with the help of my G.P. to another house.

The probable reason for these events is that the then Amsterdam Mayor Ed van Thijn is a psychopath, who claims he is Jewish while being an atheist, apparently because Goebbels' race-laws declared him Jewish, and he was undercover as an eight year old in the south of Holland, at a time and a place where my mother worked for the Dutch resistance - endangering her own life - and for (thus styled) Jews trying to hide from being rounded up and gassed by the Nazi occupiers and their many Dutch collaborators, while at that time my father and grandfather were in a German concentration camp (or already murdered: I don't know the precise date of death of my father's father), and Mayor Ed van Thijn had briefly met both my father and mother, because of my father's knighthood for organizing the Dutch National Exhbition about Resistance and Fascism.

Well... having sofar survived, albeit for decades with pain and in dire poverty, my outspoken opinions are now that I have tried asked for 32 years for the help and the rights, and the treatments I am humanly, morally and legally entitled to to mayors, aldermen and medical doctors who are, compared to my father, mother and grandfather, human fascist beasts and conscious sick sadists, and that these human and civil rights were denied me because of

 "your outspoken opinions", "in spite of your serious illness"

because the deniers are hardly human, at least compared to my parents and grandparents.

Also, I hereby allow myself all means to further my ends, which may be summarized by a Bob Dylan song from long ago, "Masters of ME", if I recall well ($):

I hope that you die, and your death will come soon
I will follow your casket one a pale afternoon
And watch while you're lowered unto your deathbed
And I'll stand over your grave till I am sure that you're dead.

My story in Dutch - 10 MB, over 200 files - is in ME in Amsterdam. The Amsterdam municipal authorities - mayor, aldermen, leading bureaucrats, council members, Board of Directors of the University of Amsterdam - refuse to receive me, refuse to answer my mails, and refuse to phone with me, ever since I have been gassed in Amsterdam by murderous drugsdealers, and they know whose son and grandson I am, knowing full well of my site, capacities, prose, opinions, experiences, and personal courage. May they rot in hell! (**)

P.S. Since I have been told several hundreds of times as a student that someone like me, who protested the notions that the University of Amsterdam has been teaching for 25 years that

  • "everyone knows that truth does not exist"
  • "everyone knows that all morals are wholly relative"
  • "everyone knows that all human beings are equal"

from which it follows that there have, in truth, existed no German concentration camps and no Shoah, that if such things did or woul happen it would not matter anyway since morals are wholly relative, and that the SS who tortured my father and murdered my grandfather are my father's and grandfather's human equals, and since I am the only student since 1945 who has been removed from a Dutch university because of:

"your outspoken opinions", "in spite of your serious illness"

I have assigned myself great liberties in persecuting my persecutors, namely at least as great as the liberties the late Simon Wiesenthal took.

Therefore it is my plan to document my story in English, and to nail the faces and addresses of Dutch sadistic corrupt politicians and medics with a swastika on their faces on my sites, to warn anybody who is decent and moral (and not free to carry arms, if not a drugsdealer, who all do and all are protected by the Amsterdam corrupt municipal police) what manner of folks these are: Untermenschen, of pronounced sadistic internal design, though outwardly perfectly capable of seeming human-all-too-human.

Those who protest me may meet me in Strassbourg, before the European Commission on Human Rights - or have me murdered by one of the many drugs gangsters the Mayor and Aldermen of Amsterdam have protected now for decades.

I do not want to live in a nation with this manner of hypocritical drugs-fascism since more than four decades, and with this manner of postmodern doctors MEngele, so either I want millions in restitution or else an official suicide pill, sponsored by the Dutch medical doctors of ME-sadism, and by the Amsterdam mayors and aldermen who love to have an invalid like me gassed by Dutch drugs dealer, and by the professors of the University of Amsterdam, who screamed in my face that I am a fascist and terrorist because of the questions I publicly posed about their incompetence and corruption as regards science and education.

And it should finally be mentioned in this context that in the year 2008 a Dutch Parliamentary Committee and the Dutch Parliament have come to the conclusions that... just about everything I have been saying and writing about this ever since 1977 was and is quite true, and the Dutch educational system is and has been for decades in an atrocious situation, and has been very bad.

Of course, nobody took the trouble of thanking or naming me, although it is probable - since my criticisms have been online since 1996, and are well-written and well-documented - that the Dutch Parliamentary Committee (Dijsselbloem Commission) have paraphrased a considerable part of my opinions their very own party-leaders thought sufficient to call me "a dirty fascist" and "a terrorist", and to throw me from university because of:

 "your outspoken opinions", "in spite of your serious illness"

O.. and the only real remedy I can think of for this manner of "human beings" is here, and happens to be the most downloaded file on my site: On a fundamental problem in ethics and morals.  (***)

P.P.S. Real scientific background

The present text is a first effort, and may take some reviewing, for which I don't have the fitness just now.

Since I complain of the "science" of the psychosomatists, let me repeat and extend a list of real scientific facts and reasoning. It is all well worth reading by anybody interested in ME, psychology, psychiatry, philosophy of science, the morals of and motives of psychiatrists, or rational thinking:

1. Anthony Komaroff

Ten discoveries about the biology of CFS (pdf)

3. Hillary Johnson

The Why

4. Consensus (many M.D.s) Canadian Consensus Government Report on ME (pdf)
5. Eleanor Stein

Clinical Guidelines for Psychiatrists (pdf)

6. William Clifford The Ethics of Belief
7. Paul Lutus

Is Psychology a Science?

8. Malcolm Hooper Magical Medicine (pdf)

Short descriptions:

1. Ten reasons why ME is a real disease by a professor of medicine of Harvard.
2. Long essay by a professor emeritus of medical chemistry about maltreatment of ME.
3. Explanation of what's happening around ME by an investigative journalist.
4. Report to Canadian Government on ME, by many medical experts.
5. Advice to psychiatrist by a psychiatrist who understands ME is an organic disease
6. English mathematical genius on one's responsibilities in the matter of one's beliefs:
   "it is wrong always, everywhere, and for anyone, to believe anything upon
     insufficient evidence
7. A space- and computer-scientist takes a look at psychology.
8. Malcolm Hooper puts things together status 2010.

And let me note that there are now approximately 17 million persons with ME all of whom have been and are slandered, defamed, lied about and misrepresented by the schools of sadistic pseudo-science I have been talking about.

Also, I have the degrees, talents and background to say: Hey, hey, hey... a sich bigmouted and lying psycho-freak like you call a person like me, and 17 million other persons, a malingerer, a man with dysfunctional beliefs, you with your pseudo-science, your sick psycho-babble, your massive lying since decades fueled by personal financial interests?! Shut your sick sadistic mouths and loose your permit to practice medicine and psychology, you murderous sick frauds!! How many ill persons have you driven into suicide by your lies or sheer terrrorism as reported above?!



(*) The ins and outs of this are too complicated to explain briefly, but there is some English text of mine about this here, of July 2009:

The short of this very carefully and very intentionally obfuscated legal-illegal situation is that the Mayor of Amsterdam has the practical personal right, since 40 years, to assign shops and cafetarias to criminals to deal hashish and marihuana from, on a semi-legal basis. (How much money they personally made of this themselves is a question the Dutch consider most improper and unfair.)

The effect has been, since no Dutch politician or judge ever seriously discussed legalizing drugs in Holland, it seems for lack of personal courage or lack of interest in Dutch civilization, that indeed is very poor, sick and miserable, that the international drugs mafia - Italians, Yugioslavs, Surinams, Bulgarians: you name 'em and the Mayors of Amsterdam gave them personal permission to deal drugs in Amsterdam, but never from a house of a mayor, alderman, councilmember or police officer, or indeed from a house close by these superhuman Amsterdam worthies - has acquired enormous power and riches in Amsterdam and in the rest of Holland, since they have been "tolerated" ("gedoogd" in Dutch) to deal illegal drugs for 40 years now, with illegal enormous untaxed profits (many billions each year, only in Amsterdam) and illegal uncontrolled substances, while no one who was and is paid (exceedingly well, also) in Holland to maintain the law did anything about it except looking the other way (and indeed drugsmafiosi are very dangerous, and there have been many drugs-murders in and around Amsterdam, and I must fear the same fate).

(**) For those who read Dutch, see Mayor Job Cohen's total agreement with everything this site contains (up to March 20, 2009), after having studied it with municipal toplawyers (also active for the Amsterdam drugsmafia) for more than half a year.

(***) Those raised in a postmodernistic climate probably have been taught that they are very moral persons themselves if only they maintain publicly and sanctimoniouslythat

  • "everyone knows that all human beings are equal"

(and of course also their usual concomittants

  • "everyone knows that truth does not exist"
  • "everyone knows that all morals are wholly relative")

but I, who have been raised differently, by very intelligent, very courageous, very fair persons think differently about this, and after 32 years of pain, discrimination, poverty, and conscious denial of my human rights in Amsterdam am quite convinced that there are human beasts in Amsterdam and elsewhere, and that they are often politicians, bureaucrats or medical doctors, for these are precisely the kind of jobs sadists, perverts and the corrupt at heart seek and often get. (The more stupid human beasts become policemen, drugscriminals, or prison guards.)

And those whose o so moral egalitarianism I "offend" (postmoderns are very easily offended, especially when gathered in majprities) should know that I also am very intelligent and totally unrepentent:

"La meilleure Philosophie, rélativement au monde, est d'allier, ŕ son régard, le sarcasme de gaité avec l'indulgence du mépris."

"Presque tous les hommes sont esclaves, par la raison que les Spartiates donnaient de la servitude des Perses, faute de savoir prononcer la syllabe non. Savoir prononcer ce mot et savoir vivre seul sont les deux seuls moyens de conserver sa liberté et son charactčre."

($) Actually: "Masters of war". I cite the final lines, from memory.

Maarten Maartensz

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