18 oktober 2009


A little more about ME and me

Note on the links in this piece

This continues yesterday's Dutch piece about ME, which I have now since 32 years, without getting any help in Holland, apart from dole money, and in spite of the fact that I have two excellent university degrees, of which one is in psychology.

The basic reason why I get no help in Holland is that it would cost money, and the people that should help me, such as bureaucrats and doctors, don't care for the pain of others, unless they can make money by it.

I shall below consider the last part of this claim, with the help of a French philosopher also, if not a postmodern nor a dimwitted one, as is almost certain these days, by the way, but now turn to the first part of my claim:

Holland is in spite of the economical still one of the richest countries on earth - in proof of which I just heard on the radio that the Dutch international megacorporations Philips and Shell have over the last 30 years abused a hole in the Dutch tax legislation that has been known to the government and the parliament since ... 30 years, to the tune of 16 billion (= 16*109) euros each year [1], which makes one understand a bit better why the CEO of the Shell, a man who looks like Hitler minus moustache, who is called Van der Veer, receives 10 million euros yearly, in payments: Holland  is that rich, and can yearly throw away 16 billion euros, for its bureaucrats and politicians are that corrupt, and its CEOs that perverse and greedy.

Yes... there are some exceptions: Not all people are bad, not all bureaucrats are evil or corrupt, there even are a few credible reports about the existence of possibly honest Dutch politicians, once upon a time and a long time ago, and I even have met several good and intelligent Dutch medical doctors over the last 32 years (and would now have been dead for over two decades otherwise), but the overall situation is just as I outlined, and for that reason, apart from the French human-all-too-human reason that follows below (with translation, also, so that you don't miss another major reason why I can say for 32 years in Holland that I am in pain, and get no help whatsoever).

And more specifically, the trouble in Holland is that much of the "official opinions" (that is: such as are relayed in the media, repeated religiously by bureaucrats and by so called "health professionals" [2]) come from the mouths and writings of a medical clown and a psychological clown, both employed at the (very provincial) Karl Marx University of Nijmegen (as it was called, until recently, because of its very many leftist academics with academic tenure [3]), both professors there, namely professor Van der Meer and professor Bleijenberg.

These two academic clowns have maintained for over 25 years now that ME is "psycho-somatic", "psychological", in short: patients of it are mental and  deranged if not fraudulent, in spite of their having no decent scientific evidence whatsoever.

The reasons they can get away with it is that they secured their professorships long ago (in a corrupted moronified university, as I explained) and therefore speak with authority, and also the authority they speak with helps the Dutch bureaucracy to save money by not helping patients with ME (which indirectly contributes to the riches of the state or city, which directly contributes to their high pensions and many other financial perks and benefits) and also that it helps all manner of Dutch psychologists to have a very pleasant well-paid life by giving Cognitive Behavorial Therapy to ill people with ME, not because this helps the patients any (to the contrary!), but because they can get away with it and get highly paid for it,  and because they are all genuine human moral and physical heroes of the kind caught so well by  Rochefoucauld:

"Nous avons tous assez de force pour supporter les maux d'autrui."
      (La Rochefoucauld - Maximes) [4]

So... here are the first three paragraphs of an excellent Canadian medical report about ME, prepared for the government of Canada, that dates back to 2003, and has been on my site since then, and is no doubt known to the abovementioned two Dutch academic clowns.

It is called

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Clinical Working Case Definition,
Diagnostic and Treatment Protocols

and starts like this (and the numbers in brackets are links to their notes):


Myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) is a severe systemic, acquired illness that can be debilitating. It manifests symptoms predominantly based on neurological, immunological and endocrinological dysfunction. While the pathogenesis is suggested to be multi-factorial, the hypothesis of initiation by a viral infection has been prominent. A wide range of viruses and other infectious agents, such as Epstein-Barr Virus (1,2,3,4,5), Human Herpesvirus-6 and 7 (6,7,8,9,10), Entrovirus (11,12), Cytomegalovirus (13,14,15), Lentivirus (16), Chlamydia (17), and Mycoplasma (18,19), have been investigated but findings are mixed and there is no conclusive support for any one pathogen. As antibody titers in standard laboratory tests usually employ a whole viral preparation or a single viral polypeptide, an incomplete or mutated pathogen replication could go undetected. It is unclear whether the pathogens play a direct causal role, accompany an underlying infection, trigger reactivation/replication of latent pathogens, represent reactivated latent pathogens, activate a neural response or modulate the immune system to induce ME/CFS (20). Possibly a new microbe will be identified. Viral involvement is supported by an infectious initiating trigger in at least half of the patients (21), and by confirmed findings of biochemical dysregulation of the 2-5A synthetase/ribonuclease L (RNaseL) antiviral defense pathway in monocytes (22,23,24,25,26), a pathway which is activated in viral disorders (27).

Before acquiring the illness most patients were healthy, leading full and active lifestyles. ME/CFS most frequently follows an acute pro-dromal infection, varying from upper respiratory infections, bronchitis or sinusitis, or gastroenteritis, or an acute flu-like. illness. Other prodromal events that may stress the neuroimmunoendocrine regulatory system include immunization, anesthetics, and exposure to environmental pollutants (28), chemicals, and heavy metals (29). Physical trauma such as a motor vehicle accident, a fall, or surgery may also trigger ME/CFS. In rare occasions, ME/CFS has developed following a blood transfusion. Within days or weeks of the initiating event, patients show a progressive decline in health and develop a cascade of symptoms. The subset of patients that have a gradual onset are less likely to show discrete triggering events.

ME/CFS is primarily an endemic disorder (30,31) but occurs in both epidemic (2,32), and sporadic forms. It affects all racial/ethnic  groups, is seen in all socioeconomic strata (33,34,25). Epidemiological studies have indicated a wide range of prevalence, from 75 to 2,600 per 100,000 (36,37,38,39,40,41) in different care settings; however, in a large sample of over 28,000 adults, 422 per 100,000 or 0.42% suffered from ME/CFS (36). It is more prevalent in females (522 per 100,000), as is arthritis and rheumatism. When comparing the ME/CFS prevalence figures for women with those for other illnesses, such as AIDS (12 per 100,000), breast cancer (26 per 100,000) (36), lung cancer (33 per 100,000) and diabetes (900 per 100,000), one realizes the need for a clinical definition and research for ME/CFS.

Here is the link to the report (on my site), which is in (unavoidable) medicalese but quite good and clear, in pdf format, amounting to 218 Kb.

Also, please realize that the incidence of 0.42% of people who suffered from ME/CFS (in all walks of life, in all races and religions, but slightly more in females than in males) amounts to 30 million persons worldwide, all evidently insane, malingerers, or at least frauds, presumably eager for the riches of the dole for decades, also - no: especially - if brilliantly degreed academics, like me, and obviously all in urgent need of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, if the Dutch provinvial professorial clowns Van der Meer and Bleijenberg are to be believed.

The report I quoted, by contrast, was written by 12 persons, 11 of whom are MDs (like the Dutch Nijmegen-based medical clown and supposed "ME-specialist) Van der Meer, but unlike the other clown professor Bleijenberg, who is a mere psychologist, like I am, except that his degree cannot be as good as mine, whereas also several of the writers of the quoted report are or were professors of medicine, again like the first clown mentioned.

Did that report, that got very well known, because it was the first of its kind, and quite well done, make any difference for me, over the past 6 years?

None at all - all I got was more bureaucratic and medical discrimination, maltreatment and slander, and no help whatsoever.

None of the treatment recommendations are available to me, or to other Dutchmen with ME:

The local provincial professorial clowns Van der Meer and Bleijerveld are against it, for none of these recommendations would help beautify the lives and incomes of Dutch psychotherapists or bureaucrats - or so I presume.

So therefore I must continue to live in pain and poverty, in spite of my generally allowed intellectual brilliance and the perfect degree in psychology (no Dutch psychologist had better endmarks than I have, and indeed this is impossible): Professors Van der Meer en Bleijenberg insist on it, for I do not want Cognitive Behavorial Therapy; and "therefore" it is clear that I am mad (in spite of my being a psychologist); just as it is clear that I am fraudulently  malingering when I claim that I don't have the health to go to a psychotherapist if this noble intellectual does not live very close to me (which they don't: I am poor, and live in a poor neighbourhood, as I well deserve, according to Dutch conscienteous professorial types like Van der Meer and Bleijenberg: it is just my pain and poverty, you see).

Therefore in scientific, legal and moral fact the situation seems as follows to me - and with sufficient energy I mean to verbally skin a goodly set of medics that have crossed my path these 32 years, and this and other pieces the last moths are preparatory to that:

Either the 12 writers of the above medical report, quite a few of far higher academic reputation than Van der Meer and Bleijenberg, and attached to less provincial, less small universities also, and indeed not Dutch either, are frauds, liars and cheats if they are not major incompetents, or messrs. Van der Meer and Bleijenberg are.

You don't have to guess my opinion: it is the last, and by this time, after 32 years of continuous discrimination, poverty, pain and suffering, all in contradiction with my legal and human rights, and with medical morality such as medical doctors swear by since Hippocrates - "Thou shalt not do harm to any patient" -  I find their position criminal, since they have caused major suffering to many Dutchmen, directly or indirectly, with their unfounded authority, and their support for a completely irrelevant "therapy" the attending of which must have cost many a lot of pain and misery, as they full well know.

These are eager whores of reason, and willing pimps for incompetent psychotherapists.

P.S. The gentlemen should go to court if they dislike my opinions. I will defend myself, without benefit of lawyer, and if they do go to court I will insist there loudly that they should be kicked out of their functions and, by my lights and pain and misery, put in jail, for they are frauds or incompetents, and either is criminal, in their position.

For more, see my ME section, and for more health-reports see there the NICE-ME files, that outline a more recent official British stance and report on ME, including all manner of help, forbearance and kindness I cannot and may not get in Holland, because Holland has as specialists in ME the clowns Van der Meer and Bleijenberg, and helping me and other ill people would cost some money, and that is against the single Dutch moral norm that is actually practised and actually believed in by most Dutchmen, especially those who do not depend on others to keep alive or well.

May I thank you sincerely, gentlemen academic clowns and whores of reason, for 32 years of continuous criminal discrimination and 21 years of continuous pain?!


Note on the links in this piece: The boldfaced (underlined, as usual) ones are (mostly) in English, the other links in Dutch. And the links are part and parcel of my argumentation, me being a logical philosopher - and the evidence supplied is excellent, and usually well written.

[1] Since most of the readers of my site - 3 out of 4 - are American, and the numbers in America have different names, let me write out in full, with all the correct zeroes, exactly how much money the Dutch parlementarians and politicians have knowingly let the Dutch corporate rich steal from the Dutch people:

30 year * 16 * 1 000 000 000 billion euros =
480 000 000 000 euros      =
       480 BILLION euros in 30 years

Now you also should know a little more about genuine Dutch morals, and why the Dutch got so incredibly rich in the 17th Century, essentially by piracy and slave trading: Their number one MORAL value is the profit they personally get, and all other moral or other values are as nought compared to that. (This is also why so many Dutch Jews were gassed during WW II: Many Dutch non-Jews betrayed their hiding places for money.)

Also, you will understand a little bit better why patients with ME cannot get any help whatsoever in Holland, other than Cognitive Behavorial Therapy they do not need and can not physically afford: THEY are to ill to become parlementarians or CEOs of big Dutch corporations.

O yes: If all that money had not been stolen - Philips and Shell hardly pay taxes in Holland - but instead put into gold bars, stored in the Dutch National Bank,  it could easily have solved most of the world economical , and certainly all of the Dutch economical .

Instead, the CEOs and top of these two megacorporative firms, and its major share-holders, these days usually one and the same, by the way, as the first group, got astronomical profits and riches. Probably, little will be done about this, in Holland, for in their heart of hearts most Dutchmen sincerely feel this is just as they would have done, and indeed a popular Dutch saying and moral value is

"One must be insane to steal from one's own purse"

meaning that if you can make a buck, or even a dime, by any means whatsoever, you are clearly insane if you don't. By real Dutch morals, as locally practised for four hundred years at least, that is, indeed also with a few exceptions.

[2] Check out "hulpverlener" if you read Dutch, and simultaneously find out  how you too can become a Top Dutch Bureaucrat in Holland, especially if you have no brains nor any conscience whatsoever.

[3] Actually, it used to be called Catholic University of Nijmegen - abbreviated "KUN" in Dutch, which indeed it was, until the universities were "democratized", and got "a university parliament", which was a situation that lasted from 1972-1995 in Holland - where also (Americans generally are amazed by this, but it is still true) every university-employed (so called) scientist is that because he or she is, at the same time, a state bureaucrat, with a (very generous) State pension for bureaucrats, and all other bureaucratic perks, which explains why so very many from my babyboomers generation of would be leftist extremists ended up since 1972 as a professor in sociology, psychology, Dutch literature, politicology or some other supposed science that requires no talent whatsoever to graduate in. (Indeed, most leftists in the eighties graduated by getting course points for squatting and demonstrations, and licking ass: See my 39 Questions - Why I am much hated by the Dutch Úlite for an explanation why I am the only Dutch student to have been removed from a Dutch university ever, I suppose, and certainly since the end of the German occupation in 1945, for asking questions.)

The two academic clowns (a.k.a. as whores of reason) I am speaking about also got their positions as professor at the Karl Marx University of Nijmegen - presently called "Radboud University", for these days the done thing among Dutch academics is to pretend an eclectic mix of "liberalism" and "conservatism", because that pays the best and is the safest, these days in Holland (all just as honest as their pretended leftism when they got an academic bureaucratic position for life, decades ago) - during these years, so you ought to understand both are men of indubitable conscience and intellect, or so they would insist. 

[4] That is:

"We all have enough strength to bear the pain caused by other men's sufferings".

And the more so if we - especially if Dutch, most especially if Dutch and psychotherapist or medical doctor - can make money out of it, as doctors or psychologists, with lies, pretense, or fraudulent "therapies".

Maarten Maartensz

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