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Reading this site

  • This site is intended to be read easily and is formatted mostly in Verdana 10 points
  • You can download this whole site as a channel or by using ftp
    (Check the help of your browser or OS.)
  • You can easily download files intact with MS Explorer 5.0 and higher
       Simply Save in the File menu of MS Explorer 5.0 etc.
       This saves telephone-ticks, as you can read them off-line.

       Note you can do this after surfing quickly and going off line: The browser has
       saved what it has surfed.
  • It is not easy to print this site on paper as it is displayed on the screen, and this is also not intended: There are over 100.000 hyperlinks in it.


Maarten Maartensz       
last update: Nov 5 2005