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TIPS - Introduction

  • The whole site is organized by directories.
  • The whole site was organized by frames (Left, Top and Text), but this has been
    undone since 2009.
  • Many texts on the site are spread over several, sometimes many, files and these related files often come all with a group of usually four arrows at the beginning and the end of each text, that look thus (approximately):
    These have in general the following effect when clicked:

    - previous file
    - Table of Contents
    - Notes or Text associated with the file
    - next file

    One or more of these arrows may be absent wherever appropriate. 

  • There is an instructive Tour of this site. 
  • There are very many internal links on this site to other parts of this site - around 300.000 - which work only if you are on line or have downloaded those parts of my site.
  • The whole site is best read in 1024*768 screen format. On a screen with more pixels the background may not display properly if you read the site on full screen, and a screen with less pixels is less pleasant to read.
  • Since I am ill I only take the trouble to take care the site works as it should in Mozilla browsers (Firefox and Seamonkey).

                                                                                  last update: Mar 22 2014