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  • Use MS Explorer 5.0 or higher or Firefox 1.0 or higher. (These are better browsers than Netscape.)
  • Firefox 1.0 or better displays my site reasonably well, and Firefox has the advantage of being open source and really free. (However: I use a feature from Microsoft's Explorer called "watermarking", that keeps one's background stable as one pages the foreground. This Mozilla 1.0 doesn't do.
  • Indeed: I have recently seen what Netscape makes of my site (on a low resolution monitor) and do NOT like it myself at all - but I am NOT going to do anything about it except this note:  

        This site is best seen in MS Internet Exlorer 5.0 or higher
    r in Firefox 1.0 or higher (lately: Firefox) and
        with a monitor of 1024*768 resolution or better                    
  • Use Full Screen
    Firefox or Explorer press F11
  • Use the browsers back and forward arrows - in both browsers on a PC-keyboard: Alt-leftarrow and Alt-rightarrow - to surf everything read in your present browsing session. (Elementary tip but very useful.)
  • After surfing the net you can save the files you want to keep to a special place on your disk or elsewhere, by looking under History and using File - Save as.
  • Use Map to switch to any directory on this site.
  • This whole site is best read in 1024*768 screen format. On a screen with more pixels the background may not display properly if you read the site on full screen, and a screen with less pixels is less pleasant to read.
  • Since I am ill I only take the trouble to take care the site works as it should in MS Explorer.

Maarten Maartensz       
last update: Nov 14 2005