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Old note on two past anniversaries of this site

On November 11 2001, this site passed quietly two anniversaries: The site exists for five years, and "ME in Amsterdam" has been on it for two years. [This material has been removed to another site in May 2003.]

Here and now only remark a little upon the site, that now existed for five years.

First, it has mostly grown over the years: It started at 14 Kb text and is now > 25 MB text. A few things have been added and removed, and everything on it that has been there for a few months has passed through several formattings.

Second, the whole site is ONE hypertext document, and at present has around 1500 files connected by over 38.000 links.

Third, I do not know anything remotely like it. I have seen many philosophical and logical sites, but none of them is like this site - not in its range and depth, not in its style, and not in its honesty and clarity. This is not to say that my site is the only good site about philosophy or logic - which indeed is not at all what I think - but it is to say just what I said. (If you believe otherwise, please give me the urls!)

Fourth, there are quite a few files on my site that have been there for most of the last five years. This comprises the Leibniz-material, which I mention not because you can't live without reading it, nor because it will make me popular, but simply because I like it as an example of my own philosophy and of a style of doing philosophy that I like, and which only has become possible with hypertext running on computers: Detailed comments on philosophical classics in non-pretentious, non-jargonized, non-academic clear language.

Last, if you read Dutch - and perhaps don't care too much about the more technical or abstract material on this site - do take a look at Multatuli's IDEEN, for he was an amazing man, an amazing mind and an amazing writer, and my version and my comments, even in the present incomplete state, do the man and his ideas more justice than has been done to him since he died.  


Maarten Maartensz
Revised Jun 18 2003