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Notes - General

  • Having seen my site recently in Netscape on a low-resolution monitor, on which it looks truly awful: That is not MY intention or doing, and all I can say - alas - is:

        This site is best seen in MS Internet Exlorer 5.0 or higher,
        and with a monitor of 1024*768 resolution or better!                   

    Incidentally: Since changing the site in August 2003 - to a version with frames and a new background, your browser must be capable of displaying a background picture as watermark, i.e. keep it in place while the user pages through the text. (Mozilla 1.0 lacked this ability.)
  • There is much information and there are many ideas on this site, usually clearly and forcefully expressed. Mostly I write as I speak, and much of what you read is essentially my first effort, without polish except corrections of typos. (This has to do with the disease I have, M.E., that leaves me little energy.)
  • The name "Maarten Maartensz" is an alias. I have published under it on paper, and I am not interested in personal publicity or appearance (outside an academic context), and I have excellent empirical reasons of diverse kinds - such as being threatened quite credibly and repeatedly with murder by Dutch drugs-mafiosi, who were also helped the Amsterdam municipal police! - to want to make a distinction between my private person and my appearance on the internet. 
  • However, apart from this, I try to write the truth as I know it, and to do so clearly and honestly, while in general I try to give reasons, grounds and context - for essentially this is a philosophical and logical site, concerned with thinking rationally and acting reasonably. Also, there is a considerable difference between they parts of my site that concern  Dutch politics (and are mainly in Dutch) and the rest of it, that concerns my real intellectual interests.
  • A part of my site that is in Dutch is about the Dutch philosopher, political activist, agitator, humanist, genius and writer Multatuli (Eduard Douwes Dekker 1820-1887). He wrote his IDEAS and I give them with my comments - in part, so far, but what there is has not been done in any comparable way since 1887.
  • Another Dutch part relates to ME = Myalgic Encephalomyelitis = the disease I have since Jan 1 1979, especially as this relates to my adventures, trials and tribulations at the University of Amsterdam - whence I was thrice removed "because of your outspoken ideas", its Board of Directors wrote the third time, briefly before my M.A. in philosophy - and above semi-legal drugsdealers with allowance by the mayor to deal in illegal drugs, who also dealt in murder-threats and attempts against those who protested, viz. me, and against which the city of Amsterdam - mayors, eldermen, city-council, bureaucrats - refused to protect me. This is a chilling and bitter story, but it is in Dutch, and probably hard to understand for those who are not fairly familiar with Holland, Amsterdam, and the University of Amsterdam (Municipal) - where I did get the best possible M.A. in the end, but in psychology. (Interesting, enlightening and humorous background to Holland, also well-informed and mostly true: The UnDutchables, by Colin White & Laurie Boucke.)
  • Most of the rest is in English, and is broadly classified as philosophy or logic or computing  or ME which is English and concerned in with the disease have since Jan 1 1979, which gives a fair amount of fairly objective information about it; some very useful and informative links to good other sites concerned with it; and some good medical reports for the Canadese and English governments about ME.
  • All of the material on my site that I wrote has its copyright reserved to me: You are not allowed to present it as your own nor to sell it for money, and if you want to do either of these you have to mail me and ask my written permission (which I may give for some parts, depending on your ends and your qualities).
  • Also, you are not allowed to hand in my stuff - or a mere rewriting of it - to get study-points: That's simply fraudulent cheating. (I may be willing to help you, but I believe you must do your own thinking and writing. Possibly I can recommend literature, in fields I have some knowledge.)
  • When you do use material on this site, must seriously count with the possibility that part of this site either has been published on paper (indeed: See my published columns and some of the logic material) or else that it will be published, in part in the form of a Ph.D., and that the fact that it is on this site means that it has been published and that the copyright belongs to me.
  • There are in fact two sites (and there is a back-up of a part on a third, and a copy of a part on a fourth), but since 2004 the main site I maintain is There is an older site, but since its provider has technical problems for me it cannot or will not resolve, I've given up on it, though I sometimes update the ME in Amsterdam part on it (which is in Dutch). Otherwise, the opening pages lead to this site, and rightly so, in the sense that this site contains all that site does, and a lot more, and indeed has a lot more space, and has worked well now since 2004, without any serious problem.
  • Also, there is since september 2004 a mostly ongoing series of regular, often daily, Dutch comments, until 2006 in the form of Nedernieuws, in fact mails to my brother about Hollland, and since 2006 in the form of Nederlog, that are about what I care to write about.


The shortest summary of what this site is about: 

   Think rationally! Act reasonably! 

   (And do not pretend that's easy!)

Dutch readers are referred to Multatuli's IDEE 136: The vocation of human beings is ... to become humane. Maartensz' addition: Few succeed, and few indeed want to succeed: "Video meliora proboque; deteriora sequor" (Ovid). Translation: "I see the better and agree it is better; I do the worse". (Reason: The worse is all too often more pleasant, more popular or much easier than the better.)

I wish you pleasurable and instructive reading and computing!

P.S. O yes... since there are many opinions of mine on my site, on many topics, written at many times, over the past 17 years - for this site exists that long, or is that young - in many moods, and quite a few styles or tones - angry, satirical, logical, philosophical, personal - perhaps I should add that I do not seek readers who agree with me as readers who can and are willing to think rationally and reasonably for themselves, for in the end everyone has to make up his or her own mind, given the information, beliefs and desires, knowledge and ends and ideals one has.

Last edited: 22 Mar 2014