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There are changes (mostly additions) most days most weeks, sometimes quite a few, sometimes only one or two. The imporant ones are listed in this file, and are current to the date that follows.

                                                                      Date of this file :  December 31, 2013

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        These are the additions, changes and corrections  of 2013.

        For earlier ones see 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 , 2009, 2010,
and 2012.

        Note this is a selection of the changes on this site and in Nederlog:
        Small changes of typos are not mentioned, and not all  additions may be listed here.
        But all the main changes to the site are listed here.



  • Jun 30:  Crisis: New slides; German protests; Dutch inquiries : Four more bits in the wake of Edward Snowden's revelations: There are more slides in the Washington Post, and at least the German minister, parliamentarians and prosecuters seem to react adequately, while some of the Dutch parliamentarians from the opposition ask questions.

  • Jun 29:  Crisis: Stapel arranges, Senators accuse, US army blocks: Two more bits about the crisis (bi-partisan senatorial action!) preceded by a bit about Diederik Stapel, who evaded a court case. It seems his main crime was to let himself be found out...

  • Jun 28:  Crisis: Varia + pictures of Statue of Liberty: Back to the crisis with various pieces, plus a short link to pictures of the 1880ies of its construction, in France.
  • May 30: Crisis: Obama vs Nixon: On the question whether Obama is as bad as Nixon was - which is a question that did not originate with me.
  • May 30: me+ME: Whittemore, DSM-5 and my mB12-protocol: On the dangers of collecting money for politicians; the dangers of the DSM-5; and a (common) problem with my mB12 protocol.

  • May 29: me+ME: An unpublished protest + a decision: This is about some of the beauties of yesteryears: An unpublished Dutch protest - quite good - of 1982, and my refinding the luxurious Soviet Calendar of 1947, plus a decision that inspired.
  • May 28: me+ME: One reason to like Henry Miller: This is one reason to like Henry Miller: His effects on Justices of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. There are many more, but this one does have its special charms.
  • May 27: me+ME: The weather (?!), the DSM-5, and more Miller: I am briefly talking about the weather, because that has been rather uncommon; I have five reviews that I quote brief parts from that are all critical of the DSM-5; and I very briefly mention that I am still reading a blog on Miller.

  • May 26:  me+ME: On Karina Hansen, Henry Miller and the DSM-5: Mainly updates, of several earlier Nederlogs of the last month.

  • May 25: me+ME: About ME, AIHA, Henry Miller and internet: About what the title says: A minor discovery I made that turned out already to have been made; about a quite interesting site dedicated to Henry Miller; and about how things disappear steadily and forever from the internet.

  • May 24: DSM-5: Why the DSM-5 is TOTALLY DEAD (yes, it IS): Actually, this is the first time I am glad that I am a psychologist: Professor Peter Molenaar, whom I had lost track of since he left the University of Amsterdam, and who emigrated ten years ago to the United States, has done very important work the last ten years from which it follows that the DSM-5 is totally dead. Yes, it is, as you will probably see if you read today's Nederlog - all that remains to be done is to make this widely known. (And no, it does not imply anything about M.E.: It is a quite technical but utterly mortal result, that also applies to other things than the DSM-5.)
  • May 23: me+ME: On my brother Geert and having M.E. for 35 years: And this is about my late brother and myself.

  • May 22: me+ME: Reading old books: This is about some old books I found on May 19, that still are - mildly to quite - interesting.

  • May 21:  me+ME: Over geestelijke gezondheid en gestoordheid: My goodness! A Dutch essay - that I did not know I had written ca. 1985, found the day before yesterday, and now copied it, because I still think it is quite sensible.
  • May 20:  me+ME: About philosophy and me+ME: About the DSM-5: Two Nederlogs at the same time: The first about a recovered piece on philosophy, and the second about DSM-5, that is now published (or publishable). It does not have rave reviews, which makes the pill slightly less bitter.

  • May 19: me+ME: Poetry of love: I wrote very little poetry, but this one is nice. Also I say a few things about why I have not tried to publish in Dutch, though I have published circa 15 things (but these I was all asked for, and I did not earn anything).
  • May 18: me+ME: Quotations from "Civil Disobedience": And this is the excerpt of Thoreau's "Civil Disobedience". I have not either quoted -A plea for Captain John Brown - or excepted all Thoreau's main works, and will soon put these in my philosophy section. In fact, I did just now. See the Thoreau-index.
  • May 17: me+ME: Quotations from "Walden" - 2: This is the second and final excerpt of Thoreau's Walden, that also comes with a promise to treat his Civil Disobedience, and a promise to treat ME/CFS for I think I made a discovery about it. More later, though not necessarily today.

  • May 16: me+ME: Quotations from "Walden" - 1: And back to Thoreau's "Walden", in the form of quotations. And there now also is this: me+ME: NOT so good news about DSM-5: The chief of the NIMH retracted his earlier statement I wrote about on May 3 and 4.

  • May 15: Crisis: On "The Death of Truth": Another subject - "The Death of Truth" as proclaimed by Chris Hedges, earlier this month.
  • May 14: me+ ME: On Henry Miller (and George Orwell) - 2: The second and last file, for now, on Henry Miller, with links to a fine site about Miller, the conclusion of the argument I started yesterday, and some final notes.

  • May 13: me+ME:  On Henry Miller (and George Orwell) - 1: There was no other file yesterday, and today is a first of several files on Henry Miller, whom I elucidate with some help from George Orwell.    
  • May 12: me+ME:  International ME/FM-Awareness Day: In case you did not know: It is International ME-Awareness Day today, and I found out this year the same is the case for FM, for which case I put them together. My title mostly repeats the text of May 12, 2012, but minus the Dutch materials, and with a few small changes, and the addition of the very sad fate of Karina Hansen. Also, there may be another file today, but I don't know this yet.
  • May 11: me+ME:  St Trinian's: More humo(u)r: A brief disquisition about Ronald Searle, who died late in 2011, age 91.

  • May 10:  me+ME:  Two fundamental theorems + the world's funniest jokes: Two quite fundamental logical theorems, plus some of the world's funniest jokes, for those who don't like logic (and also for those who do).
  • May 9: me+ME:  On John Brown: A fairly brief look at John Brown. And I minimally revised Stupidity in the Philosophical Dictionary, already yesterday: Much watched, lately, but it had a small formatting error.

  • May 8: me+ME:  On Henry David Thoreau: A very long relatively unknown text of Thoreau, with 34 notes by me, and a (mild) criticism of Wikipedia (as their text is incomplete).

  • May 7: Actually, I had already added Aristotle's Categories and the Metaphysics to the site, but had not yet registered that. This now has been corrected. And there is a new file in the philosophy section: Plato : Theatetus. And there is this: me+ME:  On a statement by David Kupfer, MDI am taking apart a statement of David Kupfer MD, "Chair of DSM-5 Task Force".
  • May 6: me+ME:  O Poetry, poetry, poetry! (Lord Rochester): Indeed about one of my favourite poets.
  • May 5: me+ME:  No Dutch Nationality + DSM-5 + Being lucky: Some things about why there was this year nothing related to Dutch Nationality on my site(s); about the DSM-5; and why I am, in some ways, lucky.
  • May 4: me+ME:  More about VERY good news about the DSM-5: I explain why I consider the news about the DSM-5 (added late yesterday) to be something that patients may be quite relieved and happy about.

  • May 3: Crisis:  The crisis series + Keynes vs Friedman: A brief NL, but one that made another number of small changes necessary, though this time only 4.

  • May 2: me+ME:  Healy & SSRI + Diederik Stapel: A somewhat longer NL, this time about the - quite real - dangers of SSRIs and about Diederik Stapel, who emerged as the creator of Pile Consult. (Would he have known? About having piles? I guess not, and it does also mean "Stapel", in Dutch.)

  • May 1: I have today uploaded new versions of the Nederlogs from September 11, 2011 -  May 24 2012, because these had side-effects one does not see when one looks at them ordinarily. But I don't because white backgrounds are still hard to thole for me. Anyway... also done. (For ordinary users - virtually everybody - there is this "news": I changed nothing in the text, but the texts in the files are a tiny bit broader.)

    Also, there now is
    me+ME:  Healy + Linux + still paying back: It's not much, but it is there.
  • Mar 31: Crisis: Marxist announcement of the death of postmodernism: According to a just published Marxist analysis, one of the great benefits of the economic crisis is that it exploded postmodernism. I certainly hope so, and provide links, quotations, an illustration (of the progress of the safety razor) and some analysis and comment.

  • Mar 30: Crisis: Wolin on fascism + Greenwald on the Surveillance State: As the title says, this is mostly about another text of Sheldon Wolin and about a fine speech by Glenn Greenwald, with a bit more in a footnote about my Dutch generation of pseudo-progressive traitors of science, civilization, and morality.

  • Mar 29: Crisis: Sheldon Wolin on inverted totalitarianism: This is mosty about Sheldon Wolin and Chris Hedges, with an aside on Dutch corrupt pseudo-intellectual pseudo-marxists, whose careers were based on lies, posturing, pretensions, and complete moral degeneracy.

  • Mar 28: Crisis: The extinction of Dutch Democracy and the Rule of Law: Another Dutch piece I wrote quite a while ago, in May 2002, on the subject of the title, with some interesting links for non-readers of Dutch to a lecture of Chris Hedges from March 2012, and to an interview with Sheldon Wolin by Bill Moyers.
  • Mar 27: Dutch Stalinism: More about the CPN: What the title says, with a link about the CPN in Amsterdam that may interests some Dutch readers, and an appreciation of ordinary Dutch communists I have known. (The next Nederlog very probably is about another subject than Dutch Stalinism)

  • Mar 26: Dutch Stalinism: "Politiek, Ideologie en Taalgebruik": This is mostly an essay on the  totalitarianism of the Dutch Communist Party (CPN). Most it applies to other communist parties and groups as well, but it is in Dutch.

    And I included it in
    to my own section in the philosophy section  and also improved that file of my own section some.

  • Mar 25: Dutch Stalinism + Montefiore interviewed about Stalin: What the title says - and the former is much worse and was much wider spread than foreigners know or than Dutch academics (who were nearly all communist fellow travellers between 1971 and 19995) want to admit, while the second refers to a fine interview with the writer of a fine book about Stalin.
  • Mar 24: About authoritarian personalities - 1: Mostly about a free book by a psychologist who lives in Canada and did a lot of research on the subject, that may explain rather a lot about what is happening these days - and the last 12 years - in politics.
  • Mar 23: More on stupidity, the rule of law, and Glenn Greenwald: What the title says, with some precisifications of mine about the rule of law, and why it does not exist in Holland, for more than 30 years now, at the very least.

  • Mar 22: "Human Stupidity Is Destroying the World": The title is not mine, but the subject is quite close to my heart (and Bertrand Russell's and Aldous Huxley's, to name two), and as is quite important to human civilization. I treat a piece I do not agree with, and make a number of points that often are missed.

  • Mar 20: Varia: DSM-5, letter from a dying veteran, supplement to Hazlitt: Three different subjects, the first two mostly given as links, and the last an extension of a saying of Hazlitt.

  • Mar 19:  The human moral and intellectual problems + why there are so few investigative journalists: A disquisition about two problems, and a treatment of the question why there are so few investigative journalists.    
  • Mar 18: Site+Nederlog: New versions Nederlog 2004-2008: There were some large changes of the site in terms of bytes, but not in content.

  • Mar 17: Philosophy: Why philosophy is important: More philosophy: I continue yesterday's philosophical text with another such text that I wrote quite a while ago, and that also is elsewhere on my site, still popular, still searched for most months. It seemed a good idea to repeat it.

  • Mar 16: Philosophy: On utilitarianism: Most of all - I suppose - I am a philosopher, which may justify the fact of this piece, originally written in 1998, now reproduced with some notes and quite a few links.
  • Mar 15:  It's the economy, stupid - Robert Reich explains: I provide links to a brief explanation and a lecture, both of which are clear and sensible, by Robert Reich, who is an intelligent and sensible man.

  • Mar 14: Two interesting websites by investigative journalists: Having little energy for lack of sufficient sleep, this is a brief Nederlog with links to two sites by American investigative journalsists that I found interesting.
  • Mar 13:  On my ME/CFS: Two remarks for researchers: I clarify some recent findings that relate to my personal case of ME/CFS for the benefit of serious medical researchers.

  • Mar 12:  On Deception - 4: More about propaganda: This is the fourth in a series on what is also called "public relations" that usually consists of bullshit that is meant to deceive, mislead, misinform and thus influence some public. It contains a number of links to interesting material on the subject, however called.
  • Mar 11:  Crisis: The ideological ape in action: It turned out that many American progressives disagree with Rand Paul even if what he says is what their leaders said just a brief while ago. I explain why.        
  • Mar 10:  A bit more about my mB12 protocol: Having realized that I did not write about my mB12 protocol this year I did do so today, and provided my present protocol and my reasons to use it.

  • Mar 9:  Meditations on the corruption of psychiatry and medicine: I make some remarks about the interesting writings of an American psychiatrist.

  • Mar 7:  Made some corrections, and added a note and some links to yesterday's Nederlog.

    And now there is
    On civilization and capitalism in the US with a very striking video of 6 min 24 seconds that I did not make but link, and that I found presented as "One of the Most Powerful Portrayals of What Has Happened to America That You Will Ever Seen": Judge for yourself. It certainly shows that - if the figures are correct - very much has gone very wrong, during the past 30 years, that also produced the current crisis.

    And cleaned up 16.ii - 20.ii from entries involving Zim: See yesterday, below.

    There is another Nederlog today, also brief, also important, also with a video:
    Crisis: End of the rule of law in the US? - for Obama's government claims, in contradiction with the US Constitution, that it has the right to kill American citizens on American soil with drones.

  • Mar 6:  On Chomsky on civilization and capitalism: What the title says: a reflection of a rather pessimistic - not without reason! - short essay by Noam Chomsky. Also deleted entries Zim that had been entered in the headers of Nederlogs from 21.ii till 6.iii.2013 today, that had been entered behind my back, so to speak. (Nothing bad, but useless informatiom that takes useless bytes.)
  • Mar 5: Doing mathematics on the computer in Sage: A bit about a nice, powerful free and open source environment to do mathematics.    

  • Mar 4: On Wittgenstein's philosophies: Actually, a brief review of an article on Wittgenstein, that manages to omit that Wittgenstein had two different philosophies. I briefly give my own view, and provide links and references (at least one of which is funny).
  • Mar 3: Crisis: Analyzing the neo-capitalist economy: Some references to help analyze the crisis.

  • Mar 2:  Documenting man's inhumanity to man: The New York Times reported that there were many more German concentration camps, ghettos etc. than hitherto was assumed. I report I am not really amazed, having read Dutch histories about WW II, and being familiar with how the Dutch do (not) write about the Dutch practices in selling illegal drugs since 1970.

  • Mar 1:  DSM-5: A call on the American physicians to reject the DSM-5: What the title says, but the call is not by me, although I quite agree, but by Howard Brody MD, PhD. I also corrected the filename of yesterday's Nederlog, that was wrongly named "NL120228a": It is 2013, but sometimes I am very tired.
  • Feb 28:  Crisis: End of the rule of law in Great Britain?: The British government seems to want the rule of law to end in Great Britain, as documented by an article in The Guardian of today. I quote some and provide some context.

  • Feb 27:  More about Linux + More about the 60ies: Again what the title says: I explain why Ubuntu is easy to work with and install, link a video with Linus Torvalds, and consider an interesting documentary about the Berkeley Free Speech Movement.

  • Feb 26:  In praise of Linux: What the title says, except that this praise is written around the problems with my eyes, which would have been much worse without Ubuntu, for I still cannot use MS Windows with such eyes as I have, since June 2012 (though they have improved some).
    And I uploaded the Nederlogs since Feb 17 again minus a column that had crept in and shouldn't be there (and was hardly visible).

  • Feb 25:  ME/CFS: "It's all contamination!": It turned out that the XMRV-findings in patients with ME/CFS were due to contamination. The present Nederlog is about another case of contamination, namely with HeLa-cells, in cancer research, in the previous century, which was the subject of an |
    interesting documentary, currently available on Youtube.
  • Feb 24:  Freedom and bondage: The internet paradoxes: There are several paradoxes involved with the internet, and I name several and briefly discuss the most dangerous one: That the internet is a potential tool for state surveillance and state terrorism such as there never has been.
  • Feb 23:  Three things most other men do that I don't do - and why: Just as the title says, though nothing very strange, nor anything due to strong principles.
  • Feb 21:  More on the corruption of psychiatry: What the title says, with some excellent quotes from the British Medical Journal. And I rectified some typos in Nederlogs of Feb 18, 2013 and Nov 2, 2012.
  • Feb 20:  Autobio: 1952: Meer achtergronden + The corruption of psychiatry: More autobio  (in Dutch) and more about the corruption of psychiatry (in English) that also explains why I wrote not much about the DSM-5 since December.

  • Feb 19:  The main psychiatric motive to be a psychiatrist: Another psychiatric mystery revealed, by a psychiatrist.

  • Feb 18:  Autobio:  1951-a: Eerste jaren  + Amsterdam 1970: The second installment of my Dutch autobiography (first version) with for English readers a link to a nice short movie about Amsterdam as it was in 1970.
  • Feb 17:  On Deception - 3: postmodernism, public relations, propaganda: The third of a series on the subject of deception by propaganda, with some useful links and references, and an example of what may be called honest propaganda.

  • Feb 16:  Philosophy: A ticket to the freak show - text + my notes: I wrote out the text of an interview with George Carlin I liked, and added my notes and a link to the original. (See also Feb 1, 2013, below: Same interview.)
  • Feb 15:  Corrected some typos and made some additions to my edition+comments of Wittgenstein's Tractatus, mostly in the propositions that start with 5. Today's Nederlog: Autobio: 1950-a: Achtergronden + more on Wittgenstein: First version of first entry of my autobiography, in  Dutch, and some more about Wittgenstein and the Tractatus, in English.
  • Feb 14:  Today's Nederlog is Varia: DSM-5 and SSD | Triple dip | ZIM and is abot three subjects in the title, all treated briefly. (The last is a handy free hypertext editor that use the Wiki format and saves as ascii text files.)

  • Feb 12: For the fourth time repaired the same link in yesterday's Nederlog...I hope it does as instructed now and that all links work. And there now is On Deception - 2 + Propaganda techniques with - what I think are - quite interesting definitions and clarifications of important terms (in part lifted from Wikipedia).  

  • Feb 11: On Deception - 1: The first item in what I expect to become a series on "public relations", marketing, and deception of the public, which are concepts and terms that explain much about the (post-)modern world, economically, politically and psychologically. Also, I realized that what I mean is generally best described as deception, rather than as bullshit, bogosity, crap, baloney, simply because this covers both the intention and the practice best. There are some unintentional bullshitters, but most know damn well that they are trying to deceive you.

  • Feb 10:  About "On Bullshit" and ME-CFS-INFO: Some about bullshit and some more about
    ME-CFS-INFO that still is under construction.

  • Feb 9:  About ME-CFS-INFO: In fact a copy of the start of a replacement for ME-Resources. This needs considerably more work, but there now is a start, and if my health keeps more or less bearable, there will be more of this the next week or weeks, and I intend to list the progress in Nederlog.

  • Feb 8: Updated the index files for  crisis series and for the DSM-5 series (and added links to the sorting by years in the latter). And not being very well and having problems with my eyes, I use material there is at hand to represent the important capacity of representing in today's Nederlog: Philosophy: On representing, maps and meanings.

  • Feb 7:  Crisis: Fifth Amendment and "The power of nightmares": Some about the demise of the Fifth Amendment and some about what brought this about: "the war on terror", and an interesting documentary about that supposed "war".
  • Feb 6:  ME/CFS: Several causes - many confusions: What the title says, with an explanation with pictures, worth 7000 words, and a link to the Press Conference Dr Lipkin presided, also with short speeches by doctors Alter and Mikovits.

  • Feb 5: Updated the DSM-5 index and the Crisis index with yesterday's Nederlog.

  • Feb 4: Reformatted the BitsAndPiecesAll index. And there is now Crisis + DSM-5: About "The Trap - part 1: F**k you buddy" which is about the first part of an interesting BBC documentary from 2007, that does help to make some sense of the crisis and (post-)modern psychiatry.

  • Feb 3:  Crisis: About "Inequality for All" & about Elinks: Something in the crisis series, now updated with some files I wrote lately (with or without "Crisis" in the title: The files belong to the series because of the subject matter treated in them), with today some about a new film about the crisis, that seems quite interesting and is with Robert Reich, who is an interesting and intelligent man, and also a brief section about another text-based browser, called Elinks, that I find surprisingly useful and elegant. Also, in the files of February I repaired the text window (removed a redundant column), having seen the - not very visible - mistake in Elinks.

  • Feb 2:  About Nederlog & about Lynx: A few general reflections on my site, my eyes, my health and Nederlog, without definite conclusions, other than that most that I write is hypothetical rather than dogmatic. If you want to skip it, there is also a bit about an interesting text-based web browser, that gives an interesting alternative perspective on "the same" web pages as are displayed in graphical browsers.

  • Feb 1:  Pilosophy: A ticket to the freak show: The phrase is George Carlin's, and I provide a link to an interview with him in which expounds something that might be called cynicism (in the philosophical sense, which is not the ordinary one) and taoism (which is hard to get). I provide some nice references.


  • Jan 31:  A VERY unfortunate Mozilla "improvement": I found out today that - at least on Linux - the latest Firefox and SeaMonkey browsers by Mozilla have the very unfortunate improvement that one's opened files get saved "automagically" by the title that occurs in the html (however long and useless that is), also undoing all the properties of an URI, and explain why I find this a VERY bad idea, and what should be done about it, and how to work around it.

  • Jan 30:   Useful Linux stuff: What the title says: A number of quite useful links for those who want to know more about Linux. And On "Intellectuals": A review I wrote in 1996 of a book by Paul Johnson, with some remarks, notes and links inserted today.
  • Jan 28:   On human nature and on ordinary men: Two more useful conceptual clarifications.

  • Jan 27:   On leaders, on authorities and on misanthropy: Three useful conceptual clarifications, with an introductory quote by Russell that may shock some.

  • Jan 26:   On psychiatry + Three psychiatrists: What the title says - and the three are doctors Ghaemi, Frances and Nardo.

  • Jan 25:  Glenn Greenwald | Bill Maher | Prozac: This Nederlog is about Glenn Greenwald and a recent Q&A session he did; about the start of Bill Maher's "Real Time", about gun laws, torture, and disappearing rights; and about Prozac (aka fluoxetine). And in section 2 I mention a possible explanation of the many mass murders in the US, where both guns are easily available and the usage of anti-depressants very common.
  • Jan 23: Corrected a title in yesterday's Nederlog and removed a lot of links that shouldn't have been there in President Obama's Address to Congress of Feb 25, 2009. For some unfathomable reason nearly all paragraphs in the speech were linked to the crisis series. And I also found the same had happened to some parts of President Obama's speech + my comments that I also corrected today. These things were not intentionally done by me, but there are no good WYSIWYG editors for Linux, it seems.Jan 22: President Obama's speech + my comments I have watched it, on the internet (still having no TV since 42 years); read it; and commented on it, so I did my thinking citizen's duty. Otherwise, I am still fairly miserable, if a bit better than yesterday.

    Philosophy: On "Xanthippic Dialogues": Today's Nederlog, on a book by Roger Scruton that I liked.

  • Jan 21:  PEM or flue | George Orwell Day After exerting myself too much I feel rather bad, though an alternative explanation is the flue. And I also say a little on PEM and PENE, and on the newly created George Orwell Day.

  • Jan 20:  Uploaded Public Relations to my Philosophical Dictionary. Idem the ME/CFS: A Primer for Clinical Practitioners, by the IACFS. Note this is not the same as the International Consensus Primer for Medical Practitioners, by the Canadian ICC. But both belong to the biomedical approach to ME/CFS, whiich is the only moral approach and the only scientific kind of approach, both in contrast to the psychiatric approach, that is immoral and unscientific. Third, I uploaded a revised version of Nederlog 2004, that was then called Nederlog. In fact, there are two versions: Nederlog index 2004  and Nedernieuws index 2004. There also are zipversions of the lot. This is all described also in today's Nederlog: Uploads in the PD, ME-Resources and NL and also I uploaded all of the Philosophical Dictionary so as not to get confused.

  • Jan 19:  I found today that the strange disappearances I mentioned yesterday seem to have been undone again: Three blogs that disappeared are back again.
  • Jan 18:  me+ME: Strange disappearances at X Rx Blog : A brief Nederlog triggered by the sudden disappearance of at least two blogs on Dr Jamie Deckoff-Jones's X Rx Blog, on one of which I did write a critical comment. There are also some documents in the case, and  there may be a later Nederlog today, on Diederik Stapel or on the DSM-5, but that depends on my health. Here it is, though: Diederik Stapel, the DSM-5 and medical and scientific fraud: Stapel is an amateur compared to the real pros frauding for the pharmaceutical companies, who also got much richer from it, while being at least as fraudulent, but in a craftier way, and on a much larger scale, and literally for billions of dollars, at the cost of millions of patients.

  • Jan 17: Logic: Examples of fallacies: This is mostly taken from my Philosopophical Dictionary, and put in Nederlog to have a convenient point of reference. And it should be helpful. There also were some corrections of typos in the previous Nederlog.
  • Jan 16: Crisis + DSM-5: It's deregulation, stupid!: I deal with a common theme in much of the diverse facets of the ongoing crises in the US and EU, and do so mostly in the form of lists of points and comments. Summary: The main reason the things mentioned have gone wrong is a combination of deregulation, increased power of corporations and governments, and mistaken ideas and ideals.

  • Jan 15: The Marketing of Medicines: In fact, another link to a video, about the enormous corruption in the marketing of medicines - not just psychiatric drugs, but any drugs: It seems as if in these postmodern days much of medicine, including the bits that are presented as if they are real medical science, in fact is marketing prose, composed by ghostwriters, and meant to further the approval or sales of very profitable medicines, that may not at all be or do what their makers or proponents claim.

  • Jan 14: DSM-5: The Marketing of Madness - P.S.: As it happens, the documentary I mentioned yesterday is related to scientology, which is something I don't like. I did mention it late last night in a Review added to yesterday's Nederlog, and today I say a little more about it, mostly because I don't want to be tied in with scientology, even if I agree with them about some things, such as psychiatry or elementary mathematics.

  • Jan 13: Corrected  yesterday's NL a little. And updated the year indexes with direct links to 2013. And there is this Nederlog for today:The Marketing of Madness, which is about a documentary of that title, that I only saw the beginning of so far, but intend to return to later, and that seems quite good, which is my reason to mention it.

  • Jan 12:  Correlations: DSM & Madness, Lead & Crime Two interesting correlations plausibly and rationally explained: The arisal of the DSM-III and IV and the increase in madness, and the the addition of lead to gasoline and the increase in violent crime.
  • Jan 11: Changed a link in the opening pages of the site to the index of Nederlog of 2013 (was: 2012) and also added a link in that index to this page of summaries at the top. It was there already at the bottom. Also changed the wordings of the links and one of the links in the opening pages.

  • Jan 10:  Arguments against psychiatry: A partial repeat, with some corrections and some new material, of what is probably the socially most useful part of my DSM-5: Question 1 of "The six most essential questions in psychiatric diagnosis" from April 2012.  

  • Jan 9:  A little about John von Neumann: Indeed a brief Nederlog, with links to a nice documentary on one of the real mathematical geniuses of the 20th century. And I also corrected the index-link at the bottom of the Nederlogs of tthis year.
  • Jan 8:  Crisis: On the endless 'war on terror': A bit more on the crisis, and why I do not believe in the 'war on terror': It seems to me much rather a war on the civil rights that are at the foundation of the Western open and free society, and the welfare state that is comprised by that.

  • Jan 7:  Good Linux help: What the title says: I assemble the best links I know about Ubuntu, and add one I recently found about Linux.
  • Jan 6: Updates + John McCarthy: A short bit that seeks to make the late John McCarthy''s pages a  lit more accessible and accessed.
  • Jan 5: Autobio: Schema: A Dutch summary of the first six decades of my life, written because I realized the six decades are quite distinct, with mostly clear beginnings and endings.

  • Jan 4: PsychoSpeak 0.1 (JavaScript needed!): A follow-up, still very simple, of version 0.0.

  • Jan 3: Philosophy:  Schopenhauer's fourfold root: For people seriously interested in philosophy: There is a pdf of what is "for many philosophers Schopenhauer's most admired work", on a site anybody with brains and access to the internet should know: the excellent (<- Wikipedia link).
  • Jan 2: Crisis:  Why are so many so apathetic?: The question concerns the huge public indifference to the crisis or to various disturbing aspects of it, and is not mine, as I explain, but it is a good one. I quote some answers and provide some of my own.

  • Jan 1: Nederlog 2013: Updates for the new year: The record of changes with a little about ten years of Nederlog and about planned updates. I prepared The  analytical index of Nederlog for 2012 and provide the link in case you want to search by subjects. There is no list of subjects, but in case you want to know, a search in the analytical index and the title index for 2012 should get you quite far. And there is me+ME: Year 35 & The Pushers + The barbarian Dutch about being ill for the 35th year, about the main cause for this: the corrupt psychiatric brotherhood of pushers for big pharma, and about a new Dutch museum.  


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