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This file lists the changes made in

For 2011 and before: 2011.

Index Nederlog 2012

There are changes (mostly additions) most days most weeks, sometimes quite a few, sometimes only one or two. The imporant ones are listed in this file, and are current to the date that follows.

I stil have to summarize the months of October and November 2012.

                                                                      Date of this file :  Dec 31, 2012

Maarten Maartensz











        These are the additions, changes and corrections  of 2012.

        For earlier ones see 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 , 2009, 2010,
        and 2011

        Note this is a selection: Small changes of typos are not mentioned, and not all
        additions may be listed here. But all the main changes to the site are listed here.



  • Dec 31: There is The analytical index of Nederlog for 2012, in fact most of the present file, and GW: The world, the people, the disease, with quotations (Great Words) about these topics.

  • Dec 30: Added a note, repaired a link and made some corrections to yesterday's Nederlog. And added this: me+ME: Dr Jamie and Dr Judy: Another attempt on the part of Jamie Deckoff-Jones to wash Judy Mikovits squeaky clean and present her as an abused heroine. It doesn't wash, and I find it pretty despicable PR-prose.

  • Dec 29: Project Censored | Cort Johnson leaves PR: "Project Censored" is something I did not know about, and is an American group at a small univesity in the US that tries to keep track of the things that are not or only superficially reported in the US mainstream media. I pay attention to it it and quote some because it seems a sensible idea and because quite a few of the things they list as not well reported I think are important. And indeed the (former) owner of Phoenix Rising left it and started another site. Since I am not a member of PR since May 2010, I can't follow the discussion, and anyway there probably is more to it than will be discussed there in public. (But I have no ideas and no guesses about the real reasons.)

  • Dec 28:  Varia: On Mills, hypotheses, "fascism" and George Carlin: A few reflective bits on the previous two Nederlogs, and some more George Carlin, to keep you amused and improve your education.

  • Dec 26:  Crisis: Hypotheses about CF+SS - P.S. with some about C.W. Mills: This is indeed a P.S. to yesterday's hypotheses, with links to material about Neumann, to help one understand Nazism, and C. Wright Mills, who was one of the few sensible sociologists I read, to help one understand the U.S. power élite. It's true Mills' works is over 50 years old, but then Machiavelli's work is nearly 500 years old, and Aristotle's nearly 2500. Mills was not in their class, but he wrote well, was smart, and had courage, three things that are rarely true of modern academics, especially in conjunction, and he does make a lot of sense.

  • Dec 25: Made some corrections in the last two Nederlogs, and updated the present text.

    And I also wrote the summaries for November, which means that now
    all summaries of all Nederlogs written in 2012 - 15 MB including some but not many mostly small images - have been written and uploaded. The reason I wanted to have done this is that the present file serves as a summary of what I did on my site.

    It now is a fair, if not full, summary of my additions and changes, and is not full because I do not list all the typos I corrected, nor all the links I restored, and indeed I also may sometimes forget to mention that I uploaded something new. Otherwise, it is mostly adequate, except that there still remain links in various Nederlogs, especially those written in September and October, to be corrected.

    There now is: Crisis: Christmas sermon: Hypotheses about CF+SS which formulates a number of hypotheses about the part of the world I live in, that strongly seem to tend to what I call corporate fascism plus the surveillance state. (It's hypothetical, but it is not nice if true.)

  • Dec 24: Over Stapel over Stapel: I did some searches concerning Diederik Stapel and found some interesting Dutch materials, that I treat in Dutch.

  • Dec 23:  Soccer specialist supports Stapel: It turns out a British soccer writer, who played soccer with Mr Stapel as a boy, worries about him and wrote about his plight. I discuss some of it.
  • Dec 21: Crisis: Petraeus, Machon, Greenwald  +  M.E. & Methylation: Some more about the crisis, including an article by Carl Bernstein, and some more about M.E. and the methylation problem.

  • Dec 20: Crisis: 1 million hits, Stapel and welfare state only for the rich: My site in Denmark got its millionth hit late yesterday; the European social psychologists published a brief message that deserves to be read as a retraction or recantation of their earlier longer message that I thoroughly trashed; and the English welfare state turns out to exist only for the families Cameron, Thatcher, Blair etc. (and friends, dependents and supporters) and to starve the poor and the ill who have no family ties (etc.) with the just named most excellent British persons - or so it seems from what those noble folks do, if perhaps not from what their PR-enhanced words suggest.         
  • Dec 19: Uploaded some corrections of typos and some more links in the Nederlogs of the previous two days. And later uploaded: About Nietzsche, and more updates also about Theo van Gogh, which is about what the title says: About Nietzsche, with a very useful reference if you read German; about more updates to the site (corrections of earlier mistakes); and also a little about Theo van Gogh
  • Dec 18: Philosophy: The exemplary Sartre and De Beauvoir: What the title says: I found out Sartre and De Beauvoir led exemplary lives, if indeed not quite in the sense one was made to believe in the 1960ies, and explain some of that by quotations, after explaining some about myself.

  • Dec 17: On seeing Bob Dylan in interviews + More updates & summaries: What the title says: Having fast internet and never having seen or heard Dylan being interviewed before, I thought: Let's see, and wrote about it. There are also updates: I managed to make the summaries for October om this file (which I do to get a survey of all I wrote in Nederlog by the end of December). Also, there now is a list of links to the months.
  • Dec 16: site: More updates & summaries I have had to change the yesterday's file again, because the bugged and messy KompoZer had pasted a bit I had not wanted to see or have pasted. I also straightened out earlier messes in the Tour of the site, caused by the bugged and messy Composer (another one, that is part of the webbrowser Seamonkey: also bugged, but in different ways).

    Meanwhile, I have come to realize Free Source was a mistake, rather in the way the Sixties and socialism were a mistake: A few idealists propounded ideas fit for a few idealists, that then were fashionably exploited by the greedy, dishonest, egoistic, posturing masses. The proper idea was probably shareware, but then at the time this was attempted, in the 1980ies, this was nearly impossible to enforce.

    Also, I have inserted the filenames and links for October and Novermber 2012 in this file of summaries, that so far were missing. There are as yet no summaries for these months.
  • Dec 15: History+Politics: The 60ies in Holland Having written about recent Dutch history, I dediced to look for sources, and indeed found what seems to be an interesting Dutch text: Hans Righart: De eindeloze jaren zestig - that is ... if you can find an antiquarian version of the first edition,  with the original illustrations and all of the original text, as provided by its author, who died in 2001, since when there has been provided "a  copy" on the dbnl, but without what seems to be at least 25% of the text, and without the illustrations in the original. Typically Dutch, there is no clear account of what has been left out or why.  (I suppose that the dead author should - according to Dutch morality - praise his lucky stars anonymous editors have deigned to provide an emasculated version of his work since he died.)

  • Dec 14: site:  Updates of James and Nederlog I saw there is considerable interest in my edition of William James' "The will to believe", which has 95 notes to it, presently spread over three files: Notes A, Notes B, Notes C. I still don't have the eyes and health to prepare a better edition, but notes are good, and I corrected some links. The arrow links on the top do work, and one reason to mention this is that I find this essay of James morally and intellectually despicable: I just cannot believe he honestly meant what he said, because I know James was a very intelligent man, and I do believe this essay of his is a piece of intentional obfuscation.

    I have also sorted out the many links to my Philosophical Dictionary in my Notes, that should now work.

    I do believe my edition plus notes is - now, at last - a good rejoinder to James' text, which I really find quite dishonest: James was far too intelligent not to know that he was bullshitting. And note that I am not attacking him on religious grounds, but on logical grounds: Aquinas, for example, was mistaken in his proofs of God, but honestly tried; James does not honestly try, but dishonestly argues on has a right to believe what one knows one has no evidence for, provided it is religious, and on purposes misled his readers.

    Also reformatted some of the links of October, that got messed up by KompoZer: The links at the tops of the files, under Introduction should now all work properly. (KompoZer had linked them to the NOTEBOOK originals.)

  • Dec 13:  site: Some updatesWhat the title says - I reformatted some, and also updated the present file, and managed to destroy the previous file of today, meanwhile replaced by a precursor, that is mostly the same, but not as good. 
  • Dec 13:  me+ME: My eye problems + On Dutch mandarins: I explain my eye and editing problems and outline how Ubuntu helps with my eye problems, and also explain something about the type of men that these days become "social scientists" in Dutch "universities": Political frauds, for the most part, with the right political connections, much rather than real intellectuals.

  • Dec 11:  Stapel meshuggenah: Many Little Pricks Rosewater: Continues the previous item, after finding that the European Executive Committee of Social Psychologists indulges in the same amazing display of fallacies (red herring, special pleading, shifting the topic and more).

  • Dec 10:  Stapel meshuggenah: One Little Prick Rosewater An erstwhile colleague of the major fraud Stapel tries to protect his field of social psychology by an amazing display of fallacies.

  • Dec 9:   me+ME: On Orwell and On seeing others: I report on finding an interesting cartoon version of Orwell's "Animal Farm" from 1955, and on what is involved in seeing others, and how each of two who interact see only half of what is going on, and miss the half the other sees.

  • Dec 8:   Zorgcommunicatieve zorgboodschap van je eigen allerzorgzaamste zorgverzekeraar: The Dutch most important and most powerful hell insurances aim at getting the secret personal dossiers of the GPs, dentists and medical specialists of Dutchmen by (i) paying doctors to help hand over these dossiers to them, and (2) excluding the doctors who don't cooperate with this from payment by these insurances.

  • Dec 6:   Crisis: Fox News: "Petraeus for President!": Having written about general Petraeus when he fell, tripped by an extra-marital relation, I take up the them that about a year prior to that, the director and owner of Fox News tried to move him to go for the presidency in 2012, with their media and monetary support.

  • Dec 5:   The Dutch Universities since 1971: "Chaos on Bullshit Mountain": Continues the previous item. The title is from a Jon Stewart item, that shows how bullshit works, because bullshit is what the social sciences - especially - in the Dutch universities produce and are based on.

  • Dec 3:  The Dutch Universities since 1971: "We are all of equal value as Stalin   Continues the previous Nederlog, and explains the main teachings in the Dutch universities. The quoted phrase, to be sure, was nit taught directly, but only by logical implication, namely from the explicitly taught, for over 30 years "all men are of equal value".

  • Dec 1:  Me and Diederik Stapel compared: Truth and Value: Continuation of the last two days of November, with a comparison between me and a major Dutch fraud, also with degrees in psychology. This tries to clarify the unique Dutch situation in and corruption of the universities


The summaries for November were written on December 25 - which means that now all summaries of all Nederlogs written in 2012 - 15 MB including some but not many mostly small images - have been written. The reason I wanted to have done this is that the present file serves as a summary of what I did on my site.

It now is a fair, if not full, summary of my additions and changes, and is not full because I do not list all typos I corrected, and indeed may sometimes forget to mention I uploaded something new. Otherwise, it is mostly adequate, except that there still remain links in various Nederlogs, especially those written in September and October, to be corrected.

Explanation of formatting problems: See under OCTOBER
  • Nov 30: "I am being character assassinated" Diederik Stapel says - 2 More as yesterday's Nederlog, with more links, more translations, and more explanations. 

  • Nov 29: "I am being character assassinated" Diederik Stapel says - 1: I return to the case of Diederik Stapel's fraud, that I first wrote about on November 1, 2011, and repeatedly since, because I have a degree from the same faculty of the same university Mr Stapel graduated from, and know his background, as far as psychology and the Dutch universities are concerned, quite well. The main reason to return to this is that now, after more than a year, the Levelt Committee publishes its final report on the case and Mr Stapel publishes a book about his present plight, since being uncovered as a major fraud.

    I do provide links and translations, and my own comments and explanations, to the effect that a case like Diederik Stapel was possible in Holland because the Dutch universities have been politicized and leveled systematically since the 1970ies.

  • Nov 28 Crisis: About "Brave New World" and Aldous Huxley Having though about the arisal of police-states in Europe, I realized Huxley had written about the same possibility. It turns out there is a 1980 film version of "Brave New World" on youtube, which I review. I also link some interesting interviews with Huxley, from the late 1950ies.
  • Nov 27 Crisis: The decline of the rule of law & the rise of psychopathology About what the title says, with rather a lot of links to clarify the subjects I mention, and also the full text of Lord Acton's observation that "All power corrupts".

  • Nov 26:  Crisis: A little more about Zinoviev: Having written about A.A. Zinoviev before - whose logical texts I know since 1975 - notably here: On Zinoviev's Theory of (Soviet) Man, I discuss some recent texts about him that I found.

  • Nov 25 me: More updates + Van Gogh en De Winter I did some more updating of my Philosophical Dictionary, and treat a Dutch news item about a Dutch minor writer called De Winter, who used to irritate Theo van Gogh, when I knew Van Gogh, and find that De Winter indeed has irritating habits, probably so as to get mentioned in the press.
  • Nov 23 site: The summaries are being updated: This is about the present file, and the fact that by Nov 23 I had updated the summaries for September. To illustrate one of my difficulties: While writing the present update for november, I have been returned to the top of this file, and not to where the cursor was, since I mentioned that below under Nov 11, at least 15 times, and had to scroll down each time...
  • Nov 22:  DSM-5: A few videos about the failings of psychiatry This is about what the title says, and the videos I provide links to are all very good cases against postmodern psychiatry and its fraudulent and dishonest practices and its fraudulent and pseudoscientific "Bible", the  DSM, that in my opinion ought to be forbidden as a manifest danger to the public.

  • Nov 20 Philosophy: Plantinga vs Nagel (with some about probability): Something I do too little of in Nederlog: A text about philosophy, also with some quite fundamental observations about probability theory thrown in, that most people, including the vast majority of the research scientists who use statistics, are not at all aware of.

  • Nov 19 Crisis: David Petraeus compared with Dick Fuld One of the wider ramifications of the Petraeus case is his income: While Mr Petraeus had a good income, that allowed him many luxuries, it turns out he earns considerably less than Dutch university or school directors, and very much less than  bank managers.

  • Nov 18 Crisis: The case of David Petraeus David Petraeus is a US four star general who provided a new meaning for "embedded journalism": He bedded the journalist who wrote his biography, and then became CIA-director. I take up the theme as an illustration of corruption and incompetence in high places, but it turns out this case has wider ramifications.

  • Nov 17:  Crisis: Chomsky & Greenwald + Hooper vs Wessely:  I link some materials about Greenwald and Chomsky about the Surveillance State, and some about a ridiculous reward Wessely got - but then the only cogent protest I read, by professor Hooper, got published in a bad html-format I can't use at all.

  • Nov 16 Crisis: On the coming authoritarian police states - 2 : This continues a theme I have earlier discussed - Europe and the US are being turned to policestates by their political rulers, who mostly seem to have been bought by big corporations to do their biddings - and mentions Glenn Greenwald and a good speech of his. I also say the updating of Nederlog is mostly done, which - writing this on December 25 - is both correct and not correct: The files indeed are all there and are all linked through by the arrow links at their tops, but there still are links insite the files that need to be relinked. Then again, I am forced to do this with bad health, bad eyes, and bad editors, or not do it at all.
  • Nov 14 DSM-5: More on a sow's ears and a pig's lipstick This is mostly about another item published by dr Allen Frances about the DSM-5, though this contribution is mostly written by others. I quote and discuss it, though in fact I have no hope in hell the DSM-5 will be anything but a major criminal fraud, that ought to be forbidden as deceptive pseudoscience but will be hailed as the latest and best psychiatry has to offer.

  • Nov 13 About internet, some great music and more updating More about myself, the updating process, and about some great music.

  • Nov 12 Updating the Nederlog-index This explains something about my updating and also about my past, and the possibility of publishing more personal stuff.

  • Nov 11 Back to Nederlog! + The site exist 16 years!: I have decided to return to Nederlog, on the day my site exists 16 years. From now on, the links in my texts in Nederlog will probably work, as they may not in the texts dated September, October or the first 8 days of November: These got copied several times with not the bugged html-editors Composer and Kompozer. (To illustrate the degree of buggyness: The cursorposition in files edited with KompoZer is arbitrarily kept and not kept and involves several bugs: Each time I click a file in the list, the cursorposition returns to the top, which causes a lot of extra work for me. It's experiences like these - I am having every day - that made me give up Free Software: If elementary things like returning to were the cursor was are not properly programmed, and keep being bugged for at least 5 years, the model must be as bugged as the results it enables.)

  • Nov 10:  Back to Nederlog?: I discuss the possiblity of returning from the NOTEBOOK format I had started in September/October back to the Nederlog format I had left then, because of my having sore eyes.
  • Nov 9:    Updates on Stapel and Notebook/Nederlog: This is about updates in the Dutch press about Diederik Stapel's fraud case, that I am interested in because I think the Dutch universities have been mostly messed up for over 40 years now, and because I have an M.A. in psychology from the same faculty and university as gave the M.A. and Ph.D. to Stapel. Also, in this Nederlog and in the previous one my links are mostly to, having found they get easily mixed up by the html-editors I am forced to use on GNU/Linux/Ubuntu.

    This is also the first day I raise the possiblity of returning from the NOTEBOOK format I had started in September/October back to the Nederlog format I had left then.

  • Nov 8:    Various updates: This is about various updates on my site.
  • Nov 7:    Update Philosophical Dictionary - all done: As under Nov 6: I can finish the corrections this day. I also noticed I still have to straighten out links  in the files for October and November.

  • Nov 6:    Update Philosophical Dictionary - I and J and K and L and M: As under Nov 3, but having found out I can edit with Composer in other colors than this gets stored, I use that feature to do rather a lot more than I could do before.

  • Nov 5:    Update Philosophical Dictionary - F and G and H:  As under Nov 3, with the items starting with F, G and H. I think it was this day that I found out Seamonkey's Composer allows editing  texts with background and text colors that are convenient for my sore eyes, that are not stored, which is very helpful.

  • Nov 4:    Update Philosophical Dictionary - D and E:  As under Nov 3, now with the letters D and E.
  • Nov 3:    Update Philosophical Dictionary Having found that I had messed up the font sizes in much of my Philosophical Dictionary through Seamonkey's Composer, I decided to try to straighten this out with the same editor, and today did the items that start with C, from which I also quote selectively.

  • Nov 2:    DSM-5: Rejoicing about the BMJ: 1 boring old man, who is in fact a psychiatrist in his seventies, who does write sensibly about psychiatry, rejoiced about the British Medical Journal's decision to demand the raw data for papers presented to them for peer review and publication in the BMJ. I agree this is a reason for rejoicing, but also remain somewhat skeptical. (It is a good idea, but hardly a cure.)


Explanation of formatting problems

In October 2012 I was so much bothered by my eyes - keratoconjunctivitis sicca: painful, debilitating and very unpleasant - that had plagued me since May 2012, that I decided to use another format than Nederlog, that I first called The Black Notebook and then NOTEBOOK, both in their own new directories, because that was or would make it - or so I thought, mistakenly - easier to maintain than Nederlog. It wasn't and on November 11, 2012, I returned to Nederlog, in the way I should have done it earlier: With a simpler format.

In November/December I also returned, restored or otherwise copied what I have put in the Black Notebook (so called, because originally it was black, because that was the only way I could write it) to the Nederlog directories.

This was difficult: My eyes are less bad than they were, but are far from healed, and there still remain blemishes, that I probably will not repair before my eyes are a lot better than they are now, in the second half of December 2012.
  • Oct 31: DSM-5: The sick comedy continues About why postmoden psychiatry is mad, bad and dangerous.

  • Oct 30: Crisis: About Dutch things and about police states: Another sequel on state terrorism and the coming police states. This contains a quote I owe to Vidal, that seems apt and fair:

    "I think we should accept this constitution for all its errors and omissions because it will give us good government for a course of years. It may be a blessing for the people, if well administered, and I believe this is likely to be well administered, and then [it] only will end, due to the corruption of the people, in despotism which will be the only form of government suitable for them."
       -- Benjamin Franklin

    Fair enough: A state of law with civil liberties "only will end, due to the corruption of the people, in despotism which will be the only form of government suitable for them". What's unfair is that those who do so, mostly through stupidity and lack of courage, also deliver their children and their children into slavery to an absolute state's rulers. Then again, very little of human history has been happy or free: Quite possibly the species on average is not capable of doing much better than it mostly did.
  • Oct 29: Crisis: Over terrorisme: In a way a sequel to yesterday's text, in fact a reproduction of a text I wrote in 2005, when - to my knowledge, but indeed I did not have fast internet until the summer of 2009 - no one else wrote along similar lines. (In fact, there must have been a few others, but even if there are, it is amazing how extraordinarily few persons are interested in maintaining a state of law with civil liberties for all, and how extraordinarily many have swallowed the crazy propaganda they have been served.)

  • Oct 28: Crisis: On the coming authoritarian police states - 1: On what the title says, and with a list of the brave and bright few who think along similar lines, and will not be able to stop it either.
  • Oct 26: On diverse notebooks, with some history and realism & truth:  About philosophy in the 20th Century, about realism and truth, and about two kinds of notebooks I wrote: The one that was meant to be a sequel to Nederlog, and the extensive notebooks on logic and philosophy I wrote since 1970, for myself, with pens, pencils, ballpoints, typewriters, and computers.
  • Oct 25: A book?! A book?! He writes a book?!: This is about an idea for a book I had: A printed Dutch version of my Philosophical Dictionary. By now - almost 2 months later - I realize it is probably not worth trying: It might have done good, and might be published, if Dutch education on all levels had not been systematically destroyed in the course of the last 45 years. (In brief: There is no audience for it, and most Dutchmen probably believe they don't need any of it; it is quite offensive to them; and each of them could do at least as well as I do.)

  • Oct 24: How to write and think like a real psychiatrist (psychologist, psychotherapist) - P.S.
    A brief continuation of the previous item, about
    "primum nocere".

  • Oct 23: How to write and think like a real psychiatrist (psychologist, psychotherapist):  This is a good bit of satire on postmodern psychiatry, which in fact is a deeply immoral very dangerous scam, that will ruin the lives of many millions, in fact merely to provide income and status for the happy but degenerate few who make and prescribe psychiatric pills. I think it is quite good and quite far, and the only criticism I have is that it may be too long. The brief of it is that postmodern psychiatry is not even a theory, is not science, has nothing to do with real statistics, is not honest, and has no ethics. In balance, it is very profitable.

  • Oct 20: NOTEBOOK update - continuation of Nederlog 2012 after August: I had decided to copy Nederlog of September to NOTEBOOK, both physically and in terms of links in files, which turned out to involve more work than I could reasonably do, but I did it, and this lists some important files: About the deaths of dr. Szasz and dr. Van Konynenburg in September 2012; about the end of the XMRV hypothesis; and about an excellent article by an English journalist about ME/CFS.

  • Oct 19: Crisis: On Good and Bad - 1 : In fact, this still is related to the texts of the previous two days: I did write on good and bad as a comment on an idea of Multatuli, and this is an English  translation of it. It all is quite original. My original Dutch text is from 2001-2002. I do not know when I made the English translation, but I say that this is the best version, which very probably is true, and I also announce a series on Good and Bad, which may or may not happen, eventually, and if it does not is due to a combination of bad health and no (sensible) responses to what I write and little belef what I write will make any difference for the better.
  • Oct 17: Over Multatuli's Volledig Werk : Continuing the text of the previous day, more in Dutch, about Multatuli, my own texts about him, with useful links, and some more about things I wrote.

  • Oct 16: Meerkerk's Multatuli : For the first time in a long while I wrote in Dutch on the site, namely about a Dutch book that was first published a 100 years ago (in 1912, also the year my father was born) about my favorite Dutch author, Multatuli.

  • Oct 15: More useful lists about M.E. etc. and Linux : This contains useful links to a good website for helping on make or get better informed about medical diagnoses, and a good dictionary of Linux terms. Both are quite useful (in indeed you want or need to learn about these things).

  • Oct 14: Ubuntu-information and planned series: Thiis is a about various series I planned: On Ubuntu and Linux; and on logic, ethics and politics (one series each). Maybe some of this may come to be, eventually, in Nederlog, but I do not know. In any case, this contains useful links about and around the GNU/Linux I use, 12.04 LTS.
  • Oct 13: Crisis: propaganda and Control: Brezezinski 1968: As it happens, the socalled Surveillance State already was being planned in the 19060ies, by state bureaucrats like Mr Brezesinski, who still seems to be advising the US government. I had been aware for a long time that I had read about it, decades ago, in what is the best book on the student revolts of the 1960ies, and this day I report having found it - and then found a very similar quotation is to be found in the Wikipedia article on Brezinski. In any case: the Surveillance State goes back a long time: To Stalin and Hitler in the 20th Century, and to many authoritarian regimes before that, while the central role for the computer also dates back, conceptually, to The Sixties if not earlier.

  • Oct 12: Crisis: politics and intelligent conversation : Almost all I here from and about politics is, judged merely as language, awful, stupid, ugly, dishonest and manipulative. Then again, small parts aren't and this provides links to such a small part: Bill Maher and Larry King in conversation.

  • Oct 11: Squeak vs Linux: I realized that what I originally liked about Squeak - a Smalltalk programming environment - that I had called "Total Computing" in 2002, also is true, and more so, as regards Linux", and briefly explain this.
  • Oct 10:  Crisis: Pictorial reality and capitalism: This is a brief text about a pictorial representaton of capitalist society I'd first seen somewhere in the 1960ies. It turned out to be from the 1920ies in the US, and I reproduce it, because I like it. It also is a good illustration of Orwell's saying "All art is propaganda", which is not quite true, though it is true a far greater part of art than one would tend to believe in fact is propaganda of some sort.
  • Oct 9: About NB's colors and prospects:  Two of the ways in which the NOTEBOOK files differed from the Nederlog files were that they were simpler html, and that the backgrounds could be changed, mostly as a way to make it doable for me with my bad and sore eyes, and for my readers, who were used to white backgrounds on my site and on most others. In this text, I mention I want to make an excerpt of Johan Huizinga's "In de schaduwen van morgen", on which I have indeed started, but so far have not uploaded anything, neither in NOTEBOOK nor in Nederlog. This may still happen, but it is also possible I will give this up, mostly because it will involve a lot of work for me, while I expect i will do little good, as there is only a very small minoroty capable of understanding and appreciating the man and his text, and those who do will very probably have no social power or influence.

  • Oct 8: About NEDERLOG : Selective Survey: This is indeed a selective survey of Nederlog. In view of my health and the amount of work to make the transition to NOTEBOOK this was smaller than it otherwise would have been.

  • Oct 8: About NOTEBOOK | NOTITIEBOEK: This was meant to be the first NOTEBOOK in the new format, that indeed was simpler than Nederlog, and briefly expains what I hoped it would be. 

  • Oct 8: me+ME: Last Nederlog | Continuation in NOTEBOOK|NOTITIEBOEK: On this day I made the physical transition from Nederlog to NOTEBOOK|NOTITIEBOEK, where I mean by "physical" that it was all stored in its own directory on my hard disk and on the site (i.e. the hard disks of my provoder). I also took the trouble of copying the files of September in Nederlog to this, mostly to help the reader and provide context, but as it turned out that involved more work than I had hoped.

    And the first section of this was called "The LAST Nederlog", also because it was planned to be so in Nederlog. (As it happened, all of this was undone in the first half of November of 2012.)

  • Oct 5: me+ME: New ICC primer for doctors | XMRV controversy| M.E. and my eyes: This is about what the title says: The Canada-based group of medical doctors that had written the 2003 and 2011 Canada Criterions for ME/CFS, that most patients who are informed about their disease consider the most sensible, had prepared a pdf for doctors, and one David Holmes had written a good article about the XMRV-debacle, called "XMRV controversy laid to rest" that I quote and review.

  • Oct 4: me+ME: Ending Nederlog| Last words - Laatste woorden| My eyes and M.E: This mostly about stopping Nederlog, and contains some general reflections on what it was for and why I wrote in and had decided to give it up for something simpler, with such sore eyes as I had. As it happened, within 5 weeks I decided to return to Nederlog, but a considerable part of this month is about and indeed was in NOTEBOOK | NOTITIEBOEK, as I had decided to call the sequel of Nederlog.   

  • Oct 2: me +ME: Nederlog| Norbert Wiener and dr. Strangelove| My eyes and M.E.: The first and third sections explain some about Nederlog - why it is mostly in English since 2010, and what the problems with my eyes are like, and the bit about Wiener was caused by my rereading his biography (since reading books is easier than looking at a computer screen), and finding its second volume contains a clear statement of what became the plot of Dr Strangelove. There's also some more about Wiener and his biography: Interesting man, interesting autobiography.


  • Sep 30: me+ME: Corrupt Dutch Supreme Court | More about Rich van Konynenburg | My eyes and M.E.: A little more about Rich van Konynenburg, and a bit about the despicable and sickening Dutch Supreme Court of 1940-1945, that collaborated with the Nazi occupiers, as did most Dutch judges, some of which indeed convicted by father and grandfather to concentration camp prisonment

    This is again t
    ypical for Dutch morality, for which see (I say it again) "The UnDutchables" - and I quote myself:


    My parents were members of the Dutch Communist Resistance in WW II, and because of that my father and grandfather were convicted to concentration camp punishment, that my father survived after more than 3 1/2 years of German concentration camps, as a political prisoner, while his father died from the maltreatment, starvation and forced labor.

    One of the things my father was very bitter about was that he and his father (also arrested, also convicted - and my father's story, in his own words, translated by me into English, is under this link) were convicted by Dutch judges in a Dutch court, in 1941, and namely as "political terrorists".

    It now has turned out - as written up in a book that was first published in the fall of 2011, that is over 65 years after WW II ended: Corjo Jansen en Derk Venema, "The Supreme Court and the Second World War" (in Dutch), Boom, Amsterdam, 2011 - that all of the Dutch Supreme Court in WW II was corrupt,  and collaborated with the Nazis, except for one man, its president, who was Jewish or of Jewish decent.


  • Sep 26 me+ME: Rick van Konynenburg dies | Three excellent books about philosophy | My eyes and M.E. Dr. Rick van Konynenburg was an an American Ph.D. in electric engineering (an intellectually far more demanding study than psychiatry), who had been working for 16 years for people with ME/CFS and had developed his own biochemical theory to account for it, which is interesting and plausible. I provide links, and also write about three excellent books about philosophy.

  • Sep 22: me+ME: Excellent article by Sonia Poulton | ERV | Maartensz | The sadism link | My eyes and M.E. : This is about an Excellent article about ME/CFS in Daily Mail  by the British journalist Sonia Poulton, with quite a few references thrown in to things I wrote related to ME/ÇFS, and other related matters, such as my diagnosis that the psychiatrists who diagnose ME/CFS patients as mentally ill are themselves either mentally ill or sadists, which is what I really think, and I have the degrees and knowledge to make such diagnoses - and I do not slander millions of ill people to make a living out of them. Besides, there are far more medical doctors who are not psychiatrists who insist that the disease is real, than there are psychiatric pseuodscientists and degenerates who insist the disease are not real, and have the ear of the governments and health insurances, who rather keep the money to give it to bank managers or live well on themselves, than help ill people.

  • Sep 20: me+ME: Lipkin and Racaniello talk | George Carlin talks | My eyes and M.E.: This is about the result of the Lipkin + study, that definitely killed the hypothesis of XMRV, also according to its originators drs. Mikovits and Ruscetti, and reports on an interesting - recorded - talk between professors Racaniello and Lipkin. I also throw in some nice Carlin links, such a s good 45 minute interview with him, not long before he died.

  • Sep 18: XMRV is dead | Tuller in NYT | What is the yield? | DSM-5 & psychiatry:

    This is my response to the outcome of the Lipkin + study.
    The present version has been edited back from earlier versions that did not display well. I think the text is the same as was, but the table about M.E. is a better version than was in the original, though most items are the same.

  • Sep 17: DSM-5 & psychiatry | Ubuntu | eye problems | Carlin and voting: A bit more about dr. Szasz and what is wrong with psychiatry - and I quote myself, because it is true, important and not known to the many victims and dupes of psychiatrists and psychiatry:


The point I want to make in the present section is that especially psychiatrists and psychologists, who are, in terms of years and level of education the highest trained a,ong the psychotherapists, and who tend to pretend that they have a level of expertise, knowledge and insight that ordinary people - "layman" - lack, are almost all of them bulllshitting if not deluded (or indeed both).

Here are some of my reasons - and as it happens my academic degrees are in philosophy and psychology, so indeed I am not speaking in ignorance:

NONE of the psychotherapeutical professionals, and NONE of the psychiatrists is able to give anything like rational, empirically supported, scientific answers to the following questions (and there are quite a few more that are relevant that they rarely can answer, about epistemology, statistics, probability, logic and science, for example, but these are too technical to consider here and now):

(1) What is a human personality, a human self, a human character?
(2) What is consciousness, and why do we have it?
(3) How does the brain generate commonsense experiences?
(4) Do we all experience similar things in similar circumstances?
(5) What is meaning and why and how can we communicate with language?

ALL of the psychotherapeutical professionals, and ALL of the psychiatrists presuppose SOME sort of answers to ALL of these questions, indeed like anyone else who can function in a human society without creating major problems for others - but ALL of the professionals mentioned bullshit you or delude themselves if they pretend to be able to answer these questions, other than by what is mostly faith or illusion, if indeed not intentional bullshit meant to make you pay.


There also is some on Ubuntu, and some of George Carlin's and my reasons not to to vote.

  • Sep 16: My eyes, M.E. and internet | Dr Thomas Szasz died: This explains why I can use the internet with such eyes as I have, namely thanks to the possibilities offered by ǴNU/Linux/Ubuntu (as seems the fairest name to me, in view of those who made it), which are not existent in MS Windows, and is about dr. Thomas Szasz, who died the week this was written, who was a very courageous and intelligent man, who dared to oppose the dominant tendencies in psychiatry, while being himself a psychiatrist and a professor in it.

  • Sep 15: My eyes | Black book | Schopenhauer against the scribblers: This is about my problems in Holland and the Dutch national character - for which see the excellent, honest and true The UnDutchables - and my liking of Schopenhauer. Here is the bit of him I quote:


    "What the pathetic commonplace heads with which the world is crammed really lack are two closely related faculties: that of forming judgements and that of producing ideas of their own. Both these are lacking to a degree which he who is not one of them cannot really conceive, so that he cannot easily conceive the dolefulness of their existence. It is this deficiency, however, which explains one one hand the poverty of the scribbling which in all nations passes itself off to its comtemporaries as their literature, and on the other the fate that overtakes true and genuine man who appear among such people. All genuine thought and art is to a certain extent an attempt to put big heads on small people: so it is no wonder the attempt does not always come off. For a writer to afford enjoyment always demands a certain harmony between his way of thinking and that of the reader; and the enjoyment will be the greater the more perfect the harmony is: so that a great mind will fully and completely only another great mind. It is for this reason that bad or mediocre writers excite disgust and revulsion in thinking heads: and even conversation with most people has the same effect - one is conscious of the inadequacy and disharmony every step of the way."
    (Arthur Schopenhauer - Essays and Aphorisms, p. 125-6)


  • Sep 14: B12 Protocol | Psychologist with M.E. | Statistics and medicine: I do have an M.A. in psychology, as does my ex-wife, and we both fell ill with EBV after four months of studying in the first year of our university studies, on grants and loans. I explain why I deny the sadistic attributions by psychiatrist - if I would have been a sadist, I would have been a shrink - and also explain why I don't believe much of medical statistics (before reading about GlaxoSmithKline and Paxil, that illustrates my case).

  • Sep 12: M.E. + my eyes | Stem wijzer: This is one of the very few Dutch pieces I wrote since 2009, and is a satire on voting and Dutch democracy, which I don't believe in: Dutch political parties seem to me to be more like self-selecting gangs of psychopathic careerists than like the noble servants of the people they present themselves as, to a population they have systematically stupefied since 1965, since when the Dutch educational system has been systematically destroyed.     

  • Sep 11: On my eyes | The Nuremberg Interviews: Having mentioned yesterday that my father and grandfather were convicted political terrorist, being convicted in 1941, by Dutch judges, who collaborated with the Dutch Nazi occupiers of Holland, as did all of the Dutch Supreme Court under Nazi occupation, except for its president, who was fired because he was Jewish, I explain something about good and bad and about an interesting book of interviews with leading Nazis.   

  • Sep 9: From the Notebooks of MM. This is quoted from my own Notebooks (copy/paste is easier than writing). There is about 20 MB more of similar notes on my hard disk, and this is a fair selection.
  • Sep 9: Nederlog gets continued in The Black Notebook - but in November 2012 I return to Nederlog, because my eyes are less bad and - especially - because I found a way to edit my files in a way that my eyes permit, without having to look at white or light background, with Seamonkey's Composer. Meanwhile, I did write entries in something I first called The Black Notebook, and then NOTEBOOK, in a format that was friendlier on my eyes, and these have now all been incorporated again in Nederlog


  • Aug 26: Crisis: Quotes from Orwell and Hazlitt   A new Nederlogm, as the title says. The reason for  no Nederlogs  since 10 days is the sore conditionb of my eyes, I also briefly comment on.

  • Aug 15:  MadeCorrected some typos in and added some links to yesterday's Nederlog.

  • Aug 14:  Made another Nederlog about the crisis with a dose of Gore Vidal: Crisis: "U.S. pretty darned fucked" + more Gore Vidal + notes by me. As the title says there is more: A TYT item to the effect of the quoted part and the message that there will be another criis, and also some notes by me on subjects related to Vidal's texts.

  • Aug 13:  Made some corrections and added some links and fixed the images for the arrows in the Nederlogs of the previous two days - and I am sorry for the mistakes, but my eyes keep giving me considerable problems as do the lousy WYSInotWYG editors for html available on Linux (which is a shame: No decent html editor for Linux AT ALL in 2012 shows something doesn't work with its production method for software).

  • Aug 12: Crisis: More Gore Vidal + some notes by me: Another interesting interview with Vidal, with a number of notes by me.

  • Aug 11: Corrected the previous Nederlog some. And added Crisis: Gore Vidal explains some backgrounds, which is what the title says, plus a little about drugs in Amsterdam, a topic that is much misunderstood, inside and outside Holland. The brief of it is that it is very profitable, and that no one knows who profits (now that the government, the courts, the mayors, the police, the district atorneys etc. have been seeing to it for 42 years that (soft) drugs are being dealt by specific persons they approved personally, at specific places they approved personally, supposedly - is the story handed to the media, during all these years - the "Backdoor policy" obtains everywhere, meaning that the amounts, prices, qualities and profits are, if you believe this, totally unknown to any Dutch authority. If you are not Dutch, this may not interest you, but there also are links to quite a few quite interesting interviews with Vidal, mostly about the years 2001-2011, and the backgrounds of the current social and economic crisis.
  • Aug 9:  Stoning human beings the Dutch way - neo-nazi style 2012: What the title says: The Dutch
    effectively have their concentration-camp prisoners, where they lock up and maltreat foreigners without
    papers as if Holland is Nazi-Germany ca. 1937, with the foreigners playing the roles of the Jews (mostly exterminated in Holland, thanks to mr. Cohen and mr. Asscher (of the Jewish Council, 1941-1945, who decided to trade in the many poor Jews to the SS to save their own lives - and no, they did not get punished).

  • Aug 4:  DSM-5: 100 Nederlogs  about and around the APA and the DSM-5: At long last the list of Nederlogs about the DSM-5 that I wrote since 2010. It's OK as is, but I had intended better links between the files of the series, but my eyes - still sore: see below - are not up to that
  • Aug 3: Straightened out some typos and missing links in me+ME: Varia: Eyeproblems + Site-updates + Ms Kennedy + pomo universities.

  • Aug 2: There is a Nederlog: me+ME: Varia: Eyeproblems + Site-updates + Ms Kennedy + pomo universities but in view of the extreme misery of my eyes considerably aggravated the sicking misery of the great number of awful bugs in KompoZer, I'll probably return to Windows: It is lousy, it is dangerous, it is awful, but there are at least some halfway working WYSIWYG html editor. I can't decently edit a site like mine on Linux, is what it comes to, and using what is available takes twice the time, ten times the irritation, and in my case 4 times the pain for the same result. (I am not quite certain about this, for I like the resut of Linux and Ubuntu, but I am not willing to have to face this fucking shit that's KompoZer, certainly not with the eye problems I have. Also, this is VERY bad design, or lack of it: An  OS without a decent html-editor.)

  • Aug 1: Tried to reformat the letter A in the Philosophical Dktionary, but alas on Ubuntu I am forced to do this with KompoZer, as there is no better, and that is an awfully bugged program. So.... I have done my best, and this is the best I can do, and if there were a good WYSIWYG html-editor on Ubuntu my life would be considerably easier.



      • Jun 28:  Updated  my  'On Philosophical  Assumptions' as regards the formatting:
        The links to the section are now all internal to the file, and should work. And there also is a new Nederlog:
        me+ME:  Good Things In Life - 2: Linux + mB12 + Chamfort.

      • Jun 27:  Crisis: US corporations now beyond the US law  + Jimmy  Carter on US deterioration: More from TYT's Cenk Uygur on how the big US corporations have managed, with help of Obama - 'Yes, we can!' - to get corporations beyond the reach of the law, and much like sovereign states, followed by a quotation of most of a good article by Jimmy Carter with my comments. (And my eyes still are improving, which is very nice.)

      • Jun 26:  Crisis: 'Corporations are people, my friend', agrees US Supreme Court: Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks holds forth well on the handing over individual human rights to corporations aka conspiracies for piracy without  any effective personal accountability whatsoever, and I quote Hazlitt on corporate bodies.
      • Jun 24:  me+ME:  Good Things In Life - 1: A few bits to show I am still around.

      • Jun 22:  I have still problems with my eyes, alleviated a litte, and today only improved
        the formatting of the file on open source Capitalism. Communism and Computing, since it got downloaded quite a few times. I still think it is mostly correct, if outdated.
        Also, I think the following - from 2009 - makes sense: Musings on computing and a new internet:

        It seems to me highly desirable to split up the internet as is in a commercial net and a public net, with the commercial players, the advertisers, the commercial-Flash-on-you-pukers, and indeed also all that is commercial and more or less decent and justified, from banking to plumbing, on one net, and non-commercial content, varying from private persons websites, to schools and universities, the Wikipedia and much other educational matter (Stanford Encyclopedia, Victorian Net, Perseus, you name it...), on another net.

        In fact, the split between commercial and non-commercial can be drawn quite easily, while allowing for overlaps: It is mostly that between open en hidden source and apart from that depends on whether makers of web-content want to cash in on advertisments and/or have web-pages in order to support a commercial product.

        Next, the technological change should be easy and small, in principle, for it is a matter of server and storage capacity and processor speeds: All that seems really required is, next to a WWW a WCW, say: A Worldwide Commercial Web, all run on the same known principles as the WWW, with the same protocols a.s.o., except that on that WCW the user knows that the content is commercial and meant to be commercial, and indeed may very well be hidden source.

        There's more text in Musings on computing and a new internet and it seems to me a highly desirable idea: To have both a commercial and a non-commercial (personal, educational, unbiased informative) internet, so that the former doesn't smother the latter, and the latter is free from the closed source, advertising, lying, posturing and secret information gathering of the former.

      • Jun 20:  I have still problems with my eyes, alleviated a litte, and only added
        this today under
        me+ME:  About Nederlog, site and mail:


        P.S.     Corrections, if any are necessary, have to be made later.

        -- Jun 20, 2012: Corrected 'every month' (a typo) to '
        every day' in
        even though the Multatuli-parts of my site gets thousands of hits
         every day since at least a decade
        ' since that is the truth.

         It is also true that my sites are being read between 3 and 14 days
         each day.

        As it is true that my sites are completely stonewalled and often plundered
        in Holland, and true that I have not anyone like me in all of my life, as
        regards the kind of intellect and ethics I have. It also is true this deviance
        from the norm - being normal is the one and only Dutch maintained moral norm -
        is very probably genetic, and that it still is normal in Holland to scream at
        somebody - if not Cruyff's One And Only Son, blessed be His Name! - who says
        that his talents are due to his genes, and no 'personal choice', must be ... 'a fascist'.

        And so it goes... among the Dutch, where all Dutch are Heroes, and all Heroes
        the proudly declared 'equivalents' - 'gelijkwaardigen': of equal value - as Einstein,
        Newton, Leonardo, and Aristotle. If it were otherwise, the Dutch democratic
        moral majority feels most offended, you see: Somebody who might be better
        than they are! Horror of horrors!

        Anyway... I am proud to belong to the very small proportion of the Dutch
        who does not insist that he is of equal value as
        Einstein, Newton, Leonardo,
        and Aristotle, shameful and dangerous as that belief has turned out to be,
        among the aggressive levellers of very low intelligence the vast majority
         of the Dutch is.

           For this is The National Dutch Moral Norm, since many decades:

                   'Muh binnuh allemaol chuleikwoardig fuiluh kankertyfusjood!'

          which freely translates as 'We are all Einstein's equals because we would
         be dangerously offended if someone suggests we may not be'.

         And so it goes... in this proud nation of 16 million equivalents (gelijkwaardigen)
         of the best, the brightest and the most heroic


        For I would not want to let my readers to believe that there are not at least 16
        million Dutchmen with 16 million websites (tweetsites) who are each and all at
        least as good as I and you and Einstein: The Dutch are A Proud People!

        And don't you EVER forget it!

      • Jun 14: Made some notes, corrections of typos, and added some links to yesterday's

      • Jun 13: me+ME: Nederlog PAUSED (mostly) till July 2012: What the title says, with a brief explanation, a brief remark about the dropping of the criminal charges against Judy Mikovits Ph.D., and a brief discussion of an open question.
      • Jun 11: me+ME:  About Nederlog, site and mail: What the subject says, also with an
        explanation why I published so little on paper. There also is a new e-mail address that you might try if you never got any answer from me, and did write me: Chances are that, if so,
        I never saw your mail. (If so, I am sorry and it is not my doing.)
      • Jun 10: The Whittemores in trouble: I wrote about this before, and recently Harvey Whittemore stood in leg irons in a Nevada court, with a lot of local media attention. I give some quotes, and link and cite some more Zappa - music and text - on the related matter of 'public relations'. Also, there are some repaired typos and an extra note to yesterday's Nederlog.

      • Jun 9: Crisis: Where are the really intellgent, rational and reasonable folks? - 2: More
        on the topic, with advice for the few who are brilliant and young; with some fine videos with Zappa's two eldest children; some fiery but sensible rap; and a little bit about the
        WPI, that I now desire to see closed, having gotten undeceived about its PR.

      • Jun 8: Crisis: Where are the really intellgent, rational and reasonable folks?: As it happens, I answer the question by links to two series of interviews with Frank Zappa, who was an example of one, since I found the interviews today, and really liked them. Enjoy!

      • Jun 7: Corrected the link to ME-Resources in the ME opening page. And there is:
        Philosophy: On human society and human cooperation. Actually, it is a repeat of a lemma in my Philosophical Dictionary, but I think it explains rather a lot, in fairly abstract formal principle (and sometimes I like to indulge in formalities).

      • Jun 6: Corrected some typos in yesterday's Nederlog.

      • Jun 5: me+ME: Editor-blues + drone-news + DSM-5 docu: A brief Nederlog that explains why there was no Nederlog yesterday and briefly documents the dangers  of drones and the DSM-5.

      • Jun 4: Corrected some formatting mistakes and some other typos in yesterday's Nederlog.

      • Jun 3: Corrected some formatting mistakes in yesterday's Nederlog, and some
        other typos in
        n Ubuntu-log and the Computing opening frame. And there is a
        new Nederlog
        DSM-5: Updates (docu), with a bit of Hazlitt which is about
        the subject in the title, and may introduce you to one of the most amazing
        writers I know of.

      • Jun 2: Ubuntu-log started: What the title says: There now is an Ubuntu-log
        in the section computing, about Ubuntu, the operating system.

      • Jun 1: Straightened out the index for Nederlog for 2012.

      • May 31: Crisis:  Kill Lists + Socialist Capitalism: President Obama now has kill lists
        (and Guantanamo, and rendition, and indefinite detention without trial: 'Yes, we can!')
        and Greenspan, Bernanke and Geithner at long last have brought state socialism to the US: The profits are for the bank managers; the losses for the rest of society.

      • May 30:  Improved most of the opening pages for the philosophers in philosophers-special  (which is the name of the file that lists the philosophers whose
        texts are on my site, often with my comments, that tend to be as long as the works
        I comment on, quotations included, that is).

        And there is a new Nederlog:
        Varia: DSM-5 + philosophy + quotations + Ubuntu + mB12: Various interesting bits, such as that the American Psychiatric Association so far
        has spent five times as much on the DSM-5 as on on the DSM-IV - a cool 25 million
        dollars - that sounds rather a lot like financial fraud to me.

      • May 29:  Crisis:  Big Brother is watching you: Or if he isn't the US Senate wants him
        and just approved his coming. If indeed he isn't for in the land of the free, these things now are state secrets, kept secret becaude of reasons of state.

      • May 28:  me+ME: Some Linux.Ubuntu updates (docu): Some more useful
        documentary links and why I write about it, and what it was like 12 years ago,
        to try to get Linux to work on one's computer: Not by far as simple and easy as
        these days.
      • May 27:  me+ME: DSM-5 + Linux: Ms Suzy Chapman wrote an excellent article
        on the many great dangers involved in the pretty insane Somatic Symptoms Disorder
        of the DSM-5 (from 2013 onwards if you are ill you are fit for physical and mental abuse
        by trained psychiatric pros who love those things, especially in the names of 'evidence-
        based science' and 'morality', and there is also a little more information by me about
      • May 26: Computing: Some more about Ubuntu and the site: I am spending most
        of my time using Ubuntu and being much pleased and impressed, so here is a little
        more about Ubuntu and about something I wish could be done: Debug and update
        KompoZer into a good html-editor, instead of a bugged one (with potential and
        pleasing features, but faulty cursorhandling).

      • May 24: Philosophy:  From  The Notebooks:  More than 5 senses More from The Notebooks: No, you don't have 5 senses - or to say so is to confuse quite a few things.
      • May 22: BitsAndPieces 26: 26. On - and from - Ubuntu 12.04: Surprise, perhaps, since there was no BitsAndPieces since 2009. Today I uploaded one as titled, and if it is there,
        it also is the first file on my site that was wholly written in and uploaded with Ubuntu,
        without Windows having any involvement whatsoever, on my part.

        Also, there is a Nederlog: 
        Philosophy:  From  The Notebooks: Laughter, Play,  Imagination: What it says: I copied a few notes I wrote in 1989. 
      • May 21: me: ME + DSM-5: I explain why there are few Nederlogs and what should
        be done to control the APA and the DSM-5: The government has both the duty and the
        right to protect the public against the corruption of medical professional organizations,
        their policies, their practices and their manuals, for it has the duty to protect the
        public against medical corruption, fraud and quackery, and against the shills
        of pharmaceutical companies who pracrice medical fraud in the name of "evidence-based science".

      • May 20: Sorted out the missing left arrow in the Nederlog of May 18.

      • May 18: Varia: Linux + DSM-5 + Carlin + Phoenix + logical philosophyWhat the title says: Varia leading up to the conclusion I will write more about logical philosophy and less about ME/CFS.

      • May 15: Fixed and added some links to May 13: DSM-5: On Dr Frances' article on the DSM-5 in the NYT (which arise because I am currently between 2 computers and 3
        operating systems). And there now is today's Nederlog:

        Varia:  DSM-5 + Linux.Ubuntu

      • May 14: Fixed the ME-Resources link in the opening pages, and fixed some
        typos in yesterday´s Nederlog.

      • May 13: DSM-5: On Dr Frances' article on the DSM-5 in the NYT: A review
        of the article I quoted but did not review on May 12: It really is an important
        and sensible article.

      • May 12:  ME+DSM5: Phoenix Falling + Dr Frances Rising: Phoenix Rising has a
        new forum that does not work for me, and Dr Allen Frances took a laudable and
        courageous stand against the APA and the DSM-5 I much appreciate, and to
        explain why I do I repeat a file of precisely 2 years ago:
        ME and Human Rights.
      • May 11:  me+ME:  Some nice things:  Methylation-protocol  +  Ubuntu Linux: Some
        really nice news for a change: The methylation protocol I follow really helps me, and
        enabled me to get and install a new computer, that now runs Ubuntu Linux, that is
        excellent. (Indeed, today´s files for my websites have been written on Ubuntu rather than  Windows.)

      • May 10: As I said on May 8, I had to do most of that text twice, and indeed I did the second version very exhausted and made two minor mistakes in the spreadsheet I set up (dividing by the wrong number of factors). These have not been repaired, and the overall effect is the same or worse than it was, because I calculated the anyway frighteningly low
        average kappa of the DSM-5 too high.

        Meanwhile, in England the government is practising the handiwork and ideology of professors Wessely, White, Calder and Sharpe:
        me+ME: 'Purge on disabled a Nazi piece of work' (Scottish Sun Newspaper) and not because there is any need for this, but because it is profitable and the ordinary average can be tricked by propaganda now as they could be in Hitler's time: Thus the Jews were also exterminated en masse, namely
        for being not of the healthy kind of
        the ordinary average that surrounded them. If you're
        ill you're expenable. "Tough luck, and don't you dare say "Nazism" or we treat you like
        one of the ill who parasite on us who belong to the healthy majority
        ". (I dare, but then
        my family is not quite of professor Wessely's human-all-too-human qualities

      • May 9: me+ME: Excellent article about ME/CFS in Daily Mail: Indeed what my
        title says: The English journalist Sonia Poulton published yesterday an excellent article about 12 myths about and around ME/CFS.

      • May 8: DSM-5: EPIC Fail of DSM-5 "field trials" - more kappas: More on the
        reliably unreliable DSM-5 and the PsychoSpeak of doctors Regier and Kupfer:
        There is a table that shows that the DSM-5 is the least reliable and most
        dangerous diagnostic manual in psychiatry (compared with the DSM-IV, DSM-III
        and the ICD). In fact, the ICD-10 - not an APA-product, indeed - is the least
        unreliable of the four.

      • May 7: DSM-5: PsychoSpeak II (Epic Fail of DSM-5 "field trials"): In which
        it is revealed that the DSM-5 is produced on the same principle as Stalin's
        propaganda, as also discussed by Orwell and here:

        DSM-5+ME: PyschoSpeak - version 0.0 (JavaScript needed)

      • May 5: DSM-5: Various bits and pieces relating to various DSMs: What the
        title says, and mostly not my work, but quite interesting and enlightening. There
        are also some clarifications in the beginning about yesterday's piece.

      • May 4:  The Narko-Nazi Netherlands:  National Day of National Narko-Nazi Justificiation :  Another nice laudatio of the Dutch and especially of their
        tolerant mayors, aldermen, parliamentarians, ministers, policemen, judges and
        district attorneys who now have for over 40 years protected the drugs mafia,
        all most honourably so, if you believe in supermen in politics. (My advice:
        If your IQ is over 115 and you are not a Dutch
        mayor, alderman, parliamentarian,
        minister, policeman, judge, district attorney, or drugs dealer: Flee this country
        while you can, if you're healthy.)

      • May 3: me+ME: Computernews: Linux on a stick!: What it says: I now can run Linux  and Windows from my new computer. Nice! Also made some corrections to and added some links in yesterday's Nederlog.

      • May 2: DSM-5 and a real philosopher: George Carlin: What the title says: Why I write such long texts about the DSM-5 and psychiatry; some about philosophy and "academic education" in Holland from 1971-1995 (viz. "marxist", "feminist", "postmodernist" in succession, all by the same people, all lying careerists pretending to be "revolutionaries"" and dissimulating fashionable nonsensical cant to make a career), and four fine videos with monologues by George Carlin ( that you can skip to from the beginning, in case I may bore you ).

      • May 1: Made some corrections in and added some links to yesterday's Nederlog,
        that folks seem to have liked, as I also did. More George Carlin later: A man with
        great intelligence, great honesty and great courage, and a real philosopher, in ways
        no academic philosopher is real.



      • Mar 29: me+ME:  P.S. + Between two computers - 2: I'd forgotten to insert a P.S. yesterday, namely a nice quote from ca. 1495 A.D., now inserted and also repeated today and am still between 2 computers, though everything works.
      • Mar 28: I corrected the display of Nederlog for March: First, at the end of the textwindows there was an outlining mistake that has been put right, and second I have refitted DSM-5: Thomas Szasz's ideas about psychiatry of March 3 to a new textwindow, and found that mistakes fitting that text in the textwindow seem to have been due to a setting in material I copied from Wikipedia. And there now is Crisis: The Age of Ignorance that quotes and discusses an article with the title (minus "Crisis: ") in the New York Review of Books.

      • Mar 27: Corrected some typos in yesterday's Nederlog. And added another repeat with additions for your delectation: Some Favourite Books & Authors. (This should also satisfy intelligent readers without an abiding interesting in mathematical subjects -
        which is quite OK with me, and one may be a perfectly fine person with a fine mind,
        while caring not one whit for math-related stuff).

      • Mar 26: On logic and logic books: Another - hugely instructive - (partial) repeat, though not from an item that previously appeared in Nederlog, but from an item that is in the section Logic on my site, and that urgently needed some updating and corrections of links, which it did get today. 

      • Mar 25: Made some corrections and small additions to yesterday's Nederlog. And:
        On natural philosophy, philosophy of science, and psychiatry - a repeat from the beginning of 2011, with the addition of the links to what I wrote in Nederlog since 2011 relating to the DSM-5.

      • Mar 24: DSM-5: Is dr. Allen Frances a dangerous man?: Instead of answering Dr Frances criticisms in a polite, rational and reasonable way, the APA has hired a PR specialist from the US Army - the sort of guy or gal who just likes to tell you, as between friends, that waterboarding is not at all torture - who has stated to Time magazine that
        dr. Frances is a 'dangerous' man. I consider the matter, and say something about the differences between Frances' position and my own.

      • Mar 23: me+ME:  Between two computers: What the title says: If there are no or few additions the coming days or week - I don't know yet: It depends on rather a lot of different things - it is because I am otherwise occupied. (Then again, the new machine does work and I may be back tomorrow - it all depends.)

      • Mar 20: DSM-5+ME: PyschoSpeak - version 0.0 (JavaScript needed):
        The first version of PsychoSpeak: A simple JS program at least as intelligent as
        professor Peter Denton White, but with better grammar and logic. Later versions
        will be even more realistic and instructive! Enjoy! (The code is in the html, and
        if you look you'll find it's all quite simple, really. That means that if I have health
        enough, I can make this rather sophisticated and tricky. If I don't, this should show
        some basic principles of "evidence-based medicine" clear enough as is.)

      • Mar 19: Uploaded most of my Philosophical Dictionary again, also with some
        recent additions, to make sure it all has been uploaded. There should be soon some
        more changes, for I want to make some repairs on subjects I changed my mind on,
        notably on rational degrees of belief and on propositional attitudes. (What's there now
        on these subjects is not what I now think is correct.) But first I want to make sure
        that what's on line and what's on my hard disk is the same, which is the end of today's
        upload. And the above also is in today's Nederlog: Updates site and Philosophical Dictionary.

      • Mar 17: me+ME: PR, groupthinking and Goffman + Mach on HGRV: What the title
        says: Links about PR, groupthinking and Goffman, and some about a site by Tony Mach,
        who has ME/CFS and has a blog with rather a lot of information and arguments relating
        to it.

      • Mar 16: me+ME: WPI annual report w/Sam Shad PR & RR PR + ERV : The WPI
        yesterday published an annual report I take a brief look at, while quoting its best
        argument (also mirrored) and I also briefly consider Ms Abbie Smith's latest blog
        on XMRV, who doesn't really believe it was all just contamination (which I suspect
        is also what many retrovirologists and the editors of Science don't really believe).

      • Mar 15: Crisis: Corporate psychopaths - part B: This mostly continues part A of January 7, this time on the basis of an article written in the New York Times by a
        manager of Goldman Sachs who has had enough of "Greed is good" and left that
        bank. I quote and comment some.

      • Mar 14: Crisis: Wall Street highest since 2008: An update on the ongoing crisis, with links and some explanations: The economical indices are better than they were for a long

      • Mar 13: me: Interesting pickings from the internet: What the title says: Russell,
        Feynman, a novachord dueting with a theremin, the earthly garden of delights in great and graphic detail, and the difference between representing fact and fiction, plus an interesting site with many more interesting things, by Christopher Pickover.

      • Mar 11: I h ave made the arrows in the Nederlog of March link correctly (for not all did).
        And there is Moving pictures of minute bodily processes which is what it says, and are mostly 5 amazing and fascinating videos of what goes on in our bodies.

      • Mar 9: me+ME: Patricia Carter vs Annette Whittemore: Ms Patricia Carter - a living death according to herself, and grandmother - has created a petition to the President, the Senate, and the House about the misuse of funds by the WPI and in particular Annette Whittemore, which may be somehow tenable, and added a lot more, that make it sound wacky. I quote and explain.

      • Mar 8: me+ME: Research, X-Rx, Whittemores, mB12 protocol What the title says:
        Some updates on various topics I have mentioned before in Nederlog.


      • Mar 7: Philosophy: "On Wit and Humour" - William Hazlitt: One of those days all
        lovers of Hazlitt's prose - "(T)
        hough we are mighty fine fellows nowadays, we cannot write like Hazlitt": Robert Louis Stevenson - who read my site rejoice: Gaudeamus igitur!
        (Actually, not many, so far as I can tell, but even so.)

      • Mar 6: Crisis: The drones of war: I briefly report on a bit of progress in The Art Of
        War (a subject much in Machiavelli's interest): Send out Our Drones to do battle with Their Drones.

      • Mar 5: Crisis: Corporations taking over the state + Machiavelli reformatted:
        A new item in my series on the crisis - since 2008, nr 102 - triggered by the news
        about a strange corporate spy firm, that also triggered a reformatting of Machiavelli's
        The Prince with my remarks.

      • Mar 4: I repaired some in yesterday's Nederlog, but need to do more reformatting.

        DSM-5: Thomas Szasz's ideas about psychiatry: P.S - editing problems: A brief
        summary of the editing problems and of some important background material and points
        that should neither be missed nor misunderstood.


      • Mar 3: The time has arrived to inflict DSM-5: Thomas Szasz's ideas about psychiatry
        on my readers - where I say "inflict" because of its size: Over 215 Kb, and not because
        it's awful or unreadable.

        Also i
        t is long in part that's because it's repetitive, namely so that you don't need to read all: part 2 gives the text of the Wikipedia lemma, and part 3 quotes the parts I comment on again, followed by my comments, and ended with a "Back" that links to the text at the note's place.

        It may be seen as part of a theoretical defense of patients with ME/CFS against psychiatry; as background and context for what is effectively a series in Nederlog on the DSM-5 and postmodern psychiatry; as one theoretical basis for further criticism of the DSM-5 and postmodern psychiatry; and exposition of the ideas of Thomas Szasz about psychiatry, as rendered on Wikipedia.

        And as it stands it probably needs some minor correcting, but then the present
        Nederlog is one of the rare ones that was written over several days.

        Finally, it may happen the present version doesn't display well. I'll try to make a
        better formatted version. Later.

      • Mar 2: I put in a link I had forgotten and corrected some typos and unclarities in
        yesterday's Nederlog, and for today have for the delectation of the best minds and
        of those most sensitive to the quality of prose:

        Multatuli on line in Dutch and in English: A partial repeat from September last,
        with some additional text, because that struck my fancy, and because Multatuli
        was born on March 2, 1820.

      • Mar 1: me+ME: Mikovits vs Whittemores vs Deckoff-Jones: More on the litigation-saga, with cited documentation with comments and cited emails. 


      • Feb 29: Made some corrections to yesterday's essay on Psychiatric Newspeak aka
        PsychoSpeak. And produced a P.S. to it:
        This contains some fine quotes by various people; some good references; and some
        sick quotes from some of the sick minds that compile the DSM-5.

        This is a rewrite of Orwell's The Principles of Newspeak. Links to the original
        and endnotes are provided, as is a link to Scientific Realism versus Postmodernism.
        Have fun!

      • Feb 27: DSM-5: The trailer for the DSM-5 of the APA, a full subsidiary of Uranus Corp:
        Some corrections in a previous Nederlog, that gave me The Zen-MomentTM  that reminded
        me that the real trailer for the APA's DSM-5 has been designed long ago. Enjoy!

      • Feb 26: DSM-5: 50 reasons to stop the DSM-5: This continues yesterday's Nederlog,
        namely by repeating a list of reasons hidden in the middle of an earlier long Nederlog.
        So here these reasons are again, by themselves with some corrections and links.
        There's also a link to
        the Rosenhan experiment, that any reader who is interested
        in psychiatry should know, and to the original text of it, that is well written, well argued,
        very informed, and valid ever since its publication in 1973:
        On Being Sane In Insane Place.
        (Prepare yourself to be shocked.)

      • Feb 25: DSM-5: A good plan for the DSM-5: Back to the DSM-5, for which there now
        is a good plan: Ditch it with the help of the US government and politicians. I quote and
        provide links.

        Also... today is also the commemoration in Amsterdam of the February Strike, that landed
        my father and grandfather in German concentration-camps. I will avoid commemorating it,
        because today's commemoration is led (1) by a Stalinist degenerate hardly human horror of a
        man who helped the drugsmafia get power in Amsterdam, and refused to acknowledge the existence of my report of 1970 that told him this was happening in the municipal Sleep-Ins, of which I had led one: He wanted the drugs mafia so much, it seems, that he had me denied any entrance to any Sleep-In for several years, and also denied, even to my father, who phoned him about it - and who was a real hero of the resistance, unlike the human degenerate I am
        talking of - that he had received the report I had written for him and handed to him; and is led (2) by one of the human degenerates who signed the letter that removed me from the faculty of philosophy as a student, because of my "outspoken public ideas", "in  spite of your serious illness".

        More later about this, probably in Dutch, since it is difficult to understand for those who
        are not Dutch.

      • Feb 24: me+ME: A good report on XMRV: What the title says - I provide an abstract,
        brief review, and a link for downloading.

      • Feb 22: DSM-5: Allen Frances vs the American Psychiatric Association 3/3: The third
        of three Nederlogs, of which the first two are from 11 days ago.
        The second of these
        has been renamed because it misbehaved for some reason, and showed the wrong
        font size whatever I did or tried.

      • Feb 21: Removed a link and corrected some typos and unclarities in yesterday's Nederlog.

      • Feb 20: DSM-5: Some sensible ideas about the DSM-5 - P.S.: A not so long P.S.
        to the previous - long - Nederlog, with some illustrations and support for my notion
        that psychiatry is a pseudoscience that needs terminating as a supposed "science":
        "Bodily Distress Disorder" as new catch-all psychiatric diagnosis of any suffering that
        has a somatic component.

      • Feb 19: Uploaded some small corrections and added links to yesterday's Nederlog, in
        fact late yesterday, but mentioned today in case you wanted the latest version.

        No great difference but with some typos corrected and some useful links including
        the fine point-by-point criticism of the DSM-5 that was published last year by the British Psychological Society (BPS) added - and made working, today.

      • Feb 18: DSM-5: Some sensible ideas about the DSM-5: I found some quite sensible
        ideas about the DSM-5 summarized on Suzy Chapman's
        Dx Revision Watch that were
        gathered from British psychologists and psychiatrists. I quote and comment and then
        summarize my 50 points. It's rather a lot of text, but it should be helpful to most who
        are concerned about psychiatry, especially since seeing what the DSM-5 promises to

      • Feb 17: me+ME: XMRV updates + Whittemore updates: This links to some recent
        developments around XMRV and around the Whittemores, with some brief comments
        by me.

      • Feb 16: DSM-5: Alzheimer's Disease: A follow-up on an earlier Nederlog on dr. Allen
        Frances on the DSM-5, mostly because the subject is of concern to me, but also with
        some remarks on the DSM-5.

        Also repaired some titles of Nederlogs of the past few days, and added a link in
        yesterday's Nederlog about Max Weber, about whom I also added a brief note, and
        idem for C. Wright Mills. (Much of sociology is baloney, but this is not true of Weber,
        Mills, and Aron.)

      • Feb 15: Philosophy: Sin as Stupidity, Ignorance, Negligence I found an interestinh
        booklet I read some decades ago, and give some quotes and some comments, about a
        definition as in the title.

      • Feb 14: me+ME: On the site: Just a brief piece to the effect that I have been busy on
        the site without having anything to show for it, and that I have corrected some typos
        and added some links to the Nederlogs of Feb 11 last.

      • Feb 13: ME: Margaret Williams on 2 Dutch liars "in the name of science": Uploaded this
        today, though it is dated and was put together yesterday. Also uploaded new versions of
        directories attached to MEinAmsterdam, since I seem to have forgotten that in December:
        /2009ME, /2010ME, /buromedisch, /gggd, /mein_10j, /mein_dam, /notities and /politics.

        I have not uploaded all of these, but some, and should check all and upload all of
        MEinAmsterdam soon, and also extend it some. But then it is mostly about my destroyed
        health and why I do not get any help: I.a. to prevent my doing just this, and so save the
        wealth, health, and happiness of the last three drugs corrupt Amsterdam mayors (Van Thijn,
        Patijn, Cohen) and their families.

      • Feb 11: DSM-5: Allen Frances vs the American Psychiatric Association (1/3): The first
        of 3 parts in which I discuss articles by dr. Frances - chief-editor of the DSM-IV, at
        present professor emeritus psychiatry of Duke University. This is about an article in
        which he argues the DSM-5 should be delayed.

        DSM-5: Allen Frances vs the American Psychiatric Association (2/3): The second
        of the series: About an article in which dr. Frances discusses 10 of what he and others
        regard as "the worst follies" of the DSM-5.

        I also restored Margaret Williams's text in the Nederlog of 21 january, that in fact did
        not need to be removed, as I had falsely inferred from an e-mail.


      • Feb 10: ME: Heidi Bauer vs the Whittemores + Dr. Lombardi PI at WPI: I consider
        a patients' advocate on the Whittemores; dr. Lombardi's promotion; and the retainment
        by the WPI of the NIH-grant.

        DSM-5: Kate Kelland vs the American Psychiatric Association: Another Nederlog,
        about a good article for Reuters by Kate Kelland on the DSM-5.


      • Feb 9Logic+Philosophy: About structures, maps and representations: What the title
        says: Some rather clear definitions of some fundamental concepts for explaining and

      • Feb 8 Corrected some typos and added some links in yesterday's NL.

      • Feb 7: me+ME: Tuller + Behan + Kitei + Williams: I link and briefly review some
        material of the persons named in the title relating to ME/CFS.

      • Feb 6: me+ME: X-Rx + Whittemores: Jamie Deckoff-Jones has a new site, with a new
        blog, and with a planned forum, and I write about that, and the Whittemores have
        started their own law suit, for 60 million dollars or more, against the Seenos, who a
        week ago started a law suit against the Whittemores for 40 million dollars or more.
        I write about it because it (also) has to do with drugs, or so the Whittemores say.

      • Feb 5 Computing: Browsers, editors, languages: I say something about browsers
        (SeaMonkey), text-editors (PSPad), and programming languages I like (CoffeeScript),
        because I have been using these lately, and some of my readers may be interested.
        Also, I treat of the competition, and provide links.

      • Feb 3: Philosophy: The Dhammapada on the site: What the title says. I hope to
        write Notes on it, but have not done so so far.

      • Feb 2: On the site + To Do list: Made a few change in the opening and hope to
        revise - check, reformat, improve html - the whole site, bit by bit. And there is an
        answer to the logic puzzle of yesterday. (It may keep some social scientists from
        sleeping, not to have been able to find the solution, I mean.)

      • Feb 1: Crisis: On the supermen who are our leaders: I link a bit from The Young Turks,
        on the subject of corporate mega theft, pardon: "bonuses", and consider the question
        whether all our leaders are psychopaths. There also is a nice logical puzzle about the
        characteristics of politicians.


      • Jan 30: me+ME: Whittemores in court + mB12 protocol: What the title says, and I
        am mostly documenting and providing links.

      • Jan 29: Crisis: Crisis-Issue 100: As the title says, this is the 100th file in the series on
        the crisis that I started on September 1, 2008. There was an index made in 2009, but
        today I moved and linked all 100 files - I hope - to today's file.

      • Jan 28: Crisis: George Soros warns: A link to a video about George Soros on the ongoing
        economical and political crisis.


      • Jan 27: Democracy-plan: Educated democratic voting: Continuing the previous
        Nederlog I provide the mathematics for educated democratic voting, with some
        contributions also of George Carlin and
        Guidantonio Vespucci.

      • Jan 25: Democracy-plan: Mark Twain was there first (and better): I note that a
        somewhat satirical idea of Twain antedates my democracy-plan by a century or so.

        Removed text of Margaret Williams on being told it had been removed from
        the original place. And uploaded a corrected ME opening page, with fixed background.
        And idem the Logic opening page and the Clifford section: fixed backgrounds. And
        idem "On 'The Logic of Moral Discourse'".

      • Jan 24: me+ME: Surfacing from programming + Generalities + Projects: There were
        fewer Nederlogs the last week because I felt a bit better and dived into programming.
        Also, I consider more generally what I want to do with my sites, and what I want to
        spend time on, if I have the energy.

      • Jan 21: me+ME: Uncertain diagnoses +Williams on Wessely: I outline some fundamental
        logical problems with vague definitions and vague diagnoses, and quote Ms Williams on
        Mr Wessely, who opened a new site. (That doesn't look like much, but then that is the
        measure of Mr Wessely's powers: he is devious and clever, but neither a real intellectual nor really intelligent. But then that is true of most professors in some pseudoscience.)


      • Jan 17: Crisis: "How to be a dictator" + "Wilders warned" I quote from
        and comment on two recent articles as described in the title, and also mention why
        you may not get to or on Jan 18.

      • Jan 16: Dutch morality, medical morality, favorite explanation: I quote Multatuli and
        Diderot -
        'a man who loves to moralize' - and follow their example, and explain Dutch
        and medical morality, again by some examples, and also consider the theme of favorite
        explanations, raised on The Edge, and provide my own answer, in one word.

      • Jan 14: Good news: "DSM-5-censorship fails": Ten days ago I asked Is the American Psychiatric Association a terrorist organization? because its legal branch had tried
        to smother an excellent site about the DSM-5, called "dsm5watch", on the totally
        ludicrous ground that the site's name contains "dsm5", to which the American Psychiatric
        Association claims copyright. Well... the site still exists, now renamed to
        Dx Revision Watch, and the A trics A has egg on its face, for many people, including
        psychiatrists, psychologists and mental health and social workers agreed this was
        bullying, indeed of the form called SLAPPing. I mostly quote dr Frances and Ms
        Chapman, and report an interesting fact derived from the APA's DSM-5 site: By their
        own figures, the American Psychiatric Association lost 2,000 members in half a year.

      • Jan 13: Uploaded all of Nederlog for this year with a new link in the last line:
        summaries, which links to the present text. And indeed explained this in Nederlog:
        Summaries added + The damnation ritual: This also is about anonymous cyber-
        bullying, when tens or hundreds anomymous jerks announce that so-and-so is evil,
        often in the - not or hardly moderated - comments sections of some blog or site.


      • Jan 12: Varia: Smalltalk, Squeak, X-Rx, Christian loving awareness: I impart some
        teachings about programming and about Christian morality, humility and meeknes.

        And I repaired the opening pages' statement on Nederlog, which used to be in Dutch
        but the last two years was mostly in English. Also linked in the 2012 index instead
        of the 2009 one. (My bad: Taking things for granted as time flies!)

      • Jan 11: 10 years of Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp: What the title says. Nearly
        all is quoted from Wikipedia and The times they are a'changin' - 1964/2012.

      • Jan 10: Philosophical Dictionary updated (some):  Just that and not much, at least
        not in text. I also copied my edition of William James "The Will To Believe" with my
        critical notes to the James-section on my site, but this needs some straightening out,
        though the links to my notes work.

      • Jan 8: GW: A few of Lichtenberg's aphorisms: What the title says - 11 aphorisms by
        Lichtenberg - undeservedly little known by native English speakers - with some
        comments by me.

      • Jan 7: Crisis: Corporate psychopaths - part A: The start of a series on the subject
        as part of the Crisis series, that I started in Dutch on September 1, 2008, and
        reached - somewhat to my own amazement - number 98 today, at the beginning
        of this year where the US Constitution has been destroyed; the double dip in the
        economy seems to start; and the few rich are getting richer and the many poor
        poorer. I give some explanations of an important background: In Brian Basham's
        "In an unregulated world, the least-principled people rise to the top."

      • Jan 6: GW: Against discrimation, racial and otherwise: A fine quotation by Hazlitt,
        from the Memoir of Granville Sharp, about racial discrimination, with an application by
        me to discrimination of the ill.

      • Jan 5: GW: The times they are a'changin' - 1964/2012: "I'm a poet/and I know it", as
        Bob Dylan wrote. I can rhyme too, and changed the lyrics of an old song to fit the
        new times introduced by the end of the US Constitutional Rights. Enjoy! Sing along!

      • Jan 4: Is the American Psychiatric Association a terrorist organization?: It seems
        to me (a psychologist and scientific philosopher who believes psychiatry is a
        pseudoscience anyway) that the question is quite justified given the way their menials

        menace, threaten, harass and pursue private persons who merely did - politely, rationally,
        honestly, in good faith
        - what the APA itrself fails to do: Put together a good site
        about the DSM-5 that helps to discuss the DSM-5 rationally and honestly.

        Forgot to add that I did manage to add the analytical index of 2011. See Jan 1 below.

      • Jan 3: Crisis: Exit US-Constitution?!: President Obama seems to have effectively
        signed away important parts of the US Constitution. I comment a little and provide

        And I redid all of Nederlog 2012 because I want the standard images I use - left,
        up, right, globe, blue background - to be in the same directory, where they are now.
        (This I did not do at all or only partially in earlier years and elsewhere on the site,
        and is one of the things I want to straighten out.)


      • Jan 2: ME: dr. Peterson's talk & slides + Margaret Williams' article: These are two
        very nice contributions most people with ME/CFS seem to have missed so far: A
        lecture by dr. Peterson, also on vimeo, with three files of slides, all very well done,
        and an article by Margaret Williams on professor Wessely's latest lies and bullshit,
        with a very nice quote by professor Charlton explaining what "evidence-based
        medicine - professor Wessely's very own kind, as it also is what the American
        Psychiatric Association pushes and peddles - really is: Zombie science.

        Also uploaded today all year indexes of Nederlog and Nedernieuws, with 2012 included.

      • Jan 1: me+ME: ME by the Official Rules (as is and to be) - year 34: Actually, a
        repeat of yesterday, with a few additions, because I think the theme of psychiatry
        gone quite crazy and immoral is important. Later today there will be an analytical
        index on the additions and changes to the site in 2011, using the Recent Changes
        file for 2011. Also, I added my e-mail address to the E-mails file.

        And I did manage to get this finished: Nederlog 2011: Overview and analytical index