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Date of this file (English additions): December 31 2010

Maarten Maartensz       



  Changes in the English part









These are the English additions, changes and corrections  of 2010.

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In this month the crisis series gets taken up, ME returns, I find B12 helps me some, and I get disgusted with the prose of Pinching and Towers, and conclude that the problem around ME is mostly moral and due to the intentional abuse of medical science for non-medical ends.


This month of Nederlog is mostly about Wittgenstein, or rather: about my edition of + my comments on his Tractatus. It details some of the progress of my edition and comments, that I took up again in the end of October after many years of paying no serious attention to it. The reasons were that I felt mentally a bit clearer - not physically, alas; that, as I outlined last month, have given up mostly on "the community of patients with ME", not because I have given up on the patients or on the illness but on most of their self-appointed "representatives", "spokespersons" etc.; and that I thought and think that what was there - a full edition and comments on about two thirds of the Tractatus - is interesting enough to try to finish; and that besided I should do at least a little about real philosophy and the rest of my site this year, that was mostly spent - misspent, it may be argued, from various perspective - on writing about ME (which I regret not) and writing on and for ME-forums (which I mostly regret). The month ends,  though, with quotes of and comments on Gibbon, who indeed had a far better mind than Wittgenstein.

This month is mostly about ME and has some quite interesting stuff, but also sees me turning away from "a community" where the average IQ is more than 50 points lower than mine and where the bigmouths and manipulators and those with totalitarian mindsets and little civilization get best to the top - just as in the world outside ME, but not a pretty sight, nor in my interests. One important set of documents also got translated and uploaded: Three documents: My father's story + my story + my Human Rights.

SEPTEMBER: This month had rather a lot of text about backgrounds of ME. It starts with a reference to a very good discussion between a young Australian with ME and prof. Wessely, who tried his usual bamboozling tricks but got quashed. There is interesting (and frightening) matter about the DSM-5; a nice comparison of Feyman on Cargo-Cult Science and Wessely's pseudoscience; a little about me; and a reaction of mine to a very strange post by Ms. Goudsmit, who knows of me, my sites and my diplomas since many years, but wrote as if she doesn't and anyway as if my site is not worth reading, and my opinions hardly sane. Being a psychologist educated at the same time at the same university as she was, but with better marks than she made, I fear it is all projection. Even so, it is displeasant, to which one must add the fact that - as I did not know - has been harassing people with ME she disagrees with by threats of her - A Doctor Of Clinical Psychology - to the British police, and indeed has done so and forced people to court.

AUGUST:  This month in NL is mostly given to the Lo/Alter-paper and its implications, about the MECFS-forum (where a bunch of impertinent liars moderate and administrate, who try to blacken me with lies while denying me the right to even see them), and it contains a number of translations of small essaus I wrote and published in Dutch in 1988/89, all of which are still relevant, and some of which, after 2w1 years, now can be seen to be almost prophetic in foresight - Mandarins with an IQ of 115:

The result will be what can be seen now, after some 25 years of postmodern levelling education: [4]

Moronic academics; complete, half and threequarter charlatans as Masters of Art in psychology or sociology; academically titled pseudo-intellectuals who hardly know foreign languages and claim to be "too busy" to read; who cannot write, and do not speak good Dutch (of the kind of honourable Members of Parliament - an asylum filled with selfenamoured yahoos that unfortunately has room for only a few hundred minibrains); semi-scientific but heavily subsidized research that never yields anything but above average incomes for "scientists" of very average grocerly brains, and unreadable research reports in awful bureaucratic cant "to help the feminist movement, the trade union movement, and the environmental movement" (as the central aims of the University of Amsterdam were for many years) - in brief, The Netherlands will be governed by corrupt mandarins with an average IQ of 115. And the usual hypocritical impostures and backhanded greed, that is to say "in the name of our exemplary Dutch dumbocray, sorry: democracy".

Nothing new? Real science will become even rarer than it is, in an atmosphere filled with tenthousands, possinly hundreds of thousands Masters of Art of minimal brainsize and maximal greed - for an average IQ of 115 does not precisely exclude greed, ambition, intrigue and that delicious species-searches-species trade unionist mentality).

The cultural level of societies will sink until public mediawhores on the dreambox can move the population to any form of unreason. Public gangsters, frauds, parasites and eagerly upcoming dictators will be left free to do as they please - and the only social group that could have opposed them with rational arguments based on real knowledge and understanding of human civilization, will have been reduced to a set of stammering know-nothings, precisely of the level of people's parlementarians there is already.

Nothing new, I ask again? No, indeed: Virtually the only thing we do not have yet is a populist would-be dictator

that abuses the opportunity. For we have had already 25 years of postmodern education. And we live in  moronified society, that moronifies further incessantly.

Thanks to the present so called academic elite, that has let it happen while they parasited upon it: The present generation of university professors and lecturers. Après vous le déluge, quoi?

  • Aug 31:  ME + me :  Good ME-news: Updates about 'Een Vandaag' about ME/CFS
    Continues Aug 30.

  • Aug 30:  ME + me :  Good ME-news: The news that shook the world (and Jos)
    Even professor Van der Meer, the would be medical genius from Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, admits there might be something to the Lo/Alter paper and XMRV (which he has been denying for a year), and indeed dr. Alter is all in the way of medical science and research that dr. Van der Meer is not. This also summarizes and links to a Dutch TV-program about the subject.

  • Aug 29:  ME + me :  Meditation on me & ME + National Archives (British)
    It is a curious fact that the British government has made a number of documents that concern ME and research about ME forbidden to the public until the year 2071, when anyone who did anything criminal will be long and safely dead, and it is also a curious fact, repeatedly raised on patients forums, that there might be a relation between ME and chemical or biological warfare (such as a virus escaped from a military hospital where it was developed with the aim of laming a whole civilian population - for example). I don't think this matter of thing is fruitfully speculated about at length, but it is a curious fact that documents relating to a disease are classified for three generations.

  • Aug 28:  ME + me :  Neurasthenia, media, blooddonors, trolls
    Eric_Johnson_from_I&I lies himself blue in the face about what he said about the causes of ME (and shows a curious likeness with another BS type that poses as ME-patient and calls itself '"eric_s": He informs PR-F constantly that he is in Switzerland, no in Spain, back to Switzerland, back to Spain, and pretends legalese knowledge, which he certaintly can't clearly articulate). Also, I say a little about Awol (the born partner for either Eric) and some other things.

  • Aug 25:  ME + me :  Good ME-news: Cort & Chas explain all (more or less)
    Cort Johnson is The Owner And Creator (I cite his own billing of himself) or PR-F and Chas Shepherd is an English medical doctor with ME who advices the English MEA, so here we have the views of two prominent patients with ME (both A LOT healthier than I am, by the way). As a matter of fact, they explain the Lo-Alter material and its probable impact quite well.

  • Aug 24:  ME + me :  Good ME-news: More about the Lo/Alter paper

  • Aug 23:  ME + me :  Good ME-news: Dr. Alter paper + Dr. Mikovits video
    At long last the Lo/Alter paper gets published, and Dr. Judy Mikovits has a good video about it explaining its findings.

  • Aug 22:  ME + me :  Good ME-news: WPI-opening + the phony Dr. Crawley
    Dr. Crawley is one of the more freakish Wessely associates who just a few months ago publicly suggested repeatedly and in various ways that the WPI are frauds, much rather than herself. She also receives funding to find out experimantally whether the solidly mad "training" of the solidly mad "Lighthing Process", a freakish child from the wackiest therapies from the fabulously wacky sixties combined with scientological and "neuro-linguistic programming" bullshit, will harm children exposed to it.

  • Aug 19:  ME + me : And yet some more good ME-news

  • Aug 18:  ME + me : Some more good ME-new

  • Aug 17:  ME + me : Some good ME-news (?!)
    I register and copy with some considerable joy and skepticism an item from a Reno/Nevada publication that indeed the Alter study - on hold since two months at least - has confirmed the findings about ME and XMRV of the WPI.

  • Aug 16:  ME + me : "I want to be read" Translation of something I published in 1989 that still should be useful to many, and shows quite clearly what I hoped might have been possible in Holland, if it was not ruled by bureaucrats and politicians that stem intellectually and morally for the most part from the dregs of Dutch society: The most worthless, the most evil, the most lying Dutchmen are those who get the most famous and most powerful - though I admit it is similar elsewhere. (But I don't live elsewhere, and wasn't gassed nor trained by drugs-mafiosi protected by the mayor and the municipal police elsewhere either, by a fascist terrorist mayor posing as moral Uebermensch while behaving as a sadistic very willing tool of the Amsterdam drugs mafia.)

  • Aug 14:  ME + me : Yahooism & democracy
    Translation of something I published in 1989 - mostly in English - that still should be useful to many, and shows quite clearly what I think about postmodern education and universities (about which it turned out in 2008 that I am quite right, at least if the Dutch Parliamentary Report Dijsselbloem doesn't lie and deceive as my professors at the UvA did for decades).

  • Aug 13:  ME + me : ME Time Travel
    Link to an interesting video of an American TV program of 15 years ago about ME/CFS, showing that hardly anything has changed or improved for patients in all those years: They only have been slandered by pseudoscientific psychiatric liars and bullshitters.

  • Aug 12:  ME + me :  Mandarins with an IQ of 115
    Translation of something I published in 1989, that still should be useful to many, and shows quite clearly what I think about the fundamental causes of most human misery and problems.

  • Aug 10:  ME + me :  Alter study and LP nonsense

  • Aug 8:  ME + me : Real science & real psychology = joy
    Translation of something I published in 1988, that still should be useful to many, and shows quite clearly what I think about the "science" of psychology (mostly sham, cant or fraud).

  • Aug 7:  ME + me : Bloody stupid hysteria + lying
    Another troll or hysteric tries to incite people with ME to behave as if they are madmen.

  • Aug 5:  ME + me : The ME-Association takes an ethical position

  • Aug 4:  ME + me :  Animal Forum - 3: Slaughterhouse 11
    In fact, I think the owners and moderators of ME-F are either trolls and liars or else so frightfully incompetent morally and intellectually that they should shut up to speak for patients with ME: They certainly don't speak for me.

  • Aug 2:  ME + me :  On Zamyatin's "WE"
    An excellent book about totalitarianism from the early 1920-ies is on line.

  • Aug 1:  me : Laudatio Neerlandica
    A few of the things I don't like about Amsterdam and Holland.

JULY: Meanwhile, things have been happening around XMRV: The NIH has a study that confirms the findings of the WPI published in October 2009, since undermined by fraudulent pseudoscience by Wessely and McClure in England and by Van der Meer and Kuppeveld in Holland, but very oddly the paper has been put on hold in June, and is not published for the time being, while the CDC does publish a study by a man called Switzer, not even scientifically qualified to do the study, that is supposed to show the NIH is mistaken.

Many patients with ME are quite upset, and with some justification, as something similar happened before, with a study by Elaine DeFreitas that seemed to point also to a retrovirus as the or a cause or part of the etiology of ME.

Then Patricia Carter aka Wildaisy, the legalese light that bought herself into co-ownership of ME-F, together with the incompetent bully CFS either becomes mad and hysterical or turns out very craftily as a troll, and starts calling for ME-patients to put their pictures on line and to give blood that may be infected with XMRV to American or English bloodbanks. I find that an appalling and immoral idea, and say so on ME-F, where I earlier have been opposed by someting freakish and neurotic in a po-mo study in Switzerland, that calls itself Awol, and seems to specialize in writing BS and intentionally crudely offending whoever she disagrees with, including ME agenda (not fit to appear on ME-F or PR-F, according to the Awol-horror) and Cort Johnson on PR-F (a mysoginist, she opines). She seems to be a troll or a neurotic to me, also since she "defends" her extraordinarily impolite posts on the ground that she is "severly cognitively impaired" (while writing some 500 posts within 5 weeks).

One of my guesses is that CDC-trolls are trying to manipulate persons with ME to behave publicly as hysterics and to break the law, so that again the XMRV-studies and real bio-medical science will be shelved for two decades "because patients with ME are clearly mad, as doctors Reeves, Jones, Wessely and White have been argueing since decades", and indeed I also guess that Patricia Carter, Awol, and CFS_Since_1998 are trolls and depraved liars if not moral and intellectual idiots.

I try to argue with Awol and Patricia Carter; get dealt with as if I am a piece of inhuman filth; state something about my background and special problems in Amsterdam; and then take a blast at the two leading trolling sickos of ME-F, its Owners, who also write or allow the most amazing CDC-trash by one of their favourite trolls, the nutcase or CDC-lawyer 'Eric_Johnson_from_I&I' who argues and is allowed to argue at great length on ME-F that in fact Reeves and Holmes and Wessely and White have been right all the time: "ME" is in fact neurasthenia.

CFS_Since_1998 and Patricia Carter love that, protect it, and ban me from ME-F on July 18, and after that publish lying slander about me, namely that I have incited people with ME to put their pictures on line, whereas in fact the trolls, cheats and liars Patricia Carter and Awol tried to do so, while I warned against it. Besides, in my opinion Patricia Carter argues like a head-case, and is blessed with the graces and politeness of Dutch fascist mafiosi, at least to me.

Meanwhile, and in fact since June, I have grown more ill, largely because I wrote a lot for PR-F and because there is a long heat-wave in Amsterdam, which I don't cope well with at all with ME. This keeps limiting me for the following months, in which therefore I also write less in NL.

JUNE: Around May 25 I am told a new forum is being created by the former administrator and moderator of PR-F known as _Kim_ who I like and respect a lot and quite a few others, mostly Americans, who had been abused and upset the previous months by what happened on PR-F.

This was the MECFS-forum, originally started by _Kim_ and a person who calls himself CFS_Since_1998. I am invited to be a member and accept, but cannot access the ME-F until the beginning of June, apparently because CFS_Since_1998 does not like me at all for some reason or fears my satirical talents.

In any case, on June 5 _Kim_ announces publicly that she withdraws from ME-F as admininstrator, moderator and member, and seems gravely upset, apparently abused by CFS_Since_1998.

It also turns out that CFS_Since_1998 is a sick sort of bully just of the psychological type of the moderators on PR-F, who bullies other members (not me) who try to do all they can to get ME-F started; and doesn't believe in discussion. The ME-F almost explodes, and it turns out only very few are willing or capable to debate rationally how to create a better forum than PR-F.

After a while things get partially mended on ME-F, and a new moderator appears, one Patricia Carter aka Wildaisy, who seems at that point, from her postings on PR-F, a 50/50 case of a CDC-troll. She is a lawyer, and invites all manner of people on ME-F from PR-F that shouldn't be there, including the fascistic assistent of Bleijenberg and moderators from PR-F, and the Nietzschean nut-case and troll 'Eric_Johnson_from_II'. She refuses to discuss this with me, pleading that "I have no moderators" and behaves as if she is A Boss who does not owe other people any politeness or any answers.

MAY: On May 4 and 5, the Dutch National Days of commemoration for the deaths of WW II and the liberation from Nazi-occupation in May 1945, I get what seems a very carefully crafted fascistic attack by (1) an apparently anti-semitic PR-F moderator and possible KCL-troll who manages to verbally throw my circumcised organ in my face on May 4 (2) a trolling total intellectual incompetent who insists in effect that science should be abandoned so that he can write interminable amounts of bullshit about it, who insists I should respect, respect, respect and respect his type of human being and (3) what turns out a few months later to be very probably a sick and fascistoic personal assistant and collaborator of the Dutch psychotherapeutic freak Bleijenberg.

At first, on May 6, I stop writing on PR-F, since I feel cruelly and sadistically abused and slandered by fascists. Excuses there are none. The Owner Of The Forums Cort Johnson pretends not to understand what I am mailing to him.

Meanwhile, for reasons having nothing to do with me, but with the style of moderating on PR-F and the personal opinions of Cort Johnson on the merits of the CAA, exercising and amygdala retraining, conflicts arise on PR-F which the moderators than try to suppress by extra-ordinary abusive "moderation" of persons they personally dislike around May 23.

I conclude I don't want to be associated with applied SM to ill people by doubtfully ill moderators and fascistic public discrimination by me, and pull all my posts and never write on PR-F again:

APRIL: Again I contributed a lot to the Phoenix-forums, but with growing amazement, especially as regards The Owner Cort Johnson's stances on exercise as therapy for persons with ME, on the usefulness of Amygdala Retraining; on the qualities of the US CAA (which is supposed to work for patients with ME, and possibly does to some extent, but who also advertises professor White - an English pseudoscientific psychiatric freak - and whose CEO since 20 years Kim Cleary receives an income higher than the Dutch PM for her efforts); and finally on the ownership of posts of members on Phoenix Rising and the style of moderating of its moderators.

MARCH: I contribute rather a lot to the Phoenix-Forums about ME. The March 21 NL turned out to be rather prescient, a few months later: In fact, one can't do advocacy on an ME-forum with a majority of ordinary men and women, without a good scientific education, while it also is actively trolled, and one is not even allowed to discuss that by moderators

FEBRUARY: Most of the time in this month I was off line.

JANUARY: On January 7 I became a member of the Phoenix-Rising forums, that I had found out about in October 2009, in the context of the XMRV-news. After that, most of NL for 2010 is in English and about ME. (By contrast, NL had been mostly in Dutch since its beginning.

So in fact NL for 2010 charts my opinions on ME after this discovery, when I also learned I had missed a lot the previous 20 years, and my presence on and then withdrawal from two American forums for patients with ME.