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There are changes (mostly additions) most days most weeks, sometimes quite a few, sometimes only one or two. The imporant ones are listed in this file, and are current to the date that follows.

                                                                      Date of this file :  December 31, 2014

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        These are the additions, changes and corrections  of 2014.

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        Note this is a selection of the changes on this site and in Nederlog:
        Small changes of typos are not mentioned, and not all  additions may be listed here.
        But all the main changes to the site are listed here.


    • Dec 31: There are three files at the end of the year: First Crisis: Bernie Sanders quoted: "Fight for Our Progressive Vision"  This has just one item: A quotation of Senator Bernie Sanders, simply because I liked it; second, Index for 2014 which is the commented index file of Nederlog (and the rest of the site for 2014); and third and last is me+ME: End of year notice: The world, the people, the disease, which is mostly a repeat of earlier files, though with a few small changes.

    • Dec 30: Crisis: Economics, Greece, Greed, Snowden Docs, Civilizations : And another crisis log, with 5 articles with 5 dotted links: Item 1 is about the failure of republican economics; item 2 is about Greece and its left; item 3 is about how billions got stolen from the American people; item 4 is about another revelation from Snowden; and item 5 discusses a not very well-phrased article.

    • Dec 29: Crisis: U.S Prisons+Afghan War+40 Years Ago+Total Surveillance+NSA's War : And another crisis log, with 5 articles with 5 dotted links (but see item 5: there is a lot more available): Item 1 is an article by Chris Hedges on the - quite sick - prison system of the U.S.; item 2 is on "the end" of the Afghan war, which was announced yesterday, but seems mostly hokum; item 3 is a serious consideration of the question whether the U.S. population was better off 40 years ago; item 4 is an article on totalitarianism - total control - that is now being furthered in the U.S. in schools; and item 5 is an excellent article on the international site of Der Spiegel about encryption and spying, that comes with no less than 45 links to lots of information. (This is a definite must-read, even though 45 items is a lot.)

    • Dec 28: Crisis: The Economy + ACLU + Secret Treaties + Bill Maher : A more or less ordinary crisis log, with 4 items and 7 dotted links: Item 1 is a survey of some general economic and political tendencies; item 2 is on the ACLU's response to the NSA's forced release of (heavily redacted) documents; item 3 is on the three trade pacts that are being prepared in utter secrecy, that will effect the lives and chances of hundreds of millions; and item 4 is a choice of four short videos by Bill Maher, because I like him, and because he is one of the few who says the things he says, at least in public and on TV.

    • Dec 27: Crisis: On ideologies : A crisis log, though a bit special: I give an outline of what ideologies are. There are many links, nearly all to my Philosophical Dictionary, that also gets quoted several times.

    • Dec 26: Crisis: NSA + CIA + TTIP + Hazlitt on Johnson : The first three items are - quite good, though neither will make you happy - articles on the crisis, and the fourth is a fine tribute by Hazlitt to Johnson, who are two of my favorite writers, even though both are dead a long time).

    • Dec 25: Crisis: Reich + Carlin : This is a brief crisis file that deals with Robert Reich and George Carlin, but that is smaller than I originally intended because I slept really badly last night. Hopefully,
      I am better tomorrow.

    • Dec 24: Crisis: On some difficulties with writing about the crisis - 2  : The second of two articles of this title.

    • Dec 23: Crisis: On some difficulties with writing about the crisis - 1 : The first of two articles of this title. The second one will probably appear tomorrow. This one has 85 links to earlier articles I wrote in the crisis series, and also gives some backgrounds.
    • Dec 22: me+ME: Update about supplements and condition : An update on my supplements, M.E. and bad and painful eyes: The M.E. got a bit less, and my eyes also improved to the extent that now, after 2 1/2 years, I returned to 1 pair of glasses, instead of 3 pairs, and also I could scale back the background color of Firefox to #CCCCFF, which is an improvement. There may be another Nederlog today, but I don't know since I have to do several things and go out several times. Well... there is, though it is a short one: On The Guardian's website : I do hope the website's look of today is merely because of some (unannounced) maintenance.

    • Dec 21: Crisis: Cheney, Torture, Cuba, Wall Street, Weekly Crisis : A crisis log, indeed the first weekly one (it's Sunday): There are 5 items today, with 4 dotted links: Item 1 is about Greenwald on Cheney; item 2 is about how the CIA's torturing people is received in the Arab world; item 3 is about Cuba; item 4 is about yet another big giveaway by Obama's government to the bankers; and item 5 is about the present file and the making of weekly surveys of the crisis (which you do not need to read).

      Also I re-uploaded the last three files of my autobiography (all from November of this year) in new versions: The same text, but the parts of 1984 now are in blue, and also start with two italiced words in new paragraphs. This is like it was in earlier autobiographical files.

    • Dec 20: There are two brief Nederlogs today: First, About M.E./CFS, which is in fact the old addition to the files of Nederlog, that I have today removed. A file like the present one, but larger, will take its place in 2015. Second, The Philosophical Dictionary + Dutch properties fell radically + Nederlog changes, which charts my plains for the Philosophical Dictionary (hopefully to be finished in the first version in 2015); gives some numbers that show the average Dutchman has lost 40% of his properties since 2008; and lists and briefly explains the changes in Nederlog.
    • Dec 19: Crisis: Why I stop the daily crisis series : Another daily crisis log, indeed one of the last daily ones: There are 3 items with 1 dotted link: Item 1 is about George Carlin and me, and has a nice video as a link; item 2 explains why I stop the daily crisis series as it has been done the last 1 1/2 years; and item 3 explains what will come in its stead.

    • Dec 18: Crisis: USA*2, Bank, UK Tortures, Cuba, Inside Traders, Russia, Nader, Crisis : A crisis log, indeed one of the last ones: There are 9 items with 11 dotted links: Item 1 is about America's future; item 2 is about America's present; item 3 is about negative interest rates by banks; item 4 is about the UK's torturing; item 5 is about Cuba; item 6 is about inside trading; item 7 is about Russia's economic collapse; item 8 is Ralph Nader on the Senate's torture report; and item 9 is about my decision to stop the crisis series.
    • Dec 17: Crisis: Torture*2, Food, Wall Street, Sanders, CIA, Criminals : A crisis log: There are 7 items and 8 dotted links: Item 1 is Glenn Greenwald on the fact that more than half of the Americans are for torture, with an extra dotted link thrown in to an article by Peter Maass; item 2 is on a George Monbiot article; item 3 is on what caused the bankmanagers' new bill; item 4 is about Senator Sanders, whom I like (more than not); item 5 is about a justified reaction to the torture report; item 6 is a good article on the fact that by now the American government clearly is using criminal means; and item 7 outlines the poll that showed more than half of the Americans want people tortured (well, subjected to "enhanced interrogations", or rather: EIT-ed, really: that's what the American majority wants done, to others, to be sure).      

    • Dec 16: Crisis: Cheney, Tories, Pills, CIA, ISIS, Torture, Propaganda : A crisis log: There are 7 items with 7 dotted links: Item 1 is on Cheney; item 2 is on the Tories who try to stop the poor  breeding; item 3 is on medicine (which I think is thoroughly sick, and made sick by Big Pharma); item 4 is about the CIA; item 5 is about ISIS (and a parallel with Israel that I mostly reject); item 6 is about torture (and Cheney); and item 7 is about the media and propaganda, and makes some good points.
    • Dec 15: New in 2013-2014 on this site in philosophy : Not a crisis log but the copy of an update in the philosophy section. It's in Nederlog because most of the articles are from Nederlog, and they
      deserve reading. Also uploaded today, each with some small corrections and additions: autobio 16, 17 and 18. And there is this:
      Crisis: Obama, Truthdiggers, Rand, Torture*3, Climate : Another crisis log: There are 7 items with 7 dotted links: Item 1 is on a present Obama gave to Jamie Dison; item 2 is about two - quite unlikely - truthdiggers on Truthdig (but they deserved it, I agree); item 3 is about Ayn Rand, who really was quite horrific, far from sane, and totally incompetent as a philosopher or a writer; item 4, item 6 and item 7 are all about torture (various aspects, indeed); and item 5 is about yet another failed climate conference.
    • Dec 14: Crisis: GCHQ, Torture, Tories, Troops, British Poor, Surveillance, GOP, Risen : Another crisis log: There are 8 items and 8 dotted links: Item 1 is about the British spies hacking Belgium's largest telco, and is interesting; item 2 says Rifkind says that he wants the U.S. to reveal the British links to torture (?!); item 3 shows the Tories are copying the GOP by massing money to buy the elections; item 4 shows the British are still fighting in Iraq, also on the ground; item 5 shows dramatic increases in low pay and zero-hours in Great Britain since 2008; item 6 assures us John Naughton knows who is responsible for all the spying: We are (not the spies, not the government, not the secret courts: We, the users); item 7 is about the GOP's planks in the 2016 election; and item 8 is about Risen who may not have to testify in court about his source.

      There also was an update to the Philosophy frame, and to New in philosophy in 2010-2012, and
      New in philosophy in 2013-14. (More tomorrow.)
    • Dec 13: Crisis: British, Torture, Corporations, Evil, Abolition, CIA, Debts : A crisis log:
      There are 7 items and 8 dotted links: Item 1 is about how the British cooperated with torture and Lord West tries to act as if this is nothing; item 2 is about a fine piece by Ralph Nader; item 3 is about the fact that around 66 corporate lawyers have the ears of the present Scotus; item 4 is about the debate about torture (that I - whose father and grandfather were tortured by the Nazis - have a few uncommon ideas about); item 5 is about Obama's great plans and awful executions; item 6 is about the fact that quite a few of the people the CIA employed initially were untrained for their work; and item 7 is about debt, and pretty fundamental and good.

    • Dec 12: Crisis: Greenwald, UK Torture?, Shutdown, Snowden, CIA, Torture, Banks, Interrogation : This is a crisis log: There are 8 items with 8 dotted links: Item 1 is a good interview with Glenn Greenwald; item 2 is about the fact that all links to the UK's cooperation in torturing have been classified; item 3 is about the omnibus spending bill, as is item 7: More money for the banks, and bigger political donations by the rich; item 4 is about a recent remark of Snowden; item 5 is about the CIA escaping punishment; item 6 asks what to do to stop torture; and item 8 is a 2007 item on the terms the Gestapo used for torturing: "enhanced interrogation", when translated.
    • Dec 11: Crisis: CIA*3, Rusbridger, Bahrain, Austerity, Obama, Spying, Terry Jones : This is an ordinary crisis log: There are 9 items with 10 dotted links: Item 1, item 3 and item 4 are about the CIA (various aspects); item 2 about Alan Rusbridger, who will step down as chief editor of The Guardian; item 5 is about Bahrain; item 6 about austerity (as a reason to pay the poor less and the rich more); item 7 about why bank managers and CIA officials are never punished (except if whistleblowing); item 8 is about how Congress betrayed the American people once again; and item 9 is about a nearly ten year old interview with Terry Jones (of Monty Python) that I liked.

    • Dec 10: Crisis: The U.S. Senate's Torture Report : 10 views : This is a crisis log but not a normal one: It consists of 10 (at least) different views of "the Senate's Torture Report", as it is widely though not technically accurately called, that appeared, at long last, yesterday - or at least
      499 redacted pages, of over 6000, were published yesterday. I'll forego a summary, but this is interesting. The next crisis report will be tomorrow.

    • Dec 9: Crisis: Power, Guantánamo, Posner, Wealth, Torture, Peer, Starving, Democrats, Torture : And another crisis log: There are 9 items with 9 dotted links: Item 1 is on a good piece by George Monbiot on The Guardian; item 2 is on flawed and quite sick arguments for not releasing Guantánamo footage; item 3 is about Judge Posner (and, I argue, his manichean ethics); item 4 is on an OECD report that blames inequality for the lack of economic growth (rightly); item 5 is on the CIA torture report that may be released, heavily shortened and redacted; item 6 is about the "let the poor eat cake" attitudes of a Tory peer; item 7 is about starving in present day Britain (yes, it happens); item 8 is on the Democratic Party's love for Wall Street; and item 9 is a long and good article on torture.

    • Dec 8: Crisis: Guantánamo, Captives, CEOs, CO2, "Democracy", Propaganda, Corruption, Law : Another crisis log: There are 8 items with 8 dotted links: Item 1 is about American justice; item 2 is Hedges on our Western societies; item 3 is a brief item on the obscene incomes the rich award themselves; item 4 is an item that says it takes a decade (more or less) to see measurable changes of the warming up of the earth; item 5 is a good article on the large declines in democracy; item 6 is a fine article on the triumph of propaganda over journalism; item 7 is a brief article about evident gross corruption in the U.S.; and item 8 is a fine article on the silence of most lawyers in the U.S.

    • Dec 7:  Crisis: Pentagon, NSA+GCHQ, Awful writing, Credit Cards, Taxes, Animal addicts : This is another crisis log.  There are 6 items with 6 dotted links: Item 1 is about the new Pentagon chief; item 2 is about the NSA and the GCHQ; item 3 is an example of how not to argue and not to write; item 4 is Ralph Nader on 10 reasons why he does not have a credit card; item 5 is for a stronger British state in which there are more taxes (and I agree); and item 6 is not about the crisis but about the facts that most mammals get high on similar substances as humans do, while the animals do so because they really like it.

    • Dec 6:  Crisis: British, Book Ban, Data, Torture, Spying, Chief, China, Surveillance, CBT : This is a crisis log. There are 9 items with 9 dotted links: Item 1 shows that, thanks to Tory government, the British workers got poorer than almost anbody else; item 2 is about a lifting of forbidding to send books to imprisoned family members (!!) in Great Britain (which is a bit of Tory sadism, I take it); item 3 is by Ben Goldacre on data-mining, but I doubt he knows enough and is honest; item 4 shows the White House does not want to see the Senate's report on torture being published; item 5 is an odd item on an odd British court that said that spying on everyone is "not necessarily illegal"; item 6 is about a warning by a leading policeman that Great Britain is drifting towards a police state; item 7 is about a very powerful Chinese who got accused of serious corruption; item 8 is about surveillance in Great Britain; and item 9 is medical and about Cognitive Behavorial Therapy, which indeed is just fraudulent bullshit.

    • Dec 5:  Crisis: Students, NSA*2, Human Rights, Guantánamo, TPP : This is a crisis log.
      There are 6 items with 6 dotted links: Item 1 is about an article by Owen Jones on students, with some by me on apathy; item 2 is on The Intercept about how the NSA hacks cell phones everywhere, and has mostly succeeded; item 3 is the same theme, but dealt with on The Guardian; item 4 is an article by a Chicago lawyer who wants to get rid of human rights, I think for more profits and less clarity; item 5 is about the inconsistencies in Obama's treatment of Guantánamo prisoners; and item 6 is about the inconsistencies in Obama's treatment of the TPP.

    • Dec 4:  On The Crisis: 1 - Generalities : This is the first of eight more files that attempt to deal with the crisis on a more general level than the daily crisis reports. The present file is a rewrite of two files that originally were published on Dec 25, 2012, and on Jan 16, 2013 (both before Snowden). There is no ordinary crisis file today, but there will be one tomorrow. What I did do is upload a few extensions to my Philosophical Dictionary and also a photography of the house where Agnethe and I lived in 1976 and 1977, that I found on the internet, to autobio 18.
    • Dec 3: Crisis: Sen. Sanders, Algorithms, Torture, Hot, Intellectuals, Bribery, Doctors, Medicine : This is a crisis log with 8 items and 9 dotted links: Item 1 is an excellent piece on Senator Sanders' vision; item 2 is about the risks all people run because of the NSA and the GCHQ (i.e. you may get on a terrorist list merely because a friend or a friend of a friend might have written something the GCHQ or the NSA have as search terms); item 3 is about "the torture report" of the U.S. Senate; item 4 is about the fact that we had five of the hottest years in the last 300 years in the previous 25 years; item 5 is an article of Chomsky's on ordinary intellectuals; item 6 is about corporate bribery: there is a lot of it, and it generally is started by the high ups (who also profit); item 7 is a conventional story on why doctors fail, with my own reasons; and item 8 is on the same theme, but written by one of the few good medical doctors I know of, and with an additional dotted link by me.

      I have uploaded parts 27, 28 and 29 of my autobio again, with a few small corrections.

    • Dec 2: Crisis: Snowden, Dishonesty, Killed, "Deep State", Whistleblowers, Exit Humans, Medicine : This is a crisis log with 7 items and 7 dotted links: Item 1 is about Edward Snowden receiving an award from the Swedish parliament (that, I point out, seems remarkably silent about Julian Assange); item 2 is about the enormous economic dishonesty in the British parliament; item 3 is about the lack of knowledge about how many men get killed each year by the U.S. police; item
      is a logical exercise on the concept of "deep state"; item 5 is about the secrecies the German government tries to maintain; item 6 is about the possibility that human beings may be extinct real soon; and item 7 is about psychiatry and medicine, both of which are in serious trouble (from a really
      scientific point of view: from a financial point of view any fraud that is profitable is a success, proportionally to its profit also, of course).

    • Dec 1: First a few updates: I updated yesterday and today the autobiography section: Since November 27, I have added slightly improved versions of autobios 11, 13, 14, 15, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 and the autobioTOC file. (The stress is on the "slightly": the improvements are small but real.) And here is the crisis file: Crisis: Greenwald on Rifkin, Boris Johnson, Wealth Gap, UN Talks, Changes : It has 5 items with 4 dotted links: Item 1 is on Glenn Greenwald on Malcolm Rifkind; item 2 is on a plan of Boris Johnson to get more power (or so it seems); item 3 is an interesting item on the ever growing wealth gap in the U.S.; item 4 is on UN talks on climate change (that I, for one, expect very little from); and item 5 is a brief personal item.
    • Nov 30: Crisis: U.S. Torture, U.S. Plutocracy, Internet, Slaves, Boundaries, Incomes, Russia : A crisis file: There are 7 items with 7 links: Item 1 is about a U.N. report on torture in the U.S.; item 2 is about Bill Moyers on American plutocracy; item 3 is about net neutrality, and I think I disagree (but the article is vague); item 4 is about the - presumed - fact that there are 13,000 slaves in Great Britain; item 5 is about how education is kept separate (as in: "Apartheid") in the U.S.; item 6 is about the ever growing inequality in the U.S. (also with any definition of "income"); and item 7 is about what seems to be a plausible theory about modern Russia.

    • Nov 29: Crisis: Tracking, Torture, Terrorists, Lawlessness, Supreme Court, Norman Lear :
      A crisis file:
      There are 6 items with 6 dotted links: Item 1 is on a European idea about tracking users; item 2 is about torture that the U.S. engaged or engages in; item 3 is about surveillance (and while I mostly agree, I also insist surveillance of all was the end, and not a mere by-product); item 4 is a good item on how the present U.S., since 2001, has been based on lawlessness rather than law, in spite of what Obama says; item 5 is about the U.S. Supreme Court (but I hold the title is mistaken); and item 6 is about an opinion of Norman Lear, that I believe.
    • Nov 28: Autobio 1984 - deel 3: Tot 1985 : This is a file of my autobiography, mostly in Dutch.
      There will be a crisis file later today. Namely here:
      Crisis: Merkel, U.S. Wars, U.S. Torture Report, Nuclear, Personal : There are 5 items with 6 dotted links: Item 1 is about German Chancellor Angela Merkel; item 2 is Tom Engelhardt on the many U.S. wars; item 3 is about UN experts who plead that the Senate's Torture Report gets published rather than classified; item 4 is on nuclear weapons; and item 5 is a brief personal piece on the crisis series, that will continue as long as my health remains as it was in 2014 (but Nederlog very probably will have a few more non-crisis items: I want to write some more on other topics).
    • Nov 27: Crisis: Juncker, Cash-bomb people, Stupidity, Bombs, Net Neutrality, Assange, Keynes : Another crisis log:  There are 7 items with 13 dotted links: Item 1 is about a plan of Juncker's that is very unlikely to succeed or help; item 2 is about who should get the money that
      the very rich are receiving now: everybody who is not very rich; item 3 is about the working class and stupidity; item 4 is about banks investing in (mostly quite illegal) cluster bombs; item 5 is about a new coalition for net neutrality (and is Good News, which is rare in this crisis series); item 6 is about Assange and Chomsky; and item 7 is about Keynes.

    • Nov 26: This a day with three files in Nederlog. The first is a brief one: me+ME: Update about supplements and condition. This is a brief update on the vitamins and minerals I use, and will interest few. The second one is a long one: Autobio 1984 - deel 2: Tot half november 1984
      This is part 2 for 1984 of my autobiography. It is mostly in Dutch, and is long because I have very
      long journals for 1984 and 1985, that also were the best two years since 1.1.1979, indeed until
      2014. Again it will probably interest few. There will be a crisis file later today. It is here:
      Crisis: Malware, Risen, American Dream, Ferguson, Masters of War : There are 5 items with 5 dotted links: Item 1 is about an article on The Intercept on highly complicated secret malware used to spy on the European Union; item 2 is about an interview Glenn Greenwald had with James Risen; item 3 shows that the American Dream lives on, but not in the U.S. but in Scandinavia; item 4 is
      about Ferguson; and item 5 is a song by Bob Dylan, in a life version of 1963: Masters of War (you should listen to it if you don't know it).

    • Nov 25: Crisis: Hagel, Smith, NSA, Krugman, College, Snowden, Richter : Another crisis log:
      There are 7 items and 8 dotted links: Item 1 is about the dismissal of Chuck Hagel as U.S. defense secretary; item 2 is a nice interview with Harry Leslie Smith by Owen Jones; item 3 is a good interview on AlterNet with Tom Engelhardt; item 4 is Paul Krugman on Ayn-Rand-"economists"; item 5 is Reich on why college still is profitable, probably, moneywise; item 6 is a good review of "Citizenfour"; and item 7 is about the crisis, that still continues, even according to many business leaders.
    • Nov 24: Crisis: Crisis, More Poor, Revolutionists, NSA, Citizenfour, Medicine : Another crisis log: There are 6 items with 6 dotted links: Item 1 is about the lack of money to use in case of a further crisis (I mostly agree); item 2 shows the situation is worse than item 1 sketches: there are many more British poor; item 3 is on Chris Hedges call for professional revolutionists (I disagree, and this is today's main item); item 4 is about an attempt to stop the NSA I don't believe will succeed; item 5 is a good review of "Citizenfour"; and item 6 is about the enormous corruptions - worth tens of billions of dollars every year - in modern medicine. 

    • Nov 23: Crisis: British paedophiliacs, Whistleblowers, Obama, Big Pharma, Congress, Pensions : Another crisis log: There are 6 items with 6 dotted links: Item 1 is about D-notices – warnings not to publish intelligence that might damage national security – (that were disappeared) that were handed out in the 1980ies in England to prevent that the public learned anything about the paedophilia of their political leaders; item 2 is a long and not very good article about whistleblowers; item 3 is about Obama once more not doing what he said, this time about Afghanistan; item 4 is Ralph Nader on Big Pharma and is good; item 5 is a none too good article about the make-up of the American Congress (nearly all millionaires); and item 6 is a decent article about Wall Street's appropriating trillions of dollars of pensions to invest as they please.

    • Nov 22: Crisis: Ukip generalized, NSA reform, CIA blocks report on torture : Yet another crisis log, though a fairly small one: It's a Saturday, and I also slept too little. In any case, I found no more than 3 articles with 3 dotted links, and they follow: Item 1 is nominally about Ukip in Great Britain, but it seems to me more is involved, and I sketch it; item 2 is about the fearmongering that killed the NSA reform bill, and is more or less OK but forgot to mention two forces that are effective against the NSA; and item 3 is about the Senate's Report on torture by Bush's CIA, that is obstructed by Obama's White House and the present CIA: The less the democratic voters know, the better this is for the CIA, indeed.

    • Nov 21: Crisis: Assange, Amnesty, Groupthink, Impeach Roberts, Exit NHS, Free Encryption : Another crisis log: There are 6 items with 6 dotted links and while, as usual, most of the news I report is not good, items 2 and 6 are quite good: Item 1 is about Julian Assange and the Swedish court; item 2 is about a new tool supported by Amnesty and quite a few others to scan for spyware on computers; item 3 shows how much of the press in the U.S. engages these days in neocon groupthink; item 4 asks a very good question: Should U.S. chief justice Roberts be impeached; item 5 charts another sickening step in Cameron's selling out Great Britain, this time the National Health System; and item 6 gives very good news about encrypting the entire web, for free also.          

    • Nov 20: Crisis: U.S. Congress *2, living costs and austerity, Ellsberg, Personal : And another crisis log: This contains 6 items with 5 dotted links: Item 1 is about Glenn Greenwald's
      explanation that Congress is irrelevant for mass surveillance (I don't quite agree); item 2 is Trevor Timms explanation why Congress doesn't much matter for mass surveillance; item 3 is Larry Elliott on the declining incomes in Great Britain (not of the rich, I hasten to assure you); item 4 is an interesting article on what "austerity" is really about (more riches for the rich, more poverty for the poor); item 5 is an interview with Daniel Ellsberg; and item 6 is a brief personal section that outlines a few small plans for Nederlog.

    • Nov 19: Crisis: NSA con's*2, Cameron*2, "Militants", Growth, Tax Deceptions, U.S. Corporations : Another crisis log: There are 8 items with 8 dotted links: Item 1 and 2 are on the major failure of the Senate to start to block spying; item 3 and 4 are about Cameron's warnings of a new crisis; item 5 is about Glenn Greenwald on the arbitrary killings drones do; item 6 is about  Monbiot on growth; item 7 is about a somewhat amazing opinion of Danny Alexander; and item 8 makes clear how incredibly much a few major corporations screw the U.S. taxpayers.

    • Nov 18:  Crisis: Slavery, NSA surveillance, CIA, Morgan Chase, U.S., The Richest 0.01%  : Another crisis log: There are 6 items with 6 links: Item 1 is about modern slavery: 1 in 50 human beings effectively is a slave, today; item 2 is about Facebook, Google etc. trying to lobby to curb the NSA surveillance; item 3 is about the CIA and its many excesses and failures; item 4 is about Morgan Chase's policies; item 5 is about the present day America (more terrifying than Orwell); and item 6 is Robert Reich about the richest 1 in 10.000 Americans, with two notes by me.

      Also, there is a small earlier Nederlog of today - me+ME: Update about supplements and condition  - that is only about a change in supplements I am taking now for 3 or 4 days, that will probably interest very few.

    • Nov 17: Crisis: he Left, the rich, Cameron: crash, Tomas Young, Net Neutrality, James Risen : Another crisis log:  There are 6 items with 7 dotted links: Item 1 is on The Left and Podemos (and gives some of my views); item 2 is on independent research that shows Osborne has been enriching the English rich at the cost of the English poor; item 3 is about Cameron's fear of a new crash (?); item 4 is about the late and brave Tomas Young; item 5 is about net neutrality; and item 6 is an interview with James Risen, that also has a link to a very fine interview with Diane Roark.
    • Nov 16: Crisis: Sen. Sanders, Lincoln, Bill Clinton, U.S., Spying, Goldsmith : Yet another crisis log: This is a crisis file with 6 items and 6 dotted links: Item 1 is about Senator Sanders and his preparations to try to become the next president; item 2 is about a relation between Lincoln and Marx I did not know (with a good quotation of Lincoln); item 3 is about Bill Clinton's - bullshit - economy; item 4 is about America's pseudo-democracy; item 5 is about the great growth of undercover
      operations in the U.S.; and item 6 is about the late Sir James Goldsmith, who was economically quite sharp and sensible.

    • Nov 15: Crisis: Art, Hillary Clinton, Psychologists, AT&T, Cold War, Quiet Media, Spying, Bill Black : Yet another crisis log: There are 8 items with 8 dotted links: Item 1 is about art & surveillance (and contains some about my own - quite non-standard but very well-informed - ideas about art that you may skip); item 2 is about Hillary Clinton's huge promises; item 3 is about American psychologists, war and government; item 4 is about AT&T (stopped spying) and Verizon (still spying); item 5 is about a new cold war; item 6 is about how the mainstream media serve the U.S. government; item 7 is about a new way of spying on American cellphones; item 8 is a nice video with Bill Black (<- Wikipedia).

    • Nov 14: Crisis: Wall Street, Google, The Right, Boots, U.S. Nukes, Kissinger : And yet another crisis log: There are 6 items with six dotted links: Item 1 is about a consequence of the Republican win: The takeover of 100 billion dollars in pension funds to "higher-risk alternatives"; item 2 is about Google; item 3 is about the right that currently controls the English-speaking world; item 4 is about boots on the ground in Iraq; item 5 is about the U.S. nuclear missiles (that are FUBAR); and item 6 is about Henry Kissinger now.

    • Nov 13: Crisis: EU, Nature, Hillary Clinton, Internet, Snowden, Binney : And another crisis log:
      Item 1 is on tax avoiders, who indeed are the real scroungers, much rather than poor people in the dole; item 2 is on what's left from the natural world heritage (not much, and a third is disappearing); item 3 is on why Wall Street loves Hillary Clinton; item 4 is a piece on net neutrality, that I found a bit too conventional leftish; item 5 is a fine long interview with Edward Snowden; and item 6 is the same with William Binney.

    • Nov 12: Crisis: EU, Guardian, Donahue, Roberts, Plutocracy, U.S. wages : Another crisis log:
      There are 6 items with 6 dotted links: Item 1 is about the corruptions of Juncker, now president of the EC; item 2 is about The Guardian; item 3 is about Phil Donahue and the silencing of the free press (in the main media) in the U.S.; item 4 is about Supreme Court judge John Roberts; item 5 is about American plutocracy and what to do about it; and item 6 is about inequalities and wages in the U.S.

    • Nov 11: St Maarten: The site(s) exist 18 years! : To start with a very small commemoration
      that I have a site since November 11, 1996 (and another identical one since August 2004). There is little else, as it probably is only somewhat important to me. There will be a crisis file later today.

      And here it is:
      Crisis: Udall, U.S. Judges, Obama, Reich, Sanders, Amazing Randi : Today's Nederlog contains 6 files with 6 dotted links: Item 1 is about Udall and the chance that he may out the Senate's report on the CIA (hm); item 2 is on a way to judge the U.S. judges; item 3 is on Obama, the internet corporations and net neutrality; item 4 is on an article by Robert Reich; item 5 is on Senator Sanders project for an Election Day and a Democracy Day; and item 6 is on the Amazing Randi (though the wikipedia article on him is better than the NYT article).
    • Nov 10: Crisis: UK, Berlin, Catalonia, Veganism, Republicans, "(No) Boots" : Again a crisis item:  There are 6 items with 6 dotted links: Item 1 is about a (justified) withdrawal of British rights group from an official inquiry into post 9/11; item 2 is about Berlin as a - relative - "free haven" for tech activists and is good; item 3 is about Catalonia, that voted for independence, though the vote had no official weight; item 4 is Chris Hedges on the virtues of veganism; item 5 is about what American voters will think now they voted a majority of Republicans (and seems a bit naive); and item 6 considers one of the false promises of Obama.

    • Nov 9: Crisis: Republicans, Elections, Surveillance, Greece, British spies: And another crisis item: There are 5 items with 5 dotted links: Item 1 is an explanation of why the Republicans won the midterm elections that doesn't satisfy me; item 2 is another explanation, that is slightly more satisfactory, though no consolation; item 3 is a good article on the developing U.S. police state; item 4 is an interesting piece on the media situation in Greece, that may be like it will be in the rest of Europe soon; and item 5 is an interesting article on the gigantic freedoms the GCHQ has
      to spy on anyone for everything, including lawyers and their clients.

    • Nov 8: Crisis: The new internet, voter suppresion, Obama, Hedges & Wolin, Personal : Another crisis item: There are 5 items with 4 dotted links, but two of these are quite good:
      Item 1 is a very good and long article by Sue Halpern that you should read all of; item 2 is an Intercept piece on voter suppression; item 3 is on Obama's nomination of a new attorney general (that is not yet endorsed by the Senate); item 4 is the last item in the series of interviews that Chris Hedges had with Sheldon Wolin, and you should read all of it; and item 5 merely announces my
      decision to summarize the main ideas in the crisis series, that currently has over 660 files, and therefore badly needs summarizing.

    • Nov 7: Crisis: Muslims, GCHQ etc., Climate, "Crimes", Brussels, Tax Evasions : Again a crisis item:  There are 6 items with 6 dotted links: Item 1 shows 12 to 14 Muslim countries were invaded or occupied or bombed by the U.S. since 1980; item 2 shows UK spying agencies also spy on lawyers and their clients (thus giving the government a very unfair advantage); item 3 is about climate change, including recent evidence about pollination; item 4 is about criminalizing human behavior in the U.K.; item 5 is about a large demonstration in Brussels that was torn up by police violence; and item 6 is about the tax evasions very many large corporations do.   

    • Nov 6: Crisis: Sen. Sanders, Luxembourg, American Politics, Big Money, Corporate Coup:
      Another crisis item: This has 5 items with 5 dotted links. Most are analyses of the midterm elections:
      Item 1 is a good analysis by Senator Sanders; item 2 is a long file on the corrupt-though-nominally legal Luxembourg's operations; item 3 is about a good analysis of the midterm elections; item 4 is about resistance against big money in politics; and item 5 is about the corporate coup that has been mostly effected in the U.S.
    • Nov 5: Crisis: Midterm elections*3, British, Poverty, Verilli, GCHQ, Privacy Tools : Another crisis item with 8 items and 8 dotted links: There are 8 items with 8 dotted links: Items 1, 6 and 7 are about yesterday's American midterm elections, which went very bad for the Democrats and very good for the Koch brothers; item 2 is an article by George Monbiot on TTIP that is good; item 3 shows there are considerably more poor people in the UK than governmental statistics say there are; item 4 is about the lies of a candidate for the American attorney general; item 5 is an article by Julian Huppert about the new GCHQ boss; and item 8 is a good article on programs that can be used for encrypting mail and text.
    • Nov 4: Crisis: Hackers * 2, GCHQ, Krugman, Dark Money, Drones, Cellphones, Hedges & Wolin : This is another crisis item with 8 items and 8 dotted links: Item 1 is a somewhat overstated claim on hackers; item 2 treats a defense of a software company's CEO; item 3 is about the new chief of the GCHQ; item 4 is about Krugman on governing the country as if it were a business; item 5 is about dark money and the American elections; item 6 is about a Chinese response to drones: they can shoot them out of the air; item 7 is about cellphone companies and their indelible cookies; and item 8 is another issue of the long interview that Chris Hedges had with Sheldon Wolin.
    • Nov 3:  Crisis: Cameron, Shakespeare, Satire, Chomsky, Carol, Ventura & Martin : This is
       a crisis item:
      It has 6 items and 6 dotted links: Item 1 is about Cameron's tax credo, which
      I agree is totally false and illiterate; item 2 is about Shakespeare and Marx: I mostly disagree, but it is not very serious; item 3 seems to me mostly wishful thinking, but I'd like it if it were correct, though I don't think it is; item 4 is a recent bit on Chomsky, who is right about the world; item 5 is a fantasy piece by Robert Reich, that seems to me a bit too kind to Supreme Court judge Anthony Kennedy and others; and item 6 is a friendly conversation between Jesse Ventura and Abby Martin of some months ago, that I put up because I think both are sensible persons, and because I did not see it earlier.
    • Nov 2:  me+ME: Autobio 1984 - deel 1: Tot September 1984 : This is not a risis item but another part of my biography: The first 8 months of 1984, told mostly in terms of excerpts of my much longer diary for that year. It is mostly in Dutch. Next, there is also: Crisis: Mitchell, Computers, Fake History, Super PACs, Theo van Gogh : This is a crisis report: I found only four crisis items, with four dotted links, that follow below, but I do not think they are very interesting, except the second item, that was quite new for me, and illustrates how much the  internet has simplified computing in fact: Most of present-day computing is done by mobile phones, and not any more by desktops or laptops. The last item is about Theo van Gogh, whom I knew, and who got murdered today ten years ago. 

    • Nov 1: Crisis: Sen. Sanders, Corporations, Engelhardt, Judge, British, Hazlitt : Another crisis item: There are six items with six dotted links: item 1 has Senator Sanders explain what he thinks is necessary to reform American politics; item 2 has Eskow explain how corporations evicted democracy; item 3 has Engelhardt explain the surveillance state (this you have to read all of); item 4 shows a judge who does not accept the U.S. classified bullshit; item 5 is on the British nonsense on drugs
      (that lasts now since 1968, in my own experience, but probably willl continue); and item 6 is not a crisis item but is about one of my most favorite writers.
    • Oct 31: Crisis: Spyware, Intercept, NATO, Money, Hedges &Wolin, Police, "Free Markets", M.E. : This is another a crisis item: This is a crisis item with 8 items and 9 dotted links: item 1 is about a new way (it seems) to spy on anyone and avoid encryption; item 2 is about The Intercept itself; item 3 is about NATO's cyberwar; item 4 is about how ordinary people get defrauded by the deals the Justice Department makes with the rich bankmanagers; item 5 is another isssue of the interview Chris Hedges had with Sheldon Wolin on Real News; item 6 is about the abuses of the internet spying; item 7 is Ralph Nader on the deceptive and totally false myth "the free market";
      and item 8 is about a recent finding at Stanford University about people with M.E.: Their brains really are effected.

    • Oct 30: me+ME: me+ME: Update about supplements and condition + Dutch bit on vitamins in 1987-8: This is not a crisis item but is about the disease I have since 1.1.1979, without getting
      almost any medical help, and without the Dutch bureaucrats allowing I am ill, which they do in my
      case to make my life as difficult and poor as they can make it: I criticized the drugscorrupted mayors
      of Amsterdam, who helped turn over at least 250 billions of dollars merely in soft drugs alone, the last 25 years, i.a. from the house where I lived. In any case: This is mostly about my disease and orthomolecular medicine, and will interest few. There will be a crisis log later in the day.

      And here it is:
      Crisis: GCHQ*2, FBI, U.S. Warrior Cops, Assange, Snail Mail, "terrorism", Citizenfour There are 8 items with 8 dotted links: Item 1 and item 7 are about the state terrorism that the British state does against the rights of its inhabitants, which indeed is justified by "Citizenfour" in item 8, that is, what is justified is that the state behaves as a terrorist, for it steals all the information anybody puts on the internet, on the pretext that they are battling "terrorism"; item 2 shows that the FBI is now asking for pemission to invest any computer anywhere with malware; item 3 is about the arisal of the warrior cop in the U.S.; item 4 is by Julian Assange on a meeting he had (in 2011) with Google's CEO; item 5 shows that in the U.S. all snail mail gets photographed, and much opened; and item 6 explains that "terrorism" is mostly a pretext for state terrorism.

      I also uploaded a third file today: The autobiographical Nederlog of August 8 got today extended
      with an English survey of the whole year that opens my journal for 1984.

      • Sep 30: Crisis: EO 12333 *3, Neoliberalism, "Terror", U.S. Medicine, English "democracy"  : Yet another crisis item, with quite interesting information on an Executive Order of 33 years ago that underlies most current U.S. spying, on how the U.S. government propagandizes, on how corrupt the current U.S. medical world is, and on English "democracy" (that gives no choice between neoliberalism and neoliberalism, apart from terminological bullshit).
      • Feb 28: Crisis: Massive webcam spying * 2, Obama, Begg, Personal : Another crisis file, of which the most important news is that the GCHQ now has a database of millions of faces that were on webcams between 2008 and 2012, including some 10% of nude images. Are they of "terrorists"? Of course not: This is state terrorism, and the state wants everything of anyone, and feels entitled to it as well. Also, the other articles are well done. In the Personal section I explain that I am still working on Chamfort and the ME-section, but haven't finished yet.
      • Feb 27: Crisis: GCHQ, DoJ, Cheney, Police State, Personal : This is another crisis file, with some information about planned updates in the Personal section.

      • Feb 26: Crisis: Greenwald * 2, internet, 4 Darknesses, Bubble, Personal : This is a crisis file, with reviews of two good pieces by Glenn Greenwald, among other things. Also, I rectify a mistake I made yesterday: I use 1600 mcg of metafolate, rather than 800 (and forgot to multiply).

      • Feb 25: me+ME: On being Dutch + on my mB12 protocol  : This is not a crisis file but it is about some aspects of being Dutch, and about my current mB12 protocol. Also, earlier today I straightened out some in the autobio-section, and uploaded these files.

      • Feb 24: Autobio: 1970 - De Sleep-In en daarna : This is not a crisis file, but one in the series that forms the first version of my autobiography. This is in Dutch, and treats the second half of 1970, when I came to lead a Sleep-In in Amsterdam, and started to live on myself, and again in Amsterdam. (This file will soon be copied to the autobio-section, and probably will there be rewritten some.) There also probably will be a crisis file later today. And it is here: Crisis: Obama, Snowden, Deep State, Germany, SSD, ME/CFS : This is another crisis file, with some good bits, notably the second and third items, and with two medical bits thrown in at the end, because I am really ill for 36 years now. Finally, I updated the autobio with today's file, as autobio-12, and indeed extended this some (only in the autobio-part).
      • Feb 23: Crisis: Repo, Corporatism, "Liberals", NYT, TPP, Snowden : This is another crisis file, although it differs from most other crisis files in having three videos. The reason for that is that I couldn't find many written texts, and I liked these videos (that are all by TYT).

      • Feb 22: To start with, I have today made a link to my autobiography files in the maartensz section in philosophy, and also added a little text to the TOC of the autobiography files (first version) that explains what I want to do with what there is, and also what the rest is planned to be like. And there now is: Crisis: Judge, Apple, Amazon, Clinton, Personal : This is mostly another ordinary crisis file, and there weren't many items today (a Saturday).

      • Feb 21: Crisis: Greenwald, Engelhardt, Jacobsen, TYT, Harding, Personal : This is mostly another ordinary crisis file. The second item, by Tom Engelhardt, is quite good, and I recommend you read all of it. And the last item, Personal, contains a list of the directories I re-uploaded this year. It turns out I did more than half, but the remaining part is a bit more complicated.
      • Feb 20: Crisis: Bishops, Merger, Unequal US, Journalists, Blunders, Personal : This is another ordinary crisis file. There are also some links added to earlier autobiographical files (of January 30 and January 24). And there is an extension in this file - news English - under Feb 14: I added the part in brackets.

      • Feb 19: Crisis: Clapper * 2, Snowden, Brandis, Greenwald, Parry : And another regular crisis file.
      • Feb 18: Crisis+me+ME: Scheer, Assange, Spiegel, Gøtzsche, ads & internet : This is again an mostly an ordinary crisis item, but it ends with a personal reflection on things the internet brought that I do not like, but can't do anything about.

      • Feb 17: Crisis: Polk Awards, Dual State, NSA, Obama, TV, sadism : This is again an ordinary crisis item. I do think a few items, such as the one on the dual state, are quite interesting.

      • Feb 16: Crisis + DSM-5: It's the deregulation, stupid! : This is in fact, apart from the beginning of the introduction, a repeat from January 11, 2013. My reasons to repeat it are that it is quite good; it is not sufficiently read; and also I can't much improve on it at present, while I wanted to write something like it.
      • Feb 15: Crisis: Secrecy, NSA, Snowden Files, Mobsters, "We", Ellsberg : This is again an ordinary crisis file, with some interesting items.

      • Feb 14: me+ME: Mijn vader's tekst - "Wij nemen 't wéér niet" : This is not a crisis file and is, apart from the introduction, in Dutch: it is about a text of my father that was published in 1970, and that, at long last, is on my site in readable form (though it could have been done better, with a better scanner and better health). It concerns a booklet of 16 pages, that accompanied the exhibition he and others had created about concentration camps, World War II, and also after it. It was quite radical, but I liked and like it. (My father also got knighted for the - great amounts of - work he did to make the exhibition, which also was the first such exhibition in Holland. This was quite extraordinary in Holland, because he also was a communist, and communists did not get knighted, with just one other exception, in Holland, where the whole Supreme Court consisted of Nazi-collaborators, who never were punished in any way, as hardly anyone was, even though more than 1% of the population was murdered, and very many had collaborated.)

      • Feb 13: Crisis: Index file: 401 and further : This is the start of the third index file for the crisis series, that now is going on from September 1, 2008. There may be another file today, but I am not sure, for I also have to do some other things. However, there is: Crisis: Clapper * 2, Fusion, Internet, Snowden, New Normal : Another crisis issue.

      • Feb 12: Crisis: NSA, GCHQ, Protesting Global Surveillance * 2, Economy, The Rich, Playing : Yet another crisis issue, with some quite interesting contributions.
        I also updated the index to the crisis until Feb 6, 2014, and crisis item nr. 400.
        And there now is a brief file about Suzy Chapman
        me+ME: About Suzy Chapman : The reason is that she, who is one of the most rational and intelligent people who wrote about M.E. and related subjects, has chosen to stop updating her sites. I give a brief explanation, but it is due to me, not her.
      • Feb 11: Crisis: The Intercept, NSA, Obama * 2, Starkman, Zappa : Another crisis file, which is a bit special because it registers the arrival of The Intercept, which is part of First Look Media, which is run by Greenwald, Poitras and Scahill. Also, the last item is 59 seconds of Zappian diagnosis, which I agree with (after a small change), indeed from the Sixties onwards. (One problem with it is that it leaves little hope, but then that is what most intelligent men had, or lacked, once they had overcome their teenage dreams: the vast majority is not intelligent, and instead is conformist and that is humanity's biggest problem, by far.)
      • Feb 10: Crisis: Snowden, Economy, Pills, Personal : Yet another crisis file, although with only three files, and the third one on psychiatry. But I couldn't find more. I also should say I added yesterday some small corrections and some links to On "All in the Family".

      • Feb 9: Crisis+me+ME: Reich * 2, NSA, violin, crow, Zappa : Another crisis file, or at least the first half is. The other three parts are about medicine, an amazingly intelligent crow, and a collection of interviews on the opinions of Frank Zappa. I like these (two videos) and also like my own comments on medicine. (But none is for the dumb or the average.)

      • Feb 8: Crisis: Greenwald, GCHQ, Obama, New Web Mag, "Terrorists", Epstein-Bar : And another ordinary crisis file, with 5 items with 7 links on the crisis, and one item on Epstein-Bar (that is there because this is how the disease my ex and I suffer from started).

      • Feb 7: Crisis: Snowden (?), Chomsky, TPP, Surveillance, Fight back : Another ordinary crisis file. En autobio-18 van twee fotoos en twee extra alineaas voorzien. (Ik doe dit niet in Nederlog, waar ik gewoonlijk zo weinig mogelijk in herzie.)
      • Feb 6: Crisis: Surveillance, Deception, Schröder,  inequality US,  power to  the people,  60ies: This is again an ordinary crisis file. It has some interesting articles, notably the one on deception and on restoring the power to the people in the US (!), by a bill proposed by Nancy Pelosi, and perhaps also the surveillance article, if the February demonstrations succeed.

      • Feb 5:  Autobio: 1977 - Terug in Holland : This is another part of my autobiography, and is in Dutch. There will be a crisis file later today. Also, I uploaded the file to the autobio-section, where it got renamed as "autobio-20.html". And finally I have this: Crisis: Social Justice, NSA * 2, Global Recession, Digital Independence, Beatles : This is an ordinary crisis file. In case you are bored, you can look also at the last time the Beatles played together, at the end, which is now over 45 years ago.    

      • Feb 4: To start with, I have today uploaded a new copy of the Nederlog index for 2013 that, quite unaccountably, missed the last four entries, that were quite good. They were there, so I cannot account for their disappearing from the index, but at any rate they can be reached now from the index again. Also, there now is this: Crisis+me+ME: Military, History, Truth, "CFS", me+ME : This has three articles on the crisis, followed by one on ME/CFS, that is followed by a fairly brief update about my condition with ME/CFS.

      • Feb 3: me: On myself : There were very few crisis items, and I recently reread my journal for 1977, in which I found an English reply by me, of some three typed pages, to questions posed in a book of Laura Huxley. So I decided to reproduce them here, and added today and yesterday thirty notes. (This is the only time I did answer such questions, and though the questions aren't very good, my answers still mostly satisfy me.) And if you're only interested in the crisis, you'll have to wait till tomorrow.
      • Feb 2: Crisis: Snowden, Lavabit, Obama, jail terms, Perkins, Moyes, Orwell, psychiatry : This is an ordinary crisis file, with seven crisis items and one last bit about psychiatry (mostly a repeat, but it is good).

      • Feb 1: Crisis+me+ME: SOTU - lies; NSA & climate; open net; probability; pessimism : This is both a crisis file, of which there were only three items, and also covers two items of my own, on probability and statistics, which are often abused because they are rarely well understood, and about pessimism.


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