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Summary of site:

Here is a short summary of the extent of this site on the moment (and see Map and  Tour).

  • around 5000 files (excepting administration files) 

  • over 400.000 links (mostly internal)

  • over 500 MB (mostly html-text)

Please note that this is pre-dominantly a TEXT-site (in html) and that one way of viewing this site is that it contains the html-texts of a number of books, namely the complete texts (or long excerpts in case of Leibniz's Nouveaux Essays) of philosophical classics with my comments that are about equally long as the texts.

See Philosophy or specifically

So in fact the reader finds the outline texts of some 8 books on this site (spread over quite a few files). (In all cases there are other versions elsewhere. My e-mail address is: in case you want more information. Note that ALL the material on this site that is written by me has its copyright reserved to me. Of course, you are free to quote me, if you assign your source).

Finally ... the shortest summary of what this site is about: 

   Think rationally! Act reasonably! 
   (And do not pretend that is easy!)

Dutch readers are referred to Multatuli's IDEE 136:

"The vocation of human beings is ... to become humane."

Maartensz' addition: Few succeed, and few indeed want to succeed:

"Video meliora proboque; deteriora sequor" (Ovid).

I wish you pleasurable and instructive reading and computing!

Maarten Maartensz       
 last update: Mar 22 2014