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Incarnations of this site

This site has since 1996 contained large parts of the Philosophy, Logic and ME in Amsterdam sections in different types of html-formatting. Here is a list of the main incarnations, for those who care for this sort of knowledge:

  • november 1996: Very simple site with a few files 
  • january 1997: First frames-version
  • May 1997: Frames version with eagle-logo
  • November 1999: First version with added material and globe-logo
  • February 2000: Reformatting of previous version
  • May 2000: Reformatting previous version with starry background and Tahoma 14 point letter
  • July 2001: Reformatting of the whole site to no-frames version and Arial 12 point bold letter
  • January 2002: The whole site has been reformatted in January 2002, mostly to bring together what belongs together in one main directory with subdirectories
  • September 2002: The whole site is being reformatted to Verdana 10 point font.
  • January 2003: The reformatting to Verdana 10 point is about done (and what has not been reformatted to Verdana 10 point can be regarded as out of date)
  • July 2004: Beginning of Philosophical Dictionary.

Date of this file: Jun 1 2003

Maarten Maartensz       
last update: Nov 4 2005