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Introduction to Squeak

There have been quite a few pages on this site dedicated to Squeak over the past years, but for the moment these have been removed for reasons of space and health.

What remains is a (partial) paper some have expressed interest in: A simple abstract outline of OOP-like programming.

And there is now - at long last! - something like good documentation available for Squeak and Smalltalk from the following address


This contains quite a few pdf-files of books that explain Smalltalk (Squeak is a version of Smalltalk). The best seem to be "Inside Smalltalk" and "The Art and Science of Smalltalk".

I wish you pleasurable and instructive reading and computing!

At long last there also is a first version of Squeak Help. It is meant to be downloaded in toto and to be read inside Squeak in its browser Scamper. If you do so, the code in the html (in magenta) can be run in Squeak. (If you don't do so, it is just plain boring html.)

I hope it teaches you a little about Squeak!

Maarten Maartensz       
last update: Feb 13 2004