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This continues Screengrab.

The standard FileList works but there is a nicer looking FileList2. If you do Cmd-b on each of the following


you see the code for them in a System Browser.

In the comment of FileList2 (under the ? in the Browser) you will find this to open it:

FileList2 morphicView openInWorld

This gives us what we need to open it directly by a button

Pop up the Supplies Flap, and put a Button 'Press Me' on the screen. Now do this:

(1) Use the halo for its menu and the option change label to change its name to FileList2.
(2) Click on the greenish halo next to Button to pop up window that belongs to eToys and that contains code like this

^ self

(3) Replace self by FileList2 morphicView openInWorld and do Cmd-s to have the code accepted. (You can copy and paste the code from Scamper! For saving choose save simply, if you get the choice.)
(4) Press on the collapse window.

Task accomplished!

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