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These are the concluding words of Dan Ingall's 'formatted-btf-once-more'. It seems to me this can be done inside Squeak and should be done if Squeak is to find a larger audience than hackers and Smalltalkers.

So I wrote Squeak Help (hindered by illness) as a first step on the road towards a series of Squeak-images or projects that can be used as a curriculum for Squeak.

My Plan and Proposal comes to this:

It should be possible for many members of the Squeak Community to make some contribution towards a better Squeak Help. Three general subjects were many improvements and extensions are possible are

- Glossary
- How To
- Programming
- Lessons

Anyway, at present Squeak Help is only a first attempt and a first step.

If you have any contribution to make (including criticism and correction of typos and URLs), mail them to in a mail that starts with [SH] to indicate it concerns Squeak Help (for I maintain a large website also dedicated to many matters beside Squeak, and I receive a lot of e-mail including a lot of spam).

If I agree with your criticisms or corrections I will try to make improvements.
If you wrote a contribution (html is not necessary) and I like it I will incorporate it, possibly a little rewritten.
If you write a contribution in html keep the html simple, or else Scamper can't process it.

Restrictions and rules: I will not engage in extensive discussions. If I rewrite a contribution, I will submit it to the original author before putting it into Squeak Help. If I put it into Squeak Help, you will be listed as a contributor, with a link to your contribution.

Limitations: The main limitation is my own health, which could be a lot better. I will try to do this if and as I can, and hand it over to the Guides of Squeak if I can't, so that somebody else can do it - say: editing Squeak Help.

I hope Squeak Help will help many to start with Squeak. I wish you enjoyable Squeaking!

Maarten Maartensz. Homepage:

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