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Squeak Help was written and is maintained by Maarten Maartensz. It was made because he believes the documentation about Squeak so far to have been poor (though there have been improvements lately).

Its main aim is to make Squeak more accessible to Newbies, by putting a lot of information in a series of html-files that are linked and can be run inside Squeak using Scamper.

To quote Dan Ingalls, from 'formatted BFT once more' from 2000:

"From whatever perspective you choose to investigate the
content or the system itself, the rules for its behavior will be immediately
accessible and admit of change and experimentation. All will be
so well organized and documented that the motto for learning Squeak
would be, “The System is the Curriculum”.
All we have to do is organize and document the system as though
it were a curriculum.

Squeak Help was first made in 2002-2003. It does not even start to approximate the above ("organize and document the system as though it were a curriculum"), but it is one small step in that direction. It is meant to be useful for anyone who likes Squeak, but it should be realized that all opinions - if not stated otherwise - are those of Maarten Maartensz.

Later versions will contain more, including corrections of present mistakes and shortcomings (which you can all blame on MM: Nobody else did it, so it's all my fault, wherever that's the case).

Of course, since Squeak is meant to be open source, you are free to use what I provided to roll your own.

The easiest way to do so is to edit the files in the Help-directories with a html-editor. This is not difficult, but you should remember that if you want to use your new text inside Squeak, the html you produce must be simple enough to be read by Scamper. Check out the files of Squeak Help to see what's possible. One of the niceties that are possible are gif-pictures. (If you use e.g. Windowsfonts - which you can get the code for on Squeak Map - be aware in Squeak this produces oddities with several spaces after another: In my case I get this "   " from the second space onwards.)

The great advantage of Scamper-readable text is that all code-examples in it can be run inside Squeak, and you can start Browsers on anything browsable in the html-text inside Scamper inside Squeak.

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