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First step: Get Squeak, pick version 3.7 for your system and install it in its own directory as explained on the Squeak site.
Second step:
Download the file, attach a directory to your Squeak-directory called Help (as in: C:\Squeak\Help) and unzip it in this directory.
Third step: Start up the Squeak you installed in the first step, fire up a filelist, find Help.htm in the \Help directory and open.

Having arrived there you see something like this in Squeak:

Notes on differences in appearance:

1. Squeak Help was written with a Squeak 3.7 in which Win32NativeFonts.cs was installed. This is how the font you see in the above gif-image can be Verdana. You can get it on Squeak Map.
2. You can tweak the color of the window by the menu-icon, next to the remove-x.


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