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A Squeak image arrives with a few fonts that are workable but are not to get very excited about. It is quite easy to install packages from Squeak Map that enable you to install better fonts, but since this will depend on the kind of computer you use, I merely mention it here: As soon as you know a little more about Squeak, you can do something about the fonts.

On Windows this is easy: Connect your computer to the internet and use Windowsmenu - open - Package Loader. This will connect you to Squeak Map and will display a long list of packages you can download. From this load and install (for Squeak 3.7) (1) SarInstallerFor34nk.cs and then open (2) Win32NativeFonts.sar, and you will get a lot of nicelooking fonts that come with Windows installed for the Squeak image you are using.

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