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If you click in the Squeak flap you see an option about this system. Click it, and some information is explained, like the following

Squeak 3.7alpha
Latest update #5607
Current Change Set: New Changes

This shows the version of your Squeak image. It is derived - including whatever changes you made to and in it! - from a released version with the following specification

major version: 3
minor version: 7alpha

For Squeak is developed in stages with major and minor versions, lower numbered versions preceding higher numbered versions, and most versions going through an alpha and a beta stage before turning to the next.

Latest update #5607

The versions of Squeak in fact consist of changes and additions to the system, called updates which are all numbered. These are updates to Squeak, so the updates started when Squeak started to be developed after its first release.

Current Change Set: New Changes

The changes you make to the code - yourself, or by filing in changes - are recorded by Squeak and saved. They are sorted in Change Sets, which are a tool to group with sets of changes, and file these in and out as one named group.

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