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The Squeak Language is the programming language in which Squeak has been written (for the greatest part), and which you can use to rewrite parts of Squeak (or all of it, if you are up to it). It is derived from Smalltalk80.

To learn the Squeak Language, you can start with reading Squeak Help, and proceed with pointing a webbrowser to

which is were you can find about 10 texts in pdf which explain Smalltalk, which Squeak extends by Morphic. Together, the books on professor dr. Stéphane Ducasse's site contain a lot of text, but there is substantial overlap. The ones I liked best from what you find there are

- Simon Lewis: The Art and Science of Smalltalk
- Wilf Lalonde and John Pugh : Inside Smalltalk

With these (and/or others from the site) you can learn Smalltalk using Squeak, for which you may use an MVC-project in Squeak, for this is a version of Smalltalk80.

This doesn't teach you Morphic, which is what makes Squeak so special. This you have to do on yourself, but there is supposed to come a book by Stéphane Ducasse about Squeak, including an introduction to Morphic.

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