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In Squeak a project is a collection of objects running in a window called World. In Squeak you are always in a Project, which is the largest window Squeak shows.

Projects come in two kinds: MVC and Morphic. MVC projects use only Smalltalk-80 and look like it; Morphic projects use Smalltalk + Morphic. It is more powerful (and therefore more complicated) than MVC-projects.

You can make, safe, load and unload projects.

One pleasant thing - a strength of Squeak - is that you can make them look as you like by installing a background picture (gif, jpg, bmp). All you need to do that is open a Filelist, find a picture, and open it. This puts it on screen. If you like it, you can open the picture again as background. Thus you can make Squeak projects look as you like, from the ground up, so to speak.

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